Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yet another Victim...

All these Victims©. I wonder, just how many there can be?

Bill OReilly has been under attack by the methods and modes of the Victims© for some time. I know what it is like in a way. For you are the Big Meanie and they are the Victim© of the truth or any who seek it. As they dislike the truth they will say anything and then feel, "He is not nice, as I am!" Then, leftists all agree that the Truth does not matter for He is not nice and tolerant as they all are. This is why they form Collectives.

So now a Victim© says this, "He made some phone calls to me and his voice just went in, in my head! I could not stop it. I could not hang up on it...perhaps because of his mind control powers. So, as you can clearly see he victimized me with his phone calls. So I am the Victim©."

Let's just say it is true that he actually said something sexual and they couldn't hang up on him and so on. This causes, "...shock, pain, physical injury, great mental distress, humilliation..."

Yes, it seems feminists are all such grown up big girls these days. These women are such strong women, the sexual liberation of it all! Let's say, some talk actually did happen that they just couldn't hang up on.

Say for the sake of argument that they really did become the Victim© they always want to be. Yet how now, I wonder why Howard Stern is not sued by feminists or Victims©? He does all that sort of thing right on the air everyday publicly. It seems the modern Marquis de Sade is not to be attacked by perverts but the modern Edmund Burke is. Perhaps it has to do with a visceral hatred of Natural Law by masculine women who so hate the feminine. Howard Stern is on their side. So no matter what he says to any woman he is not a Big Meanie, see? So he will not be sued by leftist women this way.

For can't you see how good, so very good Howard Stern is? And how evil, so very evil Bill OReilly is?

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