Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sarah Pozner

Far beyond Trumpism, these Judeo-Christian goys will have to go. It is what it is. They're already dead to their people anyway.

Imagine You're a pretty young girl. Blinded by propaganda, you genuinely believe the migrants are people just like you- your heart swells with pity when you see them on TV fleeing from their war torn countries, and without recognizing any differences, you put themselves in your shoes, thinking that could be you. You volunteer at the refugee center- who wouldn't help them? the world is a good place full of good people, and it's only those bigoted right-wingers trying to separate us with a message of hate.
On the night of her murder, she was at a party with her friends. She probably had a drink or two with her friends. At 2:37, she cycled home, as usual. Then a 17 year old migrant tripped her bike and violated her. Think of the ecstasy and gratification he got at those moments inside of her. He probably thought he would get away with it, having pulled a fast one of the nation that took him in. After the deed was done, he drowned her. He watched himself force her under the water until her quivering body stood still.   
In those last moments, i bet she wished her dad would have been there to protect her. Perhaps she frightfully called out for him. Little did she know, it was her father and his EU brethren who had actually killed her. Letting savages into your country and holding only them responsible for their brutality is like dangling a plate of food in front of a dog and getting made it ate your dinner  .
Make no mistake, Dr Ladenburger.  You killed your daughter.

EU Official's Daughter Raped & Murdered by Invader, Asks For € for Migra...

More carnage...

...the New York Times reports. 

Fake news.  (((New York Times)))

Former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl told CNN...

Fake news again.

[Some Evan McMullin stuff...  Lol!]

CIA, fake news again.

How can Trumpsters defend a president-elect ignoring intel briefings designed, in part. to keep our troops safe? Why do they hate America?

Kurt Eichenwald

Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment. ” —
Carl Bernstein

 His Google rap sheet is slightly better than the others. 

Looks like (((he))) is probably well aware of what a fact free environment looks like, huh? 

Ex-CIA officer Glenn Carle, quoted by The Guardian

 I'm not even going to bother.  It's just Jew, CIA, Jew, NYT, Jew.  

And after they just finished lying a country into WAR and preemptive murder, they're all complaining about "fake news" when it comes to merest hint of a possibility that they may be held accountable for all their lies.

This was a post by (((Delaware Dem))) for anyone that ever needs to check his electronic footprint or those of his descendants over time, by the way. 

His final solution in a time of economic crisis was "line Republicans up and shoot them."

So that's what will need to be done to him in time of crisis.  Do unto others as you'd have them do to you.

His Google rap sheet on that now says:
I am sorry if you think I should never write anything again because I once stupidly said that we should round up Republicans and shoot them.

 If there were enough people like these "liberals" whose articles read like this NYT/Jew/CIA/Jew/Banker/etc. then they would probably try to do exactly what they say they would like to do.

Anyway, just checking the carnage... because this (((stuff))) is going to change as European nationalism continues to rise.  It's already changing. So these big talkers should shut up.  They're always kicked out of country after country or some form of resistance arises...  yet like the Frankfurt School, they never seem to shut up and live at peace in the next country.  Become plumbers, become farmers... that might help.  Ironically the Zionist project of giving them their own country to build up might be a good idea. 

But they can't do it.  Because they'd rather talk about representing labor on the Left than actually engage in it.  It's progressively being revealed that they cannot represent the working class as Democrats, given that most Jews hate the white people that they're supposedly representing with a vicious, bigoted and xenophobic passion.  Even those that don't hate white people as much or try to speak up for "Trump voters" some (e.g. Jon Stewart speaking up for "first responders"/Irish/etc. recently) are dragged back by their Jewish culture of hatred and fear of the Other/Goyim.      

People might think it ironic that a so-called "antisemite" would be writing about hatred and fear, given Jewish projections.  Aren't we the haters?  Isn't that what is always said? 

But no, they declared war on me. They hated me and my family and kin group.  They sought to diversify us out of existence. They helped to incite wars.  They turned a blind eye to the hate crimes against "Nazis"/white people.  Indeed, they sought to incite hate. 

So we're done.  It's a cultural and political war verging on a real physical war now.  And I'm against them because of what they have done to my kin group (Jewish Right, incited the Iraq war/etc.) and what they're still trying to do to my family. (Jewish Left, seeking to diversify white people out of existence).  One more small ramble... there is ultimately considerable overlap between the ethnic agenda of the Jewish Right and the Jewish Left anyway.  So it's not as if one can favor one over the other, their Zionist "neoconservative" Right (now dissipating) or their anti-white/Democratic Left (most of them).

In the end, they've already demonstrated that it's them/their own ethnic interests vs. you. 

Lol... sigh. These people...

As for what we can do–the first thing is not waste time on pipe dreams of reversing this election, and begin the process of (a) building a viable opposition; (b) getting into the game of weaponized information; and (c) learn to re-conceptualize our world view...
 Delaware Liberal/Libertardian

They're going to get into the game of weaponized information now?


Lol.... look who the "conspiracy theorists" are now...

The fake news story has been heating up over the last few days, with known Jewish-backed propaganda sites such as The New York Times and The Washington Post propagating the fictitious hoax. Over the weekend, conspiracy buffs at the CIA announced that they believe in the discredited theory.
The theorists propose that Russia was responsible for the Wikileaks emails which were released during the election, and had a negative effect on Clinton’s campaign, as they demonstrated that she is involved in an onion-like layered criminal corruption racket. Podesta himself is under scrutiny for using coded language in his emails in such a way that he appears to be talking about having sex with kids.
Though they have been given ample opportunity, those promoting the fake news hoax have failed to present any evidence to support their false, delusional theory.

Daily Stormer 

Wow, a Zionist traitor and a cuck openly arguing about how much they called a candidate another Hitler.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Anti-Zionist vs Anti-Jews

Youtube comments...

/Judaism doesn't preach any of those things that you've said./

Many of those things are openly preached in Israel. Google: "Ovadia Yosef, goyim" That's no marginal figure. Google: "Ovadia Yosef, funeral"

Secular/Christianized Jews may forget where the ethnic identity that they willfully continue to socially construct came from but Orthodox factions constructing "Jews" (based on child abuse and trauma like a gang/tribe initiation, by the way) to this day haven't forgotten it all. And it's the Orthodox that are having more children. So the "progressively" Judaic future is going to go backward... back to the criminal ethnic cult of supremacy that birthed "Jews", a cult that secular or "atheist" Jews cover for and defend. Perhaps due to their gang/tribe initiations and the way they're traumatized by Holocaust stories about how the Goyim/Monsters made Jews into soap and lampshades.

 Look at yourself, you're considering marrying into that sort of mess and you're already covering for it based on ignorance. You didn't bother to see if anything is true. If rabbis actually do suck the blood off the penis of a child in one of their forms of gang/tribe initiation through trauma. You just automatically think that's an "antisemitic" blood libel, similar to the idea that Jews are seeking global supremacy. (Another "antisemitic" conspiracy theory). But Google: "Rabbis, herpes." How did those babies get herpes, a "blood libel"?

 The best solution would be for people that have been abused as children by a criminal cult and socially constructed as "Jews" to reject and abolish that identity. They should not continue to defend it. You're actually going to incorporate yourself and possibly your descendants in that?

Youtube comments....

/They hijacked the Western governments and have been using them to do to create a worldwide financial/corporate empire.../

Conspiracy theory!!!! Just kidding. It's true. All I would say is that many of them know not what they do.

Even if they did know, there's a lot of evidence that they'd probably cover for their own ethnic identity any way. Like a Jewish kid in college that gets to attend fraternities for his ethnic group and then engage in ethnic/social networking throughout his life, all the while condemning "white racism" and seeking to diversify white ethnic/social networking out of existence. He actually doesn't quite know what he's doing. (Cough, Mark Zuckerberg.... etc.)

But the thing of it is with these people, they can't be convinced when their "social network" privileges worth billions and the ethnic state that they're constructing for themselves depend on a pretense of ignorance, stupidity and self-deception. They don't know because they don't want to know. They can't see because their eyes are closed. And they benefit from keeping their own eyes closed, as well as censoring anyone that points out that they're maintaining ethnocentrism and an ability to be tribal among themselves while simultaneously pushing for more diversity and less ethnic/social networking among other groups.

No big deal: Black guy punches older white woman in face -- in New York...

Richard Spencer at Texas A&M 12/6/16

Uh huh.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism

I think the degenerate baby Boomers that got on board fully with the anti-white Jewish policies of diversification/feminism/LGBT/abortion/etc. may continue to be in for suprises. And they deserve it. Mountains of debt and they tried to abort the future of whatever children that they didn't abort directly. So... surprise!

All throughout history, people with talent could potentially be bribed against the people. However, in modern times, PewDiePie, the most watched broadcaster in the world, probably lives about the same sort of life as any random NEET. He sits around on a computer in a room playing video games and watching cartoons.
Seriously, lifestyle doesn’t change much at all with money these days, and that makes it extremely hard to bribe people.
I mean, you get more women if you’ve got a bunch of money. That’s pretty much the only relevant difference. But PewDiePie is the serious girlfriend type.
So, the game has changed.
You add this to the fact that we literally have no future if we don’t save the white race now, and you have an entire generation with nothing to lose.
It is my belief that PewDiePie is with us. Along with calling-out the anti-White agenda, he has also supported Trump and shown videos of Hitler.

 Daily Stormer

50 million subscribers... and he may continue to take an interest in what the degenerate, anti-white hipster/dipster "civil rights" generation has done to the future of Europeans/European Americans/white Australians/etc...

We will need to continue to create new platforms.

Wake-up call for the Globalists: Nationalism is inevitable

The Young Turks Are Falling Apart

MILO OBLITERATES Student Who Called Him A "White Supremacist"