Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A few words, about words...well, now it is many words

Symbols change and yet the spirit and meaning of things is transcendent, trans-physical. So the Truth remains and walks among them while other principles are there slithering away too. For these principalities and patterns have been around a long, long time. Yet, given that Light defines time what is the use of being concerned with time anyway. Also, that is the Cosmos and not the gardeners.

This short part is the end of this Book. Look around, it cannot last too much longer. Perhaps a few thousand years....or for the Merchant Nation perhaps the sons of Ishmael make it all toast by fire in one hour. Then, all the other nations mourn because where will they buy things? That's kind of fun, prophesizin'! Yet, with a PERHAPS....hmmm, or perhaps the two false prophets of the Beast are dead and the Beast just got a big wedge jambed in its eye. If the principles of principalities are patterns of information, you see. So a wedge was jambed in its eye by a lil' old wise guy named Phil Johnson. That's pretty funny! Perhaps sometimes, what you need is a good sharp wedge and a little strategery too. If you want to believe that there is an Alien Being in the earth who will literally come out and begin stamping 666 on people and so on, that is fine with me. I don't think you are right. This is all of the "It seems...." sort of thing that do not actually matter. For what you are saying with "It seems..." is you are still human, next to humus. Well, it's interesting to think about anyway.

So, a few words about words, in the end....

Here is the way that by the Infinite Intelligence of Grace that has been here all along you can do some cycling, regenerating. Use these sorts of words to indicate you are thinking as a baby or a child:

"It seems to me." (You are saying that what you see is blurred, seems vs. sees. This way you can grow your opinion quickly later. So it seems. BUT now it seems the other way!"

"Perhaps this is so." (You are saying that happenstance could be there. For it might have happened this way or that.)

"I suppose...." (This is my favorite because I was once told that I could write a book with what I suppose. I suppose so. For Leftists like not the Right use of supposing, I suppose! For I suppose it is a way to oppose.)

Now there is only one Philosopher who just did not talk like this. He just never ever seemed to. He did not go around saying, "It seems to me." "You know guys....perhaps this or maybe that." "Well, I suppose...." "Here is my opinion, what do you think?"

No. That's because Grace Himself needs no grace! He breaks Himself apart for you and allows you to be as little ones. That is all. But do not grow and demand He break more and more as if you are still little ones. It SEEMS to me that He has broken quite enough. He communicates with signs upon signs, upon signs. He has your parents write Him on you. He writes with Himself. He writes in Nature. He is already written right on your own heart. Then, you sear your Conscience away and crucify Him by Sin.

If all the old and all that is in you already is not enough and you really want to see your own personal brand new sign then go to the edge of any type of battle. For that is where things get broken and mended. For example, it SEEMS that some people sit on the sidelines of the war of words where the information patterns and principalities are and then snivel, "I need a new sign." Perhaps the answer is, "Just read what you have!"

Yet I will say this about that. If you were on the edge of any type of battle regarding Good and Evil then maybe you would get to actually see something. It's not all about you and your entertainment. For signs and messages, they actually cost something to make and carry to you. Then, you shoot the messenger!

Here is the way it will get in the end regarding signs. Right when things can all be caught on camera as cameras start to be everywhere....the new forms of knowledge will keep right up too. Therefore, you will not be able to believe your eyes even if something is more and more clearly "caught on camera." Did a storyteller make up a story on a computer about a ghost/demon/UFO? You are back to square one on those things, see. They slither away. Oh, some people can catch them sometimes. When things get dicey cast some lots, for reading these signs calls for Wisdom! So call on a Lady and see what a fortunate son you are. Then you will not cast your lot because you will know a lot.

In contrast to a battle now moving in mysterious ways back and forth there is One who wants to be known, quite obviously. Then, there is the fact that Nature is like a text which fits too. Then in the end, it is really quite simple because the answer is the Word, self-contained, self-evident. So you can hold truths to be self-evident. George Orwelll knew, his protagonist turns away from the TVeees and the posters. He finds a book....then, he writes about the big bother, Big Brother. The deciever...

So, a few words about words.....grew to many words.

It is sad that there is so much more to be written and said. Yet, so few actually even try, where is your own declaration of independence? No, the prissy Christians do not say one word of disagreement in college. For that's just not nice! I will say this, sometimes you need say only one pattern of words of Truth and it seems to get all stuck in gardener's minds. You can see their lil' wheels a spinning. For, "I never thought of that before."

If I get a chance tomorrow is the wonder of the world. Yet I wonder...about Chance too.

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