Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Do you not know the secret?

Do you not know? Here is the explanation for why Bush is a Big Meanie the way he is.

It was actually all of Bush's demonic allies, see. Now these demons, they went around the whole world just creating false intelligence against Saddam. Then, they all went back into Bush's head!

So Bush, he is quite a dangery dangerous fellow. He has this way of controlling the Senator's minds, see. So it is Bush's strange mind control powers and the demon's fault that Kerry agreed that Saddam had to be stopped! Poor John Kerry, he was the Victim of a demonic conspiracy, see! Also, when Bush was with the little children reading to them and then he got the news here is what actually happened....all the little children were humming a demonic hum to the demons in Bush's head telling them to stay there with them and comfort them. The lil' demons, they get scared sometimes.

Michael Moore knows all about it too because he is like a lil' angel. Not so little? Well, it's the demons in Bush's head that make him eat too much. Poor Moore, is always eating more.

Now Saddam, he was like a lil' ol' angel too just victimized by the demons. He was such a saint! It was all the demons that now live in Bush's head, just out to get him.

Poor Saddam, for no one but the French can see how very good he was!

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that our boys in Iraq keep finding more mass graves from Saddam? Wow. Those demons must have REALLY gotten to him. Of course, maybe you could say the same about Bush apparently since people are dying over there; because of his actions. It doesn't matter if it's for a good cause, death is the same outcome, right?
Most of our boys say to vote for Bush...funny huh? Pretty amazing they could say that seeing as they could die at any moment because of Bush's actions. Maybe some more of Bush's demons are getting to them too. Hmmm...any comments?