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Jews, Jewish, Jews... "Germany Must Perish!"

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Jewish/"German" politician celebrating yet another attmept to genocide the Germans with diversity (Witless European Americans should take note, as they're trying to do the same thing here.  Bomb Syria "goy" while dispersing them among the nations/"goyim".  Etc.):
"German" politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans "Nazis" and their extinction "fortunate"
University professor's proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. "The objects of this measure," wrote Dr. Hooton, "include reduction of the birthrate of 'pure' Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals."
This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. "During this period," he went on, "encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males."
In the decades since the end of World War II, something of the spirit of the genocidal Kaufman and Hooton plans seems manifest in Germany's population and immigration policies. Since the nation's defeat in 1945, the German birth rate has fallen to below the replacement level, millions of racially and culturally alien migrants have been welcomed as settlers in Germany, the number of children of mixed ethnicity has sharply increased, and the ethnic-cultural character of much of the country has been drastically altered, especially in the larger cities.

Germany Must Perish!

What this looks like on the ground: 
This is truly an amazing amount of freedumb being established by witless cuckservatives and Team America: World Diversity Police. 
  The irony here is that Jews have established diversity officers everywhere, so the white goys dumb enough to enforce their system of genocide and debt/money slavery on other people of European descent are next.  In the military, if you're dumb enough to serve in it, you'll have to give up your precious career to an African.  In the CIA, they have diversity programs.  What's diversity?  It's everyone in the world but you, numb nuts.  In the TSA, more diversity.  In the FBI, more diversity.

This is all done in the name of your "national" security.  Note the dumb white goys surrounding Merkel and providing her with security, look up other pictures.  You can tell by the look on their faces that they wonder what they're doing.  Indeed.  You should wonder what you're doing when you're tasked with the genocide of your own people.  That's one thing about the national socialists, many may have been some crazy pagan/nationalist dudes.  But at least they didn't try to genocide and diversify their own families/tribe/nation.  What kind of a man does that?  

But there again, apparently I'm writing on a kosher site modelled on some Jew movie (haven't watched it.) about a "fight club" created by white goys that never identify their enemy.  Too busy fighting with each other.  What kind of men are you?

Anthony Migchels...

Look how they gloat, our masters: 'the end of an era......for white males.'
You can also read constant editorials like this in the homo/tranny/feminist filth of the Slate/Salon/Alternet nexus mind controlling the Left.

Decades of all out war on white men has taken a heavy toll indeed. White men are the main obstacle to consolidation of World power in World Government, and we're now entering the mopping up stage of a long, and one sided battle.

Because white men have not fought back.

They have been spiritually destroyed with Atheism and porn/sex addiction. Most white men don't even realize that they are the object of a long term, multi faceted campaign to destroy their standing, not only in the world, but in their own countries.

Most likely the deed was already done in the carnage of the First and Second World War. An entire generation of European men was wiped out in the first round, Hitler and Stalin destroyed another generation of Russian and German men.

Since this nonsensical, suicidal carnage, a great defeatism has come over white men. They basically bowed to whatever the Ultra Rich and their Jews threw at them. Feminism, sodomy, mass immigration, porn, atheism, and of course Capitalism and Communism.

Sadly, white women have played an unforgettable role in destroying their sons and husbands. They even relinquished their 'raison d'etre': having more white kids. White populations, women included, are crashing all over the West, in Europe particularly.

Brain dead Muslims and Blacks are probably happy about this state of affairs, and it's hard to blame them. The Jew has worked through the white men in oppressing them, and Jews have organized Black antagonism against whitey since the days of the NAACP, founded and headed by Jews for decades.
But in truth, the reason whitey is genocided first, is because the Jews don't expect many problems with the rest.

Conspiracy theory and observable facts... or why so-called "conspiracy theorist" cartoons are usually correct, even if they're imagining a "Master Mind" or form of central intelligence that doesn't actually exist.

The occupation is more of a social superorganism than a ruling junta. Even without executive types like Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, ((((George Soros)))), Hillary Clinton, the Bush family, the Rockefeller family, or institutions like NATO, the Bilderberg Group, AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC or any other number of people or organizations you can name that seem to fulfill the Protocols trope, there would still be thousands and likely millions of people on the full scale of Western society working together deliberately, coincidentally or incidentally towards the same interests that run contrary to those of the White majority of Europe and the Anglo settler colonies. There is a kind of distributed intelligence created by individual government executives, business executives, NGOs, lobbyists, politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and state employees, celebrities, bloggers, human resources departments, academics, educators, diversity compliance… you get the idea. The notion that society is centrally directed from the top-down has become increasingly inaccurate in an era of memes, digitization, globalization and mass media. There are undoubtedly power centers, but also power nodes and conduits which may or may not actively work with one another. A large bulk of dedicated people believe in the memes of diversity, anti-racism (combating White ethnocentrism), increasing the size and scope of the government, disarming the population, and so forth. These people never have to meet with one another and establish best practices or discuss strategy to spread or enforce these ideas, they just do it. Your organs never ask one another to keep you alive. They just do or don’t.

An Occupied Country

Is it wrong not to feel sad about the Holocaust?

Ramble 1/29

Trump is not a conservative and does not have the temperament to be President say most conservative leaders.

They're failures. They continually refuse to "conserve" the indigenous ethnic groups living in America, beginning with the historic American nation.  We're moving toward conserving people and nations.  They're globalists pretending to conserve abstractions while debating tax rates and "economic units," as Nitpicker once put it.

Why not have the Chinese immigrate/invade and take over the entire West coast?  You'd have to dream a lot.  Dream of content of individual character, without any regard for conserving arts/cultures/kin/nations/people.  While you conservatives that don't actually conserve much at all are dreaming or preening morally about how tolerant you are, the entire country just changed while ethnic mafias arise.  Hypothetical scenarios aside, the ethnic and racial inversion of cuckservatives is getting more and more clear in reality.  In the suppression of a perfectly natural and reasonable love for your own kin/tribe/family as a group, you're progressively vicious and allow violence against your own group.  This is "conservatives" that do this.  Inverts.

There's been a lot of talk here over the years about Real Conservatives and all this crazy stuff.  I think this is the answer.  It was this simple all along.  A conservative wants to conserve their family values, their tribe/kin and people and do what is best for them.  Not some other group that people get off on otherizing.  Not Chinese.  Not Eskimos.  They can align with you if it's in their ethnic interests to do so.  But you should be your own man.  That's a real conservative.  The rest is all the "in name only" stuff.       

 The National Review edition pulling together 2 dozen leaders who agreed with their long held contention.

National Review Against Donald Trump - Rebutted!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This is truly an amazing amount of freedumb being established by witless cuckservatives and Team America: World Diversity Police.

A German Girl's Cry For Help

Hungarian Defends European Women

Some local crap...

I think the Trump camp made a tactical error by letting the clown show, which is Sarah Palin, connect herself with the campaign. I don’t think it will help him all that much in the primary, and it may actually hurt him in the general.

This is actually a good analysis, surprisingly enough. 

[Because he already has the white people of "varying" levels of intelligence that Palin represents, blah, blah... all that needed to be said.]

Another important demographic where Trump could make a potential tactical error if he’s not careful, is with the African American community.

Absolutely stupid.

Leave them, they don't matter.  There's a vanishingly small minority that may realize that their interests align with those of European Americans through the haze of an anti-white Jewish/"minority" mainstream media.  Maybe explicitly or implicitly point that out and keep emphasizing it. 

Remember that you don’t just get the black votes when the African American community is accepting of a candidate….You also get the benefit of independents and Democratic Party white voters, who are on the fence about Hillary, and will vote for Trump solely on the fact that a decent percentage of African American voters are OK with Trump.

This magical African stuff is silly.  There are a small minority of inverted white "supremacists" that are into save the African noble lion savage stuff.  But they're already voting for the Jew, Sanders.  Trying to play on that dynamic among white people is stupid.  So as a Jewish analyst of the tribes/goyim, you're fired.

... is going to be waiting with bated breath for Trump to do or say anything at all that could jeopardize his popularity in the African American community.


All he has to do is focus on the European American community.

It's always been that simple.  So if he doesn't do it, then some other leader may.  If he takes Jewish advice like this, then he's going to cuck the place up again.  And that's exactly what people of European descent are totally tired of, even if the majority of them are too dumb to realize that they like it when their ethnic interests are represented.  (Just like Jews/Arabs/Chinese/Japanese/Hispanics/etc.etc. all already have their ethnic interests represented and lobby for themselves as groups.  Trump is heading that direction, no surprise that white people like it.  But Jewish advice?  Focus group on some other group.  WRONG.)   

Trump has to be very careful about what he says...

Again, this advice to European Americans is wrong.

Why is it wrong?  Well, who is giving this advice? 
 If he is perceived to be sided more with “the boys in blue” rather than, let’s say, “Black Lives Matter”, and what not, he will most likely be branded non sympathetic , and a racist...

 He's already made the correct decision.  Ironically it's not politically correct... and yet, it is correct... politically!  Lol.  He's either rejecting Jewish advice like this or he has some Jews that are actually intelligent analysts working for him.

Fuck the way that Europeans are always being called racists by "minority" groups. 

The irony here, is that's going to be the "politically correct" decision of the future.  So these people need to stop with this old "minority"/Jewish advice and get some new stuff that aligns with European Americans and all Europeans as a minority.  "Don't do this, be careful.  Be sensitive. Me, I mean minorities."

Fuck that.  Fuck you people that did this for your own ethnic interests, without a care in the world for "white people" of European descent and our interests as a group.  OUR lives matter.  Our countries matter.

You can blame Trump for current trends.  But it's not him.  It's us.  Our influence is growing while you sit around in the past, giving the same advice that you've always given.  As if your precious minorities will not be or are not ALREADY the majorities of ethnic activist "racists" aligning against Trump as an implicit (or at the rate this is going, explicit!) leader and representative of the interests of European Americans.  Delaware Politics, same thing... if you're successful in establishing a kosher/commercial media outlet that can be monetized then you'll be yet another iteration of exactly what many white people hate.
You people are the past. 

Parasite On- 'Lean On' by Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ Parody

Open Borders - A Jewish Issue

Friday, January 15, 2016


From Delaware Liberal: 

Steven Stromberg writes about how negative the tone was:

With only a few weeks left before the first primary contests, the GOP race has devolved into a competition for who can squeeze the most political advantage out of voter fear, no matter how over-the-top they sound and no matter how much damage they do by darkening the national mood. Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) “won” the latest round of this increasingly disgusting show, with Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) coming in second. But being the most effective at exaggerating the dangers the country faces and preying on voter anger is not an achievement; it is a moral failure. [...]

It don’t think it is possible to be a member of the GOP base and be a patriot. To be a member of the GOP base requires you to be a bigoted fascist. America goes to war against bigoted fascists. It does not call them patriots.  

Humorous how nervous Jews are that their goy golem isn't going to do whatever it's told.

Delaware Dem: "Line them up and shoot them!"

"Go to war!"

Etc.  That's a lot of rainbow love, huh?

He's not like the MSM/Jews he keeps citing as supposed authorities.  It's all about the tone, you know. 

MASS RAPE in Cologne Germany : Refugees STILL Welcome!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Judith Bergman, Jewess instructing Europeans...

She should focus on her own Tribe and their lunatic actions.

They did this to Europe/Europeans because a group of Europeans/Germans resisted Jewish supremacy in the past.  You can't remove "racism"/nationalism, leaving people defenseless in their minds, and then expect that it will not have results.  It was only a matter of time before someone like Merkel came to power. 

"First the Jews came for the Germans while pretending that they didn't do anything at all..  but I said nothing because I was not a German.  But actually, I am of European descent... so then I decided to say something about it!"  Lol.

All Europeans and European derived countries (Australia/America too, although they're generally still a bit more rugged.) are now subject to a hostile ruling class that hates their own "racist"/people and would like to diversify them and their "racist" desire to continue existing as an ethnic group out of existence.

It's interesting to juxtapose Japan to what was/is being done to Germany.  Whatever else they're doing and did during WWII, they generally still have their ethnic identity.  They still have the only thing that matters, their minds and culture and sense of themselves existing as a group.  So it wasn't only a matter of time until a Japanese leader came in and tried to diversify the Japanese out of existence.  Probably because despite their atrocities in WWII, there haven't been hundreds of movies made by Jews about how they represent villians and Absolute Evil.  Etc.etc.

Anyone that can say the word "Jew" in a critical way (Critical Theory 101: for the Jews Themselves!) has a world of knowledge open up to them.   That's why you're not allowed to say the word Jew unless the ADL/SPLC says that it's kosher love speech and not a hate speech.  Ultimately, it probably all goes back to those hundreds... or perhaps even thousands of WWII movies and TV shows and the cartoon Uberman/Superman of Team America, Cuck Yeah and so on.  The "Greatest Generation" liked all that.  They liked it when Jews made good movies about them.  But that ended. 

No one in the dumbocrazies that "won" WWII has ever been allowed to be a real critic of all the "good movies" and the "good war."  After all, if criticism and free speech was allowed then they wouldn't have "won" the war that justifies their own descendants being diversified out of existence...  in the countries that they "won" the war for!  Perhaps too many people died for the victors to turn a critical eye on what actually happened in the "Good War" that justifies all these other wars in which "another Hitler" cartoon is defeated by Team Superman America.

"Fool me once, shame on you...  fool me, uh... a fool can't get fooled again!"  --George W.

Still thinking and trying to figure out what the hell explains this behavior.  But look, Jeb Bush is saying that he would like to kill Hitler as a baby (a representative of European nationalism) and he argues that immigration is an act of love or something.  Plus, apparently he married a Mexican midget to prove his point...  whatever is going on here, it all seems a bit silly! 

Hmmm... nice post.

This is all by design, not chance.
Germany: Nonwhite in One Generation
Mass Cologne Sex Attack: 1,000 Attackers
German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite invaders, that at least one rape occurred, that the crowd hurled incendiary devices at the German public and the police—and that they were made up of recently arrived Arabic-speaking “refugees.”
Sex and Violent Invader Attacks in Saxony
The wave of nonwhite refugee-criminal violence continues to spread across Germany, with two of the latest attacks being a mass sex attack in Leipzig and a vicious unprovoked assault in Chemnitz. Once charges were laid, a local prosecutor in the town ordered the two nonwhite invaders released on warning to appear in court.
Mother Merkel’s Miracle: A Wonder-Working Woman Turns Cologne into Cairo
When was it first apparent that Angela Merkel’s open-border policies might lead to problems for Germany? About 2000 years ago:
  • Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.
  • “They change their sky, not their souls, who cross the sea.”
That’s the Roman poet Horace, who died in 8 BC. Germany was once famous for classical scholarship. Today it’s famous for cultural Marxism. The central message from our hostile elites is that Whites must open their nations to the world and celebrate their own dispossession. Angela Merkel obeyed that message with exceptional enthusiasm when she allowed more than a million “refugees” to enter Germany in 2015. That’s why the New Year celebration in Cologne was such a vibrant occasion. Crowds of New Germans expressed their gratitude to Mutti Merkel by staging a re-enactment of what happened in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring. In other words, they committed hundreds of sexual assaults on young women.
German-Jewish politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans "Nazis" and their extinction "fortunate"
Police: Ikea Suspects Are Both Asylum Seekers The Local, August 11, 2015
Police have revealed that the two suspects accused of killing a mother and a son at an Ikea store in Västerås, north west of Stockholm, came from Eritrea.
Police confirmed on Tuesday morning that they had arrested two people over the violence and said that both were from Eritrea.
Officers told Swedish media that the youngest suspect, 23, had already been questioned but added that a second 35-year-old man linked to the attacks remained in hospital with life-threatening injuries.
The suspects knew one another and were living at the same accommodation complex for asylum seekers, they added.
Eritrean “Refugee” Moves in with Swedish family, Slashes 7-Year-Old Girl’s Throat
African and Arabic Immigrants have been allowed to flood into Europe by the treacherous anti-Whites who hold a grasp over mainstream politics and media.
With their “diversity” agenda, they aim to eliminate the White majority. This is White genocide, and frankly, they don’t give a damn if little girls get their throats slashed open, as long as there’s no country, city, town, or neighborhood which is “too White”.
We can’t let vicious crimes like these happen – child-murdering and forced “diversity” – and that’s why we’re asking everyone to take part in our grassroots movement to bring awareness to White genocide.
Tribal member and former Stasi agent Anetta Kahane in Germany saying MASS IMMIGRATION of non-whites into Germany is a MUST:
Stasi Roots of the German-Jewish “Anti-Racist” Left and Its Program of Destroying Ethnic Germany
The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable. Just look at the demographics. The Washington Post, October 19, 2015
by Adam Winkler professor at UCLA School of Law
The fastest-growing minority group in America is Latinos. Between 2000 and 2010, the nation’s Latino population grew by 43 percent. Hispanics, which make up 17 percent of the population today, are expected to grow to 30 percent of the population in the coming decades.
Gun control is extremely popular among Hispanics, with 75 percent favoring gun safety over gun rights.
Asian Americans also represent a growing anti-gun demographic. Although only about 5 percent of the population today, the Asian American population is predicted to triple over the next few decades. A recent poll of Asian American registered voters found that 80 percent supported stricter gun laws.
See also:
Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign by Professor Kevin MacDonald
Jews and Gun Control: A Reprise by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

The English man?

Are you of English descent?  Just curious. 

Because they've been cucking up the place for centuries, all the way back to the Opium Wars that they fought for Jews.  Many didn't even realize they were stupid cucks, apparently. No leader has ever told the absolute truth all the time.

But Hitler pretty much let the English go, probably because they're White/Europeans.  He certainly knew that the common folk/Volk weren't getting the truth from the "international" media.  Or perhaps an accurate translation of what he was saying. 

But it may be that some people are just too witless and stupid, even after it's all exposed by an international internet where everyone (including the Tribe) leaves an electronic footprint.  I think it was that drunk Churchhill that said if people trip over the truth, most will dust themselves off and carrry on as if nothing had happened. 

He would have known.

Until these guys learn to answer the Jewish comedians and the Jews behind the teleprompters lecturing them about racism with a: "Fuck you, you're Jewish." This will continue. It's actually already ending because we own the internet. But these anti-white Jews are still "mainstream media" for now, apparently based on inertia?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This goes with the "racial rant" below. This is what these old White degenerates promoting "diversity" are in the process of doing.

Racial rant...

Racism has become a word that murderers and people that want to incite hate crimes against our kith and kin have run into the ground. 

So I call this a racial rant against the collection of witless wonders running Delaware Politics.  LOL.  Good grief.  It's pretty entertaining.

I didn't even read all of it:

Rick January 7, 2016 at 07:39 “Despite your bulls#!t faux-outrage, the simple fact is that you can’t refute the quotes he provides because the quotes are real; they are on record.”
That’s exactly the problem:
1) If Mynym or Watts wanted to actually have a dialogue to exchange ideas and gain understanding, in my opinion, that would be good (although perhaps under an appropriate thread or open thread).
The problem is that he (like most such people) is not actually having a discussion.


Mr. Moseley is saying that?


Here's the real problem, they want their own observable facts.  Not theories.  Not debate.  It's when one points out that Jews can be observed saying that they are engaged in an international conspiracy to dominate and subjugate the goyim that these goys start talking about how they need to be able to make money and monetize their seemingly worthless blog as a pretext to police the discussion.

The Time of Israel, JTA and the Jews leaving an electronic footprint on all social media like Youtube and other sites are not a part of a vast "antisemitic conspiracy" created out of nothing by "antisemites."  (I.e. anyone capable of questioning or criticizing Jewish customs.)  It's an observable fact that Jews are generally doing what they have always done, just like so-called "conspiracy theorists" of the past said.  Just like Jesus said, Martin Luther, etc.

Note, Jesus was killed.  Other "antisemites" were portrayed as craaaazy haters, terrorists.  And so forth.  Yet now when given the opportunity to see for themselves what is occurring around them to this day these useless, witless cowards still can't see it. 

That's because they have their eyes closed, not because Jewish behavior cannot be observed.

It's not even a "theory" that Jews following their customs, traditions or secular versions of the same old habits will begin to subjugate and monetize the goyim... let alone some craaaaaazy/antisemitic/racist/xenophobic/nativist/phobic/homophobic/Islamophobic/blah, blah, blah... "theory." 

2) I or others prove his quotes wrong — or more frequently the INTERPRETATION that he wants to put n them wrong.

That's bullshit.  

Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews ... - JTA 

That's just one example.  That is just making what is already occurring based on secular variants of their old customs and traditions as a supposedly oppressed "minority" group explicit. 
  1. Mynym Watts’s comments will no longer be allowed on my posts.
    The same goes for spurious complaints from his supporters who cry “censorship” every time his off-topic rants are removed. They are a waste of time , a form of harassment and they undermine the site’s journalistic inegrity. Consequently, they will be eliminated.
    My task is to write informative articles and commentary — NOT to provide an open graffiti wall for every racist and antisemite in cyberspace, especially when their comments are irrelevant to the articles and their subject matter.

The site's journalistic integrity?????  Defined by Mr. "whites are lynching blacks" Ayotte? ;-)

My main point about this crazy blog, we all already have kosher media. Or "politically correct" media in which a majority of the world is incited to hate people of European descent.  We already had Delaware Liberal, citing Jew after Jew while demanding that white people be called terrorists and killed.   Surprise!  You think that they'd ever say: "Line all Jews up and shoot them!"  like they did about Republicans?  Do you think they'd say that Jewish nationalist groups are terrorists, like they do the NRA?  Have they demanded that the ranchers in Oregon be killed yet?  If they were gay cowboys, then they'd love them.  There's a reason for this.  And it's Jewish influence.

 Delaware Politics at its foundation (Don't criticize or even identify Jews/"minorities"... but according to our journalistic integrity: In Delaware, Whites Lynch Negros!!!)  no different than the media that our kin already hate.

Ironically it's actually the African MAN at Delaware Politics (hated by Mitch Crane, a Jew) that seems least likely to incite hate crimes against white people. Despite the way he seems to allow some transparently anti-white hate posts and censorship of a defense of our people so on, apparently it's actually the old white guys that are the main enemies of my kin.

Mr. Ayotte should be deported back to France or somewhere... apparently. But if an equally witless cuck like Joe "Tea Party is terrorists" Biden gets his way, then an unrelenting stream of immigration will surround him with foreign ethnic groups right here anyway.   Just imagine how they will have to police themselves to be politically correct (lobotomizing basic forms of pattern recognition) then.  Witless.

Truth is, all these guys will be dead soon enough though. So our children will have to spit on their graves and eventually write the history (Not in the colleges that our ancestors built. But perhaps on the internet and in our minority white communities, etc.) of what these degenerates did to the country that our ancestors once founded, fought and died for.

They didn't do that for Eskimos or all the diversity in the entire world, they did that for their families and posterity/us.      

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Lion

Should the Alt Right White Knight?

Jew Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt Says Muslims Are Jews’ Natural Allies In E...

Delaware Politics and Jews....

I'm just having fun so that if anyone uses the technique of search: "This, Jew." then they'll think that Delaware Politics is Jewish.  They're Judaizers and total cucks, so it's basically yet another Jewish media outlet full of ethnic activism for Jews as a group anyway. 

If they're successful in building up a media outlet then so what?  It's Judaized and "politically correct," the exact thing that people are growing to hate just as they normally do.  Who invented political correctness?  Why is it cultivated in "the media"?   Who is the first and most powerful/"oppressive" minority of them all?

Who is at the top of progressively powerful Victim minority groups that are already currently growing into a majority in all majority European and European derived countries?

It's really quite odd, especially when white goys criticize and generalize about Muslims all the time.  Guess what, when some "Communist"/Jew appears at a Trump rally with a Muslim wearing a yellow star that's because they're against you witless cucks.  They always have been.  They want to disarm you.  They want to silence you.  Because they're a foreign ethnic group, forming political parties/tribes to hide their fear and loathing of white people in again.  "Communism."  Whatever.  Even their right wing that you feverishly support (The people celebrating burning Arab "goy" toddlers to death, etc.), also hate your witless white guts. 

Lol.  This would be more amusing if these witless white guys weren't in my group trying to incite hate crimes against my kin now.  Not smart, goys.    This isn't going to work.  Do you understand yet? 

Apparently one has to grant the Jews as a hate group this, they have their little goyim slaves defending them.    It's like a little competition between Democrats and Republicans, who can do what's good for the Jews?  Their irrelevant local slaves will censor for them, doing away with our customs of free speech and fair/white mindedness.

They'll be their little comrades of Communism on the Left (Delaware Liberal) or Jewish nationalism/Zionism on the right (Delaware Politics).  On the Left, they'll form minority coalitions against the host nation with them.  This leads to "Line them up and shoot them." WHO?  What ethnic group are these hate groups of the Left talking about?  On the Right, they/"neoconservatives" incite wars that benefit their nationalists and financial oligarchs that will in turn contribute to more Jewish charities for THEIR OWN GROUP while people of European descent wander around being rugged individuals.

Religious Jews openly argue in accordance with the customs and habits of THEIR GROUP: "Goyim are destined to serve us."   WHO?  A GROUP.  After their "secular" Kabbalah klansmen in Hollywood (Who was the Klan, again?  What? Who are all the fake Hollywood "Nazis"?) are done screwing with so-called "mainstream" culture in America, here these local guys are defending and serving Jews as a group while simultaneously inciting hate crimes against their own kin group based on nothing.  They won't even let people talk about ethnic groups.

That's what the sniveling about racism/antisemitism is all about.  Kosher "anti-racists" that support Jewish supremacy by omission and censorship don't care if Arab toddlers are burned to death by Jewish lunatics.  That, among many other things, will never be reported by these witless wonders. 

 They're serving and defending a foreign ethnic group that is more tribal than their/our own European kin.    Lunar, crazy desert LUNATICS.  ;-)   Yet, it's an impressive feat that a minority group has gotten these witless cucks to do this for them while seeking to diversify their own "racist"/kin out of existence.

Anyway, a sample of the "minority"/racist/antisemitism crapola from our enemies at Delaware Politics:
I’m under no obligation to take it or dish it out and I refuse to put up with Watts’ bigotry, racism and antisemitism. I owe you no further explanation!
There is no explanation other than the very "political correctness" that they don't want Communist Jews like the Bernie Sanders supporter with a Muslim wearing a yellow star at a Trump rally applying to Muslims now.  Political correctness, the foundation of which was established by Jewish hate groups in an "academic" setting as soon as they got kicked out of other countries for the same type of Communist/internationalist behavior combined with criminality and terrorism.  You can't have your Jewish Superman/Uberman CARTOONS and LIES where you play the part of their Team Cuck hero and not expect this.  They're going to use that to subvert you and diversify/destabilize you with Muslims.  Then Bernie "Judeo-Bolshevik" can win and in the name of equality and diversity, guess what he will do? 

Anyway.  These guys don't even realize that heir kin group exists and has interests like these other groups that do realize they exist in the first place.

"Subversion... of what?  Me individual!  No, no... they individual Jewish led minority groups?"


These guys could be looking straight at a religious Jew that can still articulate where habits, customs and traditions of fear and loathing for the goyim as a group came from saying, "We're trying to monetize all you goy.  Because we want you to be our slaves, in accordance with our customs of tribalism and conspiracy."  And these witless cucks would deny it or pretend that each Jew is an individual.   What's next, pretending that the Communist party/tribe that generally serves as a front for them as a tribe/group were all individual communists?

In contrast, I've always been about what is true.  Whether that involves theories or observable facts.  So if "in theory," some Jew is sitting there right in front of me openly articulating their customs and ancient traditions of conspiracy as a GROUP, then I'll admit to what can be observed.  No conspiracy theorizing, although that's an important skill in life if you expect to comment on politics.  But that aside, it's a fact.  It's observable.  Yet these guys in some minor blog with an anti-white political party of two will lie and censor to try to protect Jews that want to enslave or diversify their own kin group.  That's exactly what our kin are growing to hate again, as they usually do.  As they should hate, if they love their own family.  Why do you think that the Jews form all these Commie/"globalist"/"international" type of anti-nationalist organizations to survey and monitor the amount of hate that the goyim are beginning to have for Jews as a group, yet again?

It's probably because they know what their own behavior produces, even if they can't articulate it.  "The goy always get mad when we try to diversify our investment portfolios or monetize and enslave them.  Dang these goy!  We better donate to groups to spy on and police them for their hatred of what we're trying to do to their families, then.  Why does this always happen?  Better finance more books about it!  And movies too!  These goyim will learn to love our tribe, I mean the Party enslaving them eventually."  Etc.etc. 

The more intelligent over at Delaware Politics are apparently openly saying that they're being politically correct for the sake of money and so on.

Yet that's exactly what the people/"goyim" hate, as usual. So even if Delaware Politics was "successful," they'd just grow into yet another politically correct/hated MSM outlet.

In any event, they will not be successful anyway.      

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Could be wrong, these guys at Delaware Politics seem like the essence of old cucks.

I would say stupid old cucks but their level of intelligence varies.  Mr. Ayotte over there is working on inciting hate crimes against white people. Yet then these guys get all outraged when someone stands up to them.  And they use any pretext to give up the customs and traditions of our people, a fair/white minded view of free speech.

A fitting end.  Something to keep in mind when they have posts about "national security."  They are traitors in the only way that matters, not to country but to their kin and our customs.  I have zero respect for their claims.  Not even claims, really... just a bunch of sniveling and whining about racism and antisemitism as they yip and yap like guard dogs for jews, their chosen Master Tribe. 

Their incessant sniveling about racism is almost like Dick Cheney calling Edward Snowden a traitor.

Who’s afraid of Watts and his ilk? Not me. I am just bored. 

In other words, he's probably afraid again.

The first thing that he's probably afraid of is the truth.  But it's Mr. Ayotte that should be afraid in an imaginary way, given that he's trying to incite hate crimes against my kin.

Unbelievable, in a way, that people of European descent like us should have to focus on clearing our own house of self-haters that don't even care about their kin.  I am not the Klan of Kabbalah or a Judaizer incorporated in old slave networks among the "goyim" that goes around secretly, you stupid cucks.  We're organizing now to stand as European Americans.  The first step in this is the media, not putting on stupid costumes to commit crimes like in your fevered imaginations.   Boo!  


We would like to get an intelligent discussion going, but instead, we get loads of of the same old irrelevant racist bigoted conspiracy theory crap wasting our time and space.

They wanted a controlled, kosher culture and narratives.

But everyone already has that, day after day.  It's called the MSM and Delaware "Line them up and shoot them." Liberal.  Who do you think that Jews are usually talking about? 

How many Jews do they cite in their anti-white articles over at Delaware Liberal?  And that slightly larger backwater than Delaware Politics aside, what is/was the MSM?  (Curious how they have to shut down and monitor their comments sections too now.  Ha, ha...)

If people wanted more of that anti-white/anti-"racist" drivel, then they can go to the MSM or Delaware Liberal. But when they (All ten of them, I'd imagine.) go to Delaware Politics, what do they find?  An even more extreme version of anti-white stories: "In Delaware: They Lynch Negros"

Reality:  "In Delaware: They Find Imaginary Nooses"

And censor people like me that stand up to their attempts to incite hate crimes against my family.

Watts has his own blog and may get kudos from fellow bigots when he posts in more racist/antisemitic venues, so he really does not need to post his tripe on Delaware Politics.
Yeah, CNN comment section is a racist/antisemitic venue.  There again, maybe it's all getting that way because European Americans are fed up.  They're angry again. Just think what it would be like if they realized that they exist as a group and that a different "line them up and shoot them." group is generally trying to get them killed as a group, huh?  
All criticism of jews is antisemitism (Whatever that is.) according to these guys at Delaware Politics, no matter what tribal jews are actually doing based on Judaism and international crime networks based on it. So they could be organ trafficking up the street again, in accordance with their customs and traditions, and nary a peep from these pro-$emitic cucks.  They could call up their Masonic Judaizers and people like Jack Lew to try to destroy a whole nation.  Nary a peep of criticism. 

No matter what they actually do, these cowards will put up with it.  

Good luck with your blog, I suppose.  It wouldn't matter if it was successful.  You'd be another iteration of the kosher MSM.  We already have that.  "The media." "The banks."  "The political class and their advisers in DC."  "The oligarchic donors."  "Hollywood." There is a rising tide of anger at all of these institutions and trends. 

WHO is generally managing, producing, financing and influencing all these things?  

The way I view it, I'm helping to weave the web around these people.  And it's getting more sticky by the day.  One ironic thing about it is that Jews or witless shabbos goyim like Delaware Politics usually censor so much information that anyone seeking to learn about what is actually occurring in their nations and countries can just search for "Jew" or "Jew this" and "Jew that" now.  And all they'll find is criticism of the Tribe that's been suppressed and censored throughout history while Jews created and cultivated a withering "culture of critique" for European "goy" post WWII.

Just like with Jewish nationalism, the web is naturally going to continue to weave itself around their abject hypocrisy.  This is a matter of technology being on a collision course with very common forms of Jewish behavior, Jewish customs and international "webs" of tribal traditions.

So expect it to continue in the future.  Usually all radicals argue "The young this and that..." hoping that will be the case.  But this time, there's actual evidence that it is the case.  You can observe and see it coming, as if in slow motion.  What?  A growing challenge to Jewish power and forms of supremacy that they established for themselves based on WWII.

That's what.  If it was kosher for your little blog, then it wouldn't be radical.  Lol... 

Think the steam cap on the Trump train will hold?      ;-)

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