Thursday, April 06, 2017

We're reaching levels of freedumb that shouldn't even be possible.

The solution to this is not to try to melting pot everyone into the world/diversity. That's not working. It's not going to work.

You don't have to say that they're all terrorists and radicals to be against creating an even bigger mess. Truth be told, people from many Muslim ethnic groups may be better citizens than many of the witless wonders already living here.

But long term, it's not going to work. Diversity = division. And people are openly pushing for diversity within the country now, instead of celebrating the diversity that could exist if groups of people remained separate.

The Democrats have united many different groups against white people ("Racism"/Trump is now the lightning pole for it all.). But that's the only thing uniting Democrats. They're already having Muslims protests the Zionists, etc. And all of them have their own ethnic states and countries while they push for more diversity/division in this country. This is not the equivalent of the "E Pluribus Unum" by which diverse European ethnic groups were united in America. And despite all the "dreaming"/fantasies there were problems with that, e.g. the Italian mafia. Although, at least the mafia bosses never said that everyone else was just randomly phobic of Italians. "These Irish policemen are so phobic! Probably because they're not transgendered enough. Blabbity blah, tolerate our mafias and gangs! Hey, the police just shot one of us.. Italian lives matter!" Etc.