Monday, October 11, 2004

A story, of some artistic shepherds...

There once were some shepherds guarding their flock by night. Suddenly, the sky was filled with angels who gave them a message. So the shepherds began to go into town to deliver it.

On the way, they met some wise men. The wise men said, "Hey, we're going to the town too. I think we have the same message!" The shepherds replied, "It can't be the same message because we SAW some UFOs! If you don't SEE the way we do and experience it just as we experienced it then you can't know it. It's our feelings that are important." So the shepherds never did make it to town and instead turned away to look for more UFOs in the sky for the thrill of it.

The wise men sighed and one said, "Shepherds! You know I never did have much use for them." Another wise man said, "Well, you know they could show us important truths if they would've just showed us the message in their way. I have observed some before." The third said, "Yeah, but the way they dance around to show the message might be a little too much drama for me." To this the first replied, "I don't know, I enjoy their little dances and songs sometimes. Perhaps it is a powerful thing indeed. Maybe I shall learn this type of language."
The second said, "That's because you're weak-minded." The first replied, "Don't be such a wise guy." To which he replied, "I can't help it! For I am a wise guy." The first said, "Oh yeah...yet I am a wise guy too." The third said, "Knock it off! Now, we're off to the town now to get involved in politics and to confuse Herod's mind. That is an easy task if ever there was one. I say we bend it around until he uses an urn as a chamber pot and a chamber pot as an urn."

The second replied, "Isn't there any way we can save all the babies he's going to try to kill?" The first sighed, "Well, probably not this time. Maybe someday those shepherds will quit dancing around outside the town looking at the sky or smoking sheep dung and come help us."

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