Thursday, January 26, 2017

Drexel Professor's Christmas Hate Tweet

How Broadway's Hamilton Demonstrates Feminist Delusions

When Love Hates

Comment on the usual, criminal hypocrisy...

He should take his reality show to Israel. That's where racial settlements are being built for him and many others in Hollywood. Criticize Trump for supporting that. It's the most divisive thing that he's actually supporting.

 Go over there and chant about how he doesn't want such divisive actions taken by his own ethnic group, for the sake of his ethnic group and his own family. Get the logs out of your own eyes, then you can remove the specks of "racism" in the eyes of white people.

He has money. Hollywood types against "racism" have the money to do it. So organize and go over to the ethnic state being built for you and protest the "divisiveness" of building racial settlements... see how it goes!

They keep losing in small ways for now. It's possible that they may lose everything.

Nationalists and Trump supporters have been pestering the Hollywood Jew LARPing as a hobo’s anti-Trump “art exhibit” in New York City for the past few days. Highlights so far have been one guy getting close for a selfie with a willing LaBeouf saying “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong,” another guy trying to red pill him on the Holohoax, and a beautiful clip going around where LaBeouf starts shoving and yelling at some kid for saying 14/88.
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(((Neoconservative))) collapse continues...

Trump always said that his intent was to support Assad and destroy ISIS, with the help of Russia. So it was necessary to kill this insane notion of “moderate terrorists” in the minds of the people.
This secret “fact-finding mission” is a great step in that direction.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard was a supporter of Assad for a while now, and was even considered for a role in the Trump administration. She’s met with Trump before departing on her mission, and it would make a lot of sense that he’s the one who tasked her with the job.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Assange speaks truth to power about Israel (finally)

Operation Reinhard - Leftist Violence is Nothing New

Michael Moore Confronted by the Alt-Right

Comments, Ry Dawson... Native American "libertarian"....

Many points can be derived from that statement if you accept it. mynym's point is a good one. What is important to understand is that different peoples evolved to want to live differently, and mixing them up brings no advantages to anyone, but only conflicts on several different levels. I'm yet to have someone rationally explain to me what "racism" means. Are Jews racist? That seems to be what has kept them as a people for over 5000 years, so is racism then synonymous with long-term survival? Clearly, being cross-race altruistic (such as the Germans, the English and some Nordics nowadays, importing millions of muslims so they can pay taxes) seems to be the opposite of long-term survival, so that could be considered a clue into answering this question. Do we all not love our families more than other people's families? Is one's race not their extended family? So why would it be wrong to love one's extended family over others'? As far as I can understand, a "racist" is someone concerned about ensuring a future-legacy to his extended family.
So you can't just change society/language/ideologies and expect that everyone's neural nets will suddenly become equal on average, from an Australian Aborigine or any of the black peoples of the global South to a Northern Asian or a Northern European or any of the white peoples of the North. There's a reason that people have a saying about things "going South." All of this matters, given that the global South is going to continue to want to migrate North for the economic opportunities that rather mysteriously emerge wherever free white people, Asian people and the talented tenth of the black people go to live. (And of course, the Jews have left the white people of the North pretty much naked when it comes to tribalism. They've totally stripped them of their "racism"/identity. Unlike the Japanese, given that the Japanese didn't intern Jewish terrorists and subversives in camps and white people/Germans did. Although the Japanese did commit plenty of atrocities...) On a side note, black people of the South generally want to live as a minority among supposedly "oppressive" white people... for all the sniveling and complaining and Jewish anti-white/"anti-Nazi" incitement of Africans... they still want to live as a minority among whites. Or they want their children to go to school with whites, as if there's some magical way that whiteness and being fair/white minded will rub off. But the reverse is not true. That will continue to be a problem globally, especially as these feminist/globalist candidates with their lust for racial integration and the diversification of white ethnic groups continue to be defeated. An interesting aspect of it is that Asians can just sit in the background with secure borders, for the most part. At least until more Jews get there and begin doing what they usually do to ethnically homogeneous countries, a process that has already begun in small ways.

Violence of the Left, for now...

Throughout our civilisation, leftist militants launch physical attacks on patriots, while the leftist media covers up these incidents or, in some cases, openly celebrates them. Yet the slightest incident involving an immigrant or brown person being called name or being told to “go back to your country” (link) can be sure of a lavish reception.

The biased depiction of current events mirrors the false historical narrative that has been imposed on us. We are told that “racism” is evil because it leads to mass extermination. Yet the greatest mass exterminations of the 20th century were driven by political discrimination, not discrimination based on ancestry; and they were perpetrated by the Left, not the Right.

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Monday, January 23, 2017


The Independent has published an article entitled “Yes, it is OK to punch a Nazi like Richard Spencer in the face” on their blog, but it was deleted within two hours of its posting.

The article, written by a woman called Kirsty Major, was saved on archive. The content is summed up in the headline. She argues that random acts of violence are acceptable against those who disagree with the ruling establishment doctrine.

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Yep, there's no way that you can have 50 million subscribers here, 500,000 over there on Jew wise channels and on and on and not have it become real. Growing up, I didn't know why criminal Jews were so paranoid about "conspiracy theorists" that actually didn't know much. In retrospect, it's because they don't want to be identified and found out again. But it's too late for that now.

The revolution is afoot – Jews cannot hide any longer.

In this video from inauguration day in DC, you have a Jew holding up a sign reading “White men against Trump.” A pro-Trump figure approaches him and asks if he is white. He says he is, and the Trump figure filming him says “you’re not white, you’re Jewish – Jewish aren’t white, I read it in the Forward.”

He is referring to this article in the Jewish Daily Forward.
The Jew does the awkward Jew “I’ve been caught but it’s all just a joke, goyim” smile. The same exact smile that communist Jews no-doubt made when they were bested in arguments by Adolf Hitler in beer halls in the 1920s.

The pro-Trump figure filming walks away, saying “typical tricks, Shlomo.”

This is a meme come to life.

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Richard Spencer from Talks About Being Sucker Punched by a ...


Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Inauguration Speech (FULL) | ABC News

President Trump's inaugural address

Lol... things are going to change, he's one of the first to stop apologizing.

Random comment.....

Actually in dumbocrazies equal opportunity for all/everyone in the world and special rights for none doesn't work. Because people will/have already just elected a new electorate based on mass immigration combined with ID politics that turns European/European derived elections into demographic role calls. Europeans abolished tribalism/"Nazism" among themselves due to white/fair minded individualism and the "anti-racist" Jewish influence of self-serving Zionist Jews. But they didn't abolish tribalism/"racism" worldwide, for everyone equally.

 In fact, Jews promote and incite tribalism/nationalism for themselves and other "minority"/majority groups while viciously suppressing tribalism/"Nazism" among European ethnic groups. Anyway, in your view Somalian libertarians (????) or perhaps Haitian Constitutionalists are interchangeable with Swedes in Sweden or Swedish Americans. In reality, they're not. Jews certainly seem to know this, as they continue to try to diversify "Nazis" out of existence by integrating white ethnic groups with whoever is handy and calling their "fundamental transformation" of white people the equivalent of European democracies and self-determination. Yet, you play dumb?

You can't fundamentally transform and subvert white electorates (And only white electorates, Japan was not targeted by Jews post WWII despite all their atrocities.) racially and ethnically and call that "democracy"/self-determination. There is no "self" there. Imagine that Sweden is entirely Haitian and African because all the Swedes leave due primarily to "anti-racist"/"anti-Nazi"/Jewish influence on white ethnic groups. What would their so-called Judaic "democracy" amount to then? Are most Haitians libertarians? Does it matter?

Why does the only "democracy" in the Mideast still have an ethnic identity, while all white ethnic groups worldwide are left with virtue signalling about being "anti-racist" or in the case of Team Freedumb: World Uberman Police... left with their exceptional identity being defined as killing yet "another Hitler"/Saddam/Assad/Putin at the behest of "neoconservatives"/"neoliberals"/"the media"/a bunch of Jews?

Trumps two appeals

Transgender, Autism & Intellectual Authoritarianism

Why TRUMP Will Easily Bring NATO to Heel

Donald Trump Calls CNN Fake News

Trump Destroys Everyone Compilation ��

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Basically Jewish proxies and terrorist groups no different than many Muslim groups...

What the anti-White left still can’t process is that this is a new era. The more mayhem they cause, the angrier the silent majority becomes. There is no longer any way for them to win by being loud, obnoxious, and violent. At this point, even the normies realize these people are just paid astroturf, damaged goods with such low expectations that the only way for them to make a few shekels is to cause mayhem and destruction at the behest of the very people they claim to oppose: The bankers, the globalists, the corporate media, the multinationals…in other words, the Jews.

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