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Institutional racism....

Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent, said that the targeted abuse of young white girls had been known about for decades, but police feared being labelled “institutionally racist”. “How many young girls have been abused and raped because of the reluctance of the authorities to say exactly what is happening? ” he asked. Mr Gradwell said that he had encountered abuse of white girls by “Asian” men as far back as the 1970s: “When I joined in 1979 one of my first tasks was to police around a Blackburn nightclub where one of the issues was Asian men cruising around in BMWs and Mercs trying to pick up young drunken girls. The main pressure police have is being called institutionally racist if they highlight a crime trend like this. There’s a fantastic reluctance to be absolutely straight because some people may take such offence”.

In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely nothing, of course, to do with him being a violent, controlling thug. Gang members have grown wise to the wimpy ways of Western society. They exploit the fact that police, newly trained in “cultural sensitivity”, are terrified of being accused of racism. So the pimps operate with impunity until, years later, the slave girls find the courage to testify in court against their masters.


Red Ice Radio - Kevin MacDonald - The Dispossession of Europeans & Patho...

MLK ramble...

In America, the reason that MLK's poetry speaks to me is that he essentially said, "I dream of a day when my own children and kin will be better off.

But to the witless whites, the Judeo-Christians, the stupid and the ignorant, the virtue signalling hypocrites desperate to defeat a racism, the ethnic masochists, the self-haters, the degenerates... (and so on and on) apparently MLK's dream means this:  "I have a dream when no ethnic groups with roots in the land exist.  But a gay community, a Brony Community, a Transgender Community, a Fat Community... all that is what the civil rights movement is all about!"

Those are loony tunes dreams.  The way I see it, the power of the speech is in the dream of a father trying to provide a better country for his children and kin group to live in.  (Truth be known, black men haven't done a very good job of that.  But there again, neither are a lot of men of European descent.  There's the influence of the neurotically anti-white Tribe of bed wetters that fears white Nazis/racism.  Thanks, Hitler.  You scared the bed wetters.  Apparently, permanently.  But their influence aside, it's men of European descent too.)

Anyway, as I always note... even if you're anti-white or a "minority"/majority of ill will against whites.. whoever is here in America is in the same sinking boat now.  It is already Babel, as usury will seek to devour and monetize the entire world.  Trump is like some limp resistance or slowing of a process of ethnic replacement that will not be slowed down by kosher Republicans.  But the economic writing is already on the wall.

 Plus Trump will move to the Left in the general election as the forces of international capitalism/socialism/banksterism will continue until they can't.

"We either have a country or we don't."  --Trump

Too late.  You either have a nation that lives in a country or you do not.  For psychological and cultural reasons, people of European descent worldwide do not have strong national/tribal identities and therefore are beginning not to have countries.  Germans first.   

That's why their lands are being invaded now.  They're like "the Palestinians" in that way, although they're many thousands of times better off materially.  Even so, the existential and psychological problems of being assigned a negative group identity and only a negative identity by an endlessly hostile Tribe at the nerve centers of the body politic remains. 

White men in America now:  divorce, depression, suicide, drugs, chemically castrated boys, a gay community but no white community, "feminism," nihilism, mass shootings, fanatical misplaced masculinity in sports teams/tribes, Bruce Jenner, bread and circuses, death... what's all this? 

Small aspect of this big picture, back when high schools in America had gun ranges in accordance with the customs and traditions of Northern Europeans... how many mass shootings were there?   Not a rhetorical question.  I don't know. But I doubt there were that many until a culture built up by Europeans got subverted by Jews again. 

Note the reprieve of the primal and seemingly subconscious psychological/cultural warfare of the Tribe during the 1950s when they perceived a tribal enemy emerging back in Europe that needed to be killed.  This was back when they invented the all American cartoon Superman/Uberman to defeat their white Nazi cartoons.  Team America is still trying to defeat "another Hitler" for Jews to this day, in reality. 

It's actually an impressive feat.  They bent a nation to their will and made prophecies that are explicitly articulated in their customs and traditions come true.  "Your destiny is to serve us."  And what happened?     

 Defeating another Hitler is the only way that witless white boys get to play the part of the cartoons they're programmed with, it seems.  I am more empathetic to whites than I may appear.  Because I grew up being indoctrinated by Jews in the same way.  One can see that the moral absolute of this culture of moral relativism ("It's the current year!")  is "Nazism"/National Socialism for some reason. 

But I couldn't quite put my finger on why that is.  

Observe the gibberish and forms of entertainment provided: "Modern family." Everything is relative.  "Postmodern."  What year is it?  "Progress."  

But here's a way to draw something out of Babel:  "Yeah, I think this idea that the National Socialists were absolutely evil is relative too.  They were just people and stuff.  Maybe they were just some pagan dudes that recognized the dangers of Jewish Bolsheviks and a bunch of Jewish terrorists and subversives.  Who knows?  Who can say?"        

Or:  "Like my openly Marxist professor at the UofD I would say that National Socialism hasn't been totally falsified by history.  It's like Marxism.  They probably didn't implement it right or maybe skipped a stage.  Plus they had a world war incited against them by a bunch of Jews.  So all their ethnic cleansing and stuff, well... like the Marxists say about history, sometimes you have to break a few eggs when trying to make an omelet.   So that's why I'm your National Socialist professor, instead of your Marxist professor.  It's not a failed ideology.  We just need to do it right next time."


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Do you need Diversity Training?

Reality Mugs a Liberal

Ramble 12/23

hey're usually just self-hating white people that have taken the customs of our people too far. It was of great benefit to our people to drag bedraggled stray wolves in out of the cold and make them into dogs. It was of great benefit to tame horses. Etc. But they're going to far and they're witless. They usually don't even realize that they exist as white people of European descent with customs, traditions and psychological dynamics based on that. 

See very many Asian "animal rights" activists? African? Muslim*? There might be some. One or two. But the whole herd of "animal rights" activists is usually just a bunch of white people taking some of the instincts, traditions and customs of our people too far. Once they're done trying to diversify white men and their own kin out of existence with diversity, then who will care about the animals and "noble savages." Noble lion lives matter?

Environmentalists of European descent can't see the forest (Their own kin group.) for the trees (Me just individual.. whites need diversity!). Environmentalism. Animal rights. "Conservationists." Is anyone paying attention to who these people actually are? Because it doesn't seem like they are. Save the Great White Male? No. But there's an African Pygmy Fund, if you'd like to contribute to that. Lol.... oh well. 

Interesting contrast, 
Google:  "Muslims kill dogs"

Red Ice Radio - Alexandr Dugin - Hour 1 - The Fourth Political Theory & ...

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More Anti-Donald Trump Propaganda - Rebutted!

How to deal with reptilephobia?

Donald Trump: Where does this hatred come from?

Ramble 12/18

Strange that the Jews surrounding Putin can't find a way of dealing with the Jewish proxy government of the Ukraine and the Jewish government in America.

No matter, apparently it's mainly the "goy" that pay when Jews disagree with each other or can't quite "advise" or manipulate political leaders like Putin/Trump.  Leaders/patriarchs that are coming into alignment, naturally... because half the shit that's being done around the world is based on Judeo/Zionism/globalism/banksterism without regard for the interests of American or Russian people.  (Not that there's an "American" or "Russian" national identity anymore anyway.  These guys are empire builders and all "Americans" are slated to be totally monetized, blended and melted out of existence based on immigration.  If Russia was a more successful empire, same deal.  

I guess that's Trump's main argument:  "You're not even going to have an empire in the future.  Make America White, I Mean Great Again!  What are the ethnic spines that the Russian and American empires rest on? How far can they expand or project power without the work becoming "back breaking"?  We probably have diversity programs at the CIA at this point.  So those guys could be Muslims.  Or they could be African pygmies. Or perhaps Somalian immigrants?  These guys better take note of the ethno/racial spines that empires are built on if they expect to continue having an "international"/interracial empire.

Personally, it makes no difference to me at this point.   

Another Hitler. Oh wait, that's a real cartoon!

These people were provided for directly or indirectly by White men of virtue/virility. They'll probably have to go the way of the Dodo. They usually already hate themselves anyway. At least they know something about this is "unsustainable."

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bitcoin and Euro-white" supremacy"/existence... priceless.

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Worth about $4,500,000 today those coins.
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Who says he didn't buy the coins back the same day?
He said the pizza was tasty.
Ofc you can hodle your coins until you die or you can use them as a currency...
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Or just hodl until you become a millionaire and then use them as a currency? Yeah, I think I'd prefer taking that risk.
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I don't always see infantile memes, but when I do, it's more often than not in the bitcoin sub which reeks of teenage hormones and juvenile behavior.
He didn't. He's actually posted a lot on that forum up until 2014.
3-4 years ago there were less than 100 people frequenting this forum, and I was pretty happy to trade 10,000 coins for pizza. I mean people can say I'm stupid, but it was a great deal at the time. I don't think anyone could have known it would take off like this. Smiley
Laszlo" -Feb 2014
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Ramble 12/17

Of course there is actually a group of people defined as a social/tribal construct based on a criminal religion that actually are SUPREMACISTS. And they always have been, thus their role in the international slave trade of old and the debt/money slave trade of "globalism" now. Thus some Masonic/Judaizers in America were business partners with them in the trade that doomed their descendants, despite their successful rebellion against the Bank of Zion. Note that the Whiskey Rebellion soon followed, as many our people have always been against slavery and the international ideologies of slave and debt/money traders that monetize different groups. Indeed, that's why they didn't like it then and abolished it later. Not Arabs. Not Africans.

And certainly not Jews.

Jews, anyone that takes part in that social construct invented by some crazy guys with beards, ARE usually the supremacists. And they always have been. 

It's not like this is some new thing or they mysteriously monopolized the slave trades of the past, the opium trade and so on and on. It's their ideology.  It's the way that they've been socially constructed based on an ideology of supremacy now freely spoken of in the ethnic state that they're building for themselves. 

GOP.. old.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Biggest Economic Crash in History | Mike Maloney and Stefan Molyneux

Ramble 12/16

Nearly all new mosques built in the USA and in Europe are Wahabbi mosques funded by Saudi Arabia.

An architect was in my office the other day saying that the Muslims don't pay their bills on time.    Plus a lot of Muslims don't like dogs, the wolves that are ancestors tamed.  Etc.etc.

I don't even agree that witless Whites that can't see the forest (their group) for the trees (...just some "systematically racist" individuals) need to play pretend that this is about the terrism.  That's all it is, they just don't want the terrism.  But they're not racist enough to want to continue existing as a group.

I don't agree with playing pretend.  We have a natural right to exist as a group in the countries that our forefathers died for.

Muslims are going to set up loud speakers for their call to prayer and scare our dogs.  They already are.*   It wasn't enough that old politicians monetized your nation and kin with inconceivable amounts of international debt/money.  Oh no.  Biden also wants an "unrelenting stream" of immigration that will be combined with an anti-white culture of diversity verging on an ethnic cleansing campaign run by the federal government.  African Americans of ill will that have watched too many movies produced by Jews may think, "Oh goodie... whites deserve it.  Good, good."  Wrong.  Talk another look at what immigration means for you as well. 

Already, observe:
(Michigan town said to have first majority Muslim city council ...)
(US|Tension in a Michigan City Over Muslims' Call to Prayer)
(Washington Post: Hamtramck residents 'profoundly unsettled')

Oh, now they're "unsettled."  Better tell old Wolf Von and the other old guys that they'll need to police the supposedly rabid "hate speech" for the sake of more freedumb or something. 

Because people of European descent are going to hate when their dogs get killed.  Many African Americans are going to hate to have to listen to some Muslim stuff.  Hispanics are going to be like, "What's that?"  The Chinese that are visiting to have their anchor baby are going to be like: "Why did we bother to come here? Is there somewhere else that has a crazy immigration policy for us to use as a free insurance policy?"  

(IRAN's savage killings of stray dogs with burning acid has ...)
(Caninophobic Muslim Suicide Bomber Blows Up Hero ...)

I guess European Americans could even pretend that "differences" between ethnic groups is all about the terrism and not the fact that they want to exist as a group with their kith and kin in their (former) countries.  (With their dog/wolf brought in by the fire for Christmas with their kin and all the rest of it.  Implicitly!  Because you don't want to be called a name for existing as a group or anything.  Racists!)

(ISIS Issues Fatwa Calling for the Mass Slaughter of ...
   4 days ago - ... Now, it's been declared a holy crusade for them to kill dogs and puppies in the USA.)

Looks like some Jew or kosher police proxy tried to censor this.

Black Lives Matter Expelled from African Tribal Meeting

Black Lives Matter - Obama's Red Guard

Black Lives Matter - Obama's Red Guard

Ramble 12/16 (Is Wolf Von Baumgart a Zionist? Key word search... Lol.)

This was our Constitutional government in the country that our ancestors left and founded for us, posterity. Fight for it. It's right here as our nation/family/kin, living in the land/country.

So many people of European descent are ready to sign up for the military (voluntarily, no less) but then many come back and twiddle their thumbs while their children have to live with more Muslim diversity right here?

Why are people ready to KILL for this country based on whatever flimsy pretext or fraud the international Tribe gives them... yet then they will not even fight for representation in their increasingly diverse countries?

About halfway through this video on the destruction of Europe and more importantly, Europeans as a group with subgroups... we don't have a right to give up. 

Push these guys our way. Whether that's Donald J. Trump or whoever it is that's closest to expressions of European nationalism with our kin.  If/when Trump fails to do the things that he's talking about, then replace him too. Then replace the next guy that's a failure. And then endlessly agitate against the next guy too. Note the Whiskey Rebellion. Why did that occur? Did Washington feel a bit sheepish putting down the Whiskey Rebellion for the sake of a Masonic/Judaic monetary system?  Americans have a history of keeping these people and their representatives like Hamilton in line, even Washington himself had to be rebelled against.

These days... how is it that so many people of European descent will voluntarily go KILL/murder peasants for the sake of their "country" and nation, kith and kin. (This is apparently what they believe, as wide eyed teenagers.) But then they often won't even lift a cynical finger as their country dissolves around them due to the same financial and tribal forces that sent them to war based on lies?

Hey Wolf... Yip, Yip. Wolfgang Von Baumgart, Jew?

"National security."

Then these same people will turn around and lecture European Americans about Syrian refugees.

Madeleine Albright: ISIS Wants Us to Think Refugees Are ...
Nov 17, 2015 - Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright participates in a ... By making Syrian refugees the enemy, we are playing into their hands. (????)

Madeline Albright 'disturbed' over calls to block Syrian ...
Nov 18, 2015 - Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaks during a ... Madeline Albright 'disturbed' over calls to block Syrian refugees.

The Tribe at work destroying Syria as a country and trying to disperse Syria as a nation among the "dumb goy" while lecturing everyone about "national security."  There is no national security for ethnic groups being targeted with diversity by these people.

What a joke... it would all be more humorous if these Jewish nutters like Albright weren't getting millions of people killed while verging on inciting a world war again.

Monday, December 14, 2015

From paradise to nightmare: Sweden's collapse and the declining west [CC...

Also, Wolfgang Von Baumgart (???? quite a name)... you are still establishing political correctness, an ideology of hatred for our people and any that would dare speak up for their interests.

Shrug. Note his electronic footprint, boyz...

Ramble 12/14

Muslims are commanded to kill every last man, woman, and child on Earth who does not submit to Allah (“Islam” means submission) unless to temporarily allow infidels to exist in a state of slavery known as DHIMMITUDE.

These diplomatic/global empire building type guys like Carper don't have an answer. 

They're just like the European "mainstream" in general in this process:
Like most people, I am not a fan of extremism. But we live in an era when extreme things are happening all around us, so to act with conventional moderation is the equivalent of turning down the heating when the house is on fire.
    Centuries of history, including scores of major wars, dozens of invasions and revolutions, and tens of millions slaughtered in battle, have not sufficed to change the ethnic and cultural character or France. However, mass immigration and differential birth rates threaten to do what the likes of Attila the Hun, Moslem Crusaders, English longbowmen, French Revolutionaries, and German panzers failed to do: i.e. change France in its very essence.
I don't even really like the French.  Yet I still want them to continue to exist.  (Unlike some ethnic chameleons that are celebrating all this and pushing for it.  But I won't go into all that again.)

These mainstream guys like Carper can't even protect their own people and see to it that the continued existence of the descendants of the people that built and died for these countries is secured.

What is France without the French people?  

Oops, 12/14...

Because half (or more) of America doesn’t care. Give them their 10% of U.S. territory, their doomed system of phony money and largesse, watch it fail, establish control.

Other than our groups, I think the most likely scenarios are what we’ve already seen. More riots. More incitement. Asian immigrants and others actually seem more likely to stand up to the madness of Joe “I’m a Jewish nationalist.” Biden’s “unrelenting stream” of ethnic replacement than witless Americans of European descent that don’t even realize they have a tribal identity other than gay.

Most people of European descent aren’t going to fight it, let alone so much as identify source of it. Which is odd, given that they fight each other like “individual” cats and dogs all the time. Or they’re the “sleeping giant” that goes tribal whenever they’re told to. Then they get to be the “greatest generation” of the 1950s that defeated themselves and their own group interests for the sake of diversity. It always has to be “the other” with some people.

The other is the wolf that strayed from the pack that they dragged in and domesticated as a dog. Hey, the wolf just invited his whole pack/gang in and they’re eating your family and kin. “Me, ma moo!!!? Me still play pretend to be wolf now… noble savage, me Cecil the lion lives matter very noble too.” In other news:
(Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe:
A [“]Dutch[“] Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, … Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are “unclean” animals, and some …)


These provincial diversity nutters (That I still like because they're kin.)  never seem to know anything about… DIVERSITY and how different ethnic groups really are. Let’s put all the groups of the world in a big “melting pot” of Babel(gov) Inc. like some Jew said to… in a play and now endless TV shows and movies.

Great idea, folks/Volk.

I disagree. They control Hollywood, the print media, the ABCNNBCBS cabal and the music industry.

They don’t control the internet, where more people go to get their news. Except the witless.
They do control social/tribal networks of power most likely to be utterly hated. Congress. “Bankers.” “Mainstream media.”

Trump is the first signs of people being out of control and you can see them peeing their pants over (or painting pictures in menstrual blood over), day after day. Yet most European Americans seem to like him, no matter how many ethnic groups are incited. Perhaps he is the “furor” of the people that built the country growing angry. Why are they angry with the old political parties that were tasked with creating debt/money out of nothing to finance wars, money lent at interest by foreigners?

It’s probably mainly do to the fact that a tribal group of foreigners has used their power over money to subvert and diversify the representation of everyone else in the country. “Oligarchy.”

At this point, given the pathetic level of subversion of the nation the “populist”/”reactionary”/”racist”/”nativist”/”xenophobic”/”phobic” (only a Jewish psychiatrist could diagnose the very complex… complexes… of the goyim! Perhaps all “fascist”/masculine men that identify and resist Jewish power have short penises all the sudden? Who knows!) slogans could be:

“No more WARS for foreign countries without representation of our own interests as a group.” (Gee, the Founders rebelled over taxes! Lol.)
“No more bailing out the pyramid schemes of foreign ((((globalists))) without representation.”
“No more support for criminal countries without representation for us as a group.”
And perhaps most important of all:
“No more ethnic replacement and blending us out of existence by immigration without representation.”
Ironically the establishment of Jewish power is probably worse for the British and other Europeans than witless white people in America.

* If a man defends his own nation then he’s a “fascist”/terrorist/Nazi/racist. And the dumbocrazies are pretty quick on the hate speech over there. It’s too bad about the Front National in France. Note how easily they elected a Jewish nationalist like Sarkozy that wanted to blend and diversify them with Muslim ethnic groups, reliable votes against the French. That’s going well. Yet now they can’t even elect their own nationalists in their own so-called “dumbocracy”… which usually leads to the kosher top blowing off eventually. “Never again.” But the behavior of the Tribe is the same, much like other tribes have their own customs and traditions. So the same things usually happen. I’m assuming that if the Eskimos were going around the world taking over financial and political systems, then there would be a big problem with anti-Eskimo sentiment arising everywhere. They’d probably even have to have an Eskimo anti-defamation league.

Anyway, I don’t really know much about the Eskimos. They seem nice. But I still might not want a bunch of Eskimos running the place, especially if their interests didn’t align with those of my own group.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ramble 12/11

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the New York Times to use the term as quickly as it does for Donald Trump.

With respect to the NYT and "the media," these same tribal ethnic activists ("fascists") working all over the place have been supporting arming Syrian "rebels"/terrorists while they simultaneously work toward their goal of disarming European American men.

They're attacking our cops while seeking to disarm us.

Their overall plan of displacement and ethnic replacement, in their own words:
Support for, and opposition to, gun control is closely associated with several demographic characteristics, including race [??], level of education and whether one lives in a city. Nearly all are trending forcefully against the NRA.
   The core of the NRA’s support comes from white, rural and relatively less educated voters. [The ethnic target of these people, pay attention to who writes these articles in America.] This demographic is currently influential in politics but clearly on the wane. While the decline of white, rural, less educated Americans is generally well known, less often recognized is what this means for gun legislation.
...whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long.  Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws. 
While the African American population shows signs of slow growth, other racial minority groups are growing more rapidly — and report even greater support for gun control.

The fastest-growing minority group in America is Latinos. Between 2000 and 2010, the nation’s Latino population grew by 43 percent. Hispanics, which make up 17 percent of the population today, are expected to grow to 30 percent of the population in the coming decades.

Gun control is extremely popular among Hispanics, with 75 percent favoring gun safety over gun rights.
(The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable.
Just look at the demographics.
By Adam ((((((Winkler)))))) )
  They're all quite worried now:
( Paul Krugman: Fascists like Trump only possible because Republican leadership is “inbred and out of touch”
Trump is "saying bluntly the things establishment candidates try to convey in coded, deniable hints"
Scott Eric ((((Kaufman)))))

Because according to these people, representing the interests of Americans of European descent is shameful.  But representing Hispanics, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Chinese, black lives matter and everyone else in the world forming ethnic lobbies in America is good.

That's what all their media is about.  That's what their movies are usually about. 

But reality is different, so what are they trying to do for their own group?  And all the ethnic groups that are "allowed" to organize and seek representation, what are they doing?   I put allowed in quotes because more and more people of European descent are not waiting to see what the Jews/"the media" say is kosher or "allowed" anymore.  Because what it amounts to is that they have allowed (When they had power, in the past.) every single other ethnic group and subgroup and gay groups (something they push) to organize and lobby for their interests.  But they seek to prevent us from having representation as a group in our own countries.

Euphemisms for growing resistance to Adam ((((((Winkler))))))  and the NYT/Washpost/etc.:  "Make America Great Again."  "Take Back Our Country."  Etc.

The ethnic replacement, diversification and disarming of people of European descent is not inevitable, Winkler. 

Good job playing pretend with your friends in the mainstream media, though...  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rambling... 12/10

Less "multiculturalism" and it would be a none-issue. When we had a country full of people of Northern European descent there were shooting ranges at high schools. High school. Teenagers with guns. Yikes. I thought they were supposed to be in playpens?

No one else is going to speak up for us as an ethnic group but us.* (Until then, we are the implicit group being called racists based on imaginary nooses at the UofD. We are the cops that are supposedly just running around shooting black people for the fun of it. Implicitly that's your brother, as he is the ethnic target of the people responsible for imposing diversity on us and only us as a group.)

*Although there are actually some Chinese people and other ethnic groups that stand up for us more than we stand up for our witless selves. We are witless as an ethnic group because we don't seem to realize that we're the people that like things like hiking and all of the usual customs and traditions of the people of the North. Get out your violin, etc. We usually like hiking with dogs (the wolves that our ancestors tamed) as we prepare for the winters of the North and Christmas with our kith and kin. But Muslims from the South consider our dogs unclean and have different customs, so they're likely to join the multicultural "war on Christmas" created by a different foreign ethnic group. Etc.

People of the North don't see ourselves as a tribe (the forests of the North) because we're supposedly individuals (trees) interchangeable with everyone else in the world. But we're not interchangeable.

We are who we are, with our kith and kin... so we tend to be in tune with our ancestors and their works of art and customs and on and on. When Rowan goes to Amish country she probably feels at home with our heritage and history or more rooted in our country. When a Japanese person does that, they're a tourist. I'm rambling but that's the only way to get to the big picture. Otherwise people can't see the forest of their own existence as a group for all the individual trees that they want to focus on.

Our customs and traditions with respect to guns while we're targeted with diversity/diversification as a group are a side issue. Although I would note that when the high schoolers had guns in the past, they didn't just randomly start shooting each other. Perhaps everything is a lot less scary the more knowledge that one has about it. Otherwise it all looks very mysterious. (Is the idea of Mark with a gun scary? Well, actually it might be... but I'm still for it!)

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Diversity 12/3

 With the increasing levels of diversity in what's supposed to be our own government we need to have our own networks now.

Talk of secession in accordance with our ethno/tribal instincts may be wrong, heading for the hills again.  (Probably just watching a reality show about it, without actually doing it anyway.) 

This is our government, established for us by our ancestors.  These were our colleges, built for us by our European ancestors even if they have been pretty much totally and successfully subverted by a socially constructed Tribe that has repeatedly demonstrated their hatred toward us White guys/"goys."  (The minority Victim group above all others.  Crybullies.  Imagine the obnoxious chutzpah of being kicked out of country after country and then coming to a new country full of people of European descent and creating a subversive "long march through the institutions" that results in the same old Weimar type crap.  Miley Ray Cyrus is probably approaching peak Weimar or something again...  Seriously.) 

White people need to stop talking about secession and stop trying to head for the hills.   Enough of that.  That's a racial tendency.  It's not always the correct course of action.  It may or may not be the correct course.  But we as a group need more facts, logic and evidence than just:  "I'm descended from the White tribes of the North, so I feel like prepping and heading to the hills again.  This Ayn Rand/RosenShekel person told me that this is going Galt!  No, actually it's all about preparing for climate change like Jack Markell says."  Etc.

Going Galt from what?  Abstractions?  "Socialism"?  Probably just retreating from the diverse ethnic groups that you're expected as Bob the Builder: Episode You Didn't Build That or Joe the Plumber: Episode Implicitly White or Team America: Cuck Yeah! to provide a welfare/warfare state for. 

This Syrian refugee stuff is full circle now.  What remains of America as a European derived country is bombing a country on its warfare side and then being expected to accept the refugees of that nation on its welfare side.   They did such a great job screening the "Syrian rebels" that they armed that they'll probably do even better screening "Syrian refugees."  Then there's the second generation, that will still have the same ethnic identity rooted in Islam for a long time.

Work harder, Bob!    Joe, how much plumbing can you do?  You don't have schools to go to, too many ethnic gangs and Clock Boys to police there now?  Doesn't matter.  If only you were a certain tribe that actually matters in your "oppressive" system of the "racism," then you could build an entire ethnic state.   Etc.etc.       

  Solzhenitsyn pointed out that there was actually another problem in Russia that little Miss "Rand" didn't get into, lest all her books fail to be published... and zero movies later too.


Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Tired of the lies...

Look at it from a different perspective. A ( SINGLE ) fully trained U.S. soldier costs about $ 40,000 dollars PER YEAR . While these STUPID Arabs and Muslims( screaming something about Snack bars and 72 virgins) are willing to die for about $1,800 with NO MEDICAL BENFITS TOO !!! Now if your DESPERATE leader looking to prevent the collapse of your empire wouldn't you pay the little Al Qaida monkey willing to do your dirty work ???  · 2 mynym 1 second ago +ND7652 It's not even "our" dirty work. It's about the political leverage of pipelines running through Israel and "allies in the region." Because wherever they run, they can be turned on or off to manipulate the price of oil that controls economies and so on and on. Then there's Jewish nationalism and the fact that they have Tribalists Inc. all over the world that often favor Jewish nationalism/"racism"/Zionism. Saudis aside... if the destruction of Syria wasn't kosher, it would have never happened. All they have to do is higher privateer/mercenaries to shoot both sides, then watch the whole thing disintegrate. Then there's no way a pipeline can be built. And everyone's happy, except for the Syrian people that now hate each other's guts based on Arab tribalism mixed in with some dumb Islamic shit.

Obama Pays Al Qaeda $150 Per Month In Syria

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Anne Frankly, it was a Holohoax.

It takes on a new light when you think of Otto Frank writing the masturbation sections. A typically depraved, perverted Jew, pretending to be his daughter twiddling her bean so he can rake in the cash and advance his tribe's ethnic interests. Despite being sick, and thus unable to work, Anne and her sister died of typhus, and weren't gassed to death, despite the narrative. They died of typhus because Typhoons and P-47's were hammering the railways (and even old farmers and their horses, you can see it on the nose cams), hence stopped the Zyklon B disinfestation shipments, hence why you see bald, skinny inmates. They shaved their heads because lice spread in hair, they had barcode tattoos for processing for the long haul, they weren't gassed despite being unable to work because nobody was being gassed. Hence why the "showers," which were presumed to dispense hydrocyanic acid, later had the "roof holes" theory put in, with the holes hammered in as a "reconstruction" by the Soviet Lublin government, once it was proven that you couldn't heat up Zyklon B and run the gas through a shower head. Hence the disinfestation chambers having their walls loaded with Prussian Blue residue, while gas chambers where millions died had no more of a trace than the cafeteria or brothel.
The biggest hole they haven't even tried to cover up is the Diesel exhaust chamber at Treblinka, where German engineers inexplicably used a foreign tank engine (without replaceable parts), killing by the extremely impotent diesel gas (they assumed it was an instant killer because the black smoke looks scary, I'm not kidding). The Mauthausen bone cruncher, Belzec electric floors, and Sobibor rollercoaster (Jews were supposedly put in a huge mine cart, sent down a ramp, which slammed into a stop, and catapulted hundreds of Jews into an open fire), have quietly gone by the wayside, but the establishment still clings to the diesel engine nonsense. This shit was so hastily, so poorly, cobbled together, it's actually hilarious.

Ramble 12/1

One can point at the Tribe and who owns the media in Sweden. The usual.  But what are people doing?  I understand the programming of the primal brain through the TV that's being produced, directed and operated by what often amounts to an anti-White hate group. 

But still.  Even given that, you have no tribal reaction?  Indeed, it's virtuous to be raped: 
(Swedish Woman Raped by 'Refugee', Refuses to Report it Because She Feels Sorry For Him)


What is the new feminism?  Who created it?    

You're in the same sinking boat, men and women.  Check the numbers or all the people walking around in burkas in your neighborhoods.  Not where the people being paid $500,000 by the federal government as the head of "Christian" refugee resettlement organizations live.  Where you or a relative that's poor lives.  Or where many African Americans live.  

People that are White (the supposed majority) should resist their urge to head for the hills and plan for Winter in a small group...  I mean plan for the climate change and a Great Doom.  Wait a second, what are White people doing again?  Apparently, the usual.  Come on, you have a government created by your ancestors that was halfway decent and almost functional at times.  It doesn't have to be your enemy all the time. 

Let me put words in your implicitly White mouth for a second:  "But I fear that one tribe, I mean political party may achieve dominance!"   (Just a guess!)

Is that the fear?  Then observe that a Tribe/"faction" has already achieved dominance and is turning the "limited government" that your European ancestors established in accordance with their customs and traditions into your anti-White enemy, same as they do elsewhere in the world.  But that's the racism again, I'd imagine.

Face the truth and the reality of tribalism, love or hate it.  It's reality.  It explains our behavior when we seek to defeat the "racism" and virtue signal each other that we're not racist. 

After all, we wouldn't want the group/tribe to get too big while prepping for the Great Doom of Winter (talk about climate change!) or allow anyone in it that isn't of the highest integrity and principles.  Because back in the day if the group was too large or someone stole the food, then we'd all die. 

Give me my principles or give me death!

Problem, where does the survival of your family/tribe (or fake political party/tribe) enter into all this?   On the minor issue of survival as a political party and representing the interests of Americans of European descent as a group instead of trying to reach out to everyone else under the sun... as groups.  Trump is like the last hurrah:  "Someone almost stood up for our ethnic interests in our own country?  Is that even legal anymore??  That's the racism, isn't it?  I mean, I think it might be."