Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ramble 6/21

But I think the ethnic hatred and fear of the "mainstream" for white people goes too deep. Same old, "Nazi" was a slur originally coined by a Marxist Jew to associate the nationalists of the countryside that arose due to the collapse of the banks/currency and the degeneracy of gay rights/Berlin with racist rural bumpkins.

Now candidates for office like this stick with the idea of trying to diversify rural white people out of existence in order to defeat "racism." (But supports ethnic nationalism for himself, most likely.) "...Israel and foreign policy are close to Ossoff’s heart. Most of his political experience came as a congressional aide, where he was in charge of foreign policy issues in the office of Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson. As such, he worked on legislation improving military funding for Israel..."  Yep.

Surprise. Imagine supporting military funding for building a European ethnic state with "whites only s

Here's the thing about Trump being Hitler and Republicans being "Nazis"/rubes, the Germans weren't bumpkins like most Republicans are now.

Republicans now:
"Carpet bagger." "Globalist." "Seems like somethin' wrong with Democrats or somethin'... why they hate white people?" "Hollywood." "The media!!! Me use Drudge and Brietbart and vote alt-Zionist now..." Etc.

They still don't know what has been happening in their (former) country, left to them by white nationalists. In that sense, perhaps European Americans actually are rural "bumpkins"/"Nazis" worthy of that "globalist" slur.