Friday, October 29, 2004

The Butcher the Baker and some Candlestick makers too!

Well, the first time I wrote this parable someone said, "Why not a candlestick maker too? I could use some candles to be able to see what you're saying! Man, I just don't know how to fiddle with a riddle. For me mental retard..."

I say, okay. All is well, how swell. For you can meet at the well for a nice drink of water if you see the light.

So once upon a time there was a Butcher a Baker and two Candlestick makers too.

The Baker put some yeast in his bread and baked some nice cakes for all his friends. He loved his friends and his friends loved him. Those who knew this Baker could have their cake and then eat it too. For he would just bake another cake. Now that takes the cake!

But the Butcher did not have so many friends. He offered tasty meat but could not make enough of it. He did not want to be the Baker's friend because he was jealous. But he wanted the cake that the Baker's friends had. He envied, so he took a cake. Then, he did it again. So he thought, "That tasted mighty fine. I bet I could even get some friends this way too."

So then the Butcher began stealing some of the best of the Baker's cakes. Only the best, then he offered them to others. So some people became friends with the Butcher, although he had bloody hands and sometimes this got on the cakes too. It was pretty obvious what he did. Yet some people were like the Butcher and they began to like him.

But then the Baker began to lock his doors at night. His wife was a candlestick maker and her candles seemed to burn very bright. In fact, sometimes it seemed like they just kept burning through the whole night.

The Butcher was having a hard time stealing now. So he was running out of cakes. He was fearful that as the cake ran out he would be in the same situation as he had been with his tasty meat. He did not have enough and couldn't bake a cake. His wife was a candlestick maker too. Yet her candles did not burn right through the night, if at all. In fact, it seemed like she would rather not have them burn at all. For it just did not seem nice to her to allow something she made to burn. She did not make that many candles anyway. So their place was rather dark.

The Butcher was trying to keep his friends, yet he was running out of food. So slowly, while his friends ate some of the best cakes of all he began to stop up their ears. Then, he began to blind them too. He had this way about him, since he was used to dealing with pigs. He had some pigpens in the back. But he was running out of food and could not keep up. So he had to make his friends more and more deaf and blind. They seemed more like slaves now. Yet the Butcher was running out of food and he continued this way. Then the Butcher began to eat his friends little by little.

For you see, the Butcher and his wife were hungry too!

The Baker and his wife knew of the Butcher and remained at their well lit house with their friends and their food. They were preparing for a wedding feast with their friends. There was a nice big garden in their backyard that their gardeners had prepared for a wedding.

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