Saturday, October 16, 2004

It must be made to be so sensitive...war.

Once upon a time there were four soldiers in battle. They were all friends yet went their separate ways to do what needed to be done.

So two over there and two over here.

The first two, they went into battle. They shot some guys in the head and kept right on fighting. They ran into battle and did not look back. They killed the enemy and were done with it. They even gave each other some high fives and celebrated about it. They thought the enemy was evil and that's that. Well, the enemy was evil and so that was that. They celebrated victories. They came home as heroes and were celebrated there too. Since they fought evil, that is what they were. Heroes, it is as a lost word. Yet that is who they are. For even if they had died no greater love than this has any man than that he lay down his life fighting the vile evil. So they came home heros and were happy about what they did. They came back home to their wives and sensed the beauty of them. Then, things got a little racy....

The other two were a little different. First, they had to fight a sensitive war. They were supposed to sense the war and the evil of it, see. So, they were very sensitive about it. Everytime they killed someone they sat down and sensed the dead guy. They tried to see things from his side. They asked him how he felt about things before he died. They looked carefully and cried a lot about it. They thought about how good, so very good the enemy was. They cried about it some more. One of their friends got blown up, so they sat down and cried. Then, they had a little group therapy session about how bad everything was and how bad they were too. They looked at the gore of things and sensed it, so sensitively. They were very sensitive.

For the enemy was so very good, could their country call upon them to kill like this? So they cried a lot more about it. Then images came into their minds about how bad they were. The message of the pattern images was that they were not the good guys. They became sensitive to this....more sensitive to the images. So they became vain in their imaginations and cried some more.

For who was good and who was evil? They were not the heroes here. For, the intolerance of it! So slowly, slowly the pattern of images in their minds grew stronger. They just kept feeeling the evil of it and thought, "Maybe I am evil." They just kept having these images in their minds of the horrors of it all. They were not the good, maybe they were actually the evil in their minds instead.

Slowly, they were driven insane by it all. So then they wound up in a mental hospital. They had a lot of problems. Oh, they had so many, many problems. They were layed low by it all.

Then, one day a man named John Kerry came to visit them at the hospital. He said, "Do not worry for I will care for your health, free healthcare for all!" He also said, "I am glad you fought my sensitive war. For this is just what I am used to too and so this is what I would have for America." Yet these two men looked at him and drooled. For they were quite insane now and layed low by evil. For Evil builds upon evil....for all you have to fear is Fear. Yet Kerry inverted something and then, he will care, he will care....for he is sensitive. Can you not see how sensitive, so very sensitive he is?

The other two men tried and strove to warn people and to prevent people from voting for Kerry because they knew the same Evil he knows. They do know it. They know it just a little differently as they fought it and he ingested it in. For it is as if you eat the forbidden fruit and ingest Sin, right on in, in.

So they knew and would not forget that they were actually the Americans and so the good guys. I know, the American arrogance of it all! For it is just so...insensitive to actually be a man and try to fight evil. So instead, American men should be more like French-effeminates.

(Just ask this lil' fellow named Collin who always wants to see from the other side. He is so sensitive! Perhaps he'll even do a lil' therapizin' just to help you see things from Evil's side too. I wonder, why does he seem to see from the side of Evil so well? I have a lil' theory of my own on that. It is not therapizin' and yet still true knowledge of good and evil....)

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