Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Peter and Paul....

Peter and Paul probably did not quite agree, you see. I am going by osmosis here so every jot and tittle may not be in place.

Once upon a time Peter and Paul had a conversation about some verses of the Universe. Neither was subversive about the verses and yet there are different patterns in the Uni-verse. For all good patterns and verses are to be found in the Uni-Verse and only the subversives say that this diversity is like their own deviance. So on with the story about some good diversity of the verses of the Uni-Verse. For the controversity of it! Now that is fun. What some do not seem to understand is that Paul would win. How appaling of Paul to win all the time! I like the lil' ones who think they know enough to speak about clanging cymbals and resounding gongs.

Have they fathomed the mysteries enough to make such a claim? Perhaps with the symbols I can play a lil' tune for you that is just in tune! For some of these lil' fellas are quite the loony tunes. Then they will do a lil' dance just for me as I play the symbols for them. Then it is time for the song of the gong, like thunder....and the lil' fellas start feeling, "I want my mommy!" Then, they run right into her! Will they be born again?

Maybe if you just set down without fathoming any mysteries and begin playing the cymbals and call that love it is not. Perhaps instead the clanging of it just hurts the ears that hear and you have not Truth nor Love.

So one day Paul meets and greets Peter and Peter saith unto him, "Hi." Paul replied, "Hello, so you are Peter. I hear you tried to walk on water. You know, rocks do not float so well!"

"Ha, ha...yeah, yeah..."

Paul says, "I give you credit because you probably have this thing about the water. Yet I sail to and fro' upon the water. Yes, hither and yon and here and there. Look out Peter for the waters will smother you! Keep your eyes on the One, for that Rock can float with no boat!"

"Are you done? I was a fisherman, you know."

Paul replies, "Well, there is something just a bit fishy about casting your net on the wrong side. You have to be a fisher of men! You have to cast it on the right side, see. Then it is all as fine as water into wine! I wonder how scared you'd have been when the Red waters parted. Waters all around, watch out now Peter for they may come down and smother you!

Then, the rock gets struck and waters come out of it. Strike the rock with the staff that was as a serpent. Then, take a lil' drink!"

Peter replies, "Yes...does that strike you as funny? Do I strike you as funny, shall I strike you funny?"

"Oh question for you. Where did the rock that was struck get struck?"

Peter replied, "That's easy enough, on the side."

"So, can I strike you on the side. For I'm a bit thirsty!"


"Anyway, about this circumcision thing. You're going to have to cut that out."

Peter replies, "I did cut it out."

"No, I mean cut out cutting things out so much. Now is the age of all nations and the regeneration of branches once cut off. All nations and all races are to run the race. Now having all races run a race together might really get racey! Anyhow, it is not as necessary either as a symbol nor because of the Dis-ease that slithers about in symbols."

"Okay. Now come sit down and eat for all knowledge is not necessarily useful. Anyone ever tell you that you think too much?"

Paul replies, "One second, I need to write that down and take a look at the spirit of it. It sounds...just so."

Peter says, "Eat. Now."

"Oh, alright....for now everything is all right!"

(Peter would not be such an easy convert....I think! He'd get all angry, perhaps. So best be more careful about it. You know, tricky! For some tricks are a treat.

Note the facts, disease still clings some to this ancient symbol of circumcision and socialists/subpagans still attack it and want to make it illegal for Jews. Yes, Happenstance is a little tiresome about these things. That's because he is a retard. He might be a ravenously hungry retard who can control you with fear, pain and the blurred/deception. No conception, just deception....well, it works on most gardeners I suppose. They will literally eat up the next generation this way. You got drunk and destroyed your liver? Well, here is the conception of the next generation for you. Stem cells....John Kerry will care for your health. Free caring for your health for all! After giving you the next generation to cannibalize he will even change your diaper too.

Anyhow, where the virus HIV is strong in Africa they have figured out that circumcision prevents the virus and then they start making a mess of things because they do not have the ancient expertise of a Jewish Mohel. It would be simpler to just stop having sex in the wrong forms and patterns. Yet gardeners often simply refuse to do this. They would rather die, it seems. Then, more Happenstance....because the mess can get very messy very fast. So if you say, "Hey, I'm circumcised and I wonder why?" First, normal people of the world do not wonder about these ancient signs. Second, if you are not normal as I am and actually concern yourself with such signs then you will find that there are good reasons why. Symbolically you do not have to be. Yet, the Disease seems to tend to cling to ancient things, regardless, it probably has to do with being a retard.)

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