Sunday, October 17, 2004

Pollsters and the is quite a combo.

A pollster says, "72% of Iraqis want the U.S. to withdraw from their country and 96%" feeeeel they were safer with Saddam.

As to the 30% of Iraqi freedom fighters, etc...the moment when they will actually be seen and heard by leftists is when they are being massacred. That is, if they are hanging on the bottoms of American choppers desperately. For then it is, "Oh no, look how bad, so very bad...America is!" This is the message they want to give.

So you go into where terrrorists are and take a lil' poll to see how successful terrorists have been in shaping opinion through terrorism. Then the pollster says, "Yes, it is horrid, horrid!"

Then, the leftist press says, "Look at the terror of it all! Can you not see how bad, so very bad the Big Meanie America is?" It is not as if the Press haa an anti-American interest in proving how "objective" they are by taking the other side. It is not as if they have an anti-American interest in more terrorism to do some reporting upon.

Or is it one of those things of truth that the "objective" Press does not care about? So then, if it bleeds it leads as usually with this Press, that de-presses. So who will cause the most blood for these blood thirsty press hounds? Terrrorists or Americans? Ah, yet they are the objective little blood hounds and they prove this by giving lies equal weight with the truth. For the liars are objective!

I will have to write some more satire, just for the Press.


Anonymous said...

Why should you care if the press is anti-American? You've already written America off as a bunch of mental retards. . . right?

mynym said...

I am not the One to write anyone off.

I am the one to satirize them. You can try it too. Yet if you make a mistake here then your words will taste very bitter. Yet, I like that. It is either hot or cold.

It may be that the One was being sardonic too.

So you ask what the greatest command of the Law and Code that you hate so much is? You want just one to keep, as if you can?

Very well, narcissists....if you loved your Maker and your naying neighbors in a similar way to how you just loooove and love your own Selves so very much then that will be as a summation and foundation of the Law and the Prophets for you.

For I know that most of you will not try to understand anything much more complex of I, the Code.