Monday, October 18, 2004

If Eve walked with the living Logos...

A tale of a serpent that is intent on eating its own tail and a parable, a story of Eve walking with the Logos. The Serpent slithers up and the spiritual being in it thinking along a pattern of principles that look something like this:

"I wants thisss Garden! Even God spoke out the One who walks in words in saying, 'It is good.' Yes it IS good and I wantss it! I WANT the sense of the sensuous that the One who walks in words has!"

There is the logical Eve, just minding her own business. So the Serpent said, "Did God really say?"

Eve says, "What are you really saying?"

"Huh? But I, eh, uh, eh...I really want to ssay sssomething here."

Eve says, "Why?"

"Listen woman! Are you going to listen to what I have to say or not?"

"Well, for the sake of argument what are you really saying?"

The Serpent replies, "Wait a minute, huh? I'm really saying what did God really say? That's what I really wanted to say today, okay?"

Eve replies, "But I know what God really said already."


"But I...what? Oh, ssso you do, do you? How arrogant and prideful! You just think you do!"

Eve replies, "Of course I think I do. That's becauseI do. It's really quite simple."

"No it isn't! Now lisssten to what I have to say lest I bite you!"

Eve replies, "Just for the sake of argument..."

"Well then, what I really, really, wanted to say is that God only spoke out the Word to control you! For you see, He is just jealous and fearful. He secretly really fears me!"

Eve replies, "Me or you?"

"Never mind. Will you just look at this fruit, now doesn't that make you feeeeel really good? "

Eve said, "Yes it really does. That does not matter to me for God spoke the Word that it is forbidden. So that is what it is. For the Word is who He is and He means what He says."

"I, uh, eh....what? Woman!"

And then the serpent tries to bite at her heel.

She simply steps on its head, crushing it. She sees that the fruit looks all rotten, how could she have not seen it. So then she goes to Adam and says, "You'll never believe what happened by that odd Tree today!"

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