Thursday, April 26, 2007

That's cool.

Apparently my blog has kept getting hits without me thanks to Google and the like, mainly people using GIS to search for windsurfing pictures. Plus it's spring and I like thinking about it, so here's a repost of some of the first pictures that I posted here.

Here's a video, it's DIVX.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Jeep

Apparently I'm not going to update the way I should, although I have a couple of stories in mind. So instead here's a picture of a Jeep I just bought and a picture of my new mountain bike.

Monday, April 02, 2007

An Easter Egg Hunt

(I'm combining and revising two old short stories with a similar mix of metaphors for this post.)

A story, about some lil' eggs and some lil' guys trying to seek and find them. They both really want to greet and meet because they have some lil' genetic messages to deliver.

Some eggs just sit there. They do not try to deliver their message. For they are just an egg that is destined to be passive. After all, how can they deliver the message? So these prissy and prudish little eggs die in their predestined passivity.

Other eggs, they want to deliver their message very much. It's fun to deliver their message and it gives them a good feeling. So they wish some lil' guy would come along and deliver his message to them too. In fact, all they ever do is talk with other eggs about delivering their message or if he will deliver his lil' message. They chatter, oh how they chatter! They put the chit in "chit chat" with a little talk here and a lil' talk there. There is always some talk....will the genetic code be delivered? When will it be delivered? Is the delivery sperm here? Is there a male man with a message for her?

This type of egg gets a lil' frustrated with it all! So they do what the passive eggs don't do. They send out their tender little tendrils and signs to show the way. Then, perhaps the lil' guys will seek and find? No? If things don't match the will of these eggs then their tender lil' tendrils become a little stronger and the perfume that the little guys just can't seem to follow becomes stronger too. Then, a little stronger.... In the end, it seems that the tender lil' tendrils are not so tender at all. Their perfume turns to a smothering poison and their tendrils have a strangle hold on the little guys who are trying to seek and find! So then this sinister type of egg who puts out so much suffocating perfume dies when she smothers herself in her own emotional will. She did not deliver her message either.

Now, some lil' eggs have knowledge and Wisdom about things. They just know. So they do what eggs do. They send out their little tendrils and signs to show the way to them. They use their perfume just so, with nothing too much and nothing found wanting. Somehow, they just know how destiny will go. They aren't too passive or too active and their lil' tendrils are so tender. Yet somehow they know when a bad guy comes along and their lil' tendrils which were so soft get very strong! The evil lil' guy is no match and her signs lead him around in little circles until he dies. For the Wisdom of the true egg is quite wise and so they are wise to the ways of some guys.

Eventually her tender lil' tendrils and signs attract the lil' guy who is seeking and trying to be finding. He finds what he seeks and they speak the truth in love to each other. She tells him her messsage and thanks him for his designs, as he has some designs that complement her plan.

So they both run the race layed out for them....and it is just a little bit of a racy race because in the human race the Truth and Love combine so that new Life comes alive!

The other side of the tale is a story of many tails which goes something like this:

Once upon a time a group of lil' guys found themselves in a whole new world that was alien to them. They all had a lil' message to deliver that was in it but not of it. They were all little messengers, although most wouldn't realize it. To begin with, some of the little fellas died immediately on impact with the face of the waters. Others lived on to swim in a race, they were really happy! But some of them didn't know which way was which or how their tale would go, so some just swam in circles chasing their own little tails. They did not get far. They did not deliver the genetic code. They became unhappy. Then they died.

Others formed groups and all swam along together for a while and so their tale seemed to be going quite swimmingly for them! Yet they were all swimming the wrong way all along. So they died and did not deliver the message either.

Now some left all the others behind and swam stronger and farther than them. For they were stronger. Also, they seemd to be following a really strong swimmer, knowing their purpose. So they tried to deliver the message and got pretty far by following. Yet, these lil' sperm died too. There was only one who was stronger than all. He was a very potent sperm. He seemed an omni-potent sperm! He came into the strange world and led other lil' guys along while swimming very strong and things did go along quite swimmingly. It seemed only he knew the way and was strong enough to make a way for their sacrifice to succeed. He got all the way down in the world and delivered his message into the egg.

Then he died. But his message combined with the message of the egg in a complementary way so that new Life came alive!