Friday, October 29, 2004

Stem cells will stem the tide, they will tidy the place up.

Once upon a time there were some little creatures. They had some little messages all inside them. Yet, they were dying and falling apart. Now, sometimes their bodies put themselves all back together. They were interesting creatures like that. There was something animating them that would just put them back together according to the information inside them. It would break....then mend itself.

There were scars though. For these were a record of wrongs. The bodies of these messengers were actually always designed to heal with no such record of wrong.

But something had happened.....and because something had happened a long time ago the body would not heal sometimes.

Yet one day the creatures figured out that they could use their own next generation to regenerate their own bodies. So after some time fighting about this type of use of the next generation, that is what they did. It seemed fine and dandy. For who could be against regeneration?

Yet they had forgotton something. For there was still something there knitting them back together, this was a maker who had knit their being together in the first place. She was very kind. In fact, she was one of those feminine beings who would give up her own son to be a soldier so that you might live. She let go of him, you see. But this was a line for her that would not be crossed. No...she would not knit together more and more, just so that her work could be stolen this way. So she sent a message about hiding her face away.

Later, she sent her son who was a soldier. For he was a very strong being and had won many battles. She had done her job by lifting the creatures up to heights they had never been to before but was tired of tidying up their place. For they had become rebellious, ungrateful creatures. They made a lot of excrement, some diapers would not be changed.

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