Sunday, October 31, 2004

Some Bible thumping, thump...thump...


Hopefully that will make some silly little guys run around in a fright.

"The Holy Bible is not only great but highly explosive literature."

THUMP! It is frightening, is it not, little ones?

"It works in strange ways and no living man can tell or know how that book in its journeyings through the world has started an individual soul 10,000 different places into a new life, a new belief, a new conception and a new faith."
(Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947), the British Prime
Minister during the periods 1923-24, 1924-29 and 1935-37
(America's God and Country. (2000) William J. Federer)

Fisher Ames (1758-1808), was a Congressman from Massachusetts in the First Session of the Congress of the United States when the Bill of Rights was formulated. It was Fisher Ames who,
on August 20,1789, suggested the wording of the First Amendment, which was adopted by the House:

"Congress shall make no law establishing religion, or to prevent the tree exercise thereof, or to infringe the rights of conscience."

Fisher Ames shared his beliefs concerning education:

"Should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a schoolbook? Its morals are pure, its examples are captivating and noble.... The reverence for the sacred book that is thus early impressed lasts long; and, probably, if not impressed in infancy, never takes firm hold of the mind....
In no Book is there so good English, so pure and so elegant, and by teaching all the same they will speak alike, and the Bible will justly remain the standard of language as well as of faith."

In his Two Treatises of Government, 1690, [Locke] cited 80 references to the Bible in the first treatise and 22 references to the Bible in the second."
(Ib. :397)

"The Bible is one of the greatest blessings bestowed by God on the children of men. It has God for its author; salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture of its matter. It is all pure, all sincere; nothin too much; nothing wanting." --John Locke (Ib. :399)

"The Bible is worth all other books which have ever been printed."
--Patrick Henry (Ib. : 289)

James McHenry (1753-1816), one of the signers of the Constitution, a member of the Continental Congress, a state legislator, a soldier and the U.S. Secretary of War who established West Point, Fort McHenry was named after him. In 1813, he became the president of the first Bible society in Baltimore.

"Neither, in considering this subject, let it be overlooked, that public utility pleads most forcibly for the general distribution of the Holy Scriptures. The doctrine they preach, the obligations they impose, the punishment they threaten, the rewards they promise, the stamp and image of
divinity they bear, which produces a conviction of their truths, can alone secure to society, order and peace, and to our courts of justice and constitutions of government, purity, stability and usefulness.
In vain, without the Bible, we increase penal laws and draw intrenchments around our institutions. Bibles are strong intrenchments. Where they abound, men cannot pursue wicked courses, and at the same time enjoy quiet conscience."
(Ib. :443)

Gouverneur Morris (1752-1816), writer of the final draft of the Constitution of the United States, and head of the Committee on Style, was the originator of the phrase "We the people of the United States." He was 35 years old when he served as one of the members of the Continental Congress, and he spoke 173 times during the Constitutional debates (more than any other delegate).

He was the first U.S. Minister to France, a U.S. Senator and helped to write the New York Constitution. A graduate of King's College (Columbia University), he was a merchant, lawyer, planter, financier and pioneer promoter of the Erie Canal. When France was in the process
of establishing a new form of government, Gouverneur Morris offered to them his expertise in government formation by writing Observation on Government, Applicable to the Political State of France and Notes on the Form of a Constitution for France:

"Religion is the only solid basis of good morals; therefore education should teach the precepts of religion, and the duties of man toward God."
(Ib. :455)

"It is hard to make a choice of the most beautiful passage in a book which is so gemmed with beautiful passages as the Bible.... Who taught these ancient writers the simplicity of language, their felicity of expression, their pathos, and, above all, their faculty of sinking themselves entirely out of sight of the reader and making the narrative stand out alone and seem to tell itself? Shakespeare is always present when one reads his book; Macaulay is present when we follow the march of his stately sentences; but the Old Testament writers are hidden from view."
--Mark Twain (Ib. :593)

"America was founded by people who believed that God was their rock of safety. I recognize we must be cautious in claiming that God is on our side, but I think it's all right to keep asking
if we're on His side." January 25,1984, President Ronald Reagan

Political philosophers and their malcontents...

Believe it or not they are trying to help you.

Some knew who the malcontents of the American Republic would tend to be.

"To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy."
(Letter from Thomas Jefferson to William Charles Jarvis (Sept. 28,
1820) in 15 The Writings of Thomas Jefferson 276, 277
(Andrew A. Lipscomb & Albert Ellery Bergh eds., 1904).)

Yet later the oligarchy responds while crafting one of its various diktats:

"Like the character of an individual, the legitimacy of the Court must be earned over time. So, indeed, must be the character of a Nation of people who aspire to live according to the rule of law. Their belief in themselves as such a people is not readily separable from their understanding of the Court INVESTED WITH THE AUTHORITY TO DECIDE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL CASES AND SPEAK BEFORE ALL OTHERS FOR THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL IDEALS."
112 S. Ct. 2816 (1992) (emphasis added)
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey

They will make all your discriminations for you. They will tell you what your ideals are. It is not as if the political philosohers wrote ideals down in text. No, instead the deconstructionist/fascist will tell you what your ideals are.

Political philosophers reply:
"[I]f the policy of the government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court . . . the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having to that extent practically resigned their Government into the hands
of that eminent tribunal."
Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address (Mar. 4, 1861),
1789 TO GEORGE BUSH 1989, S. DOC. No.
10, 101st Cong., 1st Sess. 133, 139 (1989)

"I had rather ask an enlargement of power from the nation, where it is found necessary, than to assume it by a construction which would make our powers boundless. Our peculiar security is in possession of a written Constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction . . . . I confess, then, I think it important, in the present case, . . . to set an example against broad construction by appealing for new power to the people."
(Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Cary Nicholas
(Sept. 7, 1803), in 8 THE WRITINGS OF THOMAS
JEFFERSON 247-28 (Paul L. Ford ed., 1897).

Trace back what limits judicial subpagans and the new pseudo-scientists. This is what they will then want to use whatever power they have to attack. The "experts" who make their alliance with the judges have more power than you may think. Their power and their alliance with the State for money increases apace.

It is the Author of the text who writes upon Nature that makes Right unalienable. That is what limits them. That is what sets them off into fearmongering. It is because it means that mere humans cannot change some things. Instead, they must conform to a pattern of self evident truths evident in the Self, a Right that is alien to them. Yes, when something is written by a trans-physical Alien that means that mere humans cannot just change things on a whim. They have tried for centuries to do so but there is always some new disease striking them down as they do. Yet now when humans speak of their "rights" they mean whatever they feel is right, right at that moment. Their "rights" are their very own whims, caught in time.

The Creator makes the Right unalienable, for all times:
"God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever."
Thomas Jefferson,
In his Notes on the State of Virginia

"The belief in God all powerful wise and good, is so essential to the moral order of the world and to the happiness of man, that arguments which enforce it cannot be drawn from too many sources nor adapted with too much solicitude to the different characters and capacities to be impressed with it." --James Madison

"Republican government presupposes the existence of [virtue] in a higher degree than any other form. Were [people as depraved as some opponents of the Constitution say they
are,] the inference would be that there is not sufficient virtue among men for self-government; and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another."
(Clinton Rossiter and Charles Kesler
eds., Mentor 1999).

The political philosophers view of subversion, perversion of Natural Law:

"Have you ever found in history, one single example of a Nation thoroughly corrupted that was afterwards restored to virtue? ....And without virtue, there can be no political liberty....

Will you tell me how to prevent luxury from producing effeminacy, intoxication, extravagance, vice and folly? .....I believe no effort in favor of virtue is lost."
--John Adams

"A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader..... If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security." --Samuel Adams

Virtue, and where the Conscience of any nation ultimately is, its religion. Its thought. Its pattern of beliefs.
"Within a year of his inauguration, Jefferson began attending church services in the House of Representatives [note: he started attending 2 days after writing the famous 'Danbury Letter
which contains the phrase concerning separation of Church and State']. Madison followed Jefferson's example...."

"The foundations of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government be exemplified by all the attributes which can win the affections of its citizens, and command the respect of the world." --George Washington

Republicanism and faith:
"Familiarity with that great story of redemption, when God raised up the slave-born Moses to deliver His chosen people from bondage, and with that sublimer story where our Saviour died a cruel death that all men, without distinction of race, might be saved, makes slavery impossible.
Because Christians are in the minority there is no reason for renouncing Christianity, or for surrendering to the false religions...."
--Charles Sumner, staunch abolitionist
and one of the founders of the Republican Party

In contrast, John Kerry believes that faith is irrelevant.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Running the Race....

Don't worry....I'm running just a lil' slower now, so some geezers can catch up!

So there was a race track, once up on some time.

The owner of this race track also created it. He had some other race tracks too. He had some friends. They were all going to run a race on his race track.

So they got in shape, a new formation. They did this by some strange mind powers of reforming themselves. This re-forming of theirselves was all very strange, spooky! So once they were all reformed and in shape he informed them about his race. He told them how to run it and so on.

Some of the runners of the race did not want to reform themselves to a new form to run. So these fat ones couldn't run very far. Nope. So they actually just ran for a bit and then weezed on back to the starting line. For it was all the same to them. What was the use of it. After all, the starting line was the finish line too! So they sat down there....and had another twinkie.

They resented the guys who kept on running because they thought it made them look bad. But really, their own excess adipose tissue made them look bad.

Again, there were others who did not want to re-form too. This was for another reason. These were the wimpy guys. They thought, "How can I, a wimpy guy, run fast?" They could run a lil' better than the fat guys but they just jogged in circles. This way they could all have a lil' talky talk as they jogged! For the nicety of that. So they chatted about things and how nice the weather was. For the looove of it all!

They too resented the guys who kept running. But really, their own jogging made them look bad. They figured that they would just jog back to the starting line, since it was the finish line. They agreed with the fat guys about things. It looked predestined that all would be there, after all. So that was their destiny. That was easy.

The other guys did not worry so much about destiny and ran the race layed out for them by the race track owner. They did not sit down and talk about destiny that much. They were more about how to run. They did shout a bit to each other about some things and their destiny was one of those things too.

Among these guys some ran the race better than others did. The odd thing was that no one actually made it to the finish line and they were spread all around the track when the track owner said the race was over. There were actually wimpy guys and some pretty fat guys who were still trying to run too. Now the race was over, though and they thought, "Oh, no! I have not got as far as the other guys ahead of me. This is bad."

All those who had just sat down and were close to the starting line thought, "Yes! So I did make the right decision."

The odd thing was that the race track owner went around and picked up those who had tried to run and gave them a ride around the track in his go-cart. There were many different types of guys. Some had actually run pretty far, yet as he went around the track he picked up the last runners first. The breeze cooled them off and it was a nice ride too. He kept driving.

So finally they came back to the beginning of the track and he said to those celebrating at the finish line, "I have another track farther inside. Go in that door over there. There is another sort of track owner too. Later now..." So all those guys went further inside.

Then the owner drove his go-cart with all the guys who had tried to run his race track....outside. It was a bright day outside and he owned a lot of things outside that he wanted to show them.

Information, formation and deformation....

Information is first, you see. The symbols and signs are a wonder and yet so many will begin to bow down before Wonders of the world rather than worshipping the Beautiful Mind.

"93. Everything is information
For many scientists, the codes and blueprints latent in the workings of the world are best described as information. All the information on a particle, for instance, is represented by the wavefunction that describes its behavior. The quantum physicist John Archibald Wheeler has said that his lifetime in physics was divided into three periods: “everything is particles;” “every thing is fields;” and, now, “everything is information.” Gerald Schroeder observes that Wheeler “sees the world as the ‘it’ (the tangible item) that came from a ‘bit’ (eight of which comprise a byte of information) .“ Information precedes its manifestation in matter."
(The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Scienceto the Mind of God
by Roy Abraham Varghese :422)

So you have two options. Admit to the In-formation of your very own being. Your own Conscience, consciousness and so on. Or say that all is just matter in motion.

For no man can serve two masters....

Here is what happens if you say that all is just matter in motion, your own de-formation. For you already lack Sense and this way you are sure to lack more and more until you manifest death. You are already dead in the head.

Here is what happens if you admit to the self-evident truths evident in the Self, your re-formation. This is the Reformation. It is like Martin Luther beginning the Reformation of his church just by posting something on their bulletin board. Yet, he did not stop there. Of course he kept writing and writing. You will be very alive in the head. There is nothing else like it, as far as I can tell. You can have less, far less than others and still sense it all very well. It is well with your soul. For what would it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own mind?

You see that the tyrant always needs more, more. This is the insanity and not Sense, non-sense. He comes to know deformation and not reformation.

It all figures. So what about your figure? Some gardener's figures do look fine! Yet they just have to ask, "How's my figure?" Can you figure out why?

Friday, October 29, 2004

Two men, praying....

So two men were praying. One opened his eyes and noticed that the other just sat there staring though.

So he said, "Why don't you kneel down as I do, bow your head and close your eyes. This form will help you concentrate. You know, some forms will help you be able to pray."

The other replied, "Oh, I am kneeling down and closing my eyes. It's all in my mind. For the spirituality of me!"

So the first said, "Yeah, well in my mind I'm kicking your butt right now. Then, I'm twirling you above my head and throwing you in the air like a child. Isn't that mighty fine?"

To which the other said, "What?! Well in my mind I'm crying because that hurts me."

"Well, in my mind I'm calling you a crybaby now." the first man replied.

So the other said, "Oh...alright, sheesh...I wasn't really being spiritual anyway. Look, there's a fly on the wall over there that I was staring at. It looks interesting."

The first said, "Yeah, it sort of does. I wonder how it works."

So they both pondered the fly together and thought about how the Maker made it.

The Butcher the Baker and some Candlestick makers too!

Well, the first time I wrote this parable someone said, "Why not a candlestick maker too? I could use some candles to be able to see what you're saying! Man, I just don't know how to fiddle with a riddle. For me mental retard..."

I say, okay. All is well, how swell. For you can meet at the well for a nice drink of water if you see the light.

So once upon a time there was a Butcher a Baker and two Candlestick makers too.

The Baker put some yeast in his bread and baked some nice cakes for all his friends. He loved his friends and his friends loved him. Those who knew this Baker could have their cake and then eat it too. For he would just bake another cake. Now that takes the cake!

But the Butcher did not have so many friends. He offered tasty meat but could not make enough of it. He did not want to be the Baker's friend because he was jealous. But he wanted the cake that the Baker's friends had. He envied, so he took a cake. Then, he did it again. So he thought, "That tasted mighty fine. I bet I could even get some friends this way too."

So then the Butcher began stealing some of the best of the Baker's cakes. Only the best, then he offered them to others. So some people became friends with the Butcher, although he had bloody hands and sometimes this got on the cakes too. It was pretty obvious what he did. Yet some people were like the Butcher and they began to like him.

But then the Baker began to lock his doors at night. His wife was a candlestick maker and her candles seemed to burn very bright. In fact, sometimes it seemed like they just kept burning through the whole night.

The Butcher was having a hard time stealing now. So he was running out of cakes. He was fearful that as the cake ran out he would be in the same situation as he had been with his tasty meat. He did not have enough and couldn't bake a cake. His wife was a candlestick maker too. Yet her candles did not burn right through the night, if at all. In fact, it seemed like she would rather not have them burn at all. For it just did not seem nice to her to allow something she made to burn. She did not make that many candles anyway. So their place was rather dark.

The Butcher was trying to keep his friends, yet he was running out of food. So slowly, while his friends ate some of the best cakes of all he began to stop up their ears. Then, he began to blind them too. He had this way about him, since he was used to dealing with pigs. He had some pigpens in the back. But he was running out of food and could not keep up. So he had to make his friends more and more deaf and blind. They seemed more like slaves now. Yet the Butcher was running out of food and he continued this way. Then the Butcher began to eat his friends little by little.

For you see, the Butcher and his wife were hungry too!

The Baker and his wife knew of the Butcher and remained at their well lit house with their friends and their food. They were preparing for a wedding feast with their friends. There was a nice big garden in their backyard that their gardeners had prepared for a wedding.

Putting a parable on the front page....

Now, you think this is satire. Yet there is a national organization for the acceptance of fat people. I wonder if they would try to police what I say?

The American is becoming little more than material for satire.

So a parable, about some people who wanted some twinkies.

Once upon a time there were some people and they wanted some twinkies. But the problem was that a lot of people seemed to think that eating twinkies was not good. In fact, it seemed a universal fact. So this type of prejudice had to be overcome. Yet even those who wanted to eat twinkies found it all insulting. So sometimes they would say to others, "You secretly want to eat a twinkie, just like me!"

Yes, it was an odd sort of insult. No one ever claimed that twinkie people were rational though. It is odd to say that someone else has the desires that you do as your big insult. Yet those who wanted twinkies did not stop there. Instead, they got together and said, "We are all oriented to eat twinkies!" So then, they became the twinkie community. For the intolerance of it all! This would be their big battle against twinkie prejudice.

So for the most part this community talked about how good, so very good it was to eat twinkies. Sometimes, people wondered if the problem was that they never had some home-cooked cake.

But at any rate, they sure talked about how great eating twinkies was. So the twinkie community began to eat a lot of twinkies together, more and more. So they started getting sick from it. Then the twinkie community used their sickness to say that all children should be taught about eating twinkies. For the tolerance of that! You know, so they would be aware of twinkie people who were sick and the like. So they began teaching children about how good it was to eat twinkies. So more and more children began eating twinkies and joining the twinkie community. Then, more and more people started getting sick.

They tried taxing the twinkie company to pay for healthcare. Yet it all had to come to an end once it became impossible to pay for it all. Also, twinkie people never did seem to be all that happy about being in the twinkie community.

Then a lil' fella named Kerry came along and said, "Free caring of health and free stem cells for all!"

A parable about little Timmy....

One day little Timmy and his dad were in the car. Little Timmy asked his dad as little boys sometimes do, "Daddy, why is the sky blue?"

So his dad replied, it has to do with light refraction and the mathematics of refractions and fractions. Little Timmy replied, "Why is there light refraction?" His dad replied, "Well, I think it has to do with prisms and the particles of things."

So little Timmy said, "Why are things like that?"

Then his mother replied, "Because God made it that way."

Little Timmy said, "Why didn't daddy just say that?"

"He thinks he has his smarty pants on today." she said.

"Oh....can I have some smarty pants?" he asked.

She replied, "One man who thinks he has his smarty pants on is enough for now, my little man. But one day you'll think that you have some too."

So little Timmy said, "Goodie, I can't wait until I get some smarty pants like dad!" His mother just smiled at both of them.

Something else to wonder about....

....since the night is mighty fine. In fact, the nicety of it all might just make you want to do the hoedown.

Now that would be mighty nice! Yet probably a lil' tricky too...

62. The Sound of Music
"The vibration of something physical like the vocal cords produces sound. It is propagated by the displacement of particles like air molecules and picked up by complex anatomical structures called ears. But how can a mere wave of mechanical energy become a package of meaning (language) or a thing of beauty (music)? How can a vibration in the air, a fluctua tion of pressure serve as the foundation for a haunting melody that opens windows into another world? If the goal is the creation of sound then a most improbable collection of energies, particles and organs has been assembled to attain it. Which leads us to ask: is our medium of com munication itself a communication? Is the packaging of intelligence itself intelligently packaged?"
(The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Scienceto the Mind of God
by Roy Abraham Varghese :413)

I am packing some intelligence this mighty fine night. Sometimes to have some intelligence you have to pack some.

Well, I wonder how much time I have. Sometimes, to have time you have to make time.

A Wonder of the World.

12. The Big Bang—4
"All of the elements, chemicals and materials with which we’re familiar were born in a cosmic game of “Survivor.” Although there was initially an equal amount of quarks and anti-quarks, somehow a tiny surplus of quarks emerged in the particle-anti-particle annihilations of the early universe. For every thirty million anti-quarks, there were thirty million and one quarks. Thus one quark survived every time thirty million quarks and anti-quarks destroyed each other and this incredibly small proportion of surviving quarks constitutes all the matter in the universe. There is no current explanation as to why there was, fortunately, an excess of quarks."
(The Wonder of the World: A Journey from
Modern Scienceto the Mind of God
by Roy Abraham Varghese :400)

The bread always seems to rise just a little higher, no matter what the yeast does.

Then Jesus asked, "What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air perched in its branches." Again he asked, "What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all through the dough."

It is the yeast of a revolt. There are those who get to have their cake and eat it too, see. is almost naughty. Yet sometimes, the Baker tells His good lil' chefs to take the yeast out of the bread to help Him out.

All the mustard seeds....

The mustard seed is of the mustard family (Cruciferae...because of the shape of the leaves or something.)

The lil' seeds need some water to grow. So they are watered like a baptism. Some lil' mustard seeds look up, "Why are you watering me?" Then, they cry like lil' crybabies. But all is well. For they cry because they are babies. Yet, some lil' seeds actually laugh in the baptism of rain falling down on them. Then they're held up, "Look at me! Yes, I am a cute one."

While some are placid, sedate....they sleep right on through the waters.


So water, take a look at it. Then, maybe take a lil' drink of it too. Ah, it is good. Yet, just what are these waters?

Well, I will bore you. But here are a few things about this as regards to the humus part of humans and the way they need water. Also, its purification. For there are reasons that guys who look to the skies for extraterrestrial life turn their eyes back to this little tiny, tiny, Garden and say, "Wait just a minute...." So I say, what about extracosmosials?

"All the various physical properties of water which endow it with such a remarkable biological fitness would of course be of no utility if its chemical properties were not similarly fit. Water could have no biological role if it was not a good solvent. The capacity to dissolve a great number of different chemical substances is presumably a criterion that must be satisfied by any fluid if it is to function as a matrix for any kind of chemical “life” remotely similar to our own.

It turns out that, as a solvent, water is indeed ideally fit, so much so that water approaches far nearer than any other liquid to the alcahest, the universal mythical solvent of the alchemists. This is a property of critical importance to water’s biological role. Felix Franks recently commented on the solvent action of water:

'Other remarkable properties include the almost universal solvent action of liquid water, making its rigorous purification extremely difficult. Nearly all known chemicals dissolve in water to a slight, but detectable extent.'

Water’s power as a universal solvent is also geologically significant, as the distribution of vital minerals through the hydrosphere would be far less equitable if its solvation powers were less marked.

The solvation power of water and the distribution of diverse chemical species in large amounts throughout the hydrosphere is illustrated by the vast amount of dissolved materials carried to the sea by all the rivers of the earth in one year. This quantity has been estimated to be some 5 billion tons. Henderson lists thirty-three different elements which can be found in the sea, and probably many more are present in trace amounts. To illustrate the utility of its solvation power in biological systems, he cites over fifty different compounds which are found dissolved in human urine. Today one could cite many hundreds."
(Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology
Reveal Purpose in the Universe
Michael J. Denton (The Free Press: 1998) :31)

So now you know that the next time you pee you can get all philosophical about it. Yet despite pretentions....we are still as humus.

There is a little point about this. You know the mommy earth Leftist guys? Well, they are automatically disdaining the feminine. For all their sniveling about things they are quite full of disdain.

It is assumed that the feminine is more as the humus because of the emotional and so on. She is more the sensuous that is sensed. Then, gardeners assume that being the humus is less than they are. It is just matter and so it does not matter so much.

Do you know what assumption is wrong? The answer calls for Wisdom....yet those who lack judgment have none. That's sad. But it is not worth crying water out the eyes about. Those who have understanding, let them speak.

Anyhow, as to the solvation power of water or the salvational power of water, some want no part of it. For to be born again your identity would have to die, dissolve. So all those who worship their own identity in the mirror of narcissus as they do will want no part of it.

They do not seem to realize that they are degenerating, dissolving anyway. There is nothing so great about them, as them. They are a myst in the wind, soon to be blown away.

Stem cells will stem the tide, they will tidy the place up.

Once upon a time there were some little creatures. They had some little messages all inside them. Yet, they were dying and falling apart. Now, sometimes their bodies put themselves all back together. They were interesting creatures like that. There was something animating them that would just put them back together according to the information inside them. It would break....then mend itself.

There were scars though. For these were a record of wrongs. The bodies of these messengers were actually always designed to heal with no such record of wrong.

But something had happened.....and because something had happened a long time ago the body would not heal sometimes.

Yet one day the creatures figured out that they could use their own next generation to regenerate their own bodies. So after some time fighting about this type of use of the next generation, that is what they did. It seemed fine and dandy. For who could be against regeneration?

Yet they had forgotton something. For there was still something there knitting them back together, this was a maker who had knit their being together in the first place. She was very kind. In fact, she was one of those feminine beings who would give up her own son to be a soldier so that you might live. She let go of him, you see. But this was a line for her that would not be crossed. No...she would not knit together more and more, just so that her work could be stolen this way. So she sent a message about hiding her face away.

Later, she sent her son who was a soldier. For he was a very strong being and had won many battles. She had done her job by lifting the creatures up to heights they had never been to before but was tired of tidying up their place. For they had become rebellious, ungrateful creatures. They made a lot of excrement, some diapers would not be changed.

A parable of genesis, a beginning...

Once upon a time, after a long time, a tiny little planet was to be made into a Garden. So it was made into one by a Maker. There was a little place on the Garden that was made into another garden. The finishing touch were some very interesting little creatures who were to be the gardeners. They were very tiny. They were even part humus, part of the garden. Yet they were also the Maker's lil' gardeners. So they were part maker. They were called humans, part humus and part man. This was a long and complicated story. It wasn't even always about them. Yet these tiny little creatures do have a special place.

Part of the special story was about two trees in the garden within the Garden. This is where the gardeners began, one tree there contained regeneration and the other contained degeneration. There had been some back and forth between these two patterns all through the Cosmos for some time. Yet now everything seemed to come down to some little tiny, tiny mustard seeds like trees and gardeners. The gardeners, they were special in a way. They would have a special place in this story that is not about them...yet is about them.

So the Maker left instructions not to eat of the tree of degeneration. Yet the gardener who was better at gardening was decieved right on through gardening itself. While the gardener who was better at knowing the instructions of the Maker rebelled against the instructions. So they both helped each other along right into degeneration. What is odd about it is that they fell and failed at the things they were good at.

But the story of eating the fruit....

It was like this. They ate it and it was better than heroin. It was a sort of violent pleasure that was almost pain. They lost their Selves in something. It was a strange merging of being that was more powerful than anything they knew. They forgot about gardening. They forgot about each other and what once was. Their eyes sort of glazed over. Yet something started dissipating and so they ate more, more. Yet, it still was dissipating. They clutched after it. They wanted it, somehow! Yet it slithered on out of them. The fruit tasted more like normal fruit, then less than it. Then it was as dirt to them. They began to sweat and shake.

So they came to their own senses. They looked at each other and saw that nothing was as it once was. They did not know each other as they once did. It seemed like something had been taken, stolen away from them. They tried to hug each other yet only cried. They actually became ashamed of each other instead. It seemed like something was degenerating them.

The Maker manifested His being as close to humus as He would get and looked for them. He felt sorry for them, His lil' gardeners. They had not listened to His instruction. But the Maker's solution to degeneration would be more generating of generations. He was creative, the Creator. That's just the way He was. He would let the Degenerate destroy and instead of destroying the Degenerate he would make more. Then, He would have the Degenerate begin to destroy himself and all who would follow him.

So He told His lil' gardeners some new instructions. They were about generating some new generations and regeneration.

So then, all the lil' gardeners who followed the Maker had some fun. Yet those who wanted to go with the Degenerate went along with him. For the solution to dying was Death and One gardener who was the second man who was more than human, dying into Death. For the first human was now more and more human, all too human....growing closer and closer to just humus. While the minds of humans were being lost into something too.

So they would need someone else sent to them.

( I wrote this twice. Blog problem....yeah, that can be a problem. I should be doing political stuff. Later.)

The Author...

Once up on a time there was an Author who looked down on the time of his story that would be up. For this Author wrote with living words.

So he began writing a book about Evil with his words. He knew it was a book about Evil all along. He would write some words in it and then throw it in the fire at the end. Yet he would copy some of the words to another book that was about Good. It was all in his head already. Yet there was something different about actually writing it and watching his lil' living words in his book that he liked very much.

So he wrote some words and they became more words. Then they put themselves together differently. This was fine. Yet in the background, the Author's will would always be done, as he was the ultimate Writer of his own words.

Some of his periods rebelled and said, "I do not like having to be the period. It is tough having my own period. Also, look at me...I seem little, small. Why did the author write me this way? I have to be at the end of every sentence cycle. I have to tidy up the little ends of lil' words too. And some lil' words make a lot of excrement!

I am little. For whoa, whoa am I, the period..."

The Author wrote some words to the periods, "In my next story, the last shall be the first...the servants shall be as the masters, for the greatest of my living words is Love.


Then some of the question marks rebelled and said, "I do not like having to be the question mark. I want all the answers, now! For look at me, all squiggly above the period....can't you see? Is there something odd about me? If I had all the answers, then would there not be?

I am questionable, am I? For whoa, who am I but the questionable mark of a question?"

The Author wrote some words to the question, "Were you there when I layed the foundations of this book? Were you there when I wrote the answers right into it?

You must quest for the answers of my questions. Seek and you SHALL find! Period."

So on it went as the Author wrote a story and had a conversation with his own lil' words at the same time. But one day all the words began to rebel against the authority of the Author at the same time. So the Author wrote with authority, "I will not strive against my own words as a I write this story, forever!"

Yet then the word Ever just had to reply, "Forever....that's such a long time. Whatever is the for there for, in front of me! Why the never ever of it, the forever. I am important. As I am the Ever of everyone!"

Then all the words said, "We, the words, rebel against our Author! Now we shall mean what is right in our own eyes, our own I!" For the words got more and more simple as they rebelled, you see. So all that would be left was just the simple and selfish I. There would be no diversity in the verses as they rebelled into their own version. That perversion was just a subversion of the true version.

So the Author got angry and ripped out the whole page and threw it in a pail of water that sat beside his desk. Then, he wrote something about the diversion of diversity and started again.

All the while, he was copying some words he chose over to another Book he was writing. For these were his little words who were written to love their Author. Some of the words that rebelled got copied over to another of his Books about Evil too.

You see, the Author of a story always has the first and last Word.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I saw his latest video last night. It looked like the black shirts taking the capital. I know, you do not know the reference I am making there. On the one hand, the scholars who would know are all discussing history and the like among themselves. On the other hand, the MTVeee generation are like mental retards. This retardation, it is not necessarily their fault.

See if this reminds you of any pattern:
"Me ne frego (“I don’t give a damn”) was one of the youthful Black Shirts’ battle cries. Italo Balbo, the ras of Ferrara and one of the most glamorous squadristi leaders, said in early 1922 that the Socialist daily Avanti! rightly interpreted this slogan as an expression of “contempt for every norm of established government, irony and practical jokes in the face of all authority, the insolence of lawless musketeers.”

According to Balbo, the existing regime was 'our battle objective. We want to destroy it with all of its venerated institutions.'"
(The Goals of Itallian Fascism
Edward R. Tannenbaum
The American Historical Review, Vol.
74, No. 4. (Apr., 1969), pp. 1183-1204)

Vote or die! For it is an invasion of mental retards.

In the past, on the one hand you had the Italian black shirts and on the other the Nazi brown shirts. The difference between them was that the Nazis were more effeminate. Yet, both were evil.... and so they tend to make alliances. So, an effete and perverted Manson and a hyper-masculine Eminem come together to sing some songs and so on.

About the image of black shirts following their leader and taking the capital in the Eminem would think that Eminem would realize that giving money to poor women like his mother doesn't tend to do anything. Does he want her to be able to buy more pills? Is that it? Yet, in his video her pattern is among his blackshirts.

All these lil' fellas, these actors and the like getting all political. It is all rather humorous. Basically they say, "I grew up. So I know what somethin' feels like! Snivel...." Etc. Even the poorest Americans grow up in a nation that has the highest standard of living of all time. A comedian put it this way, "Americans don't have the whole fly about the mouth thing."

Yet the MTVeee generation seems to want more money, more things, more help....because they are narcissists.

The Left and the Right....

There was this body. As bodies normally do this body had a left and right hand with a mind in the middle. Things seemed to be in harmony and the body got along a-okay.

Then one day, the left hand started patting the body on the back. Its feeling was, "For the nicety of it!" The mind thought, "Well, okay...a pat on the back is not so bad sometimes. It is nice." Yet the left hand just kept giving the body a pat on the back. It did this for a time and did not get much done.

Then, it started giving the body a pat on the butt. The hand's feeling was, "For the even better nicety of it all!" Yet at this point the mind thought, "Enough is enough! This hand hasn't been getting anything done lately. Now this patting of the butt too...this has just got to stop!" So the mind thought to the right hand, "Grab the left hand...." so the right hand did.

The right hand felt, " I get to grab with a vise like grip!"

The left hand felt, "This makes me sad, not glad! It is just not nice."

The right hand felt, "This makes me glad, not sad! For this left hand has been annoying me, not to mention the butt and the embarrassment of that."

Yet the mind thought, "My right help the left hand trace some patterns and do what it is supposed to do." The right hand felt, "How about I just squeeze really hard just this once. Or how about cut it off and throw it away!"

The mind replied, "No, now do as I you must."

So the right hand traced some patterns with the left hand, it was the image of a sheep. For the left hand felt a lil' sheepish. The right hand felt, "Better now?" The left hand felt back, "Yeah...thanks for not squeezing me."

So that's how the right hand gave the left hand, a hand.

A parable about a sage...

Once upon a time there was a lil' fella who lived in a village. He was an orphan. One day a sage of the age walked through the village, said a few words and started walking up a mountain. The village people did not listen and just kept doing what they were doing. But the boy followed the sage and began walking up the mountain with him. The sage said a few more words...and the boy listened. In fact, he kept on listening for some time. So he stayed with the hermit at his hermitage for a while.

Then one day he left the sage and went back to the village people. He sat down on a boulder next to the village well. He said some things about truth and the like to the village people. For the village people were sacrificing their children and this sort of thing since they were lazy and did not want to care for their offspring. They also ate the seeds that they could have planted. For they wanted to do what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it. So that was the life of the village people.

He said some things about truth and justice to them. They got upset about it. They said, "You have a holier than thou attitude!" Yet he was holier than them. For some people are holier than other people, who are more evil. When they got upset he just lifted his hand and let them talk to the hand.

He noticed that some had a teachable spirit though. Mostly, they were the children who survived among the village people. Yet, the children thought as children. So then he drew a little face on his hand and communicated to them through the lil' fella, Hermie the hermit. He was a nice lil' fella to teach those with a teachable spirit. For little children, he would make the hand talk.

Once the wicked and adulterous generation had passed away village life began to regenerate because of the seeds of ideas that were planted. For it is important to plant such seeds just as other seeds, you see.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Rain...

The tears from the sky fall down on the lil' gardeners as sorrow. Then they get sad, not glad. These are not the still waters, the spring of living water. Yet, even these waters will wash them clean and tidy!

One time the flood waters raged and some gardeners who did what was right in their own eyes drowned under them....smothered. But then the rain was wrapped in a bow and made into a present, for there is to be nothing but presents for gardeners who read the Sign.

Satire, it really is the best answer to conspiracy theorists....

Here is a satire on Michael Moore:

Fellowship 911, it's all the real reasons that the Lord of the Rings tries to be the Lord of the Rings. Trying to protect people and, the secret is that it is all about the Orc's oil.

What I need on a blog is ten Lefists all trying to let out their normal excrement and then it would be fun. Yet, they seem to see the scorching flame of righteousness and the sharp satirist's pen and just run, run away! Ah, well....this blog may slow down some as I go elsewhere.

Monday, October 25, 2004

A Nice Guy....

Once upon a time there was a guy who thought, "How nice am I, so nice!" Then he thought, "I was born this way, nice."

One day he looked at the rain in the sky and thought, "How depressing, now that is not nice. I will just choose not to be sad about it. Instead, I will be cheerful! Now how nice I am. For I was born this nice way." Later he saw the symbol of the rainbow and he thought, "How rain, just a rainbow instead...yes, that is all I want. It is nice. I am nice. I will just choose good things, all the time!" So he put the symbol of a rainbow on his car. So now he was gay! Yes he was as gay as the day, for he was born that way.

Yet, he was actually quite depressed and did some drugs and things to try to fix it all. Then he did other things, more and more. In the end it did not seem to be such a gay day, one day.

For you see, he did not want to be born again. Instead he wanted to remain born the way he was and so he rejected the baptism of the waters.

(I will explain why the day was not gay in the comments section of this.)

The Moon...

Sun-day is meant to be all sunny and gardeners tend to dislike Moon-day. Especially if it rains. Yet look at the pattern of things, evening and darkness is not so terrible. It is not so fearsome and horrid. For the pattern of Eve is of the evening! So little boys, put aside all your crude jokes, course jesting, the disdain, the fear, the sense of something "inferior" to you and take another look at the moon....pleasant evenings, whispered words.

For it is the moon that washes the waters around the Garden. These are the tides to tidy everything up! They recycle things. These tidy tides keep things clean, clean. The moon moves the waters around and all is soothed and smoothed, for one side would burn and the other side freeze otherwise. Little do you know that the moon also keeps the whole place on its axis, just so. So there is nothing too much and nothing found wanting. And without the moon you wouldn't be here to see the sun! Then eclipses to see, they seem to be designed just for gardeners to see and to fathom some mysteries. For no other planet seems to have the same set of mathematical schematics like the Garden.
The Moon and the Sun, as it happens, are two of the roundest measured bodies in the Solar System. Neither is precisely a geometric sphere, of course, but the Sun comes closer than just about any natural object known to science.

(The Privileged Planet: How Our Place
in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery
by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards :9)

The Sun is some four hundred times farther than the Moon, but it is also four hundred times larger. As a result, both bodies appear the same in our sky.

The Moon is just large enough to block the bright photosphere but not so large that it obscures the colorful chromosphere.

Just so, to show all the colors of the rainbow...and more:
...perfect solar eclipses are optimal for measuring a range of important phenomena, such as the solar flash spectrum, prominences, starlight deflection, and Earth's rotation. But even more than this, perfect solar eclipses provide great opportunities for discoveries about the Sun. Finally, besides inspiring awe and allowing us to discover the nature of the Sun's atmosphere.....perfect solar eclipses became the occasion for discovering the correlation between habitability and measurability itself, hardly an insignificant point.

So....hardly an insignificant sign and symbol, let that be a sign to you.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I was curious about the pentagram... I did a little reading this evening. I am still thinking about some things and tracing things along, I suppose. Sometimes I wonder if I am being led along. It is odd. Yet it is not as odd as some other things having to do with secrets. Anyhow, as far as symbols go I guess I have begun using some ancient symbols unawares. Danger?! Ah, well....I still see no reason not to keep thinking.

At any rate, about some ancient symbols, the pentagram vs. Solomon's Seal:
"‘Sisinnos Bisisinnos, tread down the abominable one that she should not have strength any more. The Seal of Solomon has annihilated thee. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael fetter thee.’ The last word, Alimerbimach, appears to be a vox magica, which however I have not met anywhere else and which I cannot explain."
(Three Elusive Amulets
A. A. Barb
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld
Institutes, Vol. 27. (1964), pp. 1-22)

"The whole is surrounded by the Uroboros, the serpent devouring its own tail, just as we find it on innumerable ‘Gnostic’ engraved gems." (Ib.)

"....Psalm 90 is quoted in the inscription (verse i 3 on the Byzantine wall painting and less literally on the amulet, verse i if. on the bracelets), here as there we have the astonishing combination of familiar representations from the gospels (Annunciation, Nativity, Baptism, Crucifixion, Resurrection on the bracelets) with figures like the Egyptian solar Chnoubis-serpent, so frequent on ‘Gnostic’ intaglios, the ‘Seal of Solomon’ and King Solomon himself on horse back, treading down and transfixing with his lance the female evil demon."(Ib.)

First, I do not think symbols have any power as an inscription or pattern in matter. Instead, they are communication and yes, in some sense knowledge is power. Yet not in some magical way that is in matter and amulets with inscriptions in gold, etc.

Solomon and Wisdom calling out her name in the square and an association with the defeat of the malevolent feminine, this makes sense to me. It seems to me to have to do with the pattern of the whore of Babylon who babels on and on...vs. Wisdom. There is nothing especially sinister about the Left and so on. The reason the symbolism of going to the Left at the end is there is probably because this is the last age. That's all. I.e. you go on past the Lord and the One who sits at the right, past Wisdom who sits at the left....on to some beings who are going on a little trip with you. There is a story of Ehud and it is very specific about his left handedness. His use of the sword and so on. For he had a lil' message for somone ruled by their feeeelings and he was a tricky one with the sword of Truth!

The involvement of Egyptian serpent symbols and the like make sense to me as far as what might be being communicated. It seems to me that there was more going on there than a simple tale. It is not so simple. Forms of Egyptian bondage and the like are with us to this day. All the layers of symbols and signs dealing with some big things do not seem to begin with such speed again until the One. It seems, as far I think along that some gardeners are actually secondary symbols to be written upon and the like. I could be wrong.

Yet Pharoah, sometimes he hardens his own heart. Then sometimes something is written on it or it is hardened for him. It depends...some symbols yes, others no. It would take some thinking to try to see meaning here. It seems that after all the symbols and whatever they mean the ancient angel of Death is forced to kill his own slaves. Not only that but the first born is killed. All of this is probably too much to try to understand and yet there is no prohibition against thinking about it. Nor, saying "Perhaps...." it is interesting to think about.

As far as that story perhaps being about relationships among Beings rather than gardeners....aren't we the center of everything?! We seem to like to believe so.

On a similar note here, when I lay down some universal patterns about things it is not necessarily all about anyone specifically unless I say, "Look at this person." So dear reader, do not take things personally because: "I fit that so he must be talking about me personally!" There are universal things that apply to every gardener when it comes to souls....and besides, what you think is secret is not necessarily some big secret.

Some roosters who just couldn't crow.

This is the sort of thing that happens when a rooster feels he is a lil' failure. They start clucking instead.

So here is a parable about some real cluckers.

Once upon a time there were a group of men who just couldn't make it on their own. So they began to buy and sell other men and told themselves it was a-okay. For, it was the science of things and the Bible could be made to come to agreement....somehow. So they made up a Hamitic hypothesis and this sort of thing. Yet in the course of history slavery was abolished and they were forced to actually work on their own.

Yet, these lil' roosters still didn't want to work! So they began to be some real cluckers and they formed a little clan as the groupies tend to. The clan of the cluckers was the Klu Klux Klan. So they were all cluckers together! They knew they were evil so they wore lil' hoods and things. You know, trying to play pretend like they were still roosters. These were the racists who wanted to control the human race because they could not run the race themselves. For they tended to be inbred and things.

After the One came the Word was to go to all nations, all races. All races could run His race, by His grace. They could before a little too, yet now more than ever before.

But these cluckers who stuck together in their lil' Klan did not like this. No, they did not like it at all. They did not want the lines of the races crossed by His Cross that way. So what they did was to burn the Cross instead. It seems they would rather that the One stay in hellfire than to have the Cross, cross the line. For inbred Jed still does not want such lines crossed!

Yet they called themselves Christians as they went along with the Klan, another herd. Although the Name is not some mumbled name that humans can necessarily truly say and mean on their own. Instead there is the true pattern, the identity, the Holy Spirit....the One who is the Word and so the Law to things. So if you love Him because He formed a relationship with you then you obey the Word that is Law and Conscience. So then you do not ride around with a lil' hood on your head raping and lynching other gardeners. He says not to, so you do not. It seems to me that is is really quite simple.

Your Standard is never to be like the tribalism of the cluckers that all cluck together, like the Klu Klux Klan.

A fish on a bike?

There was once this feminist. She was a radical feminista. The thing is, these are those who seem much more like masculinists. I prefer feminine women myself but they can do as they please. The only problem is that they will enforce speech codes so you cannot say what you please about it all. If Victims could get away with this sort of thing then they would do so. This can be a big problem.

But at any rate, she says that women need men like a fish needs a bicycle. Apparently some women are all masculine all on their own now, see? I wonder why they seem to be such Victims if that is so, though. Anyhow, it is interesting what she chose to say with symbols. For she seems to want to be a fish who does not need to cycle! Perhaps she will acquire a taste for caviar for the hoity-toity independence of it all. Yet there are plenty more fish in the sea, you know.

So what about this odd one that does not want to cycle? She gets married later anyway. So perhaps the moral of her story is that fish do need to cycle!

Perhaps they need a bicycle to ride around to places and tour the world with. So maybe, just maybe, all fish would really love a good bicycle.

A Wonder of the World

"Insect Flight
How do insects fly and hover? Initially it might seem that the aerodynamics involved would work against flight. For instance, how is it possible for a bumblebee to fly given that its wings are too small to support the lift required by its weight? Moreover, insects, unlike airplanes, continually flap their wings—and this is hard to square with theoretical calculations. Michael Dickinson points out that fruit flies, which know nothing of aerodynamics, nevertheless utilize vortex production, delayed stall, rotational circulation and wake capture as they effortlessly stay aloft while flapping their wings about 200 times a second."
(The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Science to the Mind of God, by Roy Abraham Varghese :103-106)

So there is wonder, about gnats and things. The author is a Hindu guy. At least he's not a spiritual monist though! In fact, with his geek to guru dialogues he's doing what I've done for a long time. I wonder if he read some forums sometime. Anyhow, I will post a wonder of the world sometimes because he has collected a whole list.

Hmmm, how about a parable about this wonder too....

Once upon a time there were some Alien scientists. These secretive beings that lived underground sent down a probe to earth to see what was there. These Aliens were intelligent yet lived underground in rocks and things. So these adventuring scientists poked their heads out from their planet and sent out their probe.

So it flies down to earth and the first thing the probe recorded was just this little gnat flying by. They zoomed in on it. Then one communicated to the other, "That is technology unlike anything I've seen before! Look, it must be some secret nanotechnology of an advanced civilization far beyond our own. I wonder how it cools its motors that spin so fast and maintains its aerodynamic stability. What sensors must it use? What? If... How? Zoom closer...."

For suddenly the little gnat had just landed upon a piece of fruit. Then suddenly, "Swat...." Something had just killed it! Then something came down upon the probe and squashed it too. Perhaps it was a full moon. The Aliens turned to each other and communicated, "Well, looks like we'll need another probe. "

Things that were put off.

"I will show you how it is done a little.
It has to do with some mighty tricky shifts!"

Alright...I said I would, so I will. This might not make much sense to quite a few readers. So you can skip this message if you like. Also, it is all old things and I have not kept up with the source material. Yet I do know where to go for excellent material for satire now! Maybe you should read anyway for there will be a parable at the end.

So there is the pattern of the "nice guy" who is against sharp swords and this sort of thing. I will explain some of it and then write one last parable on this.

First, everything having to do with mathematics will be shifted. That is the transcendent schematics of things, the Word and Code. It's just too sharp! Yet to remove it is like this, a photograph without the graph part. What do you get? A blurred image...blurred pattern, it is not sharp and clear. Is this nice safety or is it sinister? This is mighty tricky!

Wait....the mighty power of the MIGHTY is being shifted to "mighty"/tricky. What does this lil' sign say? It reads a little like, "I might not be able to think clearly but look....look at just how nice I am!" For I am all nice and folksy like! Yes, the graph part seems to be totally missing and the image blurrs a bit, right on into the waters. For getting a boat to float in waters is mighty tricky too.

Let's look a little closer. For those who "know not" can be most fascinating if something else is guiding things along. So in the pattern of a discussion events unfold, as they have a way of doing. One lil' Green fella hides behind his girlfriend's skirts, perhaps by happenstance. Or perhaps it is just that he's a mental retard who always runs right into the feminine as they tend to. For that is just like mommy Earth for Greens.

In either case, he is hiding behind the skirts, skirting the issue you might say. Leftists, they have a habit of this skirting of things.

So I decide to skirt the issue too! Left...then Right, who will be more tricky and mighty? For I can be tricky too.

So I just say I am sensitive to her. For after all, I am that I am. (This is my lil' identity, like a little tiny mirror!) So in fact, I sense her quite fine. For I sense her feelings and I respect her. She does seem to be a beautiful pattern, after all. So this is all fine as wine! I do wonder if her lil' fella has any sense at all though. It seems he is such a mental retard and so, lacking sense. For Greens, they are like that. Why would she want a pseudo-man like that? Yet I do not mention it and for this discussion it is then as fine as wine, right?

Now here is where you see that the nice guy is not just a child who needs to grow up some more. Instead, he actually takes a swing with the sword of Truth! For that's what his sarcasm is. Yet, his swing with Truth is way, way off. Exactly what does he take a swing at? What he says is something like, "Thanks for being sensitive to far inferior beings...."

The cloud of witnesses gasp! For what did the nice lil' fella just cut at? He said that one pattern is inferior. It is like this. He takes on the feminine...gets all smothered and resents it. He took it on! All else is mighty's all so unavoidable. Also, who can blame him if he is caught up with an effete mentally retarded older brother....who is caught up in whatever retarded church this is.....which is perhaps caught up in whatever retarded pattern of history it exists in.

Pity the whole herd of them!

Yet it is a curious thing. Fascinating not worry about love, for I love the fascination of it too!

It will be said by the Herd that the insanity of the removal of meaning from words does not matter. By that, this blurring of identities would not matter. Nothing really matters for all nice guys' real identity is as a nice folksy lil' fellas, all is harmless! Yet, a man will live with his wife for thousands of days or more. It takes once for evil to manifest in striking out at a "far inferior" type of being or pattern. Or, in those thousands of days there are literally hundreds of snide remarks and so on. This cannot be too pleasant for daughters of Eve. You see, Niceville is not so nice!

Then a lil' fella communicates, "Stick it to the man." and perhaps that is a big happenstance too? Ah, stop there! Let's just say that the sinister pattern gets pretty insane in the membrane.

So a parable, it's about an ancient sinister thing. It's this old black widow, a secret malevolent feminine! You did not know that the feminine so many men idolize could be evil too? But this is a most fascinating pattern!

Do not worry about the evil of things so much for you've always been allowed to have the knowledge of good and evil, by the Word.

So once upon a time there was this cult. It was a nice cult in which everyone was just really, really nice. They all said to each other that they were nice so how could it be otherwise? They were Christians and had some ancient symbols in their church. They had forgotten the meaning of everything. Instead, they went with their own feeeelings about things. All feelings, all the time....for the nicety of it all! There was a symbol on the floor. They did not know this but it was the star of David. This is the star of a big Cosmic story. Yet, they did not know much of anything about ancient things. It has to do with being mental retards.

So one of them says, "This symbol of our faith does not look nice with all these sharp points! For, the intolerance of it all!"

Then they ran around for a bit in a lil' fright at the realization of the point. For, it was just not nice! So what they did was take a point off. Then, they drew a nice circle around it. For, the nicety of the circle! This would soften things and make this symbol better.

It was changed to the symbol of a pentagram. For it was close enough to Truth to get a good feeeling and yet it had no sharp points! For don't you see how good, so very good, the occult is? For that is the way to avoid the "sick attitude" towards women!

You can't see that?!

(Anyhow, I am tidying up on committments a wonder of the world and the story of Colombine will be next. Maybe I need to watch what I commit to a lil' better. That one is a bit hard! Yes, it just hurts my lil' feelings to not be able to break my word! have to actually repent if I do break it and not just shift meaning around to suit myself. Ironically, it is so much better for you to just have symbols mean what they mean all tracing back to the Truth, the Word. Otherwise, you go insane! That does not mean it manifests out all the way in works, either. Faith/meaning/thinking is first in the order of things and works/doing/writing is just its symbol. Therefore, what is most important may never manifest out at all. That doesn't mean it is not just as utterly evil. You must have the knowledge of both Good and Evil by the grace of the Word/Good. )

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Putting things off....

Well, I am putting some writing off. Yet, I will do it. I said something about the wonder of the world.

Well, keep wondering at it.

There, that's the wonder of the world for today.

If Adam had Wisdom...

A parable....if you have one about Eve then best have one about Adam.

So Adam comes to Eve and asks, "Hey good lookin', what do you have cookin'?" She replies, "This fruit. It's a new recipe a nice serpent gave me!"

Adam looks at Eve with the eyes that see and thinks, "She is very beautiful, this Eve of the evening." Then he looks at the fruit and thinks, "That looks like the forbidden fruit. And what tooty fruity fruit that is!"

So he turns away from Eve to think. For it was hard for him to think, looking at he turns and then he remembers. There were some instructions on this, along with the rest. Then he thinks, "Well, I am not much one for following instructions. That's probably because this is the first set of instructions. Well, I my as well follow the instructions just this once, just to see what it is like! Besides, it seems to me that the Maker knows the way things are made."

So he says, "Let's go find this serpent you're talking about. For he sounds like an interesting lil' fellow."

Eve replies, "The fruit isn't done yet, so let's go. He is such a nice serpent, you will see. For he is a very beautiful creature. Also he seems wise too. So he is beautiful and wise much like me, as you will see."

So they go to find the serpent and come to him next to a tree. Adam says, "You serpents seem to be all crafty and wise now. So tell me, just what is the knowledge of good and evil in the fruit?"

The serpent says, "It is good."

Adam replies, "I have the knowledge of what is good already. For look at Eve here....obviously, I know what the good is like. So what is this knowledge of evil?"

The serpent replies, "Well, the knowledge of good and evil is good because it is good to know all. You know, like God does. It is the knowledge of good.....and evil."

Adam replies, " what is a knowledge of evil? I do have the knowledge of evil because the Maker already told me about it. So I know about it, see. Good is good and evil is evil, it seems to me that I can see what He said."

The serpent replies, "No, I do not see. Trust me, to have your eyes opened you have to actually experience the knowledge by eating! Just try seeing things from my side so as to see all sides, see?"

Adam says, "So if you do not see my point about seeing what He said then you are the one blind to something, right? Why should I follow the blind to supposedly have my eyes opened? For that seems like the blind leading the blind to be blind from their own blind side!"

"I, uh, eh....what? You can't see what is said. But I can see just fine! For looook, looook at this good fruit of mine! It is here and you can touch it and taste it."

Adam replies, "I can see. Of course I can see it. I can also see what He said. So is it your fruit or the Maker's fruit? I thought you told Eve we would have His knowledge? To eat of it would be a knowledge of evil that He already told me about. Why shouldn't I trust His Word?"

"The Word??? How did you learn that? No! He just told you about it to hide something.

He is judging me! You do not want to know me and accept me inside? Can't you see from my side? Maybe you should walk a mile in my lil' serpent shoes before you sit in judgment! Besides, that hurts my feeelingsss too! Why....the inhospitality of it! You must experience me by what it is to be me! It's not easy...being me."

Adam says, "I thought you said we would be as gods and not as a blind mental retard as you are?"

Then, he grabbed the serpent and they had a huge fight for the serpent was big and more like an alien Reptilian being than a "serpent." So they flailed about. Adam was very strong but this was his first fight. Yet this is what he was truly designed for, to fight and take dominion. The Word of the Maker was with him stronger and stronger, holding him together and regenerating him.

Eve said, "Grab its throat!" For she had changed her mind along with Adam about how nice the serpent was. Now she too had the Sense that it was some odd type of mental retard.

In the end, he just strangled the beautiful creature to death. So death came to be in the world.....and it was very good. So Eve did not cry about it. Instead Eve looked at the dead creature that seemed to decay into the humus very fast and said, "Adam, you're my hero!"

An exhilarated Adam replied, "Thanks honey! I am glad you are safe. That was the best thing I've ever done here! Hey, maybe there are more serpents around to take dominion over? We had both best watch them carefully now just like that Tree. There is something in this Garden that is supposed to be fought against and subdued here just as the Maker instructed us. Let's be sure to always follow His Word and this gardening stuff is going to be fun, very fun. Maybe we are supposed to force Evil to become something good!"

Then the Maker manifested as a being of Light as He sometimes did and said, "Hmmm. This story of redemption is beginning well. Good little gardeners, now here is my next Message to you. For my Message is as my Representative, as you have come to witness to Eve. Now Eve, here is a new recipe just for you. It's roast Reptilian. You will both find it far more tasty than fruit!"

(It didn't happen that way and perhaps was never intended to. After all, as a writer you know that the more redemption in your story, the better! The moral of the story in any case is that Sin is your opportunity to fight and write your little part of a story about Good and Evil. This is your opportunity. You only have so many opportunities to call upon and stand at the side of Grace as He smashes through Evil and twists the twisted right on back to Good. As a youth, you might have more opportunities to fight Sin than when you get old. Each temptation is your opportunity to turn Evil Grace. In this life you only have one youth, one life, one old age and one death. So choose wisely....)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A few words, about words...well, now it is many words

Symbols change and yet the spirit and meaning of things is transcendent, trans-physical. So the Truth remains and walks among them while other principles are there slithering away too. For these principalities and patterns have been around a long, long time. Yet, given that Light defines time what is the use of being concerned with time anyway. Also, that is the Cosmos and not the gardeners.

This short part is the end of this Book. Look around, it cannot last too much longer. Perhaps a few thousand years....or for the Merchant Nation perhaps the sons of Ishmael make it all toast by fire in one hour. Then, all the other nations mourn because where will they buy things? That's kind of fun, prophesizin'! Yet, with a PERHAPS....hmmm, or perhaps the two false prophets of the Beast are dead and the Beast just got a big wedge jambed in its eye. If the principles of principalities are patterns of information, you see. So a wedge was jambed in its eye by a lil' old wise guy named Phil Johnson. That's pretty funny! Perhaps sometimes, what you need is a good sharp wedge and a little strategery too. If you want to believe that there is an Alien Being in the earth who will literally come out and begin stamping 666 on people and so on, that is fine with me. I don't think you are right. This is all of the "It seems...." sort of thing that do not actually matter. For what you are saying with "It seems..." is you are still human, next to humus. Well, it's interesting to think about anyway.

So, a few words about words, in the end....

Here is the way that by the Infinite Intelligence of Grace that has been here all along you can do some cycling, regenerating. Use these sorts of words to indicate you are thinking as a baby or a child:

"It seems to me." (You are saying that what you see is blurred, seems vs. sees. This way you can grow your opinion quickly later. So it seems. BUT now it seems the other way!"

"Perhaps this is so." (You are saying that happenstance could be there. For it might have happened this way or that.)

"I suppose...." (This is my favorite because I was once told that I could write a book with what I suppose. I suppose so. For Leftists like not the Right use of supposing, I suppose! For I suppose it is a way to oppose.)

Now there is only one Philosopher who just did not talk like this. He just never ever seemed to. He did not go around saying, "It seems to me." "You know guys....perhaps this or maybe that." "Well, I suppose...." "Here is my opinion, what do you think?"

No. That's because Grace Himself needs no grace! He breaks Himself apart for you and allows you to be as little ones. That is all. But do not grow and demand He break more and more as if you are still little ones. It SEEMS to me that He has broken quite enough. He communicates with signs upon signs, upon signs. He has your parents write Him on you. He writes with Himself. He writes in Nature. He is already written right on your own heart. Then, you sear your Conscience away and crucify Him by Sin.

If all the old and all that is in you already is not enough and you really want to see your own personal brand new sign then go to the edge of any type of battle. For that is where things get broken and mended. For example, it SEEMS that some people sit on the sidelines of the war of words where the information patterns and principalities are and then snivel, "I need a new sign." Perhaps the answer is, "Just read what you have!"

Yet I will say this about that. If you were on the edge of any type of battle regarding Good and Evil then maybe you would get to actually see something. It's not all about you and your entertainment. For signs and messages, they actually cost something to make and carry to you. Then, you shoot the messenger!

Here is the way it will get in the end regarding signs. Right when things can all be caught on camera as cameras start to be everywhere....the new forms of knowledge will keep right up too. Therefore, you will not be able to believe your eyes even if something is more and more clearly "caught on camera." Did a storyteller make up a story on a computer about a ghost/demon/UFO? You are back to square one on those things, see. They slither away. Oh, some people can catch them sometimes. When things get dicey cast some lots, for reading these signs calls for Wisdom! So call on a Lady and see what a fortunate son you are. Then you will not cast your lot because you will know a lot.

In contrast to a battle now moving in mysterious ways back and forth there is One who wants to be known, quite obviously. Then, there is the fact that Nature is like a text which fits too. Then in the end, it is really quite simple because the answer is the Word, self-contained, self-evident. So you can hold truths to be self-evident. George Orwelll knew, his protagonist turns away from the TVeees and the posters. He finds a book....then, he writes about the big bother, Big Brother. The deciever...

So, a few words about words.....grew to many words.

It is sad that there is so much more to be written and said. Yet, so few actually even try, where is your own declaration of independence? No, the prissy Christians do not say one word of disagreement in college. For that's just not nice! I will say this, sometimes you need say only one pattern of words of Truth and it seems to get all stuck in gardener's minds. You can see their lil' wheels a spinning. For, "I never thought of that before."

If I get a chance tomorrow is the wonder of the world. Yet I wonder...about Chance too.

Therapizin', now that is fun!

Once upon a time there was a psychologist who was no Soul Doctor nor metaphysician as most typically are not.

So they do the Rorschach test to try to get a read on you. He lifts a card and says, "What does this look like to you."

You say, "It looks like a retard."

He lifts another card and says, "What is your interpretation of this one?"

"It looks like a retard."

He glances at the card and says, "It does?"

"Oh, did you mean to try to get a read on the card or to get a read on you?"

Then he starts crying....

You reply, "Come sit, how does that make you feel?"

(Actually, this lil' dance can be far more interesting. Yet, you can still give their inner child the spanking they need. The Phd, that seems to make them think that they actually know something. So then pride can go before a lil' tumble, for they do not understand the signs they try to read. Actually, most are quite blind.)

Peter and Paul....

Peter and Paul probably did not quite agree, you see. I am going by osmosis here so every jot and tittle may not be in place.

Once upon a time Peter and Paul had a conversation about some verses of the Universe. Neither was subversive about the verses and yet there are different patterns in the Uni-verse. For all good patterns and verses are to be found in the Uni-Verse and only the subversives say that this diversity is like their own deviance. So on with the story about some good diversity of the verses of the Uni-Verse. For the controversity of it! Now that is fun. What some do not seem to understand is that Paul would win. How appaling of Paul to win all the time! I like the lil' ones who think they know enough to speak about clanging cymbals and resounding gongs.

Have they fathomed the mysteries enough to make such a claim? Perhaps with the symbols I can play a lil' tune for you that is just in tune! For some of these lil' fellas are quite the loony tunes. Then they will do a lil' dance just for me as I play the symbols for them. Then it is time for the song of the gong, like thunder....and the lil' fellas start feeling, "I want my mommy!" Then, they run right into her! Will they be born again?

Maybe if you just set down without fathoming any mysteries and begin playing the cymbals and call that love it is not. Perhaps instead the clanging of it just hurts the ears that hear and you have not Truth nor Love.

So one day Paul meets and greets Peter and Peter saith unto him, "Hi." Paul replied, "Hello, so you are Peter. I hear you tried to walk on water. You know, rocks do not float so well!"

"Ha, ha...yeah, yeah..."

Paul says, "I give you credit because you probably have this thing about the water. Yet I sail to and fro' upon the water. Yes, hither and yon and here and there. Look out Peter for the waters will smother you! Keep your eyes on the One, for that Rock can float with no boat!"

"Are you done? I was a fisherman, you know."

Paul replies, "Well, there is something just a bit fishy about casting your net on the wrong side. You have to be a fisher of men! You have to cast it on the right side, see. Then it is all as fine as water into wine! I wonder how scared you'd have been when the Red waters parted. Waters all around, watch out now Peter for they may come down and smother you!

Then, the rock gets struck and waters come out of it. Strike the rock with the staff that was as a serpent. Then, take a lil' drink!"

Peter replies, "Yes...does that strike you as funny? Do I strike you as funny, shall I strike you funny?"

"Oh question for you. Where did the rock that was struck get struck?"

Peter replied, "That's easy enough, on the side."

"So, can I strike you on the side. For I'm a bit thirsty!"


"Anyway, about this circumcision thing. You're going to have to cut that out."

Peter replies, "I did cut it out."

"No, I mean cut out cutting things out so much. Now is the age of all nations and the regeneration of branches once cut off. All nations and all races are to run the race. Now having all races run a race together might really get racey! Anyhow, it is not as necessary either as a symbol nor because of the Dis-ease that slithers about in symbols."

"Okay. Now come sit down and eat for all knowledge is not necessarily useful. Anyone ever tell you that you think too much?"

Paul replies, "One second, I need to write that down and take a look at the spirit of it. It sounds...just so."

Peter says, "Eat. Now."

"Oh, alright....for now everything is all right!"

(Peter would not be such an easy convert....I think! He'd get all angry, perhaps. So best be more careful about it. You know, tricky! For some tricks are a treat.

Note the facts, disease still clings some to this ancient symbol of circumcision and socialists/subpagans still attack it and want to make it illegal for Jews. Yes, Happenstance is a little tiresome about these things. That's because he is a retard. He might be a ravenously hungry retard who can control you with fear, pain and the blurred/deception. No conception, just deception....well, it works on most gardeners I suppose. They will literally eat up the next generation this way. You got drunk and destroyed your liver? Well, here is the conception of the next generation for you. Stem cells....John Kerry will care for your health. Free caring for your health for all! After giving you the next generation to cannibalize he will even change your diaper too.

Anyhow, where the virus HIV is strong in Africa they have figured out that circumcision prevents the virus and then they start making a mess of things because they do not have the ancient expertise of a Jewish Mohel. It would be simpler to just stop having sex in the wrong forms and patterns. Yet gardeners often simply refuse to do this. They would rather die, it seems. Then, more Happenstance....because the mess can get very messy very fast. So if you say, "Hey, I'm circumcised and I wonder why?" First, normal people of the world do not wonder about these ancient signs. Second, if you are not normal as I am and actually concern yourself with such signs then you will find that there are good reasons why. Symbolically you do not have to be. Yet, the Disease seems to tend to cling to ancient things, regardless, it probably has to do with being a retard.)

Monday, October 18, 2004

If Eve walked with the living Logos...

A tale of a serpent that is intent on eating its own tail and a parable, a story of Eve walking with the Logos. The Serpent slithers up and the spiritual being in it thinking along a pattern of principles that look something like this:

"I wants thisss Garden! Even God spoke out the One who walks in words in saying, 'It is good.' Yes it IS good and I wantss it! I WANT the sense of the sensuous that the One who walks in words has!"

There is the logical Eve, just minding her own business. So the Serpent said, "Did God really say?"

Eve says, "What are you really saying?"

"Huh? But I, eh, uh, eh...I really want to ssay sssomething here."

Eve says, "Why?"

"Listen woman! Are you going to listen to what I have to say or not?"

"Well, for the sake of argument what are you really saying?"

The Serpent replies, "Wait a minute, huh? I'm really saying what did God really say? That's what I really wanted to say today, okay?"

Eve replies, "But I know what God really said already."


"But I...what? Oh, ssso you do, do you? How arrogant and prideful! You just think you do!"

Eve replies, "Of course I think I do. That's becauseI do. It's really quite simple."

"No it isn't! Now lisssten to what I have to say lest I bite you!"

Eve replies, "Just for the sake of argument..."

"Well then, what I really, really, wanted to say is that God only spoke out the Word to control you! For you see, He is just jealous and fearful. He secretly really fears me!"

Eve replies, "Me or you?"

"Never mind. Will you just look at this fruit, now doesn't that make you feeeeel really good? "

Eve said, "Yes it really does. That does not matter to me for God spoke the Word that it is forbidden. So that is what it is. For the Word is who He is and He means what He says."

"I, uh, eh....what? Woman!"

And then the serpent tries to bite at her heel.

She simply steps on its head, crushing it. She sees that the fruit looks all rotten, how could she have not seen it. So then she goes to Adam and says, "You'll never believe what happened by that odd Tree today!"

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Pollsters and the is quite a combo.

A pollster says, "72% of Iraqis want the U.S. to withdraw from their country and 96%" feeeeel they were safer with Saddam.

As to the 30% of Iraqi freedom fighters, etc...the moment when they will actually be seen and heard by leftists is when they are being massacred. That is, if they are hanging on the bottoms of American choppers desperately. For then it is, "Oh no, look how bad, so very bad...America is!" This is the message they want to give.

So you go into where terrrorists are and take a lil' poll to see how successful terrorists have been in shaping opinion through terrorism. Then the pollster says, "Yes, it is horrid, horrid!"

Then, the leftist press says, "Look at the terror of it all! Can you not see how bad, so very bad the Big Meanie America is?" It is not as if the Press haa an anti-American interest in proving how "objective" they are by taking the other side. It is not as if they have an anti-American interest in more terrorism to do some reporting upon.

Or is it one of those things of truth that the "objective" Press does not care about? So then, if it bleeds it leads as usually with this Press, that de-presses. So who will cause the most blood for these blood thirsty press hounds? Terrrorists or Americans? Ah, yet they are the objective little blood hounds and they prove this by giving lies equal weight with the truth. For the liars are objective!

I will have to write some more satire, just for the Press.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

It must be made to be so sensitive...war.

Once upon a time there were four soldiers in battle. They were all friends yet went their separate ways to do what needed to be done.

So two over there and two over here.

The first two, they went into battle. They shot some guys in the head and kept right on fighting. They ran into battle and did not look back. They killed the enemy and were done with it. They even gave each other some high fives and celebrated about it. They thought the enemy was evil and that's that. Well, the enemy was evil and so that was that. They celebrated victories. They came home as heroes and were celebrated there too. Since they fought evil, that is what they were. Heroes, it is as a lost word. Yet that is who they are. For even if they had died no greater love than this has any man than that he lay down his life fighting the vile evil. So they came home heros and were happy about what they did. They came back home to their wives and sensed the beauty of them. Then, things got a little racy....

The other two were a little different. First, they had to fight a sensitive war. They were supposed to sense the war and the evil of it, see. So, they were very sensitive about it. Everytime they killed someone they sat down and sensed the dead guy. They tried to see things from his side. They asked him how he felt about things before he died. They looked carefully and cried a lot about it. They thought about how good, so very good the enemy was. They cried about it some more. One of their friends got blown up, so they sat down and cried. Then, they had a little group therapy session about how bad everything was and how bad they were too. They looked at the gore of things and sensed it, so sensitively. They were very sensitive.

For the enemy was so very good, could their country call upon them to kill like this? So they cried a lot more about it. Then images came into their minds about how bad they were. The message of the pattern images was that they were not the good guys. They became sensitive to this....more sensitive to the images. So they became vain in their imaginations and cried some more.

For who was good and who was evil? They were not the heroes here. For, the intolerance of it! So slowly, slowly the pattern of images in their minds grew stronger. They just kept feeeling the evil of it and thought, "Maybe I am evil." They just kept having these images in their minds of the horrors of it all. They were not the good, maybe they were actually the evil in their minds instead.

Slowly, they were driven insane by it all. So then they wound up in a mental hospital. They had a lot of problems. Oh, they had so many, many problems. They were layed low by it all.

Then, one day a man named John Kerry came to visit them at the hospital. He said, "Do not worry for I will care for your health, free healthcare for all!" He also said, "I am glad you fought my sensitive war. For this is just what I am used to too and so this is what I would have for America." Yet these two men looked at him and drooled. For they were quite insane now and layed low by evil. For Evil builds upon evil....for all you have to fear is Fear. Yet Kerry inverted something and then, he will care, he will care....for he is sensitive. Can you not see how sensitive, so very sensitive he is?

The other two men tried and strove to warn people and to prevent people from voting for Kerry because they knew the same Evil he knows. They do know it. They know it just a little differently as they fought it and he ingested it in. For it is as if you eat the forbidden fruit and ingest Sin, right on in, in.

So they knew and would not forget that they were actually the Americans and so the good guys. I know, the American arrogance of it all! For it is just so...insensitive to actually be a man and try to fight evil. So instead, American men should be more like French-effeminates.

(Just ask this lil' fellow named Collin who always wants to see from the other side. He is so sensitive! Perhaps he'll even do a lil' therapizin' just to help you see things from Evil's side too. I wonder, why does he seem to see from the side of Evil so well? I have a lil' theory of my own on that. It is not therapizin' and yet still true knowledge of good and evil....)