Saturday, October 16, 2004 here is a little satire just for these priests.

The cold toads have many jots and tittles and they try to find the titillating tittles. Yet they cannot seek and find. The irony is that something that made Solomon sing does exist. Irony, iron, that is as the sword of Truth. They fear that, for the unsafety of it!

So the dry bones of the cold toads never become as flesh and they are dry, dry, boring bones. These are the white washed sepulchers, boring bones, dead bones. How now, who can blame those who do not want to read these bones? But the cold toads, they willrender their verdict upon thy head! They will look at you with their little beady eyes. Then they will say, "I, the cold toad, with all the power invested in me by the preisthood of cold toadihood, render my verdict upon thee for the tittles that frighten me so!"

The cold toads, they all agree, you see. They just do not have the jots for disagreement and so they are each other's little toadies, these servants of the Toad.

So a parable, of the Man who met some of these cold toads.

Once upon a time there was a Man who knew the Mind of God quite well. He was like that. He was what He was. He said He was right and then could say, "I AM that, I AM!" Now, one day he met a whole group of Toadians. Now these Toadians, they were secretly sexual perverts as cold toads usually are. On this day they had caught a women, an adulteress. This was much to their secret delight. For Toadians want to control the feminine. Secretly, they want to put handcuffs on the feminine and this sort of thing. Such is the "Law" of these priests who keep everything pure, pure and safe. The impurity of it all, can't you see?!

Now, the One was a smart One. He was like that. So He walked up to these cold toads. They always stand in groups, you see. That is because they are each other's little toadies.

He walked up to the whole group and knowing their spirit He drew a line upon the ground before the groupies. Who would cross the line and make a tittle? For secretly, the Toadians are quite fearful of the none would cross the line. For crossing the line, would make a tittle and the impurity of it! The Toadians, they are all about health, health, you see.

Then He said, "May he who is without sin cast the first stone!" He said His own Word very strongly. Now, the Toadians all have the remnants of the Word in their being. He knew this. So they were all so ashamed that no one cast a stone. It would take a while for these cold toads to decieve their Selves again.

Then the Messiah picked the women up and told her, "Go and sin no more..."

For Sin, he builds upon sin and had led her to this death at the hands of sinners. For those who are Sin's slaves want to lead others in sin to the bondage and discipline they exist in. So by His own Word and His gift to her of Liberty she was saved.

So then she got up, left bondage behind and sinned no more!

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