Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saving a few comments...

By 1980 the predictions about ice ages had ceased...


Stop. If there actually had been an Ice Age by 1995 then it would have been perfectly predictable, in retrospect... and those articles would be cited with approval, no doubt.

Anyway, maybe people are basically just destroying their environment at the serf or peasant level. Seems unlikely unless you're one of the ones cutting down a rain forest, though. I think it's more likely that we'll see ships burning a lot of oil and possibly wars creating "climate change" for the sake of the petrodollar and the ruling class before we see climate crises or natural catastrophes due to American serfs driving the wrong cars and so forth. (Or serfs failing to engage in relatively useless rituals given to them by the ruling class and so forth. More rain dances! Or people could have Al Gore ride around the country like a corpulent Bishop to sell them indulgences for their crimes against Mother Nature. There again, he sold his network to oil producing nations... might show which way the trends are going?)

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So what is it that you want done in your campaign to save the earth or save civilization this time? After all, if it involves putting central bankers in jail and focusing on local forms of independence and sustainability (natural gas?) then I might support it even if you haven't necessarily made the case for people (let alone the serfs) being totally responsible for "climate change."


Scientists also used to think the world was flat.
No they didn't. Enough said.

It looks like your target for a "shared sacrifice" that actually isn't shared is basically American serfs and what remains of their wealth then. I could be wrong. Other scenarios. You could try to shut down the military industrial complex or do an environmental impact study on the wars being created by oligarchs. (After all... what's the military that's protecting the oil trade routes and so forth running on, ponies pooping rainbows of solar powered sunshine?) You could promote natural gas cars, given that we can see the Bakken fields from space now due to the fact that natural gas is dirt cheap. You could advocate that they bring the troops home to build natural gas distribution centers and perhaps win the hearts and minds of Americans by building schools, roads and bridges too.

In any event, what "legislation that will reduce carbon emissions" do you have in mind? The clean air act was fine but you're talking about a global problem now, unlike acid rain and so forth.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Just "writing" for my own sake...

[quote="lee h oswald, post: 57116, member: 254"]Synchronicity? That's crazy talk![/quote]


The weird thing is when it gets out of the matrix/internet where it can be explained fully as "if you clicked this, then you might like this"  algorithms at work connecting you to information.  For instance, just the other day I was walking with my beautiful wife down a path with sycamore trees on it and for some reason I really liked them.  I even touched one and thought, "Great, what's next... becoming like those tree huggers?"  Then the next day I wound up reading about some guy that apparently thinks he's a prophet talking about how the "sycamores have fallen"* in America and so forth.  That's just great. But in retrospect, the chances of pretty much anything happening by happenstance within my mind of synaptic gaps were apparently 100% according to the theory of natural selection and the fact that groups of ape-like creatures once mated with each other due to natural selection operating on the mating habits of ancient worm-like creatures after we all emerged from a void of pretty much nothing and so forth.  So there is that.  I know that perspective always makes me feel safer, like I'm about to crawl into Mother Nature's womb. Safety first!

 *And from there I found these perspectives on 911: (The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of America's Future by Johnathon Cahn) vs. (The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual by S.K. Bain)  All just chock full of bunk and ludicrous forms of retrospective pattern attribution, from some perspectives... and yet I still touched that tree.  So that and numerous other forms of synchronicity still seem odd, from my perspective.  What are the chances?  100% in retrospect, I suppose. But what is chance, a cause without an effect or an effect without a "mechanism" to cause it?

Stories about a Jewish peasant and his co-conspirators contrasted with stories about the illuminati.

There was this one Jewish peasant that a lot of other peasants told stories about one time that reversed the patterns and languages typical to the priests of knowledge of this world, though. Wound up getting himself killed by the ruling class of His day, so there is that. But he actually did that on purpose according to what other peasants said he said... or thought that he said due to what someone else said and so forth. 

They even said that he could manipulate the weather without using thousands of rockets to produce "magic-like weather modification" and so forth.  Instead, it was said:  "And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?"  (Mark 4:41)  Seems simpler.  There again, from the elite perspective in the city (where the "illuminated" bankers and members of Zionist political cults, secret societies and so forth often live) the people that wrote that were probably just some peasants creating a religion for other peasants.  But even from that perspective, seems like a certain group of relatively poor peasants and so forth must have all done a good job of "conspiring" to create a religion while invoking the same ancient symbolism of those that consider themselves illuminated and so forth.  Talk about a conspiracy.

After all, even from the elite/illuminated perspective the religion that some Jewish peasants must have conspired to create (with a lot of help from a former member of the political cult of Zionism) has been shaking the walls of the city and lessening the illusions and the bread and circuses typical to those who own the city ever since.  In any event, the builders of Babel that have a vision of a global city these days will probably get to more effective forms of weather modification eventually.  That's the plan, not surprisingly.  Although it seems that the Syria/Iran situation that they've been creating could blow up in their faces tomorrow... and then weather modification within the context of a global empire might be the least of their concerns.

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Metabunk 7/25

I'm not sure what stupid, lazy and trendy journalists within the corporate media expect those that they perceive as "white" to do. If they are or can be perceived as "white" then they have to let those perceived as "black" beat them to death or knock their eye out in a "knockout game" and so forth?

Once more people figure out how to put the internet on their TV and so forth the corporate media will probably have less viewers than cat videos on Youtube anyway, so the opinions of trendy journalists will be irrelevant. 

And we may even be able to begin putting the abject stupidity and herd mentality of most corporate journalists behind us and focus on the investigative journalists already beginning to create a new paradigm of real investigative journalism on the internet while reporting on significant events in the world.  Right now many on the internet are still reacting to the corporate media and stories created by the stupid and trendy journalists that tend to work in it but the technological trend is against the corporate media.  I guess older people still watch the corporate media just like they stuck with broadcast over cable news for a while... so there may be some interplay on manufactured stories like this for a while.

These things take time, yet information is flowing around the corporate media and it's also moving pretty quickly these days too.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saving a few rambles... for today.

  1. Those states who still believe in the American ideal, in American traditions, those states who reject the Socialist, welfare-state agenda need to secede from the union. Period.

        That’s not happening until the “too big to fail” Empire that’s been built on the petrodollar or cheap gas and cheap credit crumbles even more than it already has since 2008. There’s also the whole aspect of race and the “divide and conquer” tactics of the ruling class that keep peasants as serfs and slaves. In order to secede, you would have to create your own union. But most tribes of serfs and slaves are usually content with their slavery. There are now more black men in Corrections Corporation of America creating goods for the military industrial complex and multinational corporations than there ever were on the plantations, as I recall. “I could have freed many more if they had realized that they were slaves.” –Harriet Tubman

       They’re a voting bloc for Democrats, i.e. moral degenerates like Biden that profit from the “New World Order” as opposed to the “law of the jungle.” Many peasants and slaves began working on a Masonic plantation and they seem to be content with that. So it would seem that any union that you created would therefore be racist. Not that it matters if the Golden Dawn is any measure. When things get bad enough, people form tribes and begin to have a tribal mentality and so forth. Hard to imagine, given that “whites” have refused to have or form a tribal identity for a while now: White Girl Bleed a Lot

       Seems unlikely that would last if people didn’t believe that they’re wealthy enough to afford it, though. Anyway, at least there’s enough cheap gas and cheap credit to keep things going for a few more years even if there are “sacrifice zones” emerging around the edges already. “Sustainability” as the liberals like to say… and all that. Who knows, maybe we’ve even been better off with a private banking cartel creating money out of nothing and lending it to the public at interest… given that they’re at least tangentially interested in wealth creation.* There again, people like Corzine are partnered with moral/intellectual degenerates like Biden in a public/private partnership to screw over the public/serfs. We can debate the system but there is no system that can check and balance abject corruption, degeneracy, illiteracy and so forth.
    *Here’s an idea, dig a big hole and then put some paper ponzi at the bottom of it. Form a public/private partnership with Corrections Corporation of America to have people dig it up and hire other people to guard them. And there you go, you’re a job creator.
  2. Still waiting on a decentralized natural gas distribution system in Delaware that we could use for natural gas cars when the Syria/Iran situation blows up even more than it already has, etc. No one is paying attention, I guess.

       You could have it set up so that people could pay for it with BitCoins. Well, provided that the DHS and Zionist dual citizens hadn’t arrested everyone involved in decentralizing currency as terrists for undermining American “interests” in the MidEast… I’d imagine. Is that really in our interests? I guess if you’re a dual citizen, then it is in “our” interests to police everything there and so forth.
       Wars in the MidEast weren't all totally about the petrodollar, Iraq wasn’t. That’s why: “The 2003 invasion of Iraq, led by U.S. army General Tommy Franks, began under the codename ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’…” I.e. OIL, yet the work of “neocons” wasn’t all that it appeared to be to gullible Leftists. Think about it this way, if they went to war and were willing to go to war based on false intelligence and lies then why not just plant some WMDs or more false intelligence to find there? It wasn’t in Israel’s interests to find anthrax there, although it was found in the mail in America after 911 and after the yellow cake plan didn’t work out and so forth. It wasn’t in Israel’s interests for someone to change the operation name from “OIL” either. What a Psyop that would be for ignorant and stupid Americans, huh? Although I guess they did get around to changing it to “Operation Iraqi Freedom” eventually… or ORF.
    In any event, the supposedly “Leftist” anti-war movement never really followed up on 911 truth, the anthrax and so forth… did they?

       I guess the interplay between the petrodollar financing the military industrial complex and Zionism (Or dual citizens seeking to use the Empire for their own special interests based on a special relationship, etc.) and all the rest of it doesn’t really matter. It would seem that people are only interested in things when it feels like their own lifestyle has to change in a rather “significant” way. So that’s why Delawareans are tried to incorporate themselves into building $100,000 “green” cars that only Justin Bieber can buy that are actually extraordinarily wasteful in terms of energy instead of building cars and a “sustainable” infrastructure for themselves.
    Plus, in the background… the ships that ship the oil are creating more pollution than all the cars that Delawareans are driving. You could all be driving hummers and SUVs and you still wouldn’t be able to keep up with the environmental impact of the ships that are shipping the oil in for them. Check the physics. Check the math. Oh well. Everyone is more interested in entertainment than reality, at least so long as they can afford to be.

       And if they do become interested in reality, then they’re anti-Semites and so forth. Because if you were to live at a local level in a way that could be sustained for yourself then the American Empire wouldn’t need to police the world (Polluting it with DU and so forth in the process.) and dual citizens would have to fight their half of their own battles to protect their half or their own interests instead of trying to get the Empire to go to war for them.  The idea that Israel has to fight its own wars? Anti-Semitic. The idea of decentralization and local unions or states instead of The Union? Racist. The idea of decentralizing the currency? Terrist.

      It seems that there are insurmountable barriers to decentralization and breaking up a multinational Empire Inc. or checking and balancing it in a controlled way, all the way around.
    So it looks like Americans are going to have to wait until things get even worse and less “sustainable” than they’ve been lately, then… meander toward something similar to the Golden Dawn once their food stamps or petrodollars lose their purchasing power. Hard to see how this won’t happen like it did in 2008 sometime within our lifespans, as the “too big to fail” system is still just as centralized/fragile and more and more ships are already on their way toward Syria and so forth.

       And if not that, then the elite could always try to manufacture a war with NK again. Time for a dropping a nuke “drill,” etc.? No, nothing? Because sometimes it almost seems like our oligarchs need a war to keep their warfare/welfare state/plantation going but that no one wants to fight. Not even a madman wants to take the bait and instigate something, even if our oligarchs and generals act/”drill” like they’re about to attack? Wouldn’t that be ironic. Don’t the madmen and terrists of the world know that Krugman (nobel prize) has said that another Nobel winner needs to create a war to stimulate “our” economy? (Or is that the economy of the oligarchs and their economists… and “our” economy and lives would actually be just fine and more sustainable if we went to war against them instead of letting them send us or our families to war? Stimulating, indeed.)
    Last week it was revealed that 54 oil tankers are anchored off the coast of Britain, refusing to unload their fuel until prices have risen.
    But that is not the only scandal in the shipping world. Today award-winning science writer Fred Pearce – environmental consultant to New Scientist and author of Confessions Of An Eco Sinner – reveals that the super-ships that keep the West in everything from Christmas gifts to computers pump out killer chemicals linked to thousands of deaths….
    How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world
  3. We the Multi-National Corporations of the World, in Order to form a more perfect business practices by eliminating people’s living wages, insuring domestic profitability, enriching ourselves off the money thrown at our common defense,and eliminating all employee’s rights, to secure the Blessings of our richly deserved liberty only to ourselves and our Progeny, do hereby ordain and establish that the Constitution no longer applies to citizens of the United States of America, but is henceforth only applicable to those with sufficient cash to buy a Congressperson.

      Given that I seem to agree with you on everything overall, why is it that we so often disagree?

    Anyway… I wouldn’t blame all corporations, one might as well blame the idea of having a local municipal corporation or “commonwealth” itself. Look at it this way, if the minimum wage was attached to the amount of paper ponzi being created by bankers out of nothing these days then it would be something like $100/hour. Supposedly conservatives have a problem with a “minimum” wage.. but they don’t seem to have a problem with bankers failing to abide by any “maximum” amount of money creation. True, poor people can’t manage their money and so forth once the aristocratic class is through giving them more and more “public education” out of the goodness of their philanthropic little hearts. So might as well just take it all from them or “manage” it for them to make them work as serfs, as usual?

    Why is it that people in the “public education system” don’t seem to be taught about economics and their banking system over and over again from day one no matter how much is spent on it? Is that not more relevant to their lives and so forth than transgenderism or whatever else they’re wasting the time of students on these days? I can imagine the reaction of some students: “You mean… money is being created… out of nothing? Huh. I wish I could do that!”

    Ever notice how sex education is included and the elite once included an education in eugenics too and so forth (see Scopes, Sanger, Planned Parenthood, etc.)… yet gun safety or “gun education” never seems to be included? And it isn’t framed by the philanthropists as something good out of the goodness of their good little hearts? Imagine that.
    Safety first!

    That would be an interesting juxtaposition to bring up with people taught to advocate only sex ed. That’s all well and good but I’d advocate gun ed. too… with finance ed. a close second. Might as well have young people learn something useful in life… unless you actually want more people to have a mentality that will allow them to be controlled like a serf.* I.e. the direction that seems to be where many Americans are headed.
    *The same systems always seem to unfold if enough people evolve a peasant mentality:

    The Sword Regulations of Feudal Japan.
    Feudal Japanese government issued several orders to regulate the types of swords that are allowed to be carried by different classes of people. One thing consistent among all these orders was the fact that chonin (i.e., commoners) were prohibited from wearing long swords (i.e., katana) unless specifically given permission to do so by the government, while there was no regulation prohibiting the commoners from carrying short swords such as tanto.
    It’s not that no one had “assault swords” just as Americans won’t really ban “assault weapons,” some classes will still have them and they’re just as likely to go crazy and kill people with them as anyone else is. It’s just a final emblem of the centralization of power and wealth rooted in the mentality of the ruling class. It’s the mentality that’s more important than the sword or ownership of “assault weapons.” They’re just emblematic of it.

    So… bring on the SWAT Teams to represent the mentality of most Americans now, huh?  Boston Strong.. etc.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Meh..... now blogger isn't even working. Comment on eugenics, depopulation, etc.

The reason that people don't speak as openly of such things anymore, history: [ex]...during the five years between 1863 and 1868, three great men of biology would all promulgate a theory of evolution dependent upon identifiable hereditary “units” within the cells. These units could actually be seen under a microscope. Biology entered a new age when its visionaries proclaimed that good and bad traits were not bestowed by God as an inscrutable divinity, but transmitted from generation to generation according to the laws of science. (War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race by Edwin Black :12-13)[/ex] [ex]And they were all doctors like me, who tried to think biologically, biology as the foundation of medical thought. . . . We didn’t want politics—we were critical of politics—but [concerned] with the way human beings really are—not just an idea or philosophy.” National Socialism as Applied Biology: The nation would now be run according to what Johann S. and his cohorts considered biological truth, “the way human beings really are.” That is why he had a genuine “eureka” experience—a sense of “That’s exactly it!”—when he heard Rudolf Hess declare National Socialism to be “nothing but applied biology” (see page 31). (The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton :129)[/ex] But given that there has been little change to the creation myths of the ruling class or the colonialist mentality that they're projecting onto nature through them, there's little reason to expect that their ideas about abortion and extermination can all be relegated to history*. Especially given that everyone blamed the Nazis in retrospect for what many of the elite themselves were promoting or engaged in at the time. There is no call to repent or even remember the past when everything is supposedly purely scientific and evolutionary progress can supposedly be created based on culling, death and destruction... is there? The mentality of the ruling class that originally caused them to project their own colonialism and "capitalism"/banksterism onto nature seems to remain. So there has already been some murmuring about eugenics by Dawkins and depopulation by others around the edges that serve as policemen of knowledge for oligarchs to this day. *A ruling class mentality that hasn't exactly been relegated to history:[ex]Pianka suggests that we should begin to sterilize the human population now, a call that has previously been put forward by Henry Kissinger in a declassified document of the National Security Council (1974) entitled "The Implications of World-wide Population Growth on the Security and External Interests of the United States". This document lists as a priority birth-rate control in 13 key countries in the Third World, especially in South America. Extraordinary resources were allotted to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement the policy of birth-rate control. It also contains sections entitled: Creating Conditions Conducive to Fertility Decline, which calls for, amongst other things, "reducing infant and child mortality" Concentration on Education and Indoctrination of The Rising Generation of Children Regarding the Desirability of Smaller Family Size Utilization of Mass Media and Satellite Communications Systems for Family Planning The memorandum also includes a section that lauds abortion and states that " -- It would be unwise to restrict abortion research for the following reasons: 1) The persistent and ubiquitous nature of abortion. 2) Widespread lack of safe abortion techniques..." The memorandum basically stresses the need to offer increased aid for third world countries that agree to implement programs of sterilization and depopulation. it for yourself by clicking here. Kissinger also prepared a depopulation manifesto for President Jimmy Carter called 'Global 2000' which detailed using food as a weapon to depopulate the third world. Prisonplanet[/ex]

Meh... Metabunk

Although, I suppose it might be nice to imagine some brain events emerging "randomly" from the void or being "directed" by natural selection in some way and in so doing put all the responsibility of changing or "convincing" them onto someone else.  That way you'd always be looking at other people's theories.  The drawback to that being, you'd generally be passive and would never be building up your own theories and hypotheses and worldview.  That might be more of an explanation for others apparently "galloping" over you with their worldviews than you might think.  You can't have a whole worldview based on negative theology or atomization and so forth. 
I read a little about that carefully crafted buzzword that "you" apparently collectively came up with, seems lame.  Are you honestly thinking that Darwinists who like to imagine everything as adapting or going extinct couldn't adapt or think on their feet and simply got galloped over... to the point that they couldn't even debate anymore?  In any case... that would be ironic, if so.  A satire: "I was trampled!  I could have been an intellectual predator... savage, I tell you.  It's just that, well... I was victimized in reality instead.  You should imagine that I was a predator, though!  Because we all are when we're in a pack, haven't you noticed?"  Why is the evidence that Darwinists cite almost invariably imaginary?  They could have won the debate, it's just that they didn't actually do so.  Imagine that.  They could provide experimental evidence that actually backs their vast creation myths and probably will in the future, it's just that they usually don't in reality... here and now.  And so forth.  
I read a little about that carefully crafted buzzword that "you" apparently collectively came up with, seems lame.  Are you honestly thinking that Darwinists who like to imagine everything as adapting or going extinct couldn't adapt or think on their feet and simply got galloped over... to the point that they couldn't even debate anymore?  In any case... that would be ironic, if so.  A satire: "I was trampled!  I could have been an intellectual predator... savage, I tell you.  It's just that, well... I was victimized in reality instead.  You should imagine that I was a predator, though!  Because we all are when we're in a pack, haven't you noticed?"  Why is the evidence that Darwinists cite almost invariably imaginary?  They could have won the debate, it's just that they didn't actually do so.  Imagine that.  They could provide experimental evidence that actually backs their vast creation myths and probably will in the future, it's just that they usually don't in reality... here and now.  And so forth.  
I read a little about that carefully crafted buzzword that "you" apparently collectively came up with, seems lame.  Are you honestly thinking that Darwinists who like to imagine everything as adapting or going extinct couldn't adapt or think on their feet and simply got galloped over... to the point that they couldn't even debate anymore?  In any case... that would be ironic, if so.  A satire: "I was trampled!  I could have been an intellectual predator... savage, I tell you.  It's just that, well... I was victimized in reality instead.  You should imagine that I was a predator, though!  Because we all are when we're in a pack, haven't you noticed?"  Why is the evidence that Darwinists cite almost invariably imaginary?  They could have won the debate, it's just that they didn't actually do so.  Imagine that.  They could provide experimental evidence that actually backs their vast creation myths and probably will in the future, it's just that they usually don't in reality... here and now.  And so forth.  

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Facebook ramble...

Just remembered one more thing as far as slavery goes, it's worth remembering that there are now more African Americans in prisons built for Corrections Corporation of America and so forth working on producing items for the military industrial complex than ever worked on the plantations. People could look at it this way, America began as a Masonic plantation and it'll probably end as one too. At least the ruling class already built a great big statue of Apollo/Lucifer the light bearer too.
"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." Revelation 9:11
Our slave owners live on 33rd (3, 11s) Liberty Street, so it's no use getting too patriotic about our statue of "Liberty" and so forth. Kind of ironic, given how many Christians actually seem to worship and idolize American nationalism.  Do they even take their faith seriously?  It seems to be a group mind type of thing.  So you're either in communion with the Prince of Peace and incorporated symbolically or incorporated deeply into the pyramid schemes of the prince of this world (inc.).  They always reject the capstone and the cornerstone, symbolically speaking.
Christian nationalists believe in one nation, under god and all that.... but which one? A solar sun god like Franklin said or the Son of God like Patrick Henry said?  We've come along way toward Franklin's side as someone that liked to try to pay with hellfire, i.e. a Luciferian.  So it's illegal to have a Christian symbol but you can build a great big statue of Apollo and conscript the resources of an entire nation to lay the foundations of a Pentagon 60 years before 911 (September 11, 1941) and so forth.
Abortion? Eventually the ruling class will probably want people to have more infants in order to send them out as the infantry to be sacrificed for false prophets... I mean false profits.

Friday, July 19, 2013

CIA Talks About Bin Laden Being Trained By CIA on CNN

Adam Kokesh

Facebook comment on his idea of dismantling the federal government:  Patrick Henry, a prominent anti federalist, predicted a federal govt as powerful as this one would become tyrannical when bad people were elected, and he was right, it has, spectacularly.

Think about this:

- Every war after the war of 1812 was a manufactured war, provoked by a few powerful globalist war mongers who installed their shill politicians in the US Govt. The US military has killed millions of foreigners in these unnecessary wars, and hundreds of thousands of Americans died needlessly. Without a federal govt, none of that would of happened.

- The US Govt has maliciously interfered in the internal affairs of middle eastern countries since WW2. They built 100s of military bases all over the middle east (imagine 100s of arab military bases all over the US), and supported Arab dictators who in return agreed to maintain the US's petrodollar hegemony. The result is stagnation for middle eastern people and seething hate for the US. Do you blame them?

- The US Govt created the Federal Reserve that is responsible for the largest transfer of wealth in history to a corrupt banking cartel and few corrupt crony capitalists. No sign that the govt intends to stop this corruption, so we have to do it for them by ending the federal govt. Ending the FedRes wont work, they will just create it again in a heartbeat.

- Over the years, the US Govt has burdened businesses with draconian regulations forcing the manufacturing sector to move overseas) and replaced it with a gargantuan financial sector that grew from a $40 billion industry, pre Fed, to a $5T dollar industry today. You cant have a viable economy based solely on moving money around.

- The US Govt is responsible for incarcerating millions of US citizens for victimless crimes (drugs) solely to please Big Pharma and Big Beer, who consider cheap drugs their enemy.

The list goes on and on. The US Govt has become a monster and it must be slain. I support its peaceful dismemberment.  --Michael P. Shipley

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ted Kaufman

Perhaps the main problem: ...even more importantly, once you see the intelligence, it is much easier to determine how the intelligence has been gathered and stop that source.
The people I know who are involved in intelligence oversight believe in our Fourth Amendment rights.

The mentality usually begins to be that they're the experts or they know the experts, so they know better and so forth. There's never any corruption in it among the insiders. Nothing to see there, move along.

Meanwhile, back in reality it seems inevitable that a faction will use the information attained by spying for insider trading, blackmail and so forth. So everyone should have just stuck with the principles that the Founders laid out in the first place, archaic and outmoded as they supposedly are by now. But instead it seems that people usually get too wowed with insider knowledge or wooed with insider trading. Is it the intelligence services serving the oligarchs, or the oligarchs servicing and maintaining the intelligence services? (Was the body of an investigative journalist/Hastings cremated recently without the consent of his family? Did the intelligence services execute one of the associates of the Boston boys while interviewing him? How far are corrupt politicians and oligarchs going to let the intelligence services go? And who is serving who in their business partnerships?)

Blogger mynym said...
Look at it his way, maybe he's not going crazy and becoming demented based on dementia. Maybe that's the way that almost everyone in DC is becoming. As if they weren't already crazy and corrupt enough.

Decentralize... or die?
July 17, 2013 at 8:50 AM

Blogger mynym said...
A note on Hastings:Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ body was cremated against his family’s wishes, destroying potential evidence that could have contradicted the explanation that he died as a result of an accident, according to San Diego 6 reporter Kimberly Dvorak. Report: Michael Hastings’ Body Cremated Against Family’s Wishes I'm reminded of Sibel Edmonds, basically almost getting herself killed by the FBI and multinationals working in the intelligence services. I don't think people realize what whistle blowers are up against or why there are so few given the level of corruption these days. Bradley Manning is looking pretty pale and thin, huh?

Interesting to note on Hastings: (Rolling Stone features Boston bombing suspect on cover)  (????)

This might get more interesting than it already is if more people get interested in real investigative journalism. Not the fake journalism and "This just in, official sources just took a leak on me!" stuff in the mainstream/corporate media.

And ultimately, real journalism (RIP Hastings) and the free flow of information (RIP Aaron Swartz) may wind up protecting your civil rights more than a compromised, demented or corrupt Congressman will. Aren't they always lagging indicators of trends anyway?

Abortion and PETA

...the horrifying ultrasound law in Wisconsin (a woman seeking an abortion for ANY reason has to submit to an ultrasound where the technician shows you the fetus' hands, eyes, feet etc.

As long as the boy/man that's the father has to be there too, why shouldn't people have to look at those they're sacrificing in order to profit for themselves? I guess a law favored by PETA in which everyone has to look at the animals that they've been incorporated into killing would be horrifying too. But at some point, people lose their grasp of reality and engage in the wanton destruction of life if they never have to see or look at what they're doing.

....and the new laws in ND, prove that the GOP is, in fact, waging a very aggressive WAR ON WOMEN.

No more than PETA would be waging a war on people by trying to have them look at what they're actually doing.

It's important to remember that no one is really trying to wage a war against other people just for the hell of it. Whatever they're doing, from their perspective it's usually justified and righteous and so forth. Do politicians use wedge issues and wage war just for the hell and power of it? Sometimes. But that's not the case with the true believers that are out to save the babies or the animals. Don't hate them all or become narrow minded to the point of being incapable of seeing things from their perspective, they're usually compassionate men and women and not just a bunch of people waging "war" for their causes for the hell of it and so forth. (Some may do that... but most don't.)

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Note on the Destroyer and the Creator

Whatever happened it would be ironic if you're correct and a mass movement within the bowels of the body politic reached critical mass anyway.  All based on mental illusions ("It looked like it fell at free fall.  It really did.") that really were just some weird combination of happenstance, coincidence and incompetence.  Not to mention the symbolism of destroying the Right/masculine and the Left/feminine pillars  of the base in politics and then destroying the pillar of Solomon/wisdom and caring between them too.  More happenstance arising from a void looked down on by the light bearing statue of Liberty/Apollo... or pareidolia, I'd imagine

 What does order out of chaos and happenstance mean, again?  Because sometimes it looks like the idea that destruction is creation and the equivalent of a destroyer, a creator. 

Anyway... how could you recognize a conspiracy, if nothing is a conspiracy and everything comes about based on happenstance?

Metabunk, research on African American tribalism

Rally Shuts Down Major Intersection In Newark...
Baltimore Witness: Group of Blacks Beat Hispanic Man, Yelling 'This Is For Trayvon'...
White jogger beaten...
Protesters storm WALMART...
Soul singer attacked after dedicating song to Trayvon...
'You m—–f——, you started this!'
VIDEO: CBS Reporter, Photographer Attacked...
LAPD vows crackdown...
Zimmerman's Parents in Hiding from 'Enormous Amount of Death Threats'...
Lawyer: Prosecutors 'Disgrace to My Profession'...
Verdict unleashed pent up rage...
NUGENT: Vindicates citizen patrols, self-defense...


Not to mention that there's some weird top secret and occulted/hidden stuff having to do with the way that Mormonism and Masonry resonate with the music of the spheres to the 33rd degree and ultimately, with the aliens/gods governing our governing bodies.  (At least, the gods according to Benjamin Franklin's imagination.) 

Who was that Congressman that wanted to investigate Benghazi?  I forget. 

  Anyway... Obama is a halfway decent puppet, as far as I'm concerned.  What are you saying, that the CIA or another element within the intelligence community created or retrofitted his identity for him?  Why would that matter, if he does what their Power Structure Inc. tells him to like a good little boy and signs off on assassinating 16 year old Muslim kids when their name is entered into the threat disposition matrix and so forth?  He'd almost be like an asset anyway, just like almost every president since JFK.  The fact that Petraeus was taken out would seem to indicate that there are still disputes within the power structure and that Obama may be a little more intelligent than a puppet like Bush, though.  Little wonder that generals and other members of secret societies might possibly want to be rid of him.  All theoretical, of course... except that which isn't. 

Zealots studying civilization... at least they got to the point eventually.

Italy's First Black Minister Greeted With "Nooses On Lampposts"

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So European, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Chinese, Swedes, and Americans don't do well on IQ tests designed in Africa?  Are you sure?  Do you have a citation for that study?
Are you saying every race in the world has equivalent intelligence, on average?
Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:49 | 3757660 new McMolotov
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Practically speaking, there are different kinds of intelligence. I know I'd suck at an IQ test that was all about hut construction and clitorectomies.
Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:50 | 3757666 new espirit
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The Italians/Sicilians are still pissed about being over-run by the NA hoards.  They should treat the Congolese like long lost cousins...
(which they are btw)
Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:57 | 3757682 new ParkAveFlasher
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I don't believe IQ only has to do with race when race correlates with culture, which normally is a derivative of local climate and time. If you take, say, a young Harvard-graduated Goldman Sachs analyst and dump in The Bush you will find his intelligence quite lacking.  Likewise, if you take Bushman out of the Bush and dump on the trading floor, the same would be said.
What never shows on IQ tests is the type of intelligence it takes to survive, thrive, and flourish within a given circumstance where the smart ones are already well-settled, networked, and rife with experential tips.  You have to baseline to the culture and you can't compare apples and oranges.
It's like saying eagles are superior to toucans because of the loftiness of the eagle's flight and sharpness of its gaze.  The toucan might argue that it is reasonable contented in a shady tree eating mangos all day and showing off its feathers.  Then again, the toucan would not survive long in the Pugent Sound.
IQ measures abstractions of intelligence, not intelligence itself.  Intelligence only bears observation.  

(Emphasis added)

Metabunk, two sides to a coin...

I'm enjoying life either way, always have. Except a few times there when I realized that almost my entire view of the world was probably bunk and pretty stupid from a different perspective too. And a few other days, similar situation... apparently that's life before we go the way of the Dodo. 

Even the apparent psychopaths in charge in America probably have higher birds of prey circling above them, one way or another.  I wonder, would imaginary aliens/gods within the multiverse care about our "unalienable" rights as Americans to the same extent that we care about animal rights and sacrificing them... or could they care less than the "Lamb of God"? 

What is caring and the ability to empathize, again?  Seems mysterious.

In any event, things are going remarkably well for me and life is good.  I don't fear either side "winning"... and I don't use fear as opposed to feeling safe as a metric for the truth of things.  But for those who do feel fear and tend to use that as a metric there's always this:  "Quick, to da bunker!  We'll be safe from the CTs and ETs in here.  Look at the world through our peep hole, they'll never get in here!!"  I try to write satire.  But it often seems to turn out looking a little too much like reality to me.  Oh well.  If at first you don't succeed then try, try again.

Stupidty, Metabunk

Nothing against stupidity or being pretty stupid, we all have our part to play.  And I know a lot of nice people in the body politic happily living within whatever paradigm of knowledge they happen by happenstance to exist in that actually seem pretty dumb.  It's usually not worth trying to do anything about it.  Let them be happy and believe what they want to believe, how nice.  It's just that when groups of people claim to be skeptics or claim that they have pretty much all knowledge/scientia on their side and so forth, well.  Let's get ready to rumble (!!!!)... but not within the paradigm of a big octagon like the UFC.  Because that would be like the stop thinking sign on the top of the heads of our "police men."  Sometimes an octagon is "just" an octagon, from some perspectives... I'd imagine. 

Symbolism is dead and atomized due to science, long live symbolism.  Dust to dust... but what's this between these "debunked" minds of the synaptic gaps, one might wonder?

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Bankers Caught On Tape, Joking About Bailout, And How They'd Never Pay I...


I always thought it fitting that legislatures have to sit under the Dome in D.C. to try to give birth to legislation and so forth.  Although, these days their efforts look more like the mating habits of hyenas* than what the Founders originally designed the place for. Too bad about that aspect of it and the deterioration of America after 911.  The conspiracy theorists do seem to be right about a lot, scary as it is.  Storm clouds gathering, etc. 

I wouldn't use your fear or a "debunking" desire for safety as a metric for how true or false all their fear mongering is.  I know they're wrong about a few details and their over all pattern of thought is usually crazy/loopy too.  But just as it might be helpful for them to imagine reasons to calm down it might be helpful for others to imagine the body politic as being ruled by a sort of group mind.  No evil master mind like the conspiracy theorists say but a mind of sorts based on group dynamics, nonetheless. 

It may be that the conspiracy theorists that have begun galloping across the scene while imagining themselves to be Paul Revere are probably more correct and accurate in their perceptions about things than you are in general.  (Many are probably even capable of perceiving a phallic symbol when they see one too.  Pareidolia from your perspective though, huh?  Because it's not as if the conspirators have or can come forward to say: "Yes, we built a huge phallic symbol and it measures 666 too.") 

Worth considering the perspective of those you call conspiracy theorists...  I'm glad you can debunk more than a few details of the galloping types and therefore feel safe within your worldview, though.  That's an important perspective too.   

*[QUOTE]Aggressiveness is a good attribute for a creature living in a society where 40 to 60 individuals scrap over food, and especially for females requiring extra energy for developing offspring.
   By infusing her developing young with androgen, the mother increases the likelihood that her genetic information will survive.
'Imagine giving birth through a penis'
     Because of the female's awkward genitalia, successful mating for hyenas is tricky to pull off. It takes careful positioning for the male to crouch behind her and somehow get his penis to point up and backwards...
"Males need practice. After a couple of months of practicing, they get it lined up just right," Holekamp told LiveScience.
[/QUOTE]  Talk about leading from behind, huh?  Don't worry, that's just another metaphor for sexual congress that came about by happenstance.

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The Court Jester

My Youtube comment on it:

Why does the entertainer or the prankster and the court jester always seem to know more than the bumbling fools of the court itself? The half witted journalist and the politician went off into never land and only the jester kept his eye on the ball, as usual. Watching journalists like that trying to understand the banking system is like watching children trying to understand sleight of hand or a shell game.

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The evolution of Nietsche

I suspect that your argument would cause you to be blind to Monsanto's bioengineering for as long as the engineers were unknown, even if they were in fact engaged in it.

But in any event, plausible pathways is more imaginary evidence. Nothing against it... or philosophical hand waving, as some might project it. But it's not the equivalent of empirical and experimental evidence verifying rigorously specified theories of evolution. Also worth noting, arguing that "God wouldn't do this." is not only a long way from a rigorously specified theory... it actually probably has more to do with what one might imagine God doing or not doing. Some people can't imagine that God would allow his Son to be crucified and sacrificed like an animal so that others who themselves might as well be the symbolic equivalent of predators might eat, I'd imagine. But it would be ironic for Christians to imagine that or a theologian like Darwin to imagine that there is some deep and abiding problem within Christian theology with the idea of predation or the existence of one organism eating another.  (Seriously.)

Because as far as theological arguments about what God should or shouldn't do go, isn't eating incorporated as a central symbol of the Christian faith and what people imagine the Lamb of God allowing?

The opposite view:

Worth noting that for all his rambling about being Anti-Christ, Nietzsche didn't really get far after he made the mistake of mistaking the philosophical and theological hand waving of Darwinism for science:

What an Ubermensch Nietzsche turned out to be, huh?

Anyway, at least he died with a firmer grip on reality.

That's my ramble for today.

Saving a Metabunk comment... he may be correct.

No that would be MSNBC and Rev Al . I personally dont think their will be riots especially in Florida too many gun loving Crackers . Most of those Twiiter feeds and facebook pages have been infiltrated by the opposition . Remember the Koreans Apr26th 1992 ?
Al's in it up to his neck, as this is his wheelhouse. I saw something where he's already being sued by Z's camp for the stuff he's doing. It get's hazy, yet I remember a time not far back when convicting on national networks was frowned upon. I don't know for sure, maybe it was a movie.

The crackcers with guns gambit doesn't hold. That act doesn't even hit the stage until after the first round is over. Right now, the point is to whip them all up for the gun grap they fear after the reason to do it plays though. Any widespread stuff will be urban because of density, and that's when the gun control folks get to see what the fuss was about in the dense urban areas. Maybe they will be all "USA!" when the big toys roll out, like they did during the Boston beta, maybe they won't. We'll just have to wait and see.

One thing's for sure, though. Once it's over, it will again be clear that no price is too much to pay for Keeping Us Safe, and the obvious answer is to go get the guns out of the cracker barrel so that this kind of thing can't happen again. Then, take those guns and melt them down and use them to make more cctv cameras, because we just didn't see this one coming.

Because once again, it's clear that no matter what precautions we take, it's an increasingly dangerous world. All the prep, all the drills, all the surveillance, all the hardware, and fuck it all if the shit didn't squeeze through yet again.

If all this shit is supposed to Keep Us Safe, how come it never does?

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Metabunk 7/9

I wish we had a better entertainer in chief now, merely my perspective. Maybe the corporate media/government hive mind should look into getting an actor to play the part of the CEO again. A satire: "An official source just took a leak on me about what went on at the Bohemian Grove... so this crisis actor should be president!" Relevant to the topic because the point is, when the "mainstream" or corporate/government media messes around with people's perceptions and perspectives as much as the military industrial media has in the past, perhaps it's little wonder that more and more internet types are crazy enough to speculate about crisis actors now. Internet types on "the web"* that is in the processes of coming into existence faster than conspirators and the military industrial media can keep up with it.

*Note one of the slogans of conspirators that seem to like to think of themselves as Illuminated Gods Inc. and the manipulators of perceptions among the multitude of pawns on the Grand Chessboard: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here". One might imagine that as a reference to a mythological conspiracy theorist:   
In Greco-Roman mythology, Arachne (pron.: /əˈrækniː/) was a great mortal weaver who boasted that her skill was greater than that of Athena, goddess of wisdom and [war] strategy. Arachne refused to acknowledge that her knowledge came, in part at least, from the goddess. Offended by Arachne’s arrogance, Athena set a contest between the two weavers. According to Ovid, the goddess was so envious of the magnificent tapestry and the mortal weaver’s success, and perhaps offended by the girl’s choice of subjects (the loves and transgressions of the gods), that she destroyed the tapestry and loom and slashed the girl’s face. “Not even Pallas nor blue-fevered Envy \ Could damn Arachne’s work. \ The goddess raged at the girl’s success, struck through her loom, tore down the scenes of wayward joys in heaven.″ Ultimately, the goddess turned Arachne into a spider. Arachne simply means “spider” (ἀράχνη) in Greek. –Wikipedia

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Not even worth posting this comment where I wrote it.

Speaking of Tom Lantos, Mr. Incubator Baby:  Warmonger Tom Lantos presented false witness of murdered incubator babies

I wouldn't look too closely into the history of most Zionists.  It's still not clear how the sacrifice (other sacrifices don't count the same) of the sacred six million (estimates vary) in a fire/holocaust creates a right of return to some other place where indigenous groups of people were already living.  There again, if European converts to Judaism can create a right to immigrate in that way then can the Palestinian create rights to take back their houses or to settle their land by converting to Judaism?  After all.. Israel is supposed to be a Jewish homeland, right? 

I'm just wondering how Zionism works, given that it seems to be creating an epicenter of violence and abject hatred that could conceivably impact me and my family more than it already has.   

Students Destroy NSA Recruiters

Metabunk 7/8

Evidence of the arrogance and pride of man?  Well, with respect to Babel... there's always the European Union parliament building that was apparently modeled incorrectly based on an artists rendering of the Tower of Babel.  But at least these modern ape-like creatures didn't make it into a pyramidal structure as a result because then if I created carefully crafted buzzwords like "pyramid scheme" to resonate with the economic system and the fact that "American" money has a pyramid printed on it then someone might imagine that I was referring to the EU too.

[QUOTE]There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven.
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
With a word she cant get what she came for.
Ooh, ooh, and she's buying a stairway to heaven.
There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.

Makes you wonder, huh?

In any event, I doubt anyone with a boring debunking mentality is going to answer.  Perhaps mainly because they'll tend to have no idea what you're talking about. 

So you see how it goes.  In the midst of a debunking mentality, even if an overall pattern or consciousness within the brains between our temples really did exist there might never be any evidence for it according to some perspectives.  I'm reminded of the biologists who spend a lot of time imagining things about the past while refusing to participate in biology.  Meanwhile, a child:  "Maybe it's because the frog likes that!"

[QUOTE]A complete physical and chemical topography of a frog would tell us nothing about it as a frog, unless we knew it previously as a frog. And if the rules of scientific detachment required that we limit ourselves exclusively to physical and chemical observations, we would remain forever unaware of frogs or of any other living beings, just as we would remain ignorant also by such observations of all machines and other human contrivances.
(Scientific Outlook: Its Sickness and Cure
by Michael Polanyi
Science New Series, Vol. 125, No. 3246 (Mar., 1957), pp. 482)[/QUOTE]

Similarly, if there were alien forms of life just out of reach of people living in "the base" or physical substrate of existence shaping the brains between the temples of some artists and scientists or people in secret societies then we might never be aware of it, unless it was revealed to us previously in the same way. 

For that matter, people are already hardly aware of themselves as thinking, knowing, living beings already in touch with more than simply "the base" of the physical substrate of their existence.  Yet thanks to Darwin many are probably too busy with imagining that everything they do generally reduces back to the mating habits of ancient ape-like creatures, who themselves weren't even thinking, knowing and living beings either.  After all, it is to be imagined that they emerged from a void of chaos/nothing these days.  So there is "no evidence" for any other possibility.  None at all. 

You seem to be wanting to proceed to the highest heights of pattern recognition where the "most high" UFOs and Zeppelin's purely symbolic Stairway to Heaven and the stargates* and all the rest of babble of that sort is.  But I'd settle for more knowledge about the least of these or even worms first.  So still waiting on a trajectory of adaptation and an actual theory of evolution...  I mean, it's not as if it's rocket science.  It's not as if we're journeying to distant stars here.       

*There again, I guess if you've ever been entertained "based" on archetypes or the patterns of ancient stories then the perception would be that it can't be true... right?  After all, that's all superstition given that the past is where the Cave Man and all the ancient ape-like creatures lived.     

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Metabunk 7/7

As far as works of art go, I prefer Stairway to Heaven by Zeppelin

Well, perhaps not this part:
There's a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking.
Panic, someone call 911!!!!  Let's get the people wearing the stop signs on their heads here, quick!  Or even better, the British police with the octagon stop thinking symbols on their heads and the game board of "the base" wrapped around the brains between their temples too.  They're good auxiliaries.   

But I'd imagine that's all babble and "conspiracy theories" from the perspective of those who have no idea that ruling/measuring classes even "exist."  So just kidding... and remember if there's a shared sacrifice don't panic, just call 911, etc.   

Now that this thread had finally got to tech stuff you guys excel in, I’ll just leave ya to it because I’m not a nuts and bolts guy; I’m more interested in what the nuts and bolts hold together. Instead of how they fly, I’m more interested in why they fly and for who.

You shouldn't be that way.  After all, the physical nuts and bolts guys can be wrong due to their mentality and their arrogance with respect to knowledge.  That's why some of them were still writing about how heavier than air flying machines were impossible while the Wright Brothers were giving empirical and experimental demonstrations that they had already created one.  The debunker's flights of fancy in that case... debunked!

That's why I look to the apparent crackpots and kooks for much of major significance.  Hard to tell with them sometimes but this Hutchinson Effect thing seems interesting.  Probably just another crackpot working in his garage and so forth, as opposed to a government scientist working in the best labs that money can buy.  Yet if history is any measure, the garage may be where significant new inventions and theories with vast explanatory power will be created and not within the common herd of "skeptics" that usually work for the government.  Look to the alchemists, not the chemists and the crazy people who think that they see patterns in everything and not those who "debunk" everything in existence while spending their spare time imagining that they've successfully reduced living organisms to dead mechanisms?  No.  I wouldn't look to one "side" or the other.  We all have our part to play in "progress."          

From the Intro of the winner of The 1998 NASA-Ames Space Settlement Design Contest:
The authors chose Babylon as the name for the space settlement.

Same old, same old.  At least Franklin may get his wish, as far as being better than the builders of Babel:
 "I also believe," Franklin continued, that "without his concurring Aid, we shall succeed in this political Building no better than the Builders of Babel."

Note his view of the gods, Mr. lightning rod himself: 
I believe there is one Supreme most perfect Being, Author and Father of the Gods themselves.

For I believe that Man is not the most perfect Being but One, rather that as there are many Degrees of Beings his Inferiors, so there are many Degrees of Beings superior to him. .
Also, when I stretch my Imagination thro' and beyond our System of Planets, beyond the visible fix'd Stars themselves, into that Space that is every Way infinite, and conceive it fill'd with Suns like ours, each with a Chorus of Worlds for ever moving round him, then this little Ball on which we move, seems, even in my narrow Imagination, to be almost Nothing, and my self less than nothing, and of no sort of Consequence. .
When I think thus, I imagine it great Vanity in me to suppose, that the Supremely Perfect, does in the least regard such an inconsiderable Nothing as Man. More especially, since it is impossible for me to have any positive clear Idea of that which is infinite and incomprehensible, I cannot conceive otherwise, than that He, the Infinite Father, expects or requires no Worship or Praise from us, but that he is even INFINITELY ABOVE IT. .  [....]
I CONCEIVE then, that the INFINITE has created many Beings or Gods, vastly superior to Man, who can better conceive his Perfections than we, and return him a more rational and glorious Praise. As among Men, the Praise of the Ignorant or of Children, is not regarded by the ingenious Painter or Architect, who is rather honour'd and pleas'd with the Approbation of Wise men and Artists. .
It may be that these created Gods, are immortal, or it may be that after many Ages, they are changed, and Others supply their Places. .
Howbeit, I conceive that each of these is exceeding wise, and good, and very powerful; and that Each has made for himself, one glorious Sun, attended with a beautiful and admirable System of Planets. .
It is that particular wise and good God, who is the Author and Owner of our System, that I propose for the Object of my Praise and Adoration.

At least Americans already have a statue of Apollo masquerading as a statue of Lady Liberty to match Franklin's philosophy... although it did seem to look down with baleful eyes on the scene on 911.  I'm surprised that the debunkers and the separation of church and state types haven't tried to have statues torn down and so forth, given that they would seem to be a monumental establishment of religion.  Just kidding.  It's fitting that agnostics should be ruled by gnostics, I suppose.   

Humanity stands on the edge of a new frontier. Nothing in this proposal is impossible. Indeed, all that is really necessary is the ambition, the vision, and leadership. The authors believe that their generation has these qualities. As in ancient Babylon, humanity may once again unite together into a project of epic proportions "Look, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them" Genesis XI, 6

NASA getting downright biblical again, huh?  Yet, why doesn't the separation of church and state ever apply to Luciferian patterns of thought being drawn out of the Bible?  Shrug.  Apparently it doesn't apply so in the meantime the sycamores have fallen but Americans will replace them.  The stones have been overturned but they will replace that with hewn stone (provided the unions agree and what not), etc.?  People can't even lay their cornerstone right, these days... let alone cap it all off with a capstone.

What ensued was senseless squabbling, near-criminal incompetence and bald-faced lies, all of which constituted a betrayal of the murdered innocents the stone purported to honor.
After two years, the stone was deemed to be in the way of the changing plans for the site. Early on the morning of June 23, 2006, it was loaded onto a flatbed truck, reveiled with a tarp and driven 45 miles back to Innovative Stone in Hauppauge, L.I.
The company had donated the garnet-flecked stone and done the polishing and inscribing free, another example of the spirit of true goodness that filled so many Americans in the aftermath of the monstrous attack.
No doubt more than one suburban homeowner who came to Innovative Stone for a counter for a kitchen or a bathroom was surprised to behold the inscribed cornerstone sitting in a corner of the company's work lot.  Link

Someone should inform Daschle and Edwards:
But there is a passage in the Bible from Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times such as this: The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars. That is what we will do. We will rebuild and we will recover.  The people of America will stand strong together because the people of America have always stood together. And those of us privileged to serve this great Nation will stand with you.  --Tom Daschle

Good morning. Today, on this day of remembrance and mourning, we have the Lord’s word to get us through. "The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones; the sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place." And let me show you how we are building and putting cedars in those three hallowed places—the footprints of the Towers, the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania. Walk with me through this day and you will see that this is a season of hope. . . Walk with me through this day. And you will see that while those bricks fell and the sycamores cut down, our people are making those cedars rise. . . . Each time that bell tolls, it calls us to a greater purpose. It calls us to never forget. It calls us to do the Lord’s work here on earth. And it calls on us to always remember that when we walk through this day together—the cedars will rise, the stones will go up, and this season of hope will endure.”  --John Edwards

Just to be clear about NASA and other Americans going biblical like this, NASA is trying to complete the project of Babel* while American artists are entertaining people with Satanism and American political leaders are basically calling what seem to be ancient religious curses down?  And it's all emerging from a void by happenstance, I'd imagine.  One would think that something new would emerge from the void in such mythological matters and so forth.  But it would seem that there's nothing new under the sun, not even under Apollo... lord of the void.

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.  Revelation 9:11

Maybe it's all just a mythological and symbolic work of art, until "the base" resources of nations are literally conscripted to build a great big statue of Apollo and so forth.
*As far as the symbolism of it goes 666 = a trinity of incompleteness, just saying.  

Friday, July 05, 2013

Metabunk, 7/5 (2)

But who knows what "Mr. Crowley" took seriously if he liked to lie and entertain the base?  And who knows how much slight-of-hand trickery he would incorporate in the theatrical production of his miraculous acts of supposed "magick" if he was trying to create himself in the image of an imaginary deceiver too?   

In any event, at least Americans apparently already have a real statue of Apollo to resonate well with the Apollo missions where they went up in the heavens like the "Most High" did.  

No word yet on how Christians are going to explain how Jesus went beyond the Van Allen Belt.  Speculation would vary among "lunatics," I'd imagine... but even if you imagined an entire group of multiple universes then I could imagine Jesus at the top or as the completing capstone of them all.  Case closed!

Granted, my conclusions would be based on imaginary evidence and the symbolism of other "lunatics" that's subject to "faith based" interpretations... but that usually seems to be all we have in such matters.      

Metabunk 7/5

Not even worth posting this there.


[quote="JRBids, post: 52531, member: 710"]And have you found any of these people here?[/quote]

It's probably worth further study.  Eventually I may even come up with some likely candidates.

[quote]How do you determine whether or not someone is missing half of all wit?[/quote]

If the half-wits involved were not trendy artists playing pretend about being in the illuminati by using all seeing eye symbolism (Real.  Dumb.) and so forth then things might be more difficult to illustrate, huh?  Where are the crayons when you need them.  Shrug. 

It's not as if I would have the ability to communicate to half-wits that imagined themselves as iconoclastic, if I did happen by happenstance to find some. 

Anyway, random quote of the day: 
"Science is spectral analysis. Art is light synthesis."  --Karl Kraus

It has something to do with something, trust me.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Another day, another well informed comment on the internet... but only on the internet, usuallly.

More information is necessary to properly assess the phenomenon in Germany, Steve. Germans did not merely react to the "terrible economic situation in the 1930s" --
a. The 'terrible economic situation in the 1930s was the direct result of a Jewish organized and imposed boycott of German goods that was intended to economically destroy Germany. It is eerily reminiscent of the sanctions imposed on Iran today. Sam Untermyer was one of the sparkplugs of the boycott "Hitler's bitterest foe": Samuel Untermyer and the boycott of Nazi Germany, 1933-1938 *.: An article from: American Jewish History. Germans starved to death as a result of that boycott.
b. German Jews were at the vanguard of Weimar Germany. Under Weimar, moral norms that conservative Germans were accustomed to were seriously eroded. (see Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy In addition to the economic hardship imposed by Versailles reparations (in part negotiated by Felix Warburg -- see The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I, Second Edition and Jews and the German State: The Political History of a Minority, 1848-1933 the Weimar economy suffered hyperinflation -- again, leading to starvation death of many.
c. These two bouts of starvation and economic destabilization suffered by German citizens followed immediately on the starvation death of 800,000 German civilians as a result of the illegal blockade of foodstuffs imposed by Great Britain in WWI that R H S Stolfi, a professor at the US Naval Postgraduate school, wrote about in Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny .
Think about that: 800,000 innocent German civilians deliberately starved to death. Shades of 500,000 Iraqis starved to death, in the process of softening up that nation for its total destruction, and precursor to the hoped-for starvation of Iranian people to soften up THAT nation for its destruction.
This time, the world is watching carefully and taking notes.
It would give more credibility to your argument if all the facts were presented, Steve; the Jewish Boycott begun in 1933 was announced with banner headlines in major newspapers and boosted with parades in New York City and rallies at Madison Square Garden. The anger that German people expressed toward Jews had very real causes, it was not the result of some mysterious mystical and mythical "Goldhagen thesis." Link

Excellent review...

...the idea of "Jewish Identity" politics has no differing symptoms than any other nationalistic fervor that grips a small group or even a large one in many respects. For example, the myth of American Exceptionalism is as much a similar dynamic as that of the concept of "choseness" by the Jewish Community which is fiercely supported by Israeli political endeavor. Both came about for the same exact reasons where the American symptom was provided for by early, fervently, religious Protestants who came to the American shores in the 17th century while the Jewish\Israeli symptom was provided for by their own Judaic belief system.

Nazism is another classic example of a group-dynamic that came about due to the growing power of the German national socialists that used the terrible economic situations in 1930s Germany to invigorate nationalism within the German populace to a degree that it eventually turned on itself by attacking a long and prosperous Jewish Community that not only saw themselves as Germans above all else but provided part of the foundation for an economically viable Germany. The Zionists have done the same to themselves and it is getting worse as increasingly discriminatory legislation is passed in Israel along with increasing censure of free-speech. However, where the Nazis saw their situation as a result of defeat in the first world war, Zionists saw it first as a reaction to the consistent anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe and Russia and then later the destruction of European Jewry during World War II.

Both situations had\have definitive underlying causes that gave rise to extremist views, the first leading to a second world conflagration, the second, an increasingly belligerent Israeli nation that began life with a war crime.

Many would argue that Israel is right to take such a position but unfortunately, the facts, which are well documented and available for anyone who wants to research them, will refute such a position.

However, Gilad Atzmon is not writing about specific facts that have already been widely discussed and debated, with the promoters being constantly defamed but instead about a way of thinking that in of itself will eventually destroy the Israeli nation outright since much of what Israel and its Zionist supporters are promoting is based upon sheer fantasy.  This fantasy is also nothing exceptional in the realm of national mythology. All such nationalistic development is fed, influenced, and encouraged to believe in realities that simply never occurred. It is unfortunate but it is also a basic flaw in the Human condition. Everyone wants to believe they are something special, which in essence is an extension of every individual seeking their place in an extremely large universe.  [....]  [I like this deadpan comment at the end too:] 
Those who would use the shriek of anti-Semitism to label Atzmon's work not only unethical but irrelevant are attempting to promote the idea that Israelis and Zionists are somehow different from the rest of Humanity which would mean that they are in effect separate from the Human race in particular. I doubt this is possible.