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Operation Drop Kick

Between April and November of 1956, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps conducted Operation Drop Kick[1] to test the practicality of employing mosquitoes to carry a biological warfare agent in different ways. The Corps released uninfected female mosquitoes into a cooperative residential area of Savannah, Georgia, and then estimated how many mosquitoes entered houses and bit people. Within a day the mosquitoes had bitten many people.[2] In 1958, the Corps released 600,000 mosquitoes in Avon Park, Florida.
These tests showed that mosquitoes could be spread by means of various devices.[3]    

Operation Big Itch... Oops

Operation Big Itch was a U.S. entomological warfare field test using uninfected fleas to determine their coverage and survivability as a vector for biological agents.[1] The tests were conducted at Dugway Proving Ground in 1954.


Operation Big Itch was a September 1954 series of tests at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.[2][3] The tests were designed to determine coverage patterns and survivability of the tropical rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis) for use in biological warfare as disease vector.[3] The fleas used in these trials were not infected by any biological agent.[4] The fleas were loaded into two types of munitions and dropped from the air.[4] The E14 bomb and E23 bomb, which could be clustered into the E86 cluster bomb and E77 bomb, respectively.[3] When the cluster bombs reached 2,000 or 1,000 feet (600 or 300 m) the bomblets would drop via parachute, disseminating their vector.[3]
The E14 was designed to hold 100,000 fleas and the E23 was designed to hold 200,000 fleas but the E23 failed in over half of the preliminary Big Itch tests.[3] E23s malfunctioned during testing and the fleas were released into the aircraft where they bit the pilot, bombardier and an observer.[4]    --Wikipedia

Declassified, Operation Big Buzz

Operation Big Buzz was a U.S. military entomological warfare field test conducted in the U.S. state of Georgia in 1955. The tests involved dispersing over 300,000 mosquitoes from aircraft and through ground dispersal methods.


Operation Big Buzz occurred in May 1955 in the U.S. State of Georgia. The operation was a field test designed to determine the feasibility of producing, storing, loading into munitions, and dispersing from aircraft the yellow fever mosquito (though these were not infected for the test) (Aedes aegypti).[1] The second goal of the operation was to determine whether the mosquitoes would survive their dispersion and seek meals on the ground.[1] Around 330,000 uninfected mosquitoes were dropped from aircraft in E14 bombs and dispersed from the ground. In total about one million female mosquitoes were bred for the testing;[2] remaining mosquitoes were used in munition.  --Wikipedia

Meh..... more rambling, trying to think about why it came to a progressively pathetic state.

What is Chris Coons' position on passing laws to protect Brony People from discrimination? 

After all, they might want to play dress up and go into a store.  And someone might be mean.  And then they would cry.  Or their costume might get caught in the door and they could stub their toe.   And then they would cry.

So why no new laws and proposals for this well hidden, yet widespread and very important problem?    Do Democrats hate Brony People?

Call up Jack Markell, Labor Zionist... because it would seem that there may be another tribe of Victims here! 
A long time ago I found that through the replacement of the word ‘woman’ with ‘Jew’ and the word ‘man’ with ‘gentile’, a lesbian separatist text could be transformed smoothly into a radical Zionist pamphlet and vice versa. Lesbian separatism is a form of ‘ultimate feminism’; it requires a shift from the realisation that ‘every woman can be a lesbian’ to the radical perception that ‘every woman should be a lesbian.’30 Similarly, a Zionist would argue that ‘every Jew should be a Zionist’ rather than that ‘every Jew can be a Zionist’. Some Zionists would go further and argue that since Israel is ‘the state of the Jewish people’ every Jew should be seen as a Zionist. Accordingly, rejection of Zionism by a Jew should be considered an act of treason, or at very least a form of self-hatred.
(Atzmon, Gilad (2011-09-30). The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (p. 42))
  It's curious how people can be led to believe that they supposedly need a Bathroom Bill to protect the supposed Transgender Tribe (what saviors!), yet they cannot so much as mention the civil rights of Palestinians.  Or indeed, admit that real people exist.  Or that their bathrooms have been bulldozed, etc.  Interesting contrast, as to supposedly protecting sexual tribes in the bathroom (????) while simultaneously bulldozing the bathrooms of others. 
The fact that Markell is Jewish — as is Matthew Denn, Delaware’s lieutenant governor — would remain an item of curiosity but for the presidential electioneering that will reach its peak after Labor Day. Jewish elected officials are in high demand, and Markell, the only sitting Jewish governor in the United States, has been recruited by the Obama campaign’s Jewish outreach effort. It is a new role for a governor who, though prominent in local politics, has yet to become a player on the national scene. But Markell is now part of a select group of elected officials tasked with bringing the Obama message to Jewish voters in swing states.
  Those slated to serve as Obama’s faces to the Jewish community, which include elected officials on the national level as well as state legislators, were provided with detailed talking points on the president’s commitment to Israel, including responses to claims that he is hostile towards the Jewish state.
  Hostility indicated by his sending over more billions and bombs, I suppose....

Too bad the Palestinians cannot form an LGBT Tribe of Victims and then demand, as Rainbow People... that Jack Markell stop supporting having their bathrooms be FUCKING bulldozed into the ground, huh? 

Little wonder that antisemites get so upset that they work against themselves and play into the "going tribal" vortex of hatred that tribalism/Jew"ish"ness generates.  Many are not even Jews racially but apparently ish...  "ish"... ish enough to have homes bulldozed, to steal from the goyim, to defame the goyim, to degrade goyim cultures, etc.  So what's really holding it together or giving people a tribal perception of themselves?  Talmudism.  The Holocaust.  Antisemitism.  Nationalism.  Zionism.  All of those things and perhaps more seem to be facets of it.

What's the primary thing, though?  Tribalism. And what holds tribalism together, given that people disagree with each other and the village idiot gets to come along every time a tribe if formed?  Victimization.  So that would seem to be the key to it all.  If people see that they are not victims, then tribal perceptions begin to fall apart.  (Less of a reason to herd and huddle together in a tribe if there actually isn't a larger predator out there, I'd imagine.)  Another way out may be if people begin to see that the tribe of Victims policing and creating other culturally approved tribes of Victims are the bullies and not victims.

But when that happens... here we go again!  Because they're bound to be "bullied" again if people tire of being ruled or bullied by Eternal Victims.  Oh well, at least life is good for me.  I should probably stop reading about the traditions and culture of a very "peculiar" Tribe of Victims and focus on the classics more, like Ezra Pound said.  Because the rabbinic idea of being "Jewish" tends to create a tribal vortex rooted in powerful human emotions that people can get lost in. 

Quite lost.  The antisemites are no better than the rabbis in their focus, in many ways...  but there's no denying that their invention of "Jewish People" and the way that they attached their traditions of racism, murder and deceit to tribalism has been a powerful force in history.  It's to the point that the "neocons" probably do not even know they're lying or "conspiring" to create wars on the one hand and Jack Markell does not even know why creating supposed sexual tribes among the goyim comes naturally to him. 

Their culture and their traditions matter.  They're not Asians or WASPs (Although they have their own thing with Zionism.).  They're Jews and usually Zionists, even if they themselves do not even know what being "Jewish" means, exactly.         

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interesting article/perspective... going to finish reading it later.

Another reason few regard Clinton as a major turning point is because most people understandably cannot not imagine what was going on behind closed doors. The only reason he made it to the White House was because he never had to worry about campaign funds & most importantly he knew the Zionist controlled media WAS ON HIS SIDE! Any opponent who was doing well was tripped up. When one front-runner replaced another, they were tripped up. This went on & on. In the meantime smiling Bill, a draft-dodging, drug-running, fraudster, murderer of kids, was always made to look good; never asked one awkward question. When it came to the run-off with Bush senior, once again, Bush was made to look decidedly un-presidential while Clinton was portrayed as Mr. Cool. Lo & behold, Clinton, out of nowhere, became the President of the USA.

Clinton Was The First Zionist President  

If he's right, it's not as if the others were a collection of saints anyway.  If he was a "Zionist" then why did they need to use Monica Lewinsky against him... as Jews celebrated her as their Esther in the background?  Ironically, many Zionists in Israel hate Obama too... and mix in their racism with that.  That's something that Americans are not allowed to see. 

But anyway, I'll finish reading it later.   

Shrug... once again, I just realized that I cannot get through cultural perceptions to Big Picture type stuff on some forums. Not enough time to peel away the layers of the onion... or get through all the short attention spans and prejudices usually invovled in the perspectives of Americans. (To the extent that they even know anything about anything.) So sticking this here. I'm open to debate.

Therefore, why should anyone believe a word Jon Moseley types?

Moseley types.  Democrats are like Nazis....  so bring out the shrunken heads from the Nuremberg circus act for Team Captain America to marvel at his righteousness, I guess.  Did he just suggest that Pat Robertson is the Masonic model of Zion for Christian conservatives? 

Oh well.  The thing of it is, despite the destabilization campaign being waged against Tea Party "types" and what is perceived as white Christian culture by Jews... ethnic "conservatives" may win elections again.  Or they'll be the people in the militias.  Consider that.  Ponder it.  You didn't get the guns or centralize control over them.  Indeed, you cannot.  And even if you did, there's no guarantee that the police and the military will continue to "protect and serve" if there is not enough ponzi in it.

I have no use for conservatives, progressives, Democrats, Republicans or the Tribe that seeks to rule them all anymore.  Whatever it is you think you're doing...  it should probably be done to the tune of looney tunes at this point.

For example, Delaware's governor marketing "climate change" and free rainbows: 
Markell was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, the son of Elaine "Leni", a social worker, and William Markell, who taught accounting at the University of Delaware.  He graduated from Newark High School. As a child, he attended Camp Galil, a summer camp in the Labor Zionist youth movement, Habonim Dror.  --Wikipedia
Zionist. That doesn't sound like rainbows.  What does that mean?  Does he even know what it means?  Probably not.
Habonim was founded in 1929 in Great Britain and over a period of years, spread to all English-speaking countries. Each country developed its own independent version of the original movement whilst sharing the core ideology of being a Jewish Socialist-Zionist cultural youth movement.  --Wikipedia
That's probably just the usual oxymoron.  "I'm a member of a special tribe but everyone else is equal.  Equality!"  Another version from supposed Leftist:  "Throw the trash over there, free rainbows in the trash can... but give me my own, ethnically pure nation!"  --Emma Lazarus   

I'm just glad that the system created by the Wizard of Ponzi that you've all been incorporated in has not collapsed, yet.  I'm accused of being revolutionary, yet I do not want a revolution.  I.e. I'm glad that militias of goldbugs are not forming (not in full, anyway) and that people full of freedumb feel like they can still get their free solar powered rainbows.  Although some are petty tyrants and sociopaths that apparently want to force others to bake them a cake.  Some seem to want to have their cake, eat it too, regurgitate it, then force others to pretend that they did not just throw up on themselves.  Just metaphoric..  (Except that it is not.) 


Still, petty tyranny and gay "human rights commissions"* or the soft power of Jewish identity politics ("Everyone is out to get us.. everyone!!!  Quick, police hate speech!  It's all a big Hate Crime!  Unless it's people that we view as a threat to our tribe, then it's not.  Look, free rainbows over there!)  is better than the stuff that may lie somewhere over the rainbow.  Hard to imagine, given how annoying ruling through victimization, entertainment and "false flag" type stuff is.  But it could be worse with militias, military men and "hard power": "Disagree?  Then me and my gang may kill you... don't you know that we can't afford your free rainbows anymore?  We're not gangsters, look at this official uniform we just had made." 

It's perfectly possible that factions in the military and the police themselves may eventually form if the perception is that the end of the line for Super Sized consumption, McMansions and million dollar pensions is over.  Then we'll have to see if the Russians try to arm the Westboro Baptist types, etc. 

I know, I know...  everything is fine and you can still go to McDonalds.  So what's with the low probability scenarios like militias forming?   The thing of it is.  Everything is always fine, until it isn't.  For that matter, even when everything isn't fine... it's still fine from many perspectives.  Don't they have labor camps in Greece** now?  I can't remember.  Perhaps just a rumor or a proposal.  But even if they did, it's all always normal because it's all usually normalized by most people/sheeple as it happens.  The Golden Dawn, it's just over the horizon.  That's probably where the free rainbows are.   

*Human rights based on sexual orientation for the supposed Gay Tribe but not the Fat Tribe?  Human rights by commission... or a group of commissars?  Apparently they need some commissars to find the free rainbow, where peasants are free to act like a petty tyrant full of their freedumb.  But where is the mythical pot of gold at the end of it?       

**If this can be viewed in symbols as Athens (Greece, Democracy, Universalism, Logos, authentic Human Rights) vs. Jewrusalem (Tribalism, Goldman Sachs, Tribal/Identity Politics, Exceptionalism, Chosenites, JudeoChristianity) then it must be admitted that the tribalism of Jerusalem has begun to dominate the universalism of Athens and the decidedly none "Judeo" Christ.   Viewed in symbols, there's no hope of that I suppose.  I'm open minded.  Convince me of your perspective...  and cue the looney tunes music while you're at it. 

Shrug.  Supposedly I'm the crazy one?