Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Commenting among low information types... not even worth it.

Kevin is a great guy but but has no means with which to get anything out.

Except the internet, just like everyone else for now. 

I guess that's the same Kevin that was embedded with the IDF.  Curious how there is usually enough ponzi for Zionism or the war on drugs and the war of terror among the goyim.  (Actually, a lot of it winds up being all the same Thing Inc. )

So if politicians want more ponzi then they usually have to sell out the interests of their own tribes or incorporate them deeper into forms of debt/money created out of nothing.  But given that they're signing onto loyalty oaths to a foreign nation and so on at this point, it's not even clear that they realize much about anything anymore.  Too ignorant.  Too stupid.  Too pathetic.  I sometimes wonder if even America, with its geopolitical situation from sea to shining sea can survive this.  Apparently this is how we get a caricature of a person like Chris Coons trying to justify voting for acts of war (as "our" representative) before Obama tripped over his red line in the "war on terror."  Oops. 

Supposedly he's of the Left or a sort of "bearded Marxist" who represents the Left or all antiwar factions.  He's probably  just about to poop some more fake rainbows after voting for acts of war in reality and failing utterly, like the pet or the coward he is, to investigate or say anything at all about the usual pretexts for war.

Still can't tell who paid for the trip for Wade.  He went on his "own initiative" but that doesn't mean he paid for the trip:
For Kevin Wade, who came to Israel on his own initiative, it was the Delaware Republican’s first visit to the Jewish state. He shared his impressions after visiting with the IDF soldiers along the Gaza border. “They have a very tough fight and they are facing serious tunnel warfare,” Wade stated.   [...]
Duke Brooks says:   
August 1, 2014 at 7:54 pm   
   Kevin Wade, who understands the critical importance of the American-Israeli alliance, went to Israel to see FIRST-HAND the actual conditions under which Israelis must live, and the IDF must fight. It is now starkly clear that most US media are simply ignoring the facts of this conflict. Most US officials at the Federal level will pay “lip service” to Israel while also wallowing in the kind of specious, inane “moral equivalency” talk that is popular in university faculty lounges and at liberal cocktail parties. Reality is defined by facts; Kevin Wade has now seen the facts and remains utterly committed to supporting the State of Israel, which is America’s best friend in the middle east. -Duke Brooks, spokesman, Wade for U.S. Senate 2014  SDJewishworld
  "....which is America’s best friend in the middle east." 

Seriously?  In any event, if reality is defined by facts then how is Wade any different than Coons?  I'm curious how Coons or anyone else in what amounts to Israel's puppet/proxy state has supposedly failed to do enough for Israel.    

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ramble on W.

More classic W.:  Bush - "Fool Me Once..."

I'm actually glad the pet (scape) goat of 911 made it out of America's political system of equally witless "pets" like Chris Coons.   

I mean, so far... he seems to have made it out unscathed in the sense of not being arrested (What number are you going to call to arrest him, 911?) for the global, large scale crimes and wars created by others and so on.  Most people in the DC media bubble don't seem to realize that there are cracks in the Empire that are showing, no matter how well it was originally put together or how convenient its geopolitical situation happens to be.  Nor do they seem to be aware that living in a house of cards is increasingly and progressively a dangerous game. 

Perhaps it's always been dangerous.  And it may be that the greater risk and reward scenarios are why many are drawn in to play near the end of the game.

Meanwhile:(Speaker Boehner: “This Isn't Some Damn Game” | Speaker ...
John Boehner
Oct 4, 2013 - WASHINGTON, DC – At a press conference with GOP leaders, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) pointed to a senior administration ...
Boehner: 'This isn't some damn game' - The Washington Post)

Who does he think that he's fooling?  Is he even fooling himself, at this point?  Or... perhaps W.?   

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Please. nothing is too far...

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“As Reuters reports…” -- Tyler
Reuters is the pipeline – It is through Reuters that Kiev and Israel and D.C. create their own wars with their own facts.
Who cares what Reuters reports except politicians the likes of Rand Paul who justify this Palestinian genocide by blaming Hamas in order to get Israel’s support to run for the White House.  Clearly, D.C. and Israel are planning the extermination of all opposition. There appear to be none save Vladimir Putin who are taking steps to prevent it.
“We’re not calling this blood bath in Gaza a war, like the mainstream media. For it to truly be considered a war, both sides would have to be adequately armed and engaged in protracted combat. Instead, what honest, objective observers are witnessing is the Israeli army engaged in a turkey shoot, indiscriminately slaughtering innocent men, women and children in the densely populated ghetto of Gaza, as Palestinians fire back, often with rock-armed slingshots.
"But while the rest of the orld is rightfully calling out Israel’s crimes against humanity, D.C. wants to give Israel another $1 billion this year to help it murder more Muslims and Christians…
"Washington’s blind obedience and deference to Israel is no longer just obvious to us. It is evident to the entire world, which is turning against Israelis, who have clearly gone too far this time.” -- Christopher J. Petherick, Executive Editor, AFP