Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ramble/Reserach 2/25

Little wonder that rich old men want to say that this is inevitable and necessary and will not allow debate on immigration.  Or they just let Whites be ethnically cleansed.

  Would Henry Ford have done that?  Seems unlikely. 

Apparently he was antisemitic and racist:
Henry Ford - Jewish Virtual Library
Henry Ford, the industrial genius who perfected the mass production of motorcars ... In the period from 1910 to 1918, Ford became increasingly anti-immigrant, ...
But a "not racist" Zionist like Biden would rather destroy, ethnically cleanse and genocide communities to keep a MFing global banking/"economic" scam going. 

It seems that everything will go into the melting pot except Zionism...  the environment, culture, all of it.  It doesn't matter if Whites never owned slaves and have been living somewhere for thousands of years in relatively peaceful ways, as in Sweden.  Supposedly, they need to be ethnically cleansed.  It's not about slavery.  It's not about all those other pretexts.

What happens:Crime rate in Dearborn, Michigan (MI): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers, crime map The red areas:
It's worth noting that Hamtramck has a large Middle Eastern immigrant population who show up as "white" on the census. Over 40% of Hamtramck's population is foreign-born.
Hamtramck seems to be populated with a very diverse group of people...
    As other posters have indicated, Hamtramck's demographics have changed dramatically in the past decade. There have been many new middle eastern immigrants that have moved into Hamtramck, which has actually given it new life.
   It's hard to say whether or not Hamtramck is still a white majority or not, my guess would be no, it has seen such a large increase from foreign immigrants...
Well, that's surprising. 

Why is immigration and Joe Biden's "unrelenting stream" necessary?  That seems about as necessary as George Bush's "Fight them over there." strategery.  Fight who, over there?  They've immigrated right over here, half-wit.  I suppose they'd argue that they're going to have Whites sort through all the "extremists," never mind the tremendous cost this entails for Whites or the fact that they're being hacked to death with machetes in cases of "workplace violence."  Never mind the environment. 

Never mind anything, really... except their banking/"economic" system and a form of Jewish Nationalism/Zionism where they actually do build big walls while sending out settlers.  Is that what Whites should do in regions around Detroit, wall off regions and then send out settlers to build White towns and ethnic states similar to the Israeli model?    

Settlers on Sunday lobbied ministers to oppose a “quiet freeze” on the publication of tenders and advancement of plans for homes in West Bank settlements and Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.
    “We urge you to publicly declare your opposition to this freeze and to work with all your might, both politically and publicly, to advance the settlements,” wrote settler leader Avi Ro’eh in a letter that he sent to all ministers.  Jerusalem Post
  White settlers on Sunday lobbied ministers to oppose a “quiet freeze” on the publication of tenders and advancement of plans for homes in West Bank settlements and Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Story time...

Bill, "I did a little research." 

What the heck did that entail?  Is she going to go stop the sewage floods in Detroit or the African "American" gangs of Chiraq with "a little research"?

There are very clear reasons why everyone wants to immigrate from or move away from all majority African regions of the world.  What do Africans themselves want to do?  Why am I having an immigrant from Zimbabwe over for dinner?  He "escaped."   

The White tribes of the North never got anywhere or began to build up towns and cities that others want to move to by arguing, "Hey guys... here's this wanderer from another tribe that's saying that pretty much everything is the fault of some other tribes.  Not his tribe, apparently he's totally innocent!  But some other tribes were real mean to us and stuff.  So let's sit around here and talk about that and resent it.  Grumble.  Woe is us! I really resent that some other tribe took advantage of us!  Not the wandering tribe though... the other tribes he keeps pointing to!" 

Meanwhile, a member of the wandering merchant tribe stole all their firewood to buy slaves from other tribes just like they had done to their ancestors. 

After all, he wasn't actually a totally innocent wanderer.  So then the white tribes of the North all froze to death. 

The End.

More likely these days:  "Say... I'm real empathetic to other tribes, as a woman.  I almost want to nurse them at my teat!  I don't want to help my own tribe or men at all, a wandering merchant told me to hate them.  I just want to help some others.  But I don't want to pay for anything... even nursing at the teat hurts!!  What I really want is for other male members of my tribe to pay for it all.  They should be real helpful to that other tribe that has been told to resent us and stuff.   They get the blood and guts, I get the glory of my moral vanity!"

Then they were sold into slavery by a wandering merchant tribe because they refused to look out for themselves. 

The End.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mr. Moseley again...

I leave Mr. Moseley to plan on miracles and spiritual awakenings.  As for me, I'd plan on gravity or recognize the growing gravity of your situation.  You can't jump off a cultural cliff and expect an angel to appear.) 

With respect to Jewish psychologists and antisemitism....  Bruce Jenner, former Olympian, wants to cut his penis off and pretend to be a woman in order to get a reality show produced?  Sane.  But the goyim of the world rejecting Jewish degradation and defamation of their traditional cultures and nations for hundreds of years or turning nationalist, as usual?  

Stop the insanity!  What madness is this?!!  (?????)  Etc.   There must be a link between insanity and antisemitism.  It's either that or many Jewish psychologists tend to call the goyim insane for continually rejecting Jewish behavior, all around the world.

  I hate it when a grown man sucks the blood off a circumcised baby and gives them herpes.  Antisemitic!  Insanity!    What about the babies with herpes, Mr. Moseley?  Can you defend that too?  

(Why Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Babies Keep Getting Herpes ...)
(Two Jewish Mohels Banned After Babies Contract Herpes ...)
(Babies' herpes linked to circumcision practice - CNN)  

Never mind. 

I'm guilty of focusing on entertainment sometimes.  And it's entertaining to see you do what you do here when trying to defend the indefensible.

On the topic, I guess you conservatives and progressives that don't even have much representation in the government will have to wait and see what the Jews decide.  You're basically spectators.  Little wonder that you're usually clueless.  (As far as "we" go... we tend to meet them where they're at above the Right/Left paradigm and have some influence and leverage too.  Not a lot.... but more than you!  Lol.) 

Mr. Moseley

Ironically, even this Mr. Moseley character could be "another Hitler"/antisemitic crazy person because he apparently didn't support immigration and perhaps has something of a spiritual/cultural backbone.  He seems to come from the totally looney tune Christian Zionist branch of conservatism but he's still done some things that aren't kosher.  At least I've helped him out by making him into a defense lawyer for Jewish behavior.  So even if it seems like he's totally crazy, I'm actually helping him and Delaware Politics be kosher. 

So back on topic... what will the Jewish Left and the Jew Right do?  Which political party will they and their lobbies support?  Apparently you will all have to wait until the Jewish Left supports the Jewish Right to see if you get any representation in your own government.  Here's a hint, on the big issues like wars and fiscal cliffs and banking.... you won't!  Lol.  Oh, goyim.  Oy vey! 

With respect to speculation about whether you'll be able to be servile to the Jewish Left or the Jewish Right I would argue that old habits die hard.  Most Jews usually tend to the Left or incite the Left among the goyim in the body politic...  so what are they going to do?  How fast could a shift to the Right take place if the perception is that liberals and cultural Marxists are not sufficiently servile enough or are not protecting Jewish interests, as Mr. Moseley hopes?  Sam Harris and Bill Moyer on his little show recently upset Ben Affleck and so on... how many goyim might get upset?    It would also be hard for them to break their habit of trending to the Left among the goyim and suddenly make nationalism among the goyim kosher.  That's the whole "another Hitler" thing.   I guess there is what neoconservatives and the Likud nuts have done, shift nationalism and the Right toward their own ethnic interests.  But how quickly can the Democrats and the cultural Marxist gaggle of LGBT/NAACP yet also Muslim/Sharia and also La Raza (Needs some Transgendered Bathroom Tribes for The Race, too!) all be thrown overboard without causing a ruckus among the dumb goyim?  Perhaps I have a solution, the Fat Tribe of Team Captain Chickenhawk America could be brought in.  There has to be a Fat Minority invented for freedumb fries neoconservatives.  That will tip the scale and allow Jewish power over all their different politically correct tribes to remain intact. But if they're not servile enough and turn into big fat antisemites, then good luck throwing them overboard as a minority too.   Heave, ho! 

At least the entertainment in a declining Empire is good... as it always is, until it is not.  I'm beginning to think that it will always be good for me.  It's a matter of perspective.    

Ramble 2/12

So... ready to go get some reparations from the Federal Reserve, turn the tables on the money changers and give their "money" to African Americans as reparations? "Social Justice"? Is that what people really want?

What would Jesus do?

The perspective of a very checkered past is generated by people like Arnon Milchan cultivating goyim cultures with movies like 12 years a slave. Yet, he's a Mossad agent and a Jewish supremacist. Seriously. If you're trying to establish "parameters" by which America can be viewed as a Christian nation then you'll have to take into account that most freedumb fries eating Americans are literally seeing America as a nation through a Jewish lens. And many of them hate white people overtly. This can be observed. Slavery is just a pretext in America, they don't necessarily care about it. If they did, then they'd make a movie: 1,000 years of Jewish slave trading with shabbos goyim oligarchs. Etc.

I could write forever. My main point would be that I'm not sure how you're going to get the "parameters" right if you're viewing American culture through a Jewish lens with little regard for what Jesus actually said about their culture of deceit. I don't even know that much about the religious side of it. I'm just observing and studying Jewish behavior and it aligns with what Jesus said. Perhaps you should check the cultural parameters that produce your own perceptions of the world before seeking to judge entire nations as Christian?

Are you a Christian? Do you think that you're seeing the world from a Christian perspective? (I don't know. I'm asking... because I don't see where the teachings of Jesus, like logs and specks and so on... do not align with what can be observed of Jews here and now.)