Friday, November 21, 2014

Ramble 11/21.. second one? I forget.

With respect to civil war scenarios, I wonder if we should hope that "people"/men get so wrapped up in fake forms of tribalism (NFL/NBA, etc.) and fake forms of war (X-Box) that they never get to the real stuff.  It's all a simulation.  Safety first!  That sort of thing.  All of this stuff that survivalist types or those that have worked in war torn nations don't seem to account for.  The existence of home entertainment systems.  Technology.  Cultural Marxism, money and the forms of soft power typical to the New World Order Inc. by which issues like immigration are being managed.   

Anyway, life is good for me.  But it's rough for the veterans of wars based on lies and other progressively poorer peasants.  And I do not see that changing any time soon, due to their own freedumb and refusal to take advantage of their freedom to question their rather thoroughly Judaized government.  This, whatever it is now, (Looks like some sort of a circus...  paid for in blood by the goyim behind the scenes.) could go on a long, long time. 

The US government could probably still allow a big false flag from Zionists to rally the people together around the flag, right?  Nobody is hoping that it's white supremacists that are framed and blamed by the DHS/ADL/SPLC "fusion centers" or whatever, no doubt.  That way he can get more Democrats elected to...  be even more servile to his owners.  Moseley is hoping that it will be Muslims in order to blame the "Muslim Manchurian candidate" that's actually surrounded by former members of the IDF and other Jews.  You know who it will not be and who doesn't have much to worry about?  The people dancing around during the last "event" that were deported later, even after being found with thousands of dollars, passes to the buildings, bombs in the truck, etc.       (With each co-opted "drill" and scenario, probabilities go up and down...  etc. ) 

 *Freedumb:"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."  --Einstein

Meh... going to think about this more.

Abolish the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard.

They already own a monopoly on gold and control the bull/Golden Calf market for it.  If anyone had any credibility then they could issue their own currency instead of having it created from nothing by a banking cartel.  (Symbolically represented as the Wizard of Oz in American traditions... are you going to buy gold from the financial wizards of the Tribe that have been controlling people with their yellow brick road for thousands of years?) 

If "states" don't have any integrity and the actual power of money would go to their heads, then I guess they could try to use the physical integrity of gold to limit themselves like the Founders did.  Although the global financial "system" has already thoroughly corrupted gold because they can create money out of nothing to short sell it, etc.  Debatable, I guess. 

But no one is debating it. 

Side note, Soros and Jewish bankers want war with Russia now.  And various proxies are already basically at war, like the Right Sector goons in the Ukraine.  They must be dumb.  Nazism, there they go again.  Like they're going to have any power when they reach the limit of their usefulness.

Soros and other "Jewish Leftists" aside, it's not about free rainbows for the goyim.  He wants to give you all a free rainbow and save the gays in Russia while Victoria Nuland/Nudelman is working with Right Sector in the Ukraine?  Does that really make sense to even the most brain dead conservative (War with Russia, cold war... again!) or progressive (It's because they don't have free rainbows, isn't it!)? 

Goyim.  Meh.        

Ramble 11/21

Stop all foreign aid.

Usually just bailouts to favored banks and corporations by the oligarchy to nations that have been IMF'd anyway.

"Here, let us help you.  Here's some ponzi!!!"   All built on the backs of American peasants full of freedumb, of course...  no matter how many times they're told that War Inc. is a scam or to be on the look out for false flag attacks, etc.   No matter how many whistle blowers there are, telling them exactly what's going on.  They're  not paying attention until told to.  Then suddenly, they'll pay attention to their corporate media just long enough to get sent to wars over WMDs that their military industrial complexes gave to some dictator or the terrorists again.

Apparently even the most brain dead got tired of that one.  Now what?   Oh, that's right.  ISIS.   

Limit welfare to six months.

Shrug.  Give trillions to the homeless veterans in order to stimulate the economy, more jobs saved and created.

I'm not into the libertarian or conservative abstractions typical to goldbugs.  Money is already being created out of nothing by international cartels of criminals (behind the goyim, so go ahead and work to create it in the interests of people in general at a decentralized or local level.  For that matter, have the Federal Reserve pay reparations to African Americans for the international slave trade.  "Globalist."  "International."

Generally, euphemisms...  or in the parlance of identity politics produced and managed based on tribalism, "code words." I'm not one for code words. So what does it mean when Jack Markell attends a "Labor Zionist youth camp"?  Can white people of any sort attend a white separatist or nationalist youth camp with nary a blink from the minions of "political correctness"?  Could an African American attend a black nationalist or black separatist youth camp... again, with nary a peep in the media about what a dangerous candidate for office they are? If a black nationalist played pretend about working to protect the interests of a Transgendered Bathroom Tribe while actually attending business meetings with other black supremacists, would that ameliorate the problem of their decidedly non-"multicultural" beliefs about black separatism or black supremacy?           

Erase China debt- what we owe is the fee they owe for freeing them from the yoke of Imperial Japan.

Theatrics and sabre rattling aside, conflict with China is unlikely. 

Russia, yes.  China, no.

Close 90% of US bases on foreign soil. Charge a “defense fee” for those interested.

Have you talked to Fay, Moseley and Anderson about that?  

Initiate a 50% excise tax on all goods coming from China, Korea, India and anywhere else where the average wages is below $8 US per hour.

Sounds like a better idea than companies in China investing in more suicide nets...

Another good comment from Brother Nathanael.

The Fed’s Pipeline To Israel
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2013

Just when you thought Israel’s power was on the wane, the Jewish-owned Fed says it’s not gonna happen.
With four Jews already heading the Fed - Bernanke, Yellen, Raskin, Stein - here comes Stanley Fischer as Vice Chairman.
Fischer just happens to be the recent head of the Bank of Israel who suddenly resigned last January.
Now we know why.
His new job is to lay a pipeline at the Fed reaching all the way to the Jewish State of Israel.
He’s the right man for the job.
Not only is Fischer a “dual citizen” of Israel and America (whose loyalties are obvious), he’s ‘well respected’ throughout the world of Jewish finance and central banking.
He’s the ‘mentor’ of Bernanke, Summers, and Mario Draghi, (Goldman Sachs’ boy at the European Central Bank)…teaching his pupils how to gouge the goyim with interest on loans printed out of thin air.
It’s so easy!
Just like trillions of TARP bailout money was sent to Jewish-owned Harley Davidson and countless foreign bodies by the Fed, so now the Jewish State gets first car on the gravy train.
Israel will get all the money it needs to buy stocks and bombs to blow up the entire Middle East and take over the world.
Our once sovereign nation is a land whose border reaches all the way to Tel Aviv to which bankrupt Detroit takes a back seat.
America has become the ‘dispensable’ nation. Once the Jews bleed our nation dry they’ll dump us on the ash heap of history.
But until then, they’ve got control of our nation’s money and they care not who makes our laws.

And once again... as if it's my fault that Big News in America usually revolves around Jews.

Secondly, people look at what kind of job the government does at running the rail system, the postal system and the tax system...

Like the Federal Reserve, technically I think an "international corporation" ultimately runs the IRS anyway. 

I could be wrong.  It doesn't seem to matter much at this point anyway.   Obama Inc. (Labor Zionists, former IDF members, etc.) allowed "globalists" to incorporate themselves in health insurance. 

No surprise that another emergent aspect of their oligarchy is not liked by American peasants.  Tell me how any of this is incorrect:
OBAMACARE CREATES IRS CODE 5000A which requires individuals to “maintain minimum essential amounts” of health insurance coverage.

This “individual requirement” is specified in the newly passed Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act/Section 5000A.

Minimum essential coverage includes various government-sponsored programs, eligible employer-sponsored plans, plans in the individual market, grandfathered group health plans and other coverage as recognized by the Secretary of the Treasury, historically occupied by a Goldman Sachs agent by way of the revolving door between Wall Street and the White House.

While that level of coverage and purchasing cost will be defined at a later date by the Treasury Secretary, it will be the responsibility of the IRS to monitor and punish individuals who do not comply.

Under ObamaCare, every individual is required to report to the IRS on their tax returns, whether they have purchased or provided the required level of coverage AND disclose to the IRS which months, if any, in which they failed to do so.

Individuals who fail to maintain minimum essential coverage will be subject to a penalty equal to $750 (up to $2,250 per household) and will be indexed for inflation after 2016. View IRS Enforcement Of Health Care Bill Here, Here & Here.

The “taxman” responsible for establishing enforcement procedures to be used against “offenders” is none other than...  Douglas Shulman, Commissioner of the IRS.  ....

Shulman came to the post from being Vice Chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers which operates the Nasdaq stock market on Wall Street.

Prior to his stint with NASD, Shulman was employed as a private equity investor at Darby Overseas Investments which specializes in “outsourced” investments in the manufacturing of consumer goods (formerly manufactured in America) made in India and Asia.

Shulman has also served as a board member of the Israel Securities Authority, the government body that oversees and regulates the Israeli capital market.

Through his board membership with the Israel Securities Authority, Shulman is intimately involved with the Bank of Israel Governor, Stanley Fischer, who recently hosted the International Council Of Jewish Bankers and Financiers in their first meeting. Their stated purpose for the meeting was “to combat anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and Holocaust denial by all means available to bankers and financiers.” ....

Certainly, ALL means ARE available to these Jewish bankers and financiers with whom the IRS Commissioner, Douglas Shulman, is a “synagogue buddy.” With Jacob Rothschild and George Soros on the steering committee.... 
By Brother Nathanael Kapner)
  Jewish bankers.  Uh oh.  Time to censor or send in Lois Lerner or the IRS/ADL/SPLC/DHS all at once!  (Last I heard, the FBI broke with the ADL.  So there is that.)

That's what I mean these days.  It's useless to look at reality.  Only a few want to...   Better to say "the Democrats" or "the Republicans"... or "the Right" or "the Left" or "Obama..." when he's not playing golf or reading about what "his administration" did in the papers later...  than to name the names and ask, "Who is doing this?" 

"Who is running these progressively criminal bureaucracies?  Who is at the epicenter of the latest scandal?  Who is selling the hopium to progressives?  Who is selling war to conservatives?"   Etc.



Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ramble 11/20

Saul Alinsky would have been proud, and you know what Rahm Emanuel says about a crisis.

Chicago has produced Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and now THIS GUY? 

It's like looney tunes vs. looney tunes.    

In any event, Moseley's Muslim Manchurian candidate must be crazy to have former members of the IDF in his cabinet that have studied the works of a messianic Jewish agitator like Alinsky.  Sometimes peasants don't even realize that anything is wrong until they've been agitated by people little better than the Jewish Bolsheviks supposedly trying to save Russian peasants.  Out of the frying pan (the crisis), into the frier (disaster).... 

Where does the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste cross the line into creating a crisis?

The peasants were fine.... perhaps they don't need saving by all these messianic messes created by "folks" like Alinsky.  (1% of the population, 1,000% of the supposed leaders playing pretend about being saviors for the poor?) 

Peasants are likely to burn their own neighborhoods down once agitated in the name of Progress or a "war on this and then that" anyway.  Call me a conservative...  

In truth, "truther" is all that I am.  They intend it as a slur but I'll take it.  The Tribe should have stuck with "denier," as if all their Holocaust stories were the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Human soap?  Shrunken heads?  Seriously?