Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Affirmative Action

....if I wanted to give still additional reasons, I’d say that it’s absurd to think that universities are run by white supremacists whose inherent racism needs to be regulated through affirmative action policies, when it’s the universities that peddle white guilt more passionately than any other institution in America. Many colleges go so far as to teach that all white people are racist, no matter what, without exception. Until recently, the University of Delaware, for instance, required that all residents be indoctrinated to radical left-wing racial theories, even if they weren’t taking any classes on the subject. And you’re telling me these places that convince white people to hate themselves and their heritage are actually bastions of white privilege? I think we must be working with drastically different understandings of the word ‘privilege.’ Matt Walsh blog

Monday, April 21, 2014

Boeing Tries to Buy the White House 2016 | Think Tank

Dark Wallet

Ramble 4/21


"....supporting sheriffs, forming militias..."

That has a lot more to do with protecting your family than heading off to shoot some peasants in another part of the world. 

But I guess that's hard to do if your sheriff is an idiot and "well regulated" militias are usually just a bunch of guys with problems with their masculinity.  Why would you support decentralizing power into your community and away from the SWAT Teams and militarized mercenaries serving oligarchs, if the first person in line for power is the village idiot?  It is possible that you're better off being policed by SWAT Teams for relatively harmless drugs like marijuana or raw milk* and whatever else, while they never raid the offices of Monsanto or Pharmaceuticals Inc. to see what's going on there (Due to "May cause violence and massacres at school..   which will make you depressed and need more of our products."/SSRIs, etc.). 

*In the case of raw milk, militarized mercenaries and SWAT Teams Inc. need to be sent in to protect we the people from the possibility of... dangerous diarrhea.  Obviously.  Safety first!  (As another mass school shooting happens in a "gun free zone" in the background... mainly because no one had a gun to shoot an SSRI crazed person.)   

Maybe it would be best if "liberals" and soccer moms tried their hand at being sheriffs and forming militias while "conservative" manly men tried their hand at occupying space and playing with arts and crafts more.  That way everyone would begin to empathize with each other instead of being divided, conquered... so that their wealth can be looted by a global Empire being financed and built up based on banking in NYC and the corrupt politicians in DC helping private bankers create more of the national debt/money that we, as peasants, supposedly owe to someone.  (Mainly ourselves... with some hefty interest charged by the same bankers that create "our" money out of nothing and some foreigners/Chinese thrown into the mix too.) 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ramble on Alcoholism

Rambling from this:  Can a Christian Drink Alcohol?

He'd probably agree that all the things he's naturally tending to blame on alcohol and the physical plane of existence have their source in the spiritual dimension of existence. 

If a drug is ever engineered on the physical plane that people could take to permanently sooth and medicate their anxieties (and therefore do away with the temporal/temporary attempts at self soothing typical to addictions)...  should Christians take it?  I don't know.  Probably not.  Perhaps it doesn't really matter given that the side effects of most drugs/toxins is essentially death/disorder and "drugs" (including alcohol) are usually reliant on life essentially healing/ordering itself. (Another example... chemotherapy, which basically means they kill you with poisons until the mysterious ordering principle immanent in life that knit you together in the womb in the first place heals you.  But it's the poisons or medicine that get the credit for "healing" instead of poisoning and not the immanence of God with us doing the healing, usually.)  I'm not arguing against drugs.  It's like using one snake to eat or poison* another that's about to kill you, symbolically speaking.  That usually "works," until it doesn't.  And almost everything is a drug at this point.  I'm just pointing out that someone or some form of Intelligence is already at work for real, here and now.  And it's likely that there's a massive amount of debt being created on the spiritual plane for the work that's being done here too. 

*Drugs:  Pharmakeutikos, from pharmakeus "preparer of drugs, poisoner," from pharmakon "medicine, poison."

Perhaps there are only so many times that people can rely on the mysteriously immanent Weaver of life to weave them back together when they poison themselves with pharmaceuticals or try to self medicate with alcohol.  Eventually the weaver stops weaving as quickly as people age and the mysterious ordering principle of life leaves people.  Imagine the amount of money that people would pay for nanotechnology to weave them back together with biotech, if that wasn't like comparing the tech in use in a space shuttle to a chimp eating bugs off a stick.  Yet most people are not even aware of the ridiculous amount of debt that they're already in to the Weaver of life and try to imagine that their debt doesn't exist instead.  I do the same thing, yet it's hard to imagine... when one actually looks around at what seems to be going on in reality under the sun.   

Anyway, I'm not against medicine or the controlled use of toxins before we go the way of the Dodo after a certain number of solar years anyway.  (A use of toxins underneath the symbol of two poisonous snakes being spun around a pole on their way up to a sun disc to this day, etc.  Surprise.)    But I am for people having some semblance of knowledge about what they may be doing to the immanent weaver of life under this sun...  instead of us knowing not what we do to ourselves and others, as usual.

In theory we wouldn't do it if we knew that we were doing something wrong.  But in fact, we continue to do it anyway.  So the truth about aspects of God being a consuming fire that would be the death of us may often be occulted/hidden from us for our own good, ironically.