Friday, March 27, 2015

Rambling 3/27

This is humorous:  I’ve heard specific and pointed concerns that we not rush into action, based on uneven or inaccurate intelligence...


"Pointed concerns."

Anyway, you all realize that the vast majority of "terrism" is the work of various intelligence agencies worldwide serving the interests of oligarchic factions, thugs and various crime families striving for power. 

Away from that there are millions upon millions of relatively peaceful peasants, otherwise known as civilians whose lives are quite literally collateral incorporated in the international debt/money of the criminal bankers at the root of all evil.

 And sometimes their "collateral" gets damaged, that's where collateral damage enters the picture. 

That's you!

Yet among the millions of peasants/collateral there are those that are homegrown and pretty much random like the DC snipers.  But think about that for a moment, if we the peasants can do that for a moment here.  If all the hundreds of thousands of "Sand People" peasants are a (Alert, White Storm Troopers... code brown!!) terrist threat to one degree or another and this has nothing to do with "conspiracy theories"/covert operations typical to the crime families running the place...  then almost every other one of the Sand People could almost shut down DC. 

If Mr. Moseley's worldview is correct, then why isn't that happening?    If you take your zany and crazy worldview in the Empire of Entertainment seriously then apparently you need to deport all the "Sand People" right now.  Yet while building the "camps" and infrastructure necessary for that you would become... ANOTHER HITLER!  (Oops?) 

Would it not be better to just support American Iranian immigration back to Iran and then set up as many American Studies and American Institutes as possible in their nation?  More intermarriage too:  "Say, we can't bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.... some of my family is still there!"  Etc.  End the F35 program and build a media empire broadcasting into Iran telling Iranians to marry more Jews and other ethnic groups 24/7, get them to change their immigration policies and change their culture and over the long term... there you go.  Problem solved!  It could all be melted away with looove and rainbows, really. 

Sigh.  Where is the love?  I must be a real dreamer, huh?

In any case, I don't take your worldview and what you think you're doing to keep your families and nation safe at the behest of corrupt degenerates like Chris Coons seriously.    For the sake of veterans I find myself willing to play along and to play pretend sometimes.  "Mission Accomplished."  Great job, boys.  We would not have our freedumb fries if you didn't get your arms blown off by some other peasant that thought he was fighting for his nation and his family and his band of brothers too.  Etc.  That's all well and good.  It would seem that the show must go on.  It always has.  At some level, perhaps that's what peasants want and they seem willing to pay for their perception of themselves as heroic and serving their perceptions are reality nation. 

But I'm not willing to play pretend for Chris Coons, oligarchs and you... Mr. Moseley.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meh... Delaware Politics... I probably need to get out on the net more and get my hundreds of upvotes per comment. There's probably like three people there! Anyway... amusing myself...

Meh. My comment is probably pretty confusing to people that have no reference points.
Operation Ajax and Anglo/American empire building and the “banksters” of the past overthrew Iranian nationalists, thus you get a few hundred thousand Iranian immigrants that are not Iranian Americans.
Vietnam, same deal with the war mongers… and now Americans have Little Saigon because the results of war and nation destroying by freedumb fries eating numb nuts is often immigrants and refugees from your last disaster.
So all the way back to Iran now… what is it that you want, again? Because what it looks like what you and the Jedi lords of the Farce want is Iraq, Episode Iran.
And if history is any measure, that will result in more Iranian immigrants. So Americans may wind up with a Little Iran in America out of all of this anyway. Is this too quick for you to understand, not enough reference points in the stream of information summarizing the idea of “nation building”/empire building or what “national security” amounts to these days? I could try again but would probably wind up doing the same thing. Perhaps Star Wars metaphors for the Sand People and so on would be best…
In any event, what facts and observations has your worldview on “the Iranians”* been built up based on?
*Not all, just most! They’re not collectively to blame down to the last woman and child. It’s just that many of “the Iranians” think we’re the Great Satan! Not the individual Iranian immigrants living in America now… just those that are over there, in Iran. Etc.etc. You can resolve the usual tension between tribalism and reality (As well as the reality of tribalism/”racism”!) in your own mind. Apparently everyone has different standards and “breaking points” where they will eventually “go tribal,” aka going to war… generally associated with their level of intelligence. (A small ramble on that, even the infinite Intelligence and the Grand Architect that created all the atoms and suns in a universe of symbolism can and will “go tribal” eventually.)

Muhammad Ali - Racial Integration

Jack Markell Ramble... 3/25

Imagine Jack Markell trying to get special bathrooms built (or whatever) for more intellectually disabled minorities and so on. 

He's not actually going to build the bathrooms though.  That's because these entertainers are useless.  Witless wonders...

But the entertainment that people want entails that intelligent, able and capable people (IN REALITY, lol) can keep on building up America as a nation so that more and more intellectually disabled minority groups have functional bathrooms to use without getting their feels hurt, etc. 

You know what hurts my feels?  When bathrooms and sewage systems do not work, in reality.

Minorities with sewage problems:
(Sewer overflows during storm hit 10 billion gallons - Detroit ...)
 (Sewage adds to Detroit's headache — The Daily Climate)
Aug 27, 2013 - For Detroit, bankrupt and dealing with political and financial turmoil, this is a crisis: An aging, flood-prone sewer system sends raw sewage into ...
  Hey, that hurts my feels! 

Ayn Rand was right, when ethnic groups likely to think of themselves as able bodied city builders leave and "go Galt"... cities collapse.  (Is that Galt flight?  "Libertarians"? )

Shrug.  Who wants to play the part of Atlas in Ayn Rand's play and navigate to new territory?    Perhaps there's only so far a young man can go West before the European tribes of the North come full circle again.  It's all merely symbolic.  Except when it's geometry, then supposed symbols are real enough.

Hopium and freedumb fries:  "Feelings.  Feels!  Minority feelings!!!  But here's a minority of the disabled, bullied... fat..  ugly, minority!  More feels than you!"  

Apparently no one wants to tell Americans (generally) that your feelings don't matter, not even an Anglo Mason that should know better.  But if the show can't go on then someone will have to do that eventually.

  Sorry, same old rambling...  the convergence of entertainment and reality or the American Empire's way of creating new realities based on entertainment is something I think about a lot these days.

Example of the day:
(ISIS Takes Tatooine As Tourists Warned Away From 'Star Wars' Locations In Tunisia)
Huffington Post‎ - 11 hours ago
"Star Wars" fans are being warned away from several locations in Tunisia linked to the ...
  Couldn't see that coming. 

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away:
(Gov. Jack Markell Talks Guns And Gay Marriage)
(Jack Markell Same Sex Marriage - Huffington Post)
(Democrat Governor's Twitter Account 'Inadvertently' Posted ...)

Too bad I'm against the Likud nuts for some of the crazy stuff they've pulled while trying to manage life and build a nation for themselves among the "Sand People."   One could have a lot of fun with what some of "the Jedi" lords of the Farce from the dark/sinister/Left hand side have been up to lately otherwise. 

I wonder, from Jack Markell's perspective... what does he think he's doing?  (????)

Apparently there is no long term plan here.  So it's going to keep getting crazier.  Oh well.  At least they apparently changed the word imbecile to intellectually disabled, otherwise someone might say that they're stupid.  

Multicult Police State... fun times.