Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sarah Pozner

Far beyond Trumpism, these Judeo-Christian goys will have to go. It is what it is. They're already dead to their people anyway.

Imagine You're a pretty young girl. Blinded by propaganda, you genuinely believe the migrants are people just like you- your heart swells with pity when you see them on TV fleeing from their war torn countries, and without recognizing any differences, you put themselves in your shoes, thinking that could be you. You volunteer at the refugee center- who wouldn't help them? the world is a good place full of good people, and it's only those bigoted right-wingers trying to separate us with a message of hate.
On the night of her murder, she was at a party with her friends. She probably had a drink or two with her friends. At 2:37, she cycled home, as usual. Then a 17 year old migrant tripped her bike and violated her. Think of the ecstasy and gratification he got at those moments inside of her. He probably thought he would get away with it, having pulled a fast one of the nation that took him in. After the deed was done, he drowned her. He watched himself force her under the water until her quivering body stood still.   
In those last moments, i bet she wished her dad would have been there to protect her. Perhaps she frightfully called out for him. Little did she know, it was her father and his EU brethren who had actually killed her. Letting savages into your country and holding only them responsible for their brutality is like dangling a plate of food in front of a dog and getting made it ate your dinner  .
Make no mistake, Dr Ladenburger.  You killed your daughter.

EU Official's Daughter Raped & Murdered by Invader, Asks For € for Migra...

More carnage...

...the New York Times reports. 

Fake news.  (((New York Times)))

Former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl told CNN...

Fake news again.

[Some Evan McMullin stuff...  Lol!]

CIA, fake news again.

How can Trumpsters defend a president-elect ignoring intel briefings designed, in part. to keep our troops safe? Why do they hate America?

Kurt Eichenwald

Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment. ” —
Carl Bernstein

 His Google rap sheet is slightly better than the others. 

Looks like (((he))) is probably well aware of what a fact free environment looks like, huh? 

Ex-CIA officer Glenn Carle, quoted by The Guardian

 I'm not even going to bother.  It's just Jew, CIA, Jew, NYT, Jew.  

And after they just finished lying a country into WAR and preemptive murder, they're all complaining about "fake news" when it comes to merest hint of a possibility that they may be held accountable for all their lies.

This was a post by (((Delaware Dem))) for anyone that ever needs to check his electronic footprint or those of his descendants over time, by the way. 

His final solution in a time of economic crisis was "line Republicans up and shoot them."

So that's what will need to be done to him in time of crisis.  Do unto others as you'd have them do to you.

His Google rap sheet on that now says:
I am sorry if you think I should never write anything again because I once stupidly said that we should round up Republicans and shoot them.

 If there were enough people like these "liberals" whose articles read like this NYT/Jew/CIA/Jew/Banker/etc. then they would probably try to do exactly what they say they would like to do.

Anyway, just checking the carnage... because this (((stuff))) is going to change as European nationalism continues to rise.  It's already changing. So these big talkers should shut up.  They're always kicked out of country after country or some form of resistance arises...  yet like the Frankfurt School, they never seem to shut up and live at peace in the next country.  Become plumbers, become farmers... that might help.  Ironically the Zionist project of giving them their own country to build up might be a good idea. 

But they can't do it.  Because they'd rather talk about representing labor on the Left than actually engage in it.  It's progressively being revealed that they cannot represent the working class as Democrats, given that most Jews hate the white people that they're supposedly representing with a vicious, bigoted and xenophobic passion.  Even those that don't hate white people as much or try to speak up for "Trump voters" some (e.g. Jon Stewart speaking up for "first responders"/Irish/etc. recently) are dragged back by their Jewish culture of hatred and fear of the Other/Goyim.      

People might think it ironic that a so-called "antisemite" would be writing about hatred and fear, given Jewish projections.  Aren't we the haters?  Isn't that what is always said? 

But no, they declared war on me. They hated me and my family and kin group.  They sought to diversify us out of existence. They helped to incite wars.  They turned a blind eye to the hate crimes against "Nazis"/white people.  Indeed, they sought to incite hate. 

So we're done.  It's a cultural and political war verging on a real physical war now.  And I'm against them because of what they have done to my kin group (Jewish Right, incited the Iraq war/etc.) and what they're still trying to do to my family. (Jewish Left, seeking to diversify white people out of existence).  One more small ramble... there is ultimately considerable overlap between the ethnic agenda of the Jewish Right and the Jewish Left anyway.  So it's not as if one can favor one over the other, their Zionist "neoconservative" Right (now dissipating) or their anti-white/Democratic Left (most of them).

In the end, they've already demonstrated that it's them/their own ethnic interests vs. you. 

Lol... sigh. These people...

As for what we can do–the first thing is not waste time on pipe dreams of reversing this election, and begin the process of (a) building a viable opposition; (b) getting into the game of weaponized information; and (c) learn to re-conceptualize our world view...
 Delaware Liberal/Libertardian

They're going to get into the game of weaponized information now?


Lol.... look who the "conspiracy theorists" are now...

The fake news story has been heating up over the last few days, with known Jewish-backed propaganda sites such as The New York Times and The Washington Post propagating the fictitious hoax. Over the weekend, conspiracy buffs at the CIA announced that they believe in the discredited theory.
The theorists propose that Russia was responsible for the Wikileaks emails which were released during the election, and had a negative effect on Clinton’s campaign, as they demonstrated that she is involved in an onion-like layered criminal corruption racket. Podesta himself is under scrutiny for using coded language in his emails in such a way that he appears to be talking about having sex with kids.
Though they have been given ample opportunity, those promoting the fake news hoax have failed to present any evidence to support their false, delusional theory.

Daily Stormer 

Wow, a Zionist traitor and a cuck openly arguing about how much they called a candidate another Hitler.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Anti-Zionist vs Anti-Jews

Youtube comments...

/Judaism doesn't preach any of those things that you've said./

Many of those things are openly preached in Israel. Google: "Ovadia Yosef, goyim" That's no marginal figure. Google: "Ovadia Yosef, funeral"

Secular/Christianized Jews may forget where the ethnic identity that they willfully continue to socially construct came from but Orthodox factions constructing "Jews" (based on child abuse and trauma like a gang/tribe initiation, by the way) to this day haven't forgotten it all. And it's the Orthodox that are having more children. So the "progressively" Judaic future is going to go backward... back to the criminal ethnic cult of supremacy that birthed "Jews", a cult that secular or "atheist" Jews cover for and defend. Perhaps due to their gang/tribe initiations and the way they're traumatized by Holocaust stories about how the Goyim/Monsters made Jews into soap and lampshades.

 Look at yourself, you're considering marrying into that sort of mess and you're already covering for it based on ignorance. You didn't bother to see if anything is true. If rabbis actually do suck the blood off the penis of a child in one of their forms of gang/tribe initiation through trauma. You just automatically think that's an "antisemitic" blood libel, similar to the idea that Jews are seeking global supremacy. (Another "antisemitic" conspiracy theory). But Google: "Rabbis, herpes." How did those babies get herpes, a "blood libel"?

 The best solution would be for people that have been abused as children by a criminal cult and socially constructed as "Jews" to reject and abolish that identity. They should not continue to defend it. You're actually going to incorporate yourself and possibly your descendants in that?

Youtube comments....

/They hijacked the Western governments and have been using them to do to create a worldwide financial/corporate empire.../

Conspiracy theory!!!! Just kidding. It's true. All I would say is that many of them know not what they do.

Even if they did know, there's a lot of evidence that they'd probably cover for their own ethnic identity any way. Like a Jewish kid in college that gets to attend fraternities for his ethnic group and then engage in ethnic/social networking throughout his life, all the while condemning "white racism" and seeking to diversify white ethnic/social networking out of existence. He actually doesn't quite know what he's doing. (Cough, Mark Zuckerberg.... etc.)

But the thing of it is with these people, they can't be convinced when their "social network" privileges worth billions and the ethnic state that they're constructing for themselves depend on a pretense of ignorance, stupidity and self-deception. They don't know because they don't want to know. They can't see because their eyes are closed. And they benefit from keeping their own eyes closed, as well as censoring anyone that points out that they're maintaining ethnocentrism and an ability to be tribal among themselves while simultaneously pushing for more diversity and less ethnic/social networking among other groups.

No big deal: Black guy punches older white woman in face -- in New York...

Richard Spencer at Texas A&M 12/6/16

Uh huh.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism

I think the degenerate baby Boomers that got on board fully with the anti-white Jewish policies of diversification/feminism/LGBT/abortion/etc. may continue to be in for suprises. And they deserve it. Mountains of debt and they tried to abort the future of whatever children that they didn't abort directly. So... surprise!

All throughout history, people with talent could potentially be bribed against the people. However, in modern times, PewDiePie, the most watched broadcaster in the world, probably lives about the same sort of life as any random NEET. He sits around on a computer in a room playing video games and watching cartoons.
Seriously, lifestyle doesn’t change much at all with money these days, and that makes it extremely hard to bribe people.
I mean, you get more women if you’ve got a bunch of money. That’s pretty much the only relevant difference. But PewDiePie is the serious girlfriend type.
So, the game has changed.
You add this to the fact that we literally have no future if we don’t save the white race now, and you have an entire generation with nothing to lose.
It is my belief that PewDiePie is with us. Along with calling-out the anti-White agenda, he has also supported Trump and shown videos of Hitler.

 Daily Stormer

50 million subscribers... and he may continue to take an interest in what the degenerate, anti-white hipster/dipster "civil rights" generation has done to the future of Europeans/European Americans/white Australians/etc...

We will need to continue to create new platforms.

Wake-up call for the Globalists: Nationalism is inevitable

The Young Turks Are Falling Apart

MILO OBLITERATES Student Who Called Him A "White Supremacist"

Monday, November 28, 2016

Random comment to someone that has "gay pride" but not any "white pride"....

Pushing feminism/LGBT/abortion on white ethnic groups while turning a blind eye to Islam and the global South migrating North is your type of suicide cult.

Trump isn't going to touch a hair on your gay head. He's not going to be as "homophobic" as the Muslims and Africans that you anti-whites count as diversity.

You are being utterly and completely absurd, that's why you're losing. Also, it would be one thing if you goyim golems pushed for feminism/LGBT/abortion against "Nazis" and the population stabilized. But that's not what you do. You push that and then try to diversity "Nazis"/white ethnic groups out of existence. Now white people are gradually and progressively saying that you need to stop that.

So I suggest that those of you into "gay pride" (Because you were born that way.) that simultaneously reject any (((perception))) of "white pride" as the Original Sin of Great Evil that only "Nazis" and the KKK could support begin to think a little more.

There's no time like the present to think about an identity that actually matters. An identity that you were actually born into.

And one more time, as to your absolutely absurd phobias and the (((xenophobic))) view of your own kin groups that you've seemingly absorbed by osmosis from the (((media)))?

Trump isn't going to harm a hair on your gay heads, other than the fact that he'll wind up empowering Republicans due to the abject stupidity of anti-white Democrats. 

So stop the hysteria now, unless you want normal white people to conclude that you European or European American gays are part of the "problem."

Operation Reinhard - Andrew Breitbart Knew About #PizzaGate

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And so an ancient identity continues to rise out of the carnage...

I had previously identified Spencer as “Alt-Lite” because he didn’t talk about Jews. Now Watson is saying Spencer – the guy who the media has announced is the leader of the Alt-Right – isn’t really Alt-Right. The real Alt-Right is multiracial and about wearing hats and joking around.

At least he’s now calling his interracial gang-bang version “New Right.”

Looks like we finally have this term for ourselves. Finally.

Just as I join the Republican party…

He followed this with a video of Spencer and another accusation he’s some type of shill.

Daily Stormer

Identifying Jews is the forbidden fruit...

More carnage.....

“Identity Politics” becomes the mission of our lives. It is a monstrous betrayal for privileged white liberals and progressives, some of whom read and write comments on this blog, to demand we abandon African Americans, women, Latinos, and gays and lesbians...

That's all they focus on.  Because (((they))) actually thought that they were going to be able to form an anti-white coalition with a few degenerates along for the ride and transition that into a permanent ruling majority enslaving whites.  Especially white men and women that are expected to provided policing for African men, plus care for their children, then progressively care for the ten other children they just had by five different women.

What was the final vision here?  This so-called "melting pot" was never going to work.  The Jew what wrote that melting pot theatrical production didn't think that it would work for everyone.  That's why he was a Zionist.   

just because we lost the white working class vote in one fucking election,

 I'm not sure what this guy's ethnic identity is or if he's absorbed a form of ethnic hatred by osmosis from (((the media))).

But he once wrote about lining white people up and shooting them.  And that kind of talk is what gets people like him lined up and shot.
or just because some racist whites say so, or just because one Senator wants the party to focus solely on economics and not rights. To these traitors I say a hearty fuck you,

 Ha, ha... "traitors." 
and get the fuck out. Join your racist Republican white friends and relatives.

Line them up and shoot them, huh?  

Same old, same old...

Richard Spencer Responds to His Hail Victory Speech & Roman Salutes at A...



The way I see it they're the people being threatened with character/career assassination and physical violence just like Anglin. As effective as keyboard and meme warriors have been given the privacy of the voting booth, we have zero organizations.

I personally wouldn't play the part of a "Nazi"/Jewish cartoon in any way and give them that. We have a longer history and deeper roots than the German example of resistance to Judaism/criminality, just like the Roman salute isn't "Nazi". We have our history and white people and wider white kin groups and families to look after here and now.

Let the Jews focus on their cartoon histories of us and believe that they've uprooted us from our ancient identities with some little poem about "wretched refuse"/"white trash."

Use their cartoons to trigger and troll them out of the shadows of their Empire of Entertainment and then deal with them.

Because we're more than their cartoons. We have our own identity, regardless of the Jews just as the Christ had his own identity, regardless of the scars left from dealing with Judas, das Jew.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Observing the Democratic carnage and this dumb comment struck me.

I don’t think this campaign could have been won on this issues. It had more to do with what was going on in our collective lizard brains.

That's all Hillary wound up running on.  The lizard brains of single white women that have a fetish for the Other and integration with the noble savage that they idolize, combined with excusing and inciting savages that don't seem very noble to most people.

Trump did the same lizard brain stuff from the opposite side but he kept on combining his worldview with a relatively clear economic message. 

And it didn't help that Hillary has a long history of being a criminal.     

Anyway, Democrats didn't even really try to win on the issues.  It was all just trolled out of the (((culture))) that they've absorbed by osmosis from their media:  "Racism, xenophobia... Hitler!!!  White supremacists!"  Etc.  Whoops!  Yeah, you basically forgot to do anything else...   for all the talk about how elite and intelligent cosmopolitans and globalist/Zionist Jews are, they're looking dumb and dumber by the day.   I know they're pretty intelligent in some ways.  But they've been trolled into doing a lot of dumb stuff lately based on their phobias.      

Twitter And The Great Purge of the ALT-Right (REACTION)

Twitter And The Great Purge of the ALT-Right (REACTION)

Generally just Jewish influence... some of it actually isn't that bad. You get to play the part of a 1950s white Uberman/Superman from the red state heartland incited against and drawn to murder "Nazis," etc. But now that Superman is expected to transgender/neuter himself, it is getting bad. Actually, it was always pretty bad. It's just that the roots go deep into "American" culture.

It's just Jewish influence. The ethnic oligarchy that is monetizing us all while building racial colonies for themselves over there in the Jewish State. Their view of whites = Nazis/cartoons. Their view of Germans that resisted their supremacist, globalist cult was the same thing. They're the source of the hypocritical trends that you see. The ADL met with Twitter, etc. It's also cultural because they've engaged in ethnic networking to take over Hollywood and the corporate media in America. So everything you see about white people comes through their ethnic lens and theatrical productions, where white ethnic groups are basically "Nazis"/cartoons or may be "Nazis." Nazis themselves are projected as more of an Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade to Save Jewish Shrunken Heads from the Nazis cartoon movie than reality.

This is totally pervasive, all throughout "American" culture. Even the Superman/Uberman from the "red state" heartland that gets his cartoon identity from defeating Nazis/cartoons is due to their ethnic lens. Team America Superman Police: Defeating Another Hitler. And on and on. This is the explanation for your anti-white culture. The only identity that white men have is servility to Jews and defeating white nationalism/"Nazism." But since Jews don't view other ethnic groups the same way, their TV shows and cartoon view of reality are not as prevalent. Although, like white men... Muslim ethnic groups have been turned into cartoons at times too.

The (((spotlight))).... aka the internet.

Many people have been predicting that Jews would soon start throwing their Cultural Marxist clothes overboard and changing into ProudBoy shirts and going on the Gavin McInnes Show. Jews on the “left” and the “right” – from Lena Dunham to Ben Shapiro – united as one to try and get Hillary Clinton elected this election season, but now they’re in the awkward situation of having to count on a single 35-year-old Jew (Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner) to push their agenda in an environment that is overwhelmingly hostile to it.

Additionally, most Jews know that Trump is only what’s on the surface, and that what’s coming in behind him will start directly holding them accountable for making our countries browner by the minute and third-worldizing our economies and standards of living. Our job now is to keep shining the spotlight on them, and make sure they can’t infiltrate the rising political revolution in any appreciable way.

Daily Stormer

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Not sure if I already posted this. If you think that this stream of commentary and "culture of critique" reflected back on the Jews isn't correct then just wait and see what happens.

The ironic thing about the ovens is that they were built to save Jewish lives. Cremate the bodies. Fumigate all their clothes with gas in a "gas chamber" so that they could move to a Jewish State.

Jews started believing in their own stories, their own cartoon "Nazis"... and that generated the xenophobia that they have toward "white men." Now they made this election a referendum(b) on their ridiculous culture based on xenophobia and bigotry against white men.

Ironically, for most white people it wasn't that. But it may turn out to be that, given the endless phobias and the behavior of Jewish bigots. They're not changing.

Uh huh.

Muslims and Latinos are protected under our Constitution, you fuckface. Having brown skin is not a litmus test of whether you get constitutional rights.

I don't know if false flags will work in this context.  But "liberals" that turned a blind eye to (((everything))) that's gone on in the past should take note that it would be very easy to outsource a few jobs to the "globalist"/Jewish mafia types and "rally the troops" to do whatever now.   If people could get away with it, as they have in the past, then a "rally around the flag" and an attack those "flag burners" effect would be easy.  Because now the flag suddenly represents an implicitly white majority again.  "Whoops!" 

If the people that have done false flags in the past are into Trumpism and felt like they had full spectrum dominance over the information and could once again rely on (((tribalism))) then it could be done.  Even in this context where some dumb nutter far down the flow chart may tweet out:  "Let's check for a bombing drill right here!  Bomb... drill scenario!  No, real bomb!!"  Etc.  It may be that it can still be done.

And if foreign intelligence services and mafia/mercenary type groups did pull off a false flag causing people to rally to the flag even more than they already are, then what? 

Think of that, you dumb "fuckfaces"?  No, because you don't even know anything about (((anything.)))

Perhaps you should have tried to investigate it all before, instead of playing along with false flag jobs that were outsourced in the past for the sake of politics.   Maybe you should have been willing to be ostracized to get the information out.   Power shifts (As I said it would.) and then you become the so-called "conspiracy theorists"...

I don't know what Trumpism will or will not lead to.  We will see now, thanks to you nominating the Clinton crime family when you had any number of anti-war candidates.  
Muslims and Latinos are protected under our Constitution...
No, they're protected by whatever mentality the implicitly white majority has.  "Our" > the Constitution.

It's an implicit mentality that people may not have if there is no "our" or no "us" to carry on the fair/white minded tribal traditions and customs of our ancestors.

The Constitution is a piece of paper.

Meh... these people that admit to racial/ethnic groups at will for the sake of tribal politics are so dumb.  They openly attempt to diversify the ethnic groups that founded and built the country out of existence.  "You didn't build that!" --Obama  "Fundamental transformation."  Etc. Etc.  Talk about "dog whistles" and implicit prejudice.  But then they want the customs and traditions that white people establish when they're the majority ethnic group to remain.  And they want white people to keep acting like a bunch of white people/"Constitutionalism", as if they are the majority? 

"But... look at this piece of paper that your ancestors wrote!!!"

As long as the ethos of white ethnic groups remains, the Constitution does actually matter... because it represents their customs and traditions.  But when you "fundamentally transform" the country or elect a new electorate based on ID/tribal politics... and endlessly manipulate the Constitution as well as the DNA of the nation, then you may be surprised at what progressively begins to matter and what doesn't matter to people.

Maybe you should have thought of all this before you tried to elect a new electorate while diversifying white people out of existence?

They're still not thinking about it. They're still progressively stirring white racial consciousness.  

Jon Stewart... a real joke.

Typical Jewish ethnic activist. He's really fighting against his own tribal/ethno state. He's really fighting against the ethnic oligarchy in America.

No. All false. All hypocritical.

Trumpism is still an internal Jewish dialogue about their own supremacy as an ethnic group. I.e. how much so-called "white supremacy" (Lol... a gay Jew is a white supremacist, a man with Jewish kids is Hitler, etc.) they need to allow the dumb European "goys" in order to "Make America Great Again" in order to "Stand with Israel" even bigger and better than before.

Implicit Trumpism to the donors, the oligarchy, to Jon Stewart and all the rest of the xenophobic neurotics: "Just relax, I will fix this and make it great for you. After all, if you diversify Germany out of existence then who will make the submarines for Israel? If you diversify white "racist" America out of existence due to your endless xenophobia and bigotry against white people, then who will help you build your racial colonies and your ethnic state?"

Jon Stewart doesn't want an honest dialogue. He's just a slightly more sophisticated dog whistler. All that "Hitler!!!" "KKK!!!!" etc. stuff that his own ethnic group just did, all the stuff that they're still doing?   He hasn't really put two words together about it.  So articulate, but he supposedly can't see his own tribe and an (largely) internal dialogue about their own ethnic interests, above all?

This is just like when he mumbled something about what Jewish nationalists have done to the Palestinians over and over again. "Mumble, mumble...  maybe they shouldn't bomb so much?" and the crowd goes: "Oh my God!! He's such a principled genius!!!" But then he gets shouted down by his own tribe. A tribe that loves diversity and unnatural/multi ethnic states among the "goyim"/tribes while simultaneously building an ethnic, if not a racially defined state for themselves.

Please. What courage this Jew has!

Trump has Good and Bad positions

She's a terrible actress... Lol.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lol... Alex Jonestown better watch out.

You Can't Stump the Trump Volume 29.5 (THE MADMAN DID IT)

Still Report #1110 – John McCain “Songbird” Tape Found

Dirt on McCain.

Obviously. He's almost openly a Rothschild agent, just like Hillary Clinton.

Hope this happens. Seems unlikely.... but ask me last year what was "likely." Lol.

These people just don’t get it.
It’s over.
They lost.
Never again are White Americans going to be emotionally manipulated into a war by some emotional gibberish about “oh the poor little unfortunates.”
That period of history has ended.
We had a referendum. The people do not want endless war.
John McCain has to be removed and he has to be disgraced. Like Obama, his entire legacy must be destroyed. He must be remembered in history books as one of the greatest traitors this country has ever known.
Him flailing around, powerless, crying about imaginary victimized brown people and demanding a World War to protect them is a good kick-off to the humiliation extravaganza which is just beginning.

Daily Stormer 

It's like it's a satire. But what else is new...

Wednesday, the 54% of women who voted for an intelligent policy wonk, with years of relevant experience, a spine stronger than steel, and an actual plan...
 A corrupt criminal, a war monger, with years of experience destroying other countries... with seemingly no plan other than continuing to do the same things while marketing herself as a woman.

As it happened, in a shocking twist, the group complaining the loudest about the “trophy generation,” and the delicate nature of millennials who demand “safe spaces,” were the ones who needed the most hand-holding...

Seems odd to refuse to listen to marginalized and victimized voices... (or whatever)...

and when they didn’t get the exact amount of love and adoration they were used to,

 Run an explicitly anti-white candidate seemingly about to arm BLM rebels right here in America and get beat. 

Awww... poor, poor crybullies. 

 This tweet was liked by almost 50,000, and retweeted 34,000 times

You and Twitter don't seem to understand that the internet is a matter of technology.  So when you censor all opposition and then say: "Look, we all agree!"  That doesn't mean that everyone agrees or that there aren't people subverting your bigoted, ignorant and stupid culture.

 From this need to stand in solidarity with women....

That's bullshit, by the way.  You don't stand with white women. 

Yesterday, The Women’s March on Washington event creator, Bob Bland...

Bob Bland.


  ...our vibrant and diverse communities...  we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore.


They're making it worse.


Twitter Goes Full Soviet

Monday, November 14, 2016

Black riot in downtown Philadelphia -- not top story in Philly

These (((people))) still don't realize that we're not in their matrix of information anymore. They're being put in our matrix. Pretty dumb...

The New York Times’ top kike Arthur Sulzberger Jr. just issued a letter to readers vowing to “rededicate” the paper to accurate reporting.

This is seriously a thing which has just happened.

This is akin renewing wedding vows after someone got caught cheating.

This is just… I never thought I would see the day. They are pretty much openly admitting to having deceived people on purpose – he says “we believe we reported on both candidates  fairly,” but if that were the case, why would he need to make a pledge to stop lying?

The New York Times claimed – all the way up until Tuesday morning – that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning. This was an outright lie, designed to demoralize Trump supporters and keep them from voting. This was not some huge accident, and people know that.

Morning Joe even admitted it – and attacked NYT.
 Daily Stormer

Noticed this too....

Even though Canada is a cucked out nation, in the past 3 or so years I've got to know Russians, Serbs, Macedonians, Poles, and Romanians. Not personally but on a good healthy level of "Hey! Good to see you!" kind of thing.
I see the Trump effect here. It happens in the people I meet and speak to. Older White folks are ready to talk. When they see and hear an articulate AND unapologetic Nazi then they listen!
A couple of days ago I talked to an older White guy who I see every so often. It was Remembrance Day, and he talked about the evil deed Hitler did invading Poland. I asked him what Hitler should have done about the 100,000+ German refugees fleeing persecution from Poland at the time. He was speechless.
I then calmly told him the truth about it, and I made a point to add that I myself had only recently learned about it. That's the thing--don't lecture them--teach them. He told me that he appreciated me telling him!
Younger folks too. They know the score and are waking up.
This is the Trump effect for me--I can now talk to everyday White folks. And when I do, they listen and agree.
Do it right and it will happen!

Same old, same old... "liberals."

I watched (((Thomas Friedman))) on (((Bill Maher))). He said something that stuck with me. He said that during the blue collar, manufacturing/union days that white men actually needed a plan to fail, and that this group has never made a plan to succeed. I’ve been thinking about that a lot.

I bet they believe that the (((producer))) of Archie Bunker was representing white men accurately too.

These are the phobic bigots that they've been endlessly warning everyone about.  They're phobic of white men. 

How these people in their little ethnic bubbles think that they're so cosmopolitan and enlightened that they always know best is beyond me.  Now even many of the "Nazi" rubes that they hate with such a xenophobic passion have traveled the world and are better educated than they might guess.

After all, that's why you bigots are losing.  Do you honestly think that a bigot knows that they're a bigot and is like:  "I'm so evil and mean.  Ha, ha... now I'm going to keep being ignorant and mean for the fun of it!"  Usually not, unless they actually are a mean person. 

You are the average bigot, so look at yourselves and think for once.  Don't pretend to think about it, like a (((Chomsky))) or those nutters do.  Honestly think about it.     

Same old, same old...

The (((SPLC))) has documented more than 250 hateful incidents since Election Night and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The thing that the Trumpeters know about their voters? That they will be delighted with policy and actions that make sure that their narratives and prejudices about black and brown and non-straight people are reinforced and government actions make sure others are hurt.

The average white person is not aligned with the Daily Stormer yet. 

So this is just yet more nonsense of the same sort that lost the election.

Do these people realize how ignorant they are?  That's part of their problem, they're too focused on Jewish cartoons and (((SPLC))) reports and endless reports from (((journalists))).  So they seem to pick up that mentality of xenophobia and hatred of working class white "might be Nazis!!!" people. 

Then they repeat the cartoons and endless defamation, as if the average white person actually just wants to "...make sure others are hurt."   

It's only after white people figure out who has been trying to hurt them preemptively just like they had preemptive wars against "another Hitler"/Saddam/etc. that this cartoon vision of them begins to become real.

And that's not even Trump.  It's just in the background.  Duh.  Seriously... these (((people))) and their proxies haven't figured this out by now?  Little wonder that they can't win an election.  And now they're literally being manipulated by actual Nazis based on their abject ignorance and bigotry.  Because when you're a bigot, you're ignorant.  Naturally. 

Now there are progressively growing numbers of "Nazis" that want what began as a Jewish/cartoon vision of white people to become real.  But it was just a cartoon originally. 

Apparently the (((SPLC))) and people immersed in their phobic culture of preemptive culture war (and real wars too, e.g. Iraq.) are just too stupid, ignorant and bigoted to see white people for who they are on average.  

If you weren't anti-white bigots then you would know that.  Now that more white people have realized they're being targeted, the (((media))) will probably always be one step behind empathizing with them.  Therefore, being fearful bigots, they have no knowledge about those that they hate.  Therefore, they will probably continue to lose... as hatred breeds hatred. 

It's a spiral.  But you started it. 

The Left Reacts to Trump's Win

Identitarians to the woodshed

How To Explain Donald Trump To Children

You have to wonder if these anti-white ethnic activists that actually want to be more like the white people they envy/"equality" will ever get the sense of "Whoops!" Probably not.

Little old White lady Mary Matalin – who is not radical or interesting in any way as a pundit – is apparently feeling the Trump power-boost, and Sunday on This Week confronted Negroid tear monger Van Jones for whining like a little girl about white racism in current year.
Cable television POCs and Jews are always talking about how white people are “afraid” of a conversation about race. What they mean by conversation is black people treating white people like white people treat black people in mostly ahistorical (((Hollywood movies))) about the Jim Crow South.
The Trump effect will be an ongoing series of white people fighting back in both little and big ways, after exercising our electoral muscle in electing Trump.

Daily Stormer 

Like the idea of integrating their DNA in a NYC/Jewish type melting pot/purely economic union, their "conversation about race" only goes one anti-white way.  Recessive genes, and the vast diversity that existed in white ethnic groups disappears and is melted away until there's a president standing there saying, "If I had a son then he would look black, like this kid that just tried to beat a Hispanic to death."  What happens when whites progressively figure all this out more and more?  When they go: "What is this Alt Right that these people keep talking about, anyway?"

Anti-whites went too fast with their conversation about race and incitement of even more diversity demanding "equality"/envy.  Too fast in Europe, too fast in America.  But despite many Jews having better instincts many others (e.g., Jones) just keep going down the same path.  From Hillary mentioning the Alt Right and now Jones and many, many others focusing directly on race ("White men!!!") instead of confusing people with Talmudic/Marxist gibberish about class like (((Bernie Sanders))) did.  Even Sanders is getting screwed up too, trolled into being anti-white in all this hysteria about Muslims/LGBT/anyone but white men and exposing himself for who he actually is.   

Apparently these people made the mistake of smoking their own hopium and believing their own lies about racial and ethnic groups to some extent.  Actually, that's probably the fundamental problem for someone like Van Jones.  He doesn't know that the Jews were lying or deceiving themselves about these economic unions that they intended to keep ruling over as an ethnic oligarchy.  Jews:  "Whoops, we wind up as an ethnic elite ruling over diversity... with a racial state built for us by birthright. How did that happen?  Quick, censor all antisemitic conspiracy theories!!!"  (Honestly, the vast majority of them actually don't know how it happened.  They're actually that dumb.  They think that by some happenstance of historical events they wind up with an ethnic identity and a racial state, a birthright, while "diversity" gets NYC cosmopolitanism and purely economic unions generally managed by...  Jews.  Birthright/Racial rights vs. "Dreams... I have a dream!!!"  That's the way Stanley Levison marketed Jewish culture and ethnic instincts to the dumb goyim, with Michael King/"MLK" as his front man.) 

Apparently MLK, Van Jones and others actually believed in it all.  So he doesn't see that "Marxism" amounts to Zionist Jews ruling an entire "melting pot" of globalism based on purely economic unions as everyone else integrates (sometimes romantically but often very violently*) into a Asian/Afro/Euro easily monetized mess.  Some Jews actually believe in the melting pot myth too, given that it's based on their ethnic instincts and not an explicit "Protocals of the Learned Elders of Zion" plan anymore than there is a "Protocols of the Learned Elders of the White City Council" governing neighborhoods that keep on turning up white after white flight. 

Ethnic instinct > explicit conspiracy.   That's why Trumpism will be great.  Because it's the Left that will have to explicitly push their anti-white ideologies against white people now.  And that will lead to more white people turning on them.  And thus we will escape the melting pots owned by bankers/Zionist Jews as their organizations like the SPLC/ADL/etc. shout "white supremacists!!!  Nazis!!!!" all the way to their bankrupt banks and corporations. 

One would think that everyone would be getting a sense of "Whooooops!!!!" by now.  But apparently it's generally the Jews that feel that way and not their (((Marxist))) minority minions, like Van Jones.  He doesn't know when to shut up.  Still talking... lol.

*With respect to the melting pot spa of romance as opposed to the roiling and boiling violence and gang warfare typical to melting pots, note that European ethnic groups in a roiling and boiling melting pot took a long time to figure out how to get along.  Anglos vs. Irish, Italian mafia formed and on and on.  Everyone pretends that it's a good model.  But it's even worse now than it was then.  Those were all European ethnic groups.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Facebook comment to Swedish American...

Are we talking about Trump voters? Because all this crying and so forth may be unnecessary if you can shift your perspectives away from this feminism/LGBT/abortion stuff. Look at it this way, feminism/LGBT/abortion is like a suicide cult for any ethnic group that believes in it. Birthrates will be low, often below replacement. So then if you combine it with mass immigration like Hillary/Merkel (her favorite politician) have and do, you're talking about the ethnic replacement of entire countries. And that's a little bit sad, wouldn't you agree?

Consider it. Most or at this rate all of Sweden, replaced while Swedes trend to feminism/LGBT/abortion. Germany changed to Germanistan, as all resistance is obviously "Nazism" and "racism." France, the French people, diversified out of existence. How long have white ethnic groups lived in these countries? Britain, despite Brexit and Trumpism, no longer full of British people. European Americans (admittedly, often a morbidly obese McMess) reduced to a minority in the country that their ancestors founded for them. Why do you hate white people, yourselves? Do you hate your own children?

Why is "progress"/feminism/LGBT/abortion in perfect alignment against the natalism/nationalism that gave birth to all these nations and countries? Do you think that feminism combined with mass immigration happened randomly?

You should be happy that Hillary lost, for the sake of your kin groups and children. For that matter, even if you're only concerned about the Other as your own ethnic group declines and is replaced... her alignment with the Saudi axis of terror was very bad for many Muslim ethnic groups like the Syrians too.

Overall, I don't understand what you're upset about. Even if you want Europeans and the European diaspora to commit ethnic suicide (feminism/LGBT/abortion) and only care about the Other, with seemingly little regard for your own children, Hillary was still really bad for many ethnic Others too.


Cheer up. It'll be ok. We've bought more time now.

Ramble 11/10

Many people would reject Jesus Christ himself as a dangerous candidate full of hatred.

Example: "John 2:15 So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the ..."

Headline: "Would be dictator shows that he's a violent and angry man, dangerous hatred may sweep the land now!!!! Is zealotry rising in Judea again?"

"Mark 7:18 "Are you so dull?" he asked. "

Headline: "Candidate recorded insulting close friends, calls them stupid!!!! Does he hate disabled people too? More sensational news about this authoritarian at 11!!!"

"Matthew 23:33 "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape ..."

Headline: "Dangerous authoritarian calls our leaders snakes!!! Ecologists fear that dens of vipers and baby snakes may now be killed due to a climate of hatred. Snake lovers comment: I can't even comment about all this hatred . I thought we made progress. Wow, just wow!"

"John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil...."

Headline news: "Now the authoritarian has demonized the entire establishment. He also demonized the devil, will this cause discrimination against Satanists? Wow, just wow again... but this time we mean it! How can this hatred of Satanists still exist in the current year? #NotallSatanists"

""Woe to you... you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs..."

News: "The angry and violent man we've been reporting on all year is calling groups of people names. How mean! He should be arrested for hate speech! The ADL has informed us that this is what antisemitism may look like."

"Samaritan terrorist attack in Judea, hundreds of Samaritans and a few of their kids killed to establish tolerance. One Samaritan baby burned to death. We celebrate that. Hate speech preacher tells our people a parable of Good Samaritan!!! Will he be arrested for hate speech against us soon? #OktoHateAllSamaritans"

"Matthew 19:5 and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and ..."

News: "Angry and violent dictator is also homophobic!!! Also suggests that boys should grow up and be men. Will this man create a climate of hatred against boys that don't want to grow up to be men? It's a new civil rights crisis. Sanhedrin human rights commissions a committee to meet and discuss this new preacher of hate speech."

And on and on.

Even if there was a perfect candidate for office it wouldn't matter, given that reality and logic do not matter to many people. Including many that think they know the Logos.

Monday, November 07, 2016

These liberals and Jews commenting on the radical individualism of white men. They should be happy that is their racial tendency. Duh.

This election season has been brimming with rhetoric that, if said by anyone other than white men, would be cause for drastic measures.

Who is going to police it?  White men?  Lol...
And let’s consider all this talk of violence from Trump supporters and militias. Who exactly are they going to end up fighting? The police, right?

No, that's wrong.

Seriously, think all this talk through. The only way this “uprising” happens is if these guys end up fighting law enforcement – Unless someone can put forth a different scenario where armed protesters “take their country back” without a showdown with police?

For one thing, white ethnic groups/men and women have every right to be angry about being diversified out of existence in the countries of their ancestors from England and Sweden to America.
It's progressively emerging that this is all "feminism" amounts to, as cat ladies and arrogant white women like this invite 50 Shades of Muslim patriarchy into these countries. It destroys women's rights, education (can't "educate" in 50 different languages) and on and on.  But these anti-white "feminists" continually support invasions and diversification campaigns.

The most likely scenario is that nothing will happen for now, due to the radical individualism that white men are prone to.  A Trump rally is like a football game, it's synthetic tribalism.  Then they'll go home and do nothing.  You get a few popping off here and there like this.  But that's it.  They're not going to organize and take their country back.

  If they were as prone to tribalism as Jews, then you'd be run over with a bulldozer to build racial colonies for themselves and their posterity.     

What happened to the feminist gay rainbow crap?  It was just run over with a bulldozer by the ethnic group actually in charge these days.  And it's not white men.

The Truth About America's Survival | Demographics and the 2016 Election

Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL I...

What's next?

Spirit Cooking is bait for Jonestown Hillary might as well be the devil ...

Satanic artists... yay. It's all just artistic and theatrical, except when it's real.

So, perhaps business as usual...

So who has Trump named to watch the Nation's money?
Lew Eisenberg for Secretary of Commerce and Steven Mnuchin for Secretary of the Treasury.
What do these two financial engineering wealth extractors have in common? Well, for starters, they are both Goldman Sachs partners.
How does appointing these foxes to guard the hen house "Make America Great Again"?
Clinton's campaign finance chairman is Goldman Sachs partner Garry Gensler.
Is there a common theme running through both campaigns?
Hint, think Deep State:
"A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country, this shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry."

There are still significant disagreements though.

Old Comment...

We were the Old Normal too. Jews/people that get their ethnic identity from a criminal cult of global supremacy have always been prone to xenophobia (The Others/Goyim/Monsters* might figure it out!) and/or a neurotic need to cover for where their ethnic identity comes from. I would imagine that the Thugees of India were similar. If you're born into that, then what are you going to do... tell people why you're wealthy due to the crimes of your ancestors?

Then they might want actual tribal/social justice, even if you were leading/subverting and misdirecting the charge for "social justice" against everyone but your own group.

*Of for those incorporated in the cult that honestly forget where their tribal identity of supremacy through internationalism and globalism came from, the world is full of Antisemitism/Moral Monsters that are always against Jews for some mysterious reason. It's a mystery! Antisemitism, the oldest pathology that (((Freud))) said is caused by short penises.. why!!! So Asians are the most antisemitic? Lol. Seriously. If they all have such high Einstein IQs, then why are they generally so fundamentally stupid as a group? Stoic integrity > neurotic intelligence?

Friday, November 04, 2016

Will Texas Turn Blue?

(((Lena Dunham)))... the usual. I think the Jewish technique of using degeneracy against others just like it was used against them by the rabbis is less effective if people understand Jewish culture.

It never seems to occur to Jews that their attempt to subvert and sling degeneracy at their host race/culture is the cause of "Nazism"... not to mention all the resistance to their supremacist cult of globalism long before "Nazism."

On a side note, Milo does the same thing against Muslims as his ethnic target. I don't care if he does it. But it is a Jewish technique (Charlie Hebdo too, as I recall) to sling filth and degeneracy around at ethnic targets, e.g. bathing in pig's blood (Milo) is little different than a Jewess painting a picture of Trump with her own unclean menstrual blood. And she donated the proceeds getting "Syrian" refugees into Europe or European derived countries, so she multiplied her ethnic activism as a "filthy Jewess" that way.
All very common. Lena Dunham is just another example of the use of degeneracy, similar to Jewish financed groups like Pussy Riot or their older Talmudic Judaic practices of spitting on Christian crosses or Christians.

It's interesting to contrast so-called "white supremacists" with these degenerates. I mean, would even the most hateful "white supremacist" really hate all other ethnic groups to the point of trying to seize on whatever flimsy pretext they had to sling filth at symbols of their ethnic identity?  Did the KKK go around spitting on black people or where they just dressed as ghosts to scare them away engaging in criminality against Whites just like Black people are doing again now?

There might be one case of ethnic hatred leading to slinging degeneracy around against others here or there. But it's not nearly as common unless there's a war.

In contrast the average Kabbalah clansmen of Judaism or Jews like Milo/Sarah Silverman/Lena/etc. seem to do it almost automatically, as if by instinct.  Even in times of relative peace and privilege, their behavior is "atrocious"/similar to the degradation of other ethnic groups that happen in wars.

(((Lena Dunham))). They're like caricatures at this point.

....if they’re saying “White men screwed the world up by causing humanity to evolve beyond the stone age,” then okay, we can discuss whether or not it was a good thing for humans to evolve beyond the stone age. There could well be an argument there.
But that isn’t what they’re saying. I assure you, it isn’t. The White women who buy into this Jewish propaganda loooooove all that White men have created for them. They do not want to go back to living in caves.
So it is just a complete fantasy, this idea that White men have “screwed things up.” Unadulterated nonsense of the highest order.
But how about a Hillary supporter calling for the end of White men, huh?
She isn’t just a supporter. She’s someone Hillary has used as a part of her campaign.

Daily Stormer

This 10 Minute Video Should End Hillary's Campaign for President

"White Hispanics"... unite!

I guess there was that one goy that pointed a gun at some rioting Africans.  Then he got fined $250,000 or something.  
So yeah, we probably have to work on continuing to use the internet to bring down the (((anti-white))) institutions, culture and media outlets that Jews have created before getting too crazy about anything.

The case of George Zimmerman shows that any white/Spanish or even brown man will be expected to let himself be beaten to death.

If Hillary wins and continues trying to diversify white privilege/"Nazis" out of existence for the anti-white Jewish Zionists and supremacists that own her...  well,  I'm not sure what happens.
One could look at what already happened.  No one really formed militias and rallied to Zimmerman when he was targeted by the most powerful people and media outlet in the country, although he did get some financial help.  Anyway, it all leaves a history.  So "Hispanics" should take note that they're White and if Hillary is a continuation of Obama/"diversity", then the expectation will be that they don't defend their neighborhoods and let some African criminal beat them to death for being a "white Hispanic." 
That's historical fact now.  So check your ethnic identities based on what has actually occurred and how you're targeted by corrupt shabbos goyim like Obama/Hillary... Hispanics are White/Spanish.  
Hope more and more of them realize their actual ethnic interests just like many Brexit folks realized their own ethnic interests as the process of immigration and diversity in (((economic))) unions progressively continues.  (And gets worse and worse, under the Hillary/Merkel model of globalism...) 

And this goy doesn't even criticize Jews. Yet.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Space Kook Episode 2 Killary meets melon head


MDB, at the end, it does not matter which side... both are literally obsessed with Russia
to the point that even Russia might start to feel unconfortable with all this attention
what does Russia really, really want? Respect
it's not the same as all this hate and denigration nor the same as all this love and admiration
now, seriously, is there any way for anybody to get America's respect? I do not have a ready answer for this
what do Americans respect, really? If you know, please tell, I don't think I am alone withthis question
I think you will find that must Russians want the same as most Americans - a fair crack at the whip.
The fucktard neocons running the asylum rather than being locked up in it? They have a different end-game.
"a fair crack at the whip" ??? sounds authoritarian to my ears
neocons want two things: moar military spending and moar woar
there is only one way to really hinder them: less military spending
now show me the Americans or Russians that want that. are there any left?
if you spend a lot for woar, you get embarassingly lots of reasons to get rid of ageing ammunition. if you have big fleets, you have to deploy them or they rust, both ships and crews
how much? the question nobody asks. like: how much is for defense, how much is for interventions?
two candidates, both promising moar military spending. ergo... it's what most want to hear
Hinder them with less spending? LOL, are you serious? They need to be jailed or executed.
Especially since they control the printing

Which ethnic groups living in America are you talking about?
what do Americans respect, really?
My opinion is that America has gone full schizo. There is no single answer to your question because there are now many "Americas". None of them know about the others and there is absolutely NO communication between them. "Diversity" is just another word for sheer insanity.
Like the ending line in the old, old movie "Gassss..", "There is no answer, Just Keep on searching."
Here's an answer, they respect Jews.  Or they better. Because then the next episode of the melting pot (metaphor from Israel Zhangwill, Zionist) of white trash wretched refuse (Emma Lazarus, Zionist) uprooted from their European roots will have them playing the part of Team Uberman: Defeating Bathroom Nazis by Neutering Themselves.  And, another Hitler/Saddam/Ghadaffi/Assad/Putin... whoever Jews point at next!
There's a small problem here.  Africans and Muslims don't respect Jews and aren't as willing to serve as their goyim golem.  Plus many of them are still men, unlike Europeans and the European diaspora in general/"Americans"/Australians/whoever.  Can the melting pot of Zion and the purely economic unions that they establish among the "goyim" while building an ethinc state for themselves go global? 
No.  No more than Israel is the "only democracy in the Mideast."  Because if you elect a new electorate in a democracy, then it isn't a democracy.  It's a Dumbocrazy, an easily incited demographic and racial role call.  One that the (((Democrats))) think that they can win, inevitably.  But they're wrong.  If history is any measure, then all the talk of executing them for treason (Even in a supposedly globalist world where there can be no "treason" because there are only degenerate rainbow countries.) will eventually come true.  Once again.  "Never again, never again!"  Well, (((you))) could always stop behaving in the same God damned ways or try to stop taking hypocrisy to criminal levels.  But you don't.

Anyway, 911 can serve as the perfect pretext for doing what always needs to be done anyway.