Friday, October 15, 2004

Get with the Program....

Once upon a time there was a programmer.

Now this programmer was a little different and he made his programs so they could change on their own. He made the rules. They were good rules because he made them. For he was a good guy. In fact, he was the definition of a good guy. So he made a lot of programs and they did neat things together. Even the programs started making their own programs too. He really like that part, to see how they would make their own programs and then guide and make more too. They made beautiful little programs all on their own. He made more beautiful programs for them too. He thought, "This is such fun!" It was especially the part where the programs made their own and then more and more, see.

So he made bigger programs and smaller too. Now, one day...he saw one of his biggest programs do something he thought was just a little odd as it did not follow his instructions when he tried to fix it. He thought, "Well, I could let that slide." Then, the next day the same program was doing something a little odd but other programs starting doing it too! Then he thought, "This could get bad. I will have to fix this thing."

Yet, he did not just throw away all his work and begin making programs that could not program at all. He liked that part. They liked that part. There was no reason to do away with it. He was the good guy and the programmer. So, his instructions WOULD be followed here. So he would not agree with the odd program in the least. The odd program thought he was the one who was good, so very good. But the programmer just replied, "No."

So he made a recycle bin. He did not need one before. Now, he needed one. So, he made one. Then, he put the odd program in it. He thought, "I will recycle it using some new recycle programs." Then, the next day he came in to do some more programming and saw it. What had happened was the Virus had begun eating away at the recycle bin too! His little recycling programs had betrayed him too. He thought, "Well, I really kind of liked those lil' programs. They were some neat ones. I could just delete it! I will do something about this thing once and for all. I liked those lil' programs and enough is enough!"

So then he gave his son a call. Because well, the younger generation is just better with computers. So his son came to save the day. He thought, "I will make a huge program for you dad." Its icon was a little recycle bin too. So he kept the original recycle bin going since the Virus was really no challenge to him. He was disgusted by its destruction of his fathers lil' programs. He even communicated to it, "You could come back out if you delete the part of yourself that you have turned bad." But, it never did listen. The thing of it was, it was always turning just a little more of itself bad in a process and so it always thought, "Why not go back to the last time you said delete that part and I'll just delete that part but not ALL you want to now?" So it got worse, worse and never did delete the bad part. It just would not repent of its Virus ways!

So, the Virus just kept going...for it was driving itself insane by never listening, see. The son got the huge program done. Then, he put the Virus in the new recycle bin. Now this recycle bin was just too fast, fast! So it spit forth all the little programs that the son told it to. His father the programmer said, "That is the best program ever!" His son replied, "Thanks dad, I made it for you. So, it is your's."

The little recyclers came on out....and the programmers started another program along with his best program ever. The little recyclers even got to help a little as they all started making more, more things together. Even the Virus was in the new recycle bin and he was being made to make good things now even as he was torn up for what he did. The son laughed, the fast program was just really fast....he looked at the lil' programs he saved and laughed and the programmer laughed with him.

(Yeah, theological liberties have been taken....but with art what are you going to do? Maybe the problem is, art is not robotics!)

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