Monday, December 22, 2014

Rambling, processing... I reserve the right to change my mind about anything based on new information. This is just the way it seems now.

 It seems that any region with a black majority tends to evolve a culture of tribalism.  And tribalism = gangsterism.

 If a region becomes majority African American then other ethnic groups and the actual "multicultural" people that black men victimize at totally disproportionate rates to any other group usually need to leave.   It's not politically correct.  But it's also not that complicated.  Whatever the reason, a fusion of higher levels of testosterone with a Victim culture would be my guess... it is what it is. 

Although if people do leave then it's likely that within a few generations African Americans will want to move to wherever America's multicult all went to build up better towns and cities again.  And they'll probably still think that they have a right to it all, for whatever reason.  (My money would be on Chinese sweat shop workers having a right to it all, these days.  But that's just me, the crazy guy on the net.) 

There is also the "globalists" and globally minded Jews that would probably want to come in as lawyers and civil rights activists for the goyim.  They'd probably get their with their minority/tribal politics just in time for end game scenarios.  Herp.  Derp.  Real clever.   Ironically many want their own ethnic if not racially pure state to retreat in the case of just such scenarios.  How do you know?   Antisemitic conspiracy theories?   No.  They just told you.  They just wrote it down.  They just said that they will need their own state if the goyim that they want to manage and monetize or rule like Jack "attended Labor Zionist youth camp" Markell turn antisemitic on people from a Talmudic culture, yet again.  

Stop.  Being.  Dumb.  Ironically Jews will be first in line to condemn any multicultural/Asian/Russian/Bosnian/English/Dutch or whoever movement away from African American regions.   Why didn't Jews and European colonists make the Native Americans into slaves?  We're still back on all that, like it or not. There is no Slave Memorial that I know of.  The multicult should build it, though.  And they should pay all African Americans with federal reserve notes instead of laundering ponzi through JP Morgans food stamp business.

Do whatever the black community wants or demands and then see what happens within one generation unless enough of their leaders break with the tribal Victim mentality by which their ancestors monetized each other and sold each other into slavery for some rum or whatever in the first place.

If you want a tribe, then you have to own all of its behavior.

Ramble on Hannukah and the ignorant goyim...

Yet a few posts down you're all giving Hanukkah a pass even when it is a tribal and racist tradition in which Jews celebrate a time when their (supposed) ancestors* murdered some members of the tribe for not being tribal enough and then killed some goyim too.    That's a great celebration, huh?  What happens if they decide to kill you without due process and zero respect for common law?   Here's another great tradition, since you seem interested in tribal celebrations: (Hamantashen (Haman's Ears) Cookie Recipe | SparkRecipes)

That's where you pretend to eat someone's ears because they were an enemy of the tribe, the hated goyim.  No word yet on a recipe for Obama, a perceived enemy of the tribe among some factions...  extra ear!  (????)  Perhaps David Anderson can post the recipe next Purim?    

*It's a lot harder to keep track of that sort of thing than one might imagine.  Who had sex with who?  Who adopted who? Did your supposed ancestors live in a port city?  Have you checked the DNA of people living in port cities where sailors visit? Just saying.  So why have a tribal religion?  Why reinvent tribalism and racism by saying, "If I had a son then he'd look like Trayvon."  That is best left in the past.  You, the supposed liberals and cosmopolitan Jews with your marginal/minority politics are recreating something dangerous again.   

Some Wizard of ponzi stuff...

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What does Belarus have to do with Malaysia in 1998?  Naked short selling on foreign markets will cause a rapid collapse of currency – this is also called a bear raid.  Betting downward pressure accelerates that pressure in a positive feedback loop.  George Soros (Jew) uses this economic warfare method in order to steal his money, to then fund his NGO operational arms, to re-inforce the scheme.   It is a rent seeking mechanism passed off as a necessary “free market” device.
ALL HYPERINFLATIONS are a function of exchange rate mechanism, this includes the Weimar Hyperinflation.  Zimbabwe aka Rhodesia is exception.
It is also curious that Malaysia has been suffering War By Deception, Mossad like attacks with downed airliners, etc.  ever since they showed up the IMF and International Banksters.  At its root, money is law, and a sovereign prerogative of a nation’s law abiding people.  Money is not international credit, even though our world is now an inverted psycho bubble that maintains this lie through Orwellian “war by deception” means.
Quote from .pdf link page 9
Offshore institutions (mainly in Singapore) borrowed ringgit at premium rates (double or triple the prevailing interest rates in Malaysia) to purchase dollars and bet in favor of the ringgit's collapse. The economy's decline continued. This was the background against which the controls were instituted on September 1st.
The primary objective behind the capital controls was to end speculation against the ringgit.  Most of that speculation was coming from short-selling of the ringgit in offshore (mainly Singaporean markets). These markets were offering high interest rates to attract ringgit deposits that in turn served to fund the shorting of the currency. To shut down offshore trading, the government mandated that all sale of ringgit assets had to go through authorized domestic intermediaries, effectively making offshore trading illegal. All ringgit assets held abroad had to be repatriated. Worried that these measures would lead to an outflow of capital and further depreciation of the currency, the Malaysian government also banned for a period of one year all repatriation of investment held by foreigners.
My prognostication:  Belarus will join BRICS in a hurry.  Their currency will be stabilized with swaps, probably even with China helping with dollar injections.  FX controls are necessary to prevent Bear Raids by foreign dollar holders. 

WW3 is moving into a more earnest phase.

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 11:23 | 5581141 Zero Debt
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Preventing speculation helped Malaysia, but let's be a bit mote brutal about the fundamendals. Malaysia and many other Asian countries that got hit by the crisis in 1997 were running consistent current account deficits, in Malaysia's case all the way back since 1990. Since 1998, Malaysia has recorded current account surpluses in every single year. Hence, one could also argue that their economic model changed as well. Go and check Thailand, Korea, Indonesia; you will see the exact same watershed event reflected in the current account figures. They were simply overvaluing their currencies massively vis-a-vis their export competitiveness.
Belarus as of 2014 is a very similar case. Except for one year, 2005, it has been running persistent current account deficits since 1993 (!) and their currency is not a reserve currency. If you keep doing so, where are you going to get the forex to fund your reserves.
Therefore I disagree that swaps or temporary liquidity will help Belarus now. Calling in IMF would deprive them of valuable sovereignty and should be avoided as well. It will only postpone the inevitable crash, while making it far more spectacular. Their economy simply is not generating enough forex to keep their currency credible. And for the avoidance of doubt; if I was living there, I would not hesitate a second to buy gold or USD banknotes and keep it outside the financial system, avoiding deposits (i.e. making loans to domestic banks). The government should consider to devalue the currency instead and fiercly seek improve domestic economic conditions to promote its competitiveness.
If Belarus does not act decisively now, it could prove destabilizing for the entire region. Now bear in mind its strategic location, in the middle of Russia and Ukraine. Why is it suddenly, that Belarus is in deep trouble, right at the same convenient time as Ukraine suffered a government coup, one may ask. If Belarus falls, Russia's borders will soon be completely surrounded with NATO-allied governments. Bear in mind the Baltic state's relatively recent joining of NATO, Estonia and Latvia, bordering north of Belarus. Hence it makes perfect sense to destabilize it, and hence make Belarus ripe for a foreign takeover, by stealth or otherwise.
Do not be surprised if you soon hear something about the Belarus government collapsing and a "liberation" being made. This is not a simulation.

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 11:46 | 5581246 adeptish
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When John (Angel of Death) McCain shows up in Minsk.
It's time to panic...
Mon, 12/22/2014 - 13:12 | 5581618 COSMOS
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Right on the money with that analysis, they are setting fire to another one of Russia's daughters  and hoping the fire spreads to mother Russia.
Either way more Lebensraum for the Euro and the Europeans.

Ramble, no time to think about this right now.

Yet all those marchers, Al Sharpton and the President with Michelle all out and lamenting the turmoil of the blacks in this country aren’t encouraging this crazed behavior amongst the crazies. Come on!

They don't need much encouragement, all of these behaviors can already be observed in black subculture. Case after case. It's all a statistic until it's you. The kosher media is merely framing the black mob violence and theft/looting that was already occurring as "protests" now. And some African Americans from America's inner city subcultures are framing the killing of cops that they were already engaged in as racial/tribal revenge now. That's all.

Note the thing about tribal vengeance without due process, it's an Asian and a Hispanic cop that is killed. It's a Bosnian that gets beaten to death with hammers by a black "lynch" mob. Etc. There is no social or tribal justice. There is only justice. It used to be black mob violence did not make it out of the local media Although the way that the national media portrays these stories, it looks suspiciously like tribal incitement by or allowed by the Jews that own the corporate media in America. I wonder if eventually white goyim/tribes in America are going to do what the Russians have already done and speak openly about the hatred that the Tribe Inc. harbors for them. That's ironic, isn't it? The Russians, the dread Commies and the Eastern half of the East vs. West dialectic beginning to have more sense in their pea brained peasant heads than the dumb goyim Walmartians in McMurica? Nothing against Walmart and McDonald's, they're actually fine in some ways. Apparently that's the endless pursuit of happiness for people that seem rather unhappy. It's the nature of the peasants there and their freedumb that are increasingly questionable to me.

Regardless, African Americans were already engaged in "crazed" or tribal behavior long before America's kosher national news allowed it to become Big News for you to have a "national conversation" about. Some white Sunday school teachers (literally) are raped and murdered by a group of blacks in the most horrible way possible and that's not national news. It's not kosher. But a black thug gets shot while walking away from yet another crime committed against the diverse tribes and groups of people in America (Pakistani?) and it turns into Big National News, apparently.

 I wonder if the Hispanic shot in a police car recently was a "white Hispanic" or if the Asian was a "white Asian"? It's all looney tunes in the kosher media. What if they were Irish? Or what if they were a descendent of some of the Jewish oligarchs that helped monetized the international/"globalist" slave trade and bought the ships in the first place? Would that make any conception of social, racial or tribal justice, right? No. The only form of "social justice" that may make sense (logic, facts, evidence.. perspectives vary) in any way is if reparations are paid within a generation from the tribes and families involved in governmental and "institutional" stuff. (Borrowing money out of nothing from the Federal Reserve Inc. in order to offshore reparations payments to Chinese slave labor where they're building suicide nets wouldn't count either. Just saying.)

There again, with respect to "social justice" and given the amount of black crime these days... who is going to pay for that in a tribal way? Do they have any money to pay? Is the NAACP, a tribal/racial group, going to raise funds to pay reparations to the Bosnian man beaten to death with a hammer? Or are they going to pay the Asians that have been bullied out of schools or killed? The only rules for "social justice" I can find are kosher or politically correct rules, generally created by a few corporations owned by Jews that create the national news in America and therefore the "national conversation."

Facts, logic, evidence... and the actual truth seem to have little to do with it. I could be wrong.  All I can do is keep thinking... 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Big ramble... fun times.

But anyway, ramble of the day... perhaps it's little wonder that "folks"like Biden often don't actually even run the governments of the West in rather "significant" ways.  Too busy with avoiding tripping over their own "red lines" while playing golf and so on, it would seem.  Wow, they almost actually ran the government and decided for or against acts of war there for a second, huh?

They certainly have some influence but they're often reduced to merely reacting to what the intelligence agencies of Zion or whatever the Jewish/corporate* media in America tell them.

I guess these jokers, golfers and entertainers call that an "intelligence briefing" or "reading about it in the papers," as usual?

It's almost amusing, if nothing else.  

Real nationalists would be interested in all that goes into protecting their own nations or forming well regulated militias with that in mind, etc.... but what are these jokers like Joe blow Biden** doing?  Hopium?  OIL? And what is Team America, Humanitarian Heroic Diaper Changing Police actually doing while policing the international ponzi of a private banking cartel these days?  What heroes you are... 

Find any WMDs lately?  Quick, check the underpants of your own grandmothers and the diapers of your toddlers...  etc.  Didn't like that as much as policing Arab peasants?  Ok, then the international networks and foreign governments involved in terrism will probably back off and let you keep some baby formula because there may not be as much terrism now that they're feeling some heat from "us."  Not you.  Us. 

Ah, yet I'm the crazy conspiracy theorist (factist, really) for focusing like a laser on the people that actually have WMDs and the only rogue nuclear state in the MidEast that openly speaks of a "Sampson Option."  Fine.  I'll be the crazy person according to your official sources and your corporate media of Zion, Pilgrim. Or Puritan?  Maybe you should check for Zion in your underpants, because like an old Jewish terrorist that you now call the Apostle Paul without listening to him once said.. it's amounts to shit.  His word for Jewish tribalism, Zionism and the traditions of the Jews later written down in the Talmud, not mine...  why do you treat what he wrote as your scriptures if you're not actually listening to him, anyway?  Shrug.  

*I wonder what's going to happen when it turns out that a young white woman was burned to death from the inside out by members of a black goyim gang going by the name "African Squad"?  Didn't hear about that much in the corporate media?    But if there's any type of racial/tribal angle in the ongoing investigation taking place on the internet then it will be all over Big News Inc. like Trayvon?  If there is a racial angle then it will inspire a national conversation about race (black man on white woman violence in interracial relationships) and protests everywhere, if not riots... right?    

Will an "unarmed white woman" being burned to death be Big National News worthy of the Jew York Times Inc. or the Washington Post and the DC media bubble in general?  If you argue that I'm inciting tribal violence (add me to the "hate list" of the SPLC along with the Family Research Council, thanks.  Remember, rainbows!) by mentioning observable realities as a craaazy guy on the internet, then what about the Jewish owned mainstream media in America that reaches an international audience of millions?  If I'm guilty of incitement, then what the hell are they and their collection of crackhead "journalists" doing?  Their recent wars and covering for false flag attacks aside, how many times are the owners of "reporters"in the corporate media going to allow their careerist teleprompter readers to incite black goyim?  (To be replied to by the Zionists over at Fox "old white men" News, no doubt...) 

What does America's corporate media have to do in order order to incite blacks against whites and divide Americans these days?  Do they have to invent "white Hispanics"?  Are they going to be able to reinvent forms of tribalism and racism that many American peasants no longer even believe in?  Where do all the people that have already intermarried fall in the tribal and racial politics typical to the Jewish owned media in America?  Are they going to be incited against each other as "white Hispanics... uh, the black life side of their marriage is the Victim here...  or somethin'."?   

On a side note... add me to your lists, ADL/SPLC and whatever other organizations Zionists create...  the ADL is essentially a tribal/nationalist spy network linked to terrorism anyway at this point.  Perhaps we should have a debate on whether or not to interrogate Bill Kristol in an "enhanced" way too, right on Fox News. You have a problem with that?  Why?  The Constitution?  Due process?  The rule of law?  Because you just posted here about how you should take Kristol's advice and Netanyahu is your man of the year or whatever? 


It's always "stand with Israel" and take Bill Kristol's advice, like on this blog.  Yet you never question, are they standing with you?  Is it their tradition to stand with you and try to help you like some Good Samaritan?  Do they care about you in some tribal way more than their own interests? Are they more interested in your national or tribal interests than their own? 

More rambling.

But if, if...  you are interested in having a "special relationship" with Bill Kristol and others that believe in "enhanced interrogation" and preemptive forms of tribal vengeance (For WMD type events that haven't even happened, in reality.) then try to leave "us" and "our" military out of it.  It's either that or take over Israel and make it your/"our" colony directly so that we have some type of representation there.  Do we have lobby groups there, working for our interests?   Or perhaps you could make it here in "our" own government to the same extent that they do.  In other words, billions of dollars incoming to what some call "Chiraq" and other majority black regions now in order to "nation build" there.  You believed that it could be done in Iraq, why not in your own nation? 

What are you on this blog and the neoconservative establishment even doing?  What do you think you're doing?

Get it straight or get it clear as to what you're actually doing in reality somehow. 

Because the supposedly craaaazy guy from the internet says...  all you Zionists (Racial separatism for Jews and an ethnic state for Jews but not any of the goyim in the West or any place that Jews are a minority often playing at tribal or racial politics with other tribal minorities... etc.etc.) are the crazy people. 

You're all crazy, it's official!  ;-)  Certifiable, really.

(Clueless officials working for federal reserve notes are usually certifiably careerists, that's their certificate.  Nothing to see there, move along.  But facts, logic and evidence or a theory with explanatory power, "antisemitic conspiracy theory" or not... well, it is what it is.  That's what I like about facts and theories with explanatory power that therefore lead to more observations, facts and knowledge.  You can keep your officials and your Jewish advisers and empire builders, etc.  I realize that you are generally all best pals by now.  Charles Krauthammer, he's a nice fellow... and you like Fox News. That's all fine.  So long as you don't say that your neoconservative positions and advice from Bill Kristol is all based on facts, logic, evidence and American patriotism then we will all get along just fine.)                    

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ramble 12/18 two...

And no word about the Jewish mafia in his little book at all? 

They were all Italians?  So let's make yet another movie or TV show about that, cementing the view that all Italians have mafias.  And now there's even a reality show about the Amish mafia?  

Please.  Apparently a show about the international Chabad mafia and their impact on the goyim would have too much reality and not enough show, unlike the Amish.  Everyone has their problems and many have their "mafias"... but some groups seem to tend to get away with things that others do not. 

Joe Biden, black crime and me.

A prison psychologist tells the truth about black on white crime.

Ramble 12/18....

Shrug.  Sometimes people deserve to be subverted and it couldn't happen to "nicer" people.  I tend to draw the line at all the hypocrisy of the usual Talmudic subversives though.  It's like, "Are you kidding me?"   

Oh well, the American left had a love affair with the mass-murderer Stalin, too.

"The Left...."


 After all, to reach social utopia, you may have to kill a few million. Like Stalin once said, “one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”

...but wouldn't six trillion be the most holy of holy of all the Holocausts?  Very sacred indeed, if you're into that sort of thing.

Sometimes it would seem that statistics do matter "just like one death," given that people are being put in jail for trying to revise some of the numbers and exaggerations that surround statistics sometimes.  If it's just a statistic, then why are people around the world being put in jail for revising the number to accord with reality (minor issues like physics* and chemistry come into play here.)

*You cannot burn six trillion or million bodies a day while making others into soap and lamp shades in your spare time, while also fighting a World War.  But if you do not need the statistics and it doesn't lessen a tragedy to say that if even one person died, well.. there you go.  Because many people did die in the Holocaust, that is certain.

Ramble 12/18

Farther back among the brutal white tribes and Vikings from which many Americans are descended, rulers of the tribe often did govern that way.  And what did they get?  War after war, mass poverty underneath the oligarchs that kept on inciting them.  Feudal/"Food"al systems,  etc.

Supposedly we are all supposed to be a rainbow of "progressive" politics now, so why are Democrats and Jewish politicians still trying to win elections and govern based on tribal/identity politics?  Why have liberal trendies in the corporate media in America, a matrix of media owned by Jews, been trying to incite race riots?

Note that in the end, those dumb little careerist liberals and trendies in "the media" need their paychecks.  And they're quite clearly squashing some stories about """"""racism"""""" while promoting others.  So their rainbows are a lie.  Although it's debatable if they even understand that they've been incorporated in lying about racism among the goyim by the premier racists of the world, ignorant as they are.

I guess that's the same for everyone, including the premier racists of the world themselves.  Because if they could realize that they are the racists that they keep going on and on about, then they might change.  If Jack Markell could realize that his racial or ethnic separatism is a form of "racism" by Democratic standards, then he might change.  Etc.

Apparently the most effective form of lying is to cultivate a culture in which people no longer even know that they are lying.   According to pretty basic forms of facts and logic, they are lying.  But according to their culture and the tribal perceptions involved in creating the minority/identity politics that they use to win elections and manipulate the goyim, many know not what they do.

They're like you with your fields of white crosses and closed open air war memorials in that way.  You can't see your own cultures and their cultivation.  You idolize masculinity and the military, yet do not form a well regulated militia at local levels in your interests, in reality.  So.. are you or your son going to die for more freedumb?  Freedumb isn't free?  Or will it be hopium?  OIL, Operation Iraqi Liberation?  Stars and Heroes, Dancing in the Mideast?  What if when you do your actual job, protecting and providing for your family and nation, you do not get to be lauded as a supposed hero and get your own reality show in the corporate media?  What if instead, you're left to die in places like Benghazi and not even Fox News Inc. wants to turn it into yet more politics/entertainment?

    (Not enough ponzi in your usury based system even as all the central bankers of the world collaborate, again?  And you think that gold and the Wizard of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road is going to help?   Imagine that.  What is the plan here, wait until Delaware Lemming calls for lining people up and shooting them again... then when it turns out that they don't have any guns because they're the dumb effeminate wing in American politics.. shoot them and call it self-defense?  Why are you all so anxious to call each other terrorists?  Oh well.  It's all just rambling and a bunch of talk about the nature of nation building.  Until it isn't.  I'm not so sure what's so hard to understand about getting it together* and the concept of nation building with each other, in your own nation.  It's all dumb, dumb.... and dumber.  Shrug.) 

*You're not going to do that based on tribal/minority politics where freedumb turns to rainbows or the "wedge issues" that Republican politicians (entertainers) and the media (more entertainment) are often interested in. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More research and processing thoughts... not going to get into this where it was posted.

....who have seen all of those taxes soar even while services decline and crime increases.

 The actual reason for crime increasing.

There aren't enough people from other ethnic groups (whether the descendents of Pilgrims or Polish immigrants, Asians, Russians, whoever) to maintain a majority black city, let alone build it. 

There are a few good black men.  That's the primary, primal and most basic problem.  

The few good men that there are, a few good church leaders and so on is not enough to "carry" all the dead weight of the community.  Neither they nor "white burden" types can change all the thousands of decisions by which individual African Americans create something called "inner city black culture." 

That's all.  You're not going to change or avoid the most important facts about these majority black cities (Fergadishu, Wilmington, etc.) by focusing on tax rates or a hike on sewer taxes... or whatever you're talking about. 

That's silly.

Research ramble 12/17

You either have a rural society with very few public services and then you can have a low tax base and low cost of living, because you do for yourself. — Or, you have a social utopia with all kinds of services and government handouts — and a very high tax rates and high cost of living.

Anyway, here's the politician in this case: Mayor of Wilmington/ Dennis P. Williams/ PROMISED SAFETY AND SECURITY

"We're going to give them all the social services avenues that they need to get their life back..." 

Like JP Morgan's food stamp business?    How are all these social services going to be monetized in the "blue state" cities?  What happens to JP Morgan's EBT business when the derivatives market does what it's most likely going to need to do? 

"If I'm elected then you're going to see some things that you've never seen before." 

I wouldn't blame him for black crime in any of these cities where the "minority" becomes the majority that tends to overwhelm the forms of civilization that other ethnic groups usually built up and left.  There's no way that a few good black men can come in as leaders to change the results of the decisions of numerous individuals that created "culture." 

A few good men are certainly better than nothing... but what are they supposed to do when this* is the culture of crap that they have to work with?    

But all that aside...  look at his claims, he's the one claiming to be able to do that.  So he's responsible, apparently.  (???) 

(Some of his ideas are bad to the extent that they even do anything as far as cultivating the culture while policing crime... like having the police buy more drugs from drug dealers in order to try to win the "war on drugs.")

Meh.... racist. I blame reality.

Look also at the possibilities of rising taxes on gasoline, property, sewer, water and electricity, especially for Wilmingtonians...

It would seem that for many residents of Wilmington that paying their utility bills is not high on their list of priorities.

It's not entirely clear how many keep the lights on in the first place.    Democrats are probably going to accuse you of racism eventually for pointing out all the problems in Wilmington like this.  And then you can both play your political games, in order to try to get power.

But as far as I go, observing the world makes me more of a racial realist by the day: 
Today most scientists and historians engaged in the serious study of race do so from either the race-realist or the hermeneutical perspective. On one side, those I have termed race-realists view race as a natural phenomenon to be observed, studied, and explained. They believe human race is a valid biological concept, similar to sub-species or breeds or strains. On the other side, those I term the hermeneusticists view "race" as an epiphenomenon, (like gender as opposed to "sex") a mere social construction, with political and economic forces as the real causal agents. Rather than actually research race, hermeneuticists research those who study race. Alternative and intermediate positions certainly exist, but the most heated debate currently takes place between advocates of those polar positions.
   The race-realist approach is empirical and employs a myriad of scientific methodologies....
 The hermeneutical approach relies on textual, historical, and political analysis. The race-realist viewpoint is descriptive, explanatory, and typically avoids prescribing policy. Because the hermeneutical viewpoint sees inexorable links between theory and practice, its writings are often prescriptive and assume an advocacy position. To their opponents, the race-realist approach comes across as cold, detached, and suspect of hiding a "racist" agenda. Hermeneuticists appear to race-realists as muddled, heated, and ideologically committed to an anti-racist activism.   --Philippe Rushton, 2002
  With respect to "policy"... I have little to say to the diverse groups and tribes of which "white people" are composed other than:  Leave.  What are you, missionaries with the proverbial "white man's" burden that looks suspiciously like a white woman's mentality to this day?  They can either do it themselves or they cannot do it.  That's it.  You're either smothering them with all your "projects" and nurture or they cannot do it.  Face facts.  

It's not that complicated.  So leave.  And when there's nowhere else to go, then carefully and in a measured way "go tribal" on those responsible if that's what you think is necessary to protect your own tribe.

It's curious that conservatives support this massive national security state, financed by banking tribes that generally leads to the murder of peasants world wide...  and yet they will not form a well regulated militia in the name of actually protecting their own interests and tribe.  What are you even doing?  What do you think you're doing?  You're going to traipse around the world checking for WMDs in people's underpants while nation building, killing many in the process... and yet you can't do diddly about your own neighborhoods or "nation building" wherever there are majority black regions in the nation? 

I don't get it.  Shrug.    Guess I'm not politically correct, as usual.  But you condemn the liberals for "political correctness" while practicing forms of it yourselves.     

Comments on Team America and their freedumb...

new Freddie
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Well American troops and Americans are lower than illegal aliens according to Congress.   Congress and Obama do not listen to Americans.  So why would anyone fight and die for a country when you are treated lower than piss?
The troops are treated like shit in joke wars where they get blown up for nothing.  Their votes during elections are thrown in the garbage.  Any benefits are cut and if they are lucky they might get a dog for their blown off legs.
The most disgusting thing is the meaningless "Support the Troops" bullshit.  If you really supported the troops you would stand up to stop the midnless phony wars.
Tue, 12/16/2014 - 23:35 | 5561708 new Disc Jockey
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Vote up!
I agree that we need to stop these wars from occuring but you'll find little pity here in regards to our modern vets.
The troops are mercenaries that enter into a contractual agreement to fight for the oligarchy while being promised all sorts of goodies: super easy home loans, tax free sundries at any local base, and thousands in college money.  Why should I care if they get anything from the beast? I worked my ass off to get the pittance of income I scrape in daily and a good portion of which pays for their spoils.
Admittedly, a lot of the poor bastards didn't know any better when they signed up and for those I have litterally wept, but on the other hand I have very little pity for the ones that went in with open eyes or even just with the lust to kill and earn a few bucks. If we're talking Vietnam vets...totally different, but the boy in uniform today made a choice.
I especially will not have some vet come to my house and tell me that because "freedom isn't free" he needed to run off and kill lots of brown people in some far off land for my rights.
Fuck that guy. I am a sovereign man.  My rights ARE. They are not some gift presented from powers on earth and certainly not from some snotty brat what who wanted to go shoot people at the taxpayers expense.
When are they going to go after our domestic enemies as is required in their oath? If they start shooting bankers, the corrupt cops, and storm Mordor on the Potomac...well then we may have something, but I'm not holding my breath.
Let the red arrows come. I will wear them as a badge of honor.
Wed, 12/17/2014 - 00:47 | 5561859 new TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture
That guy that had to run off and kill lots of brown people believed he was doing it to protect his and yours from more imminent attacks.  Just like the financial system, defense is a lie that is still believed by a good number of people.  Just today Fox was saying (I know, I was not the one to turn it on but I certainly let my disgust be known) something like 60-70% or more of Americans supported torturing people and thought the Dems were evil for exposing the evil that is the CIA and that the CIA is holier than a suicide bomber.
You know that scene from the Matrix were Morpheus teaches Neo that everyone is a potential enemy even though we are fighting to save them all?  That much is our lives on the big screen.
Wed, 12/17/2014 - 01:39 | 5561916 new Disc Jockey
Disc Jockey's picture
It just so happened that NBC was on this evening (not my choice either) and I happened to overhear those stats of apporval for the use of torture.
51% Say the interrogation practices were acceptable.
45% Think they should be used in the future.
Seriously America. What the fuck? Have we fallen so far? I'm ashamed at what my beautiful country has come to represent. We've become a nation of cowards and for what?
I had a vet as a roommate that signed up the week after Sept. 11th back in 2001.  My opinions on the military "service," economics, and politics are largely based on the long drinking conversations we had in that crappy little apartment in Virginia.
He went to Afghanistan, saw his buddies get blown up, protected poppy fields, witnessed some terrible deaths of civilians, and pretty quickly gathered that they were doing absolutely nothing in the way of protecting his family or even improving the lives of the locals.
As soon as he could, he got the hell out and never looked back.
My heart went out to the poor guy...really fucked with his whole perspective on the world and turned him into a sad broken dude.  I picked him up from the bar quite a few nights and once I'd chaffuered him home he'd cling to my arm like a lost child as walked him to the couch so he could pass out. I had my eyes opened by him more than any one person and still to this day I owe him for imparting all that knowledge.
Everyday I see things and my eyes bug out when I realize that we'd talked about it 4 years back only I'd thought he was at least partially crazy.  He introduced me to ZH back then as well and I have been lurking until just recently.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yeah... I don't think I'm going to post this where I wrote it. They're pretty much brain dead on the topic of Judeo/"neoconservatism" anyway.

Bill Kristol made the case for aggressively defending the heroes who kept us safe with aggressive interrogation tactics.

If they were actually doing that instead of careerists jamming tubes up people's butts in order to play pretend about the terrible job they did protecting the American people from foreign governments on 911.... then he might have a case.    But since he doesn't have a case, note that in the process of torturing false confessions out of the CIA's own privateers and criminals that they often work with otherwise (for our sake, etc.), they wind up covering for Bill Kristol and the dancing Israelis that Michael "Talmudic scholar" Chertoff apparently let go. 

They never had some clueless careerist over at the CIA put a tube up their butt, etc.     

It is worth hearing out. It is not only the right thing to do, but smart politics.

I'll hear him out.    But know who you're listening to and what their interests are:
(PNAC). William Kristol, son of Irving, also founded in 1995 a new magazine, The Weekly Standard, which immediately became the dominant voice of the neoconservatives thanks to funding from the pro-Israeli Rupert Murdoch. In 1997, it would be the first publication to call for a new war against Saddam Hussein. It is also during the Clinton years that the FBI investigated an Israeli mole in the White House, who was enjoying privileged access to the National Security Council. According to British investigator Gordon Thomas (Gideon’s Spies, 1999) , the FBI investigation was called off when “Israel blackmailed President Clinton with phone -tapes of his steamy sex talks with Monica Lewinsky.”* [351] Others see a broader scheme. Noting that White House aide Lewinsky was the daughter of Zionist East European immigrants, and that she had kept her incriminating blue dress unwashed for two years as evidence of having had sex with the President, the Syrian newspaper Tishrin Al-Usbu'a concluded, in its August 24 , 1998 issue: “Her goal was to embarrass President Clinton, to blackmail him and weaken his status before Netanyahu’s government.” But, of course, such reasoning is attacked by the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic. [352] After eight years of Clinton, the neocons finally had their revenge by having a second George Bush, son of the first, cornered into a second Iraq war in 2003. In 2008 their hold on him was such that they could convince him of launching a new ”Surge” of 20,000 men despite strong public opposition, but with the support of their pro-Surge group Freedom’s Watch, whose membership was, as the Jewish Telegraph Agency remarked, “almost all Jewish.” [353] Thomas Neumann, Executive Director of the JINSA, could then describe Bush junior’s administration as “the best administration for Israel since Harry Truman.” [354]
  (Guyénot, Laurent (2013-12-22). JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State. Progressive Press.)

Smart politics?  Perhaps, as dumb as split "Right vs. Left" or "East vs. West"  goyim/tribes usually are...  that might actually be true.  And you have to play to the right, no matter the truth.. right? Although it may be that you're underestimating how quickly peasants are catching on to what has been happening around them these days.  There's a few there, that I just linked to.  Many may not even know all that much, yet apparently they know enough about Bill Kristol. 

How many times was the Jewish Right planning on using the same "WMD" methods to create pretexts for war?  Syria too?  Seriously?  Even peasants not paying attention asked me, "Are they lying  AGAIN???  I don't know, it's just gotten to the point where I don't believe anything anymore... Republicans or Democrats.

(Bill Kristol: Bomb Syria So We Can Bomb Iran So ... - Wonkette)
(Bill Kristol, Leon Wieseltier urge Syria action - POLITICO)
(Kristol Urges GOP To Authorize War With Iran After Syria)
('Red Line' On Syria, Bill Kristol Calls Pres ... - Mediaite)

But perhaps things are gradually changing... some peasants took the time to give Bill Kristol trouble about the truth at his speeches and I'm here giving you trouble too.  They also had some trouble trying to search Assad's underpants for WMDs in Syria in order to attack Syria with a coalition of willing criminals/Saudi/Turkish/Qatari scumbags in the region recently.  Although they're kind of going through with Syria anyway, bombs away! Etc. 

They finally have to use their own bombs and planes to do it, though.  What progress this is.  What hopium from the Labor Zionists of Obama Inc.... for a change from putting Israeli interests first!  Charles Krauthammer must be really frustrated that Obama Inc. (despite being supported by the Jewish Left and surrounded by Zionists) still refused to trip over his own red line and supposedly condemns "enhanced interrogation."  

Apparently he wandered around in the garden thinking about his red line on Syria.   Or something like that.  It's either that or he started wondering about what factions in the American military would do based on yet more BS.  I remember one forum where a fellow said, "You go through with this and you'll see how antisemitic I can get."    

Avoiding the "entanglement" in Syria must be some real progress that "we" have been making among the brain dead goyim.  But quick, check your own underpants for WMDs!!!  Find anything? Isn't the war on terror in there!  But never, ever, check on some of your "allies in the region" to see if they have WMDs in their underpants.

Seriously, guys.  You have to look at Bill Kristol with your eyes open.  They have to have Team America police the world and cannot be "isolationists."  At least you can all get along and stop calling each other terrorists when it comes to Zionism, I guess...  given your beliefs. 

Too bad they didn't establish Zion in Texas.  Then you could all get along and be non-interventionists avoiding foreign entanglements too:
A project that had some concrete success was the Galveston scheme which contemplated the settlement of Jews in the American Southwest, in particular in Texas. The project received the assistance of Jacob Schiff, the American Jewish banker, and some 9,300 Jews arrived in that area between 1907-1914, through the Emigration Bureau of the Territorialist organization.
   With the publication of the Balfour Declaration, the ITO faced a severe crisis....  (Zionist Congress:
The Uganda Proposal
(August 26, 1903))
  And there might even be a great big wall on the border and less support from the so-called "Jewish Left" for illegal immigration among the goyim too.     

Ramble 12/16

Meanwhile, the corporate media in America:
The white New York City police officer whose choke hold led to the death of an unarmed black man has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other blacks he and fellow cops arrested.  USA Today
Same old, same old.  No word yet on when they're going to report all the stories of "teens" as "Black teens killed yet another unarmed white girl..."  or "Black men, robbed and killed an unarmed white man..." or "Black cop, killed an unarmed white man..."  Etc.etc.

I was reading your links and came across that.  Did you get that link from Facebook?

  Anyway, ironically the minority/tribal/Jewish politics (euphemism: "identity politics") that pervade the corporate media in America tend to split resistance to the progressively growing police state of the bankers that essentially own the American multicult these days.  Note how useless most forms of resistance have been so far.  Occupy wandered around occupying space... and unlike Iceland they ultimately didn't do much.  So now as far as I know, all Americans have now been incorporated in quadrillions in derivatives denominated in "federal reserve notes" as their overseers (e.g., Chris Coons) continue to borrow debt/money into existence out of nothing from bankers in order to finance more debt/money into existence. 

Meanwhile Fergadishu rioted, looted, burned down their own neighborhood (With help from outside but they did it too.) and got squashed by the multicult mercenaries of the police state.  They didn't actually do anything significant about their status as peasants and now as more businesses leave they're probably going to be even more of a Third World region of the US than they already were.  They may even need some loans from the IMF soon... and then get IMF'd.  

I'm called a "conspiracy theorist" (That's a badge of honor these days.. as far as I'm concerned.) for pointing at bankers and "the financial system" but YOU keep on building or allowing these systems.  You peasants are generally the multicult problem too.  You, Issa.  You, Moseley.  Etc.

It's you.  It's usually you overdosing on the hopium on the one side or trying to wage a "war on drugs" on the other.   Perhaps the coup de grâce will be when there's a "first female president" to put you all out of your misery based primarily on the tribal minority politics that the majority of American peasants seem to love.

It's probably not even the minority that have given up on universalist American "melting pot" traditions in favor of marginal/minority politics* and Jewish tribalism.  They're the majority, not the minority.  They are the bullies, not the victims.  They are the political leaders with power, not the powerless.  Down at the peasant level it's a "minority" that is engaged in black mob violence and murder now.  They are not being lynched based on white mob violence, as in some regions in the past.  This is here.  This is now.  It's easy to romanticize the past, cue the violins and call Steven Spielberg to make a movie.  But it's not as easy to look at reality here and now.  Or for that matter, the actual details of it all as far as which tribes and oligarchs benefited from racism back then either.  You STILL haven't built a Slave Memorial despite all your gibberish about how important your identity/marginal politics supposedly are, yet there was plenty of money for a Holocaust Memorial thanks to its fusion with ethnic pride and atrocity propaganda for the goyim.

But all forms of tribalism aside... what are the facts based on a universalist perspective based on documented facts, logic and evidence?   What type of monument actually makes sense for Americans?  (And Nobody was writing about reparations?????  Seriously.  For all the marginal/minority politics in the world created by a different tribe in their own interests, they can't even get a monument built.  They'll probably be paid reparations for slavery when "federal reserve notes" are about to go to zero in terms of real value.  Don't like my sarcasm? Stop being stupid, that's my message to both white and black goyim.  Focus.  Be a father to your own tribe, otherwise of course you're going to wind up degraded and emasculated as your civilization falls apart and the American Empire begins to break apart.  You can't have "civil rights" without civilization.) 

"Any support of human rights in general by Jews," says Israel Shahak, "which does not include the support of human rights of non-Jews whose rights are being violated by [Israel] is deceitful ... [Jewish] support of Blacks in the South was motivated only by consideration of Jewish self-interest." [SHAHAK, p. 103] "The major role [that Jews] once played in the civil rights movement," says Charles Liebman and Stephen Cohen, "[is a] myth ... [that] enhances the self-image of a Jew as a caring and sensitive minority selflessly contributing to improve the lot of other minorities." [LIEBMAN/COHEN, p. 17] ....
    For years W.E.B. DuBois was the only Black officer in the NAACP, which was largely directed, funded, and controlled in its early decades by Jews like Henry Moskowitz and Joel Spingarn. [ARSON, p. 140] (In 1913 Spingarn announced a yearly award named after himself, the "Spingarn Medal," for the "highest and noblest achievement of an American Negro." [DINER, p. 138] ) In a later era, and another Black organization, the Southern Leadership Christian Conference, a Jew -- Stanley Levison -- even wrote Martin Luther King's speeches for him. [MARTIN, p. 132] Levison has been described as one of King's "closest personal advisers." [KAUFMAN, J., 1988, p. 66] This voice of "Christian Leadership," Levison, was also discovered by the FBI to have been a former Communist party member. [KAUFMAN, J., p. 66] Another Jew, Marvin Rich, was the "chief fundraiser and key speech writer for the Congress of Racial Equality -- CORE", [GINZBURG, p. 145]       Google:  "Jewish Dominance and Exploitation of the Black Civil Rights Movement"  
  It's the majority of Americans that have been caught up in the fake, tribal "civil rights" movement typical to Labor Zionists.  (Jack Markell, Rahm Immanuel, etc.)  And this is as Rahm "served in the IDF" Immanuel lights a huge Menorah with "goyim emanate from Satanic spheres" Chabad with nary a peep about the separation of church and state from "the Left" in America.     

It's fake.  It's lies.  It's been based on a culture of tribalism and deceit to the point that some Jews apparently don't even know they're lying anymore.  It's like asking Donald Sterling about racism.  He knows not what he does. 

There are more than a few that probably honestly think it's about pooping rainbows.  There were Jews that died believing that they were helping to create rainbows.   So at least there is that.  But there is no pot of gold that everyone will get on the other side of the rainbow of the minority/identity politics that they're often trying to police.  You're more likely to get a club to the head from the multicult police forces necessary to police your multicult of tribalism while you're monetized by the (rather none "multicultural") Tribe Inc. and shabat goyim like Joe Biden. 

And that's all.

Oh, dumb multicultural goyim of Israel...  these are my lamentations for you.

Shrug.  ;-)

Friday, December 12, 2014

My wife the other night about Facebook comments, "You just wrote all that in five minutes?" Same old, same old... so I'm putting this here and going to try to keep things simple for peasants.

Interesting: Jews of course have absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

But:Helping people to hide from the harm of their actions, so they do not learn or grow, is not civility. That is liberalism, not civility.


Liberalism means hiding from reality, learning nothing from experience, making the same mistakes over and over.

Let's look at your own supposed standards relative to your arguments covering for Jews/Judaism/Talmudism/tribalism and the international ethnic networks trading on hopium that have resulted in the past, etc.

The British Empire was financed by taxes on the British people and conquest of colonies and trade with those colonies.
  When you borrow money, you have to pay it back. When you apply for a mortgage to buy a house, you have to show that you have the income needed to pay it back.

When you borrow money from nothing that has usually been lent to the oligarchs of the dumb goyim (of any ethnicity) at interest from the Tribe Inc. then why do you have to have peasants pay it back?  Why should they?    

Americans felt the bite of Jewish bankers during the war of 1812 and have a long history of rebellion, yet now it would seem that former supposedly "Masonic" (or Talmudic?) rebels (imitating the international ethnic networking typical to Jews replete with Jewish symbols and rituals and "hidden hands" to boot.) are the policemen and mercenaries just like the dumb goyim Red Coats once were. 

Red Team, Blue Team... here we go again?  Who divides nations with chaos (A tax on tea, Masons of the world rebel!!!) and who actually builds them back up out of the chaos (peasants, the Whiskey Rebellion)? 

What is the national debt and why would you pay it?    

Regardless of whether bankers of all ethnic backgrounds loaned money from time to time...

It's true that "they" are generally all in it together now, as people have taken to calling them the "globalists."  Apparently they've generally decided to flood the world with ponzi but like all ponzi schemes, they have to use an exponential growth curve of a "growing economy" or population or a war to incorporate more people in their debt/money. 

It all works, until it doesn't.  And of course, more and more people are left out in the meantime... given the nature of a ponzi scheme. ("It worked!  I got my benefits from it.  And the Empire is going to keep growing and expanding forever, so it'll work for the entire world too... uh, right?"  Etc.)   

...the British Empire had to have sources of income to pay those loans back.

Why are national oligarchs of the West, mostly shabat goyim, borrowing money into existence from nothing from a worldwide System Inc. of central banks in the first place?

David Anderson today: 
Yes, the fact that in a debate where I am unsure that I may trust a left winger like Warren is a measure of how much I distrust the big banks.

Yeah.  It's probably about time to stop calling each other terrists or signing up for the Orwellian "war on terror." 

Even more direct, although none of you will want to talk about it:
The [Right vs. Left, East vs. West] dialectic embodies the spirit of the Jewish Talmud that what appears to be contradictory has a hidden resolution.
    Keep focusing on some conflict and attention is pulled from the real solution.
  Enter the Jewish capitalists, Warburg and Schiff, who funded the Communist revolution.
    Bolsheviks were Jews. But isn’t there a conflict between capitalism and communism?
    Not for the Jews. It’s kabuki theater for the ‘goyim’ to distract them from seeing who’s really pulling the strings. Jews manage conflicts like people breathe air. [E.g. Victoria Nuland/Nudelman and the neoNazis in Ukraine, neoNazis that exist because of the last attempt at bringing order out of chaos.]
   Grasp this and you’ll stop thinking of Democrats and Republicans as two opposing parties.

   What flavor of Jewish ‘dialectic’ do you want?  [Your true believer Wade voting for war with Syria/Iran... or the careerist Coons?  It's a Big Decision!  Big News!]

Control both sides of the war and you’ll always win.  ["If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” --Gutle Schnaper Rothschild  Or these days, release the McCainiac!  And then it's time for a little visit, on their yachts.] 
“Das Kapital” and “Wealth of Nations” say nothing about how money is created.
Aristotle said that money is determined by government law, not by intrinsic value.
  Sovereign governments create money by fiat backed by law. Aristotle’s word for money, “nomisma,” is derived from the word law, “nomos.”
   Only fiat money can sustain an expanded society…
That’s why they promote ‘metalism’ (the false idea that money must have intrinsic value) in order to confuse you.

The way to tell the best money is to see what the Jews hate most. It’s not gold.

[Clip: “Hi everybody, this is Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Precious Metals and I am holding in my hand the most innovative precious metals product that I’ve ever seen. I can take this, a bar of gold, and just put it here in my wallet with my other credit cards and I can close it up, put it in my pocket and I’ve got $2,500 dollars in my wallet. And, I can spend as little as $50 dollars’ worth at a time.”]

Ludicrous….I mean comical! Try giving Schiff’s little strip to the checkout lady at Krogers and just watch the expression on her face.

Now comes the ‘intrinsic’ bamboozle.
    [Clip: “Here’s a $50 Federal Reserve note. Today they both have the same purchasing power. But I know that this little gram has real intrinsic value and it represents all the effort required to mine it. What about this $50? Nothing. The Fed runs them off the printing press, it doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t matter what number they put on the bill. Here’s a $100 dollar bill. There’s no real difference between the $100 and the $50, they’re the same size.”]
   Oh, but it DOES matter what number they put on the bill. I’ll take a $100 any day over a $50.
   This ‘intrinsic’ smokescreen is all about hiding the real money that Jewry hates: government-created fiat money.
   Adam Smith, the father of Capitalism, also hid real money for the Bank of England.
   He claimed that it was necessary to affix a public stamp on certain metals used to purchase goods. Yet the Bank predominantly used fiat with only a mix of metal.
   Marx hardly talked about money either and when he did he had the same ‘metalist’ idea.
   This is the Talmudic dialectic. The thesis is capitalism. The antithesis is communism. The synthesis is Jewish control like fiat money created by Jews lent to the government AT INTEREST.
   That’s the real problem. The power of fiat in the hands of the Jews…NOT Aristotle’s “government and law.”
--Nathanael Kapner, Jewish whistle blower
  Unfortunately this is too much for pea brained peasants to understand.  It's like expecting George W. to understand what happened on 911 when he was kept like some sort of a pet scapegoat flying around the nation as the Two Towers, the Right and the Left... collapsed.  All of that so that a new Tower could be built and raised out of the chaos, order out of chaos.  (Back in reality, chaos is chaos... and peasants and the least of these build while the ultimate ruler of the ruling classes only destroys.  There is no order in chaos and chaos does not create order.  It is chaos and destruction while the Creator is the source of order.  And that is it.)  Oh, George W.... good grief and good God, man.

Same old, same old... Right vs. Left...  little wonder that those that fancy themselves as masters of producing perceptions in the universe seem to stick with it.  You're all way into that sort of stuff in the brains between your symbolic temples. 

Look at yourselves:
"Oh my gosh these liberals!  It's like my race is full of ethnic masochists that actually like to be degraded and defamed.  So they need to be stopped by any means necessary.  Jews, neoconservatives... huh?"  --Rick   

"These Republicans, they're like terrorist...  line them up and shoot them!"  --Delaware Lemming 

"No, no... I say we terrorize their golf courses!"  --Kavips

"It's the Muslim Manchurian candidate, he's like a terrist... I says!"  --Mr. Moseley

"Have you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?  One of my neoconservative friends told me it's all about that... or somethin'."  --Fay

"There's something about what's going on that almost makes me want to work with other politicians." --David Anderson

All I would say to the lot of you, Mr. Anderson is the only one that seems to be able to almost keep his eye on the ball in the matrix of information and media that you seem to be mistaking for reality.

For the rest of you... here's a red ball, go play with it because freedumb isn't free and you need time to restore chaos.  Or no, no... here's a blue ball, go play with it on the golf courses that you plan on terrorizing. 


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pro Player Pick: Putin Picks Vladimir

Small ramble.... I find myself trying to include too much information all the time. No time for this right now anyway.

Trying to make this shorter... is David Anderson going to burn my place of business down or am I going to be easily led to do anything to him based on race no matter what "the media"/Jews Inc. or Jon Stewart/Bill Maher say?   Are we going to wander around like idiots with our hands up, playing pretend that we're just going to be randomly gunned down by each other or the police?

No.  There has to be some form of stupidity, tribalism and hatred for Al Sharpton and the corporate media to work with in order to get David Anderson to stop writing about the bureaucratic regime and the corporate state or for me to stop writing about banksters in order to "go tribal" against each other.

That's how absurd this stuff is.  (But unfortunately you have total looney tunes like Kavips out there that think it's all about "rich white people" and not the banking, the usury and the global ponzi scheme that applies to everyone in a rapidly emerging system of Feudalism Inc., equally.)  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I forgot... more than one link and way too long anyway. Fun times.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
it may be instructive to consider how the British Empire managed to control vast countries with a small minority of British occupiers:
By inciting one faction, group, tribe, whatever against another.

Perhaps the British wing of the Sionist “cabals” learned from some of the best, as far as being a small minority playing with identity politics for others in order to divide and conquer. It’s all for self-preservation and the preservation of the tribe above all, supposedly.
Personally, I think some of this stuff is out of control again.

It tends to get out of hand at times, including the “hidden hand” of people that consider themselves masters of a dialectical process. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos and ethnic strife, all of that.
I do not know why people like trying to manipulate other people so much. It’s almost humorous and almost entertaining sometimes. Sort of like someone like Kavips voting to have the Triangle Club of the latest pyramid scheme triangulate his position and assassinate him without trial before he walks out the door to terrorize the golf courses of the “1%” and the “rich white people.”
Another example, this dumb white guy:
The victim, identified as Chris Schaefer, a University of Missouri-St. Louis student, was chased from the church, at 9950 Glen Owen Drive, and beaten outside. He was treated for his injuries at a hospital. He details his story on a website where he asks for donations to cover the cost of his medical care. Man beaten at Ferguson protest strategy meeting
For whites that fancy themselves as members of an intelligent race or group of tribes or whatever, explain that crap. Shrug. I write satire all the time. But these are the type of dumb liberal white people that are probably almost literally going to wind up voting to assassinate themselves without trial.
They’re a danger to my family, as well as Bosnians and so forth. “We” tend to let this go on as white Europeans and Masons, until those days when we do not. If we go tribal and begin collecting red skins, it’s all over. Look at all that again too. The reason for the French/Indian war and the savagery of the colonists as well as the Indians was little different than what’s going on in Syria now. Empires. There’s a meta reality as well as the facts on the ground among the peasants.

I’m all for self-reflection about the nature of civilization and empire building and all the “blood and treasure” that goes into it all when white, black, orange and ugly people “go tribal.”
I’m not for letting your family get killed or beaten over so-called “social justice” and plantation politics among the peasants. Social justice is a Rorschach test in which any group can see whatever they like.
Back in reality, facts are facts… and justice is justice.
And all those facts and statistics in this case, for whatever reason you want to say they are emerging? They all have names and faces. Rape victims. “Robbery.” “Assault.” It all sounds so abstract until you see it for yourself.

There is no Goyim Anti-Defamation League for Bosnian immigrants when the Jewish media in America and the likes of Jon Stewart play pretend that “white people” are all a bunch of racists killing black people in the streets. There is only them, the Bosnians, rallying in the street. There is no National Association for the Protection of White People, as if they are a unified tribe.
As for me, the minority/marginal politics of the Frankfurt School and other Jews is all played out. It’s done. It has no hold on me. But it does seem to have a hold on many of you because you will not name the names or identify the Jews involved in it.

I leave political correctness to you, progressives and conservatives… Democrats and Republicans.
Slightly off topic… is Kavips about to head to terrorize the golf courses that Boehner and the golfer in chief golf on? There again, does John Boehner qualify as a “rich white person” that should be terrorized by the resident of Fergadishu… if he’s orange? Does Pelosi qualify as a person if she’s 1% plastic? It all matters little to me these days. I don’t golf, etc. I don’t identify with your tribes, fake or not and so forth. But try that with me and some of my white associates, Kavips. That would be amusing. Who is Kavips? I would write a satire in which these brain dead liberals didn’t even get out the door without getting beat up by their own associates but I’d probably be too late, as usual.
More entertainment! Just kidding. I still feel bad for them. Look at these liberal lemmings talking about going tribal or trying to terrorize “rich white people” based on “social justice” and not studying the facts and the justice that they’re supposedly so concerned about… seriously. Get down to it, I think abject stupidity is a factor. Most no longer seem to have the intellectual capacity to begin to understand anything based on facts, logic and evidence. You think you’re going to do something, without intelligence? You think you’re going to use violence effectively, when you’ve never even handled a gun or other weapons? You’re going to get off the couch and form a well regulated militia? Seriously? Or who are you going to call to arrest “the 1%,” that sheriff that you hate that’s supposed to be elected and closer to the people and not just the 1%?

(JP Morgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million To NYPD On Eve Of Protests) Etc.etc… Hmmm? Lol.
Peasants. Kavips.

Oh well… at least one can always see the humor in almost everything. It’s pretty entertaining, actually.

Ramble, same old stuff... you either write about "the Jews" or you do not and then you start becoming clueless on many issues. Because there's often this huge elephant in the room but no one is supposed to identify or talk about it directly. 12/10

While I think it is misguided to focus too much on race from the Newsweek article and the tragedy it reports,

At the peasant level and not the meta level of "divide and conquer" and "order out of chaos" empire building race and perceptions of race and tribe are the reality. 

"If I had a son then he'd look like Trayvon.  And not that sixteen year old Arab kid that I just signed off on assassinating without trial."  --Obama

Perceptions are often reality in politics, as well as race.

Same thing in Syria.  I go Big Picture all the time... but there wind up being observable facts on the ground among the peasants being divided and conquered too.  The fact that intelligence agencies serving oligarchies exist does not excuse everything.  And in America, it's not even much of an issue other than the fact that the Zionists that create its mainstream media often act like an intelligence agency creating agit prop in their tribal interests while smothering any rather "agitating" news about themselves. 

When people are "Balkanized" on purpose or stirred up with agitation propaganda from above they're still the peasants killing each other on the ground.  They're still The Toilet or Al Qaeda among the Arabs.  They're still the colonists collecting "red skins" in the French and Indian war thanks to English and French empire builders in the background. 

Even if they've been "agitated" unlike apparent random or "homegrown" terrorist like Kavips, they actually do want to cut people's heads off...  or terrorize a golf course.  (????  Lol.)   

So if you walk across a town wearing Christian symbols in Syria, take note.  Seriously.  If you walk across Fergadishu as a white person, take note of the nature of peasants.  Take note of your surroundings and the "facts on the ground," no matter what the banksters and usual suspects are doing in the background as far as agitating one tribe against another. 

Peasants could say:  "I blame the Federal Reserve for this!"  As a black man that couldn't get a job is choked to death.  "I blame... the media and the celebration of gangster culture!"  As another white woman is "robbed" by black thugs, an experience that most peasants can't quite grasp until they're brutalized.  "I was deceived by a false flag!"  "I never had a chance!"  "I didn't have a job!"  "I was incorporated in Correction Corporation of America!"  "I needed to scam people to protect my tribe!"  Etc.

Meta or higher level excuses are Legion...  but the devil or "the system" or "the Jews" or "the whites" didn't make you do it all.       

Going meta though, I would note that people that are experts in Balkanization gave America until about 2020 to degenerate into ethnic strife.  Or something like that, timelines for Doom and Gloom always seem to vary.  Give it time and some normalcy bias and it'll be normalized anyway.  Detroit is a hollowed out shell?  That's normal now.    It'll be tomorrow when Doom and Gloom gets here, most likely.. when climate change hits and mutates Ebola into a new strain and all the hospitals are closed due to race riots.  Don't panic.  (The fine print:  Panic!!!!!  Just kidding.  Never panic.)    

Although it does look like with the help of the Jewish/mainstream media and masochistic white liberals, Balkanization could actually happen eventually.  It would be interesting if the Chinese had to come in.  Then I guess it would be their "Asian burden" to act like surrogate parents for many black people that seem to have been reduced to the level of being utterly childish... while trying to prevent black crime. 

(There are few David Andersons.  Patriarchs are exactly what people need, so that's exactly what is defamed and degraded.  So-called "patriarchy" does not fit into the minority/marginal politics generally being created by Jews.  Jews that only the crazy guy on the internet and a few Jewish whistle blowers like Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shahak and a few others can focus on or say anything about.  You think that Jewish culture and tribalism doesn't matter?  You think cultivating the culture based on identity politics, racist lies and "political correctness" in the media do not matter? 

Sure....  and Bill Maher is politically incorrect, no doubt.) 

Just rambling, fun times.... I could put links to evidence in all this but I'm probably not going to.

I can name the names and go into the details about why Jewish culture and therefore the careerist teleprompter readers in your corporate media are the way they are in general but the facts are irrelevant for most peasants at this point.   

Apparently it's not enough that American goyim supply both Labor Zionists and the Likud right wing nuts with guns and bombs or almost go to war with Syria/Iran based on lies yet again and so forth....  Chuck "strangle the Palestinians" Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Bloomberg and many others STILL want to disarm those that they perceive as a tribal threat. 

Jewish feminists still want to play at tribal politics and accuse those that they perceive as "white men" of rape too.  Lena Dunham.  Sabrina Rubin Erdely and whatever other Jewish "feminist"/tribalist is next, it's the same old stuff.  That's "the media" for many.  Perhaps they'll go join Femen in Russia next, to save Russians from Putin or yet "another Hitler"?  One thing they probably will not do, go to Israel and lie about the rape of Palestinians or work to subvert their own tribal culture in order to save it.  (Although, arguably... that is what they should do, like Gilad Atzmon. In a way he is sometimes subverting their own culture of subversion.)       

When you've invented a male and female tribe ("feminism") to set against each other or to lead a sort of messianic mess of divided and conquered movements from the bowels of the body politic then you've probably gone too far.  You're going to wind up aborting yourselves in order to supposedly save the tribe, etc. 

But in the meantime, perhaps they could get together with Jack Markell in order to save his Transgendered Bathroom Tribe from WASP bathroom Nazis?  Even if there are no actual Nazis there, they'll still chase the ghosts through the bathroom.  Although, eventually, it may become a self fulfilling prophecy as new tribes form.  What is holding this Brave New Show of almost total entertainment together now?  Truth?  Investigative journalism?  A Constitution?  Not really. 

In any case, does it ever occur to anyone mesmerized by the BS of "the media" (Lena Dunham,  Sabrina Rubin Erdely, etc.) that they're not doing anything useful to build up civilization and promote the general welfare?  Or that there may be no bathrooms to save Jack Markell's Transgendered Tribe from if he continues governing Delaware as he is while trying to save his Transgendered Identity from "climate change" and what not? 

He's going to part the waters in the toilet in order to flush his messianic mess down in the sewer where it belongs, no doubt.

Meanwhile.  More retail space closing.  Empty stores. More helpful Lowe's employees with gray hair.  More manufacturing shut down.  No jobs, more ponzi schemes.  And perhaps eventually less bathrooms for everyone in Delaware Inc. even if it is a sort of pseudo-capital for a global hegemonic system of ponzi that can only last by incorporating more people in it, just like all ponzi.  No functional bathrooms at all, like Detroit... and the huge problem with bathroom Nazis solved by Jack Markell!  (????)  

Perhaps only then will there finally be no "minority"/marginal/tribal political games for Jews to play.  Because then there is no bathroom left built by whites that have left in yet another instance of the "white flight" that typifies the "silent majority" that is no longer a majority capable of holding civilized life together in many regions anyway.  What happens when a conglomeration of supposed "minorities" are the majority and it turns out that their communities remain the same or begin fighting with and brutalizing each other, white oppression or not?  Answer, all minorities are still going to claim oppression and then begin moving or immigrating wherever presumably oppressive "white people" have begun building civilization and empire building again.  (Not that white people are guiltless in all this, especially once they really get things going with empire building and what not.  I'm not saying that anyone is innocent, pure and white as the driven snow.  I'm a realist.  Everyone is guilty.) 

White flight and an absence of free rainbows in the cities that the diverse groups and tribes of white immigrants leave is the rapidly emerging result of the pattern of the marginal, minority politics practiced by the Labor Zionist wing of the establishment.  You generally can't run a city or a state based on minority, marginal politics and socialism.  Apparently you can only manage its decline into tribalism and redistribute resources until all the people creating wealth leave. Or you could false flag everyone and create a war to supposedly "stimulate" their economy based on scaring them half to death with terrism, although that is an illusion where peasants are put to work killing each other and destroying civilization instead of creating actual wealth and stable communities.      

Anyway, are any of you masochistic white Puritans of Zion (And secular versions of the same culture, whether Left or Right wings of it.) willing to defame and degrade yourselves as yet more so-called "white trash"?  Moseley basically did that while trying to say that Sarah "degrade the goyim" Silverman isn't Jewish, so how many more of you are there?   

Meanwhile Bosnians, Italians and Russian immigrants are being killed or raped in the background because it's generally turning into a bonfire of identity/minority politics in some regions.  Who do you think people are?  Is this creating a situation in which all black people will eventually have to pay Bosnians or be obligated to build up businesses for them to loot in their communities?  

I guess this all goes back to pea brained peasants.  So you are a white "bitter clinger" (That loved Reagan and his supposed "dog whistle"... etc.etc.)  and so a racist, yet there is widespread silence about the Zionists with their DNA tests and their guns, ethnic colonies and bulldozers too.  (I'd imagine it's a real big debate between the "racist" Likud wing nuts and the Labor Zionists.  "Should we have DNA tests or not?  Well, I vote no on the call of another law maker to genocide the Palestinians!  And I'm against the call to collect their foreskins, like Red Skins.  So that makes me.... a Labor Zionist of the Jewish Left!  I fart free rainbows.  More incoming!!!"  Etc.  

But back in reality, what if white separatists wanted to form a Northwest Front and attended "a white separatist youth camp" growing up while condemning interracial marriage and so on?  Could they be elected as the supposedly "liberal" governor of the state of Delaware like Jack Markell?  Could they be celebrated by Delaware Lemming... I mean Delaware Liberal?    What if they called the Northwest Front their ethnic or racial promised land of Zion based on separatism and nationalism, would using the word "Zion" make it all better for the Left, Right and Center?  

 If American progressives (Delaware Liberal) and conservatives (Delaware Politics) are sane then I am content to be crazy. 

More content by the day...  I'm real crazy.   Fun times.     

So how about a Black nationalist or a Black separatist for governor?  Perhaps that fellow Jahi "see no black mob violence, hear no evil" Issa?   Elect him. It might be better then letting the black community degenerate into gangsterism, give it an outlet in nationalism.  Form well regulated black militias... etc.  Stop with the entertainment?  You will not, of course. 


Yet apparently it's possible that there would be no controversy or outcry about having someone that "attended a black separatist camp" run for governor, nor would you conservatives say anything about it.  No doubt?  Perhaps even:  "I attended a Nation of Islam youth camp, it's a sect that believes we should take over a portion of Delaware as reparations for our holocaust.  Vote for me!  Wait, that doesn't work for me?  Why not?"

Shrug. Again, you think I'm crazy and yet you're all loony tunes because you're not going with universalism or facts, logic and evidence.  If it's wrong for one tribe to "go tribal" or become separatists, then it's wrong for everyone.     At least understand a little about Zionism and Jewish culture or you'll understand little about your own cultures, politics and the latest controversial stories in "the media" in general. 

Just last night my wife said, "Why don't we watch Bill [the fighting Irish] O'Reilly."  Ugh.  Ok.  Turn it on in the middle of his reality show and what's the story, some guy named Peter Sagal over at NPR is degrading and defaming Jesus.  Two seconds on Google:
Sagal was born in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey to Jewish parents.
In April 2007, his play Denial received its New York premiere at the Metropolitan Playhouse on the Lower East Side.[4] The play, which portrays a Jewish lawyer who represents a Holocaust denier, has also been recorded by the L.A. Theatre Works company.  --Wikipedia
So he's probably from a culture of Talmudism or secular versions of it where they buy toilet paper on Christmas (keeping Shabat) and say that Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell.  Whatever the reason, he's degrading and defaming Jesus just like Sarah Silverman and "the media" in general.  That shouldn't be surprising to anyone that has observed Jewish culture.  Degradation and defamation of the goyim are not without precedent, etc. 

But put a Star of David in piss, call it "Piss on Jews" art and see what type of debate emerges on the Left and the Right about public financing of the arts and so on.  Navel gazing.  A national conversation about the arts and the nature of art?    Just kidding.  The supposedly controversial "artist" would probably be defamed, degraded and gone instead of lifted up as a visionary or whatever by the NYT... and that would be that. 

Artistic license?  Freedom of speech?  Uh huh. Try it and see.

In other "news"... Lena Dunham has made false rape charges and another Jew has apparently created false rape charges reported on by the clueless trendies of the Rolling Stone.  It's more "news" and another sensational story, no doubt.           

Since my race under an endless attack by the left...

It's not your race, many hate your culture too just like the Jewish Bolsheviks hated the Russians with a Talmudic, tribal vengeance.  At least there they had an excuse due to the pogroms and the antisemitism that is often caused whenever the dumb goyim peasants read the Talmud or become aware of many Jewish traditions.   Why the continued abject hatred for America's WASP culture that's actually pretty thoroughly Zionist itself, though?  I don't know.  Probably pulling Jews out of camps one too many times?  

Perhaps it's hard to overcome centuries of hatred for the goyim, thus the work of Sarah Silverman and many others in degrading and defaming your culture.    You can keep on using euphemisms for the ethnic hatred motivating the degradation and defamation of white goyim by the Jewish Left on their own account.  Of course, I no longer care about what goyim call "political correctness" being used to police and cultivate their cultures and so on. 

It's humorous, if pathetic.  For example, Kavips would probably wind up voting to assassinate himself without trial like a sixteen year old Arab kid when trying to form his plans to terrorize golf courses of the "rich white people"/WASPs that he's been trained and conditioned like a lemming to hate above all other lemmings.  Apparently he perceives "white people" and salivates on cue regardless of reality, at this pathetic point for progressives and the American Left. And that is in the context of WASPs not even necessarily controlling all that much* anymore.  There's Walmart and the targeting of that family by the Jews of the alternative media as well as others.  There's the Koch brothers.  There's all the people that the Jewish Left and Soros tend to make targets out of while turning a blind eye to Jewish oligarchs.  But there's often no real meat and potatoes (Goldman Sachs, the Fed, the huge issue  international banksterism, usury, etc.) or a chicken in every pot for progressives these days. 

Progressives.  They're usually too dumb.  Too brain dead.  But there again, so are conservatives. 

*E.g, NYC.  Empirical facts about goyim/tribes and the "wretched refuse" of white Europeans that washed ashore like "white trash" in America according to Zionists:
–White suspects account for only 3.9% of all Robbery suspects while Asian/Pacific Islanders accounted for 1.4% of known Robbery suspects.
   –When all the figures for these main serious criminal activities (violent crime, murder, robbery and criminal shooting of firearms) are combined, it transpires that 66.5% of all violent criminals in the city are black, 27.6% are Hispanic, and only 4% are white and 1.9% are Asian.
    –It shows that significant numbers of innocent White citizens are victimized by Black criminals and that Blacks are hardly ever victims of White murder, assault and rape.  (Google:  The Truly Horrific, Racist Mass Murder in America! — No It’s Not Against Blacks! )
Those Bosnians that were murdered and terrorized by some black goyim being agitated by what you call "the mainstream media"/Zionists?    They said:  "This isn't what I thought America was." 

Seriously.  Are we all Syrians now, trying to hold our nations together while Zionists try to pull them apart to create more false profits for themselves?  No one says a word about what Zionists are doing, progressive or conservative...  except me, the supposedly crazy guy and a few white separatists. 

It's pathetic.  How obvious does it have to get?  They're leveling cities in the background based on tribal and racial politics, while establishing ethnic colonies.  Yet if a black stubs their toe while committing a crime against the diverse groups of people living in America then it's time to navel gaze and chase around white ethnic ghosts.     

Are Bill "political incorrect, lol!" Maher, Jon Stewart and now Lee Camp (Not that you've got that far.) in the alternative media really funny? Is it all a grand joke?    Is the entertainment that they're producing and their Brave New Show worth the destruction of your communities... or your lives?