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It's all talk until it isn't, I suppose.

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A plan similar to Kaufman's was issued during the war years by a prominent American anthropologist. In an article headlined "Breed War Strain Out of Germans" in the New York daily newspaper P.M., January 4, 1943, Ernest Hooton laid out an "outbreeding" plan that would "destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities." (See also: Benjamin Colby, ?Twas a Famous Victory, 1974, p. 131.)
The Harvard University professor's proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. "The objects of this measure," wrote Dr. Hooton, "include reduction of the birthrate of 'pure' Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals."
This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. "During this period," he went on, "encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males."
In the decades since the end of World War II, something of the spirit of the genocidal Kaufman and Hooton plans seems manifest in Germany's population and immigration policies. Since the nation's defeat in 1945, the German birth rate has fallen to below the replacement level, millions of racially and culturally alien migrants have been welcomed as settlers in Germany, the number of children of mixed ethnicity has sharply increased, and the ethnic-cultural character of much of the country has been drastically altered, especially in the larger cities.
Germany Must Perish!

The problem for Team Uberman America sent as a Superman to defeat cartoon "Nazis" and the ethnic identity formed for him in a melting pot (Zionist) of wretched refuse (Jewess, Zionist), he is of European and occasionally German descent.  He can claim to be of the transgender tribe or that he has a gay identity.  A collective tribal identity, not just an individual.  Funny how that is.  But he can't be who he is.
The Bush/Clinton white crime families = total unmitigated idiocy... just like all the careerists of the police state needed that enforce this post WWII culture.  They should note that their implicitly white children are next based on the model of a soft power genocide that is already in place.  It's already being enforced by the US government and the corporations/banks.  Already being enforced by the German government.
Beginning in "the larger cities" there's already white flight everywhere.  Try to escape and you'll find a plane load of Somali refugees dropped in the Northwest, with more equality and diversity needed according to the goyim golems of the Jews seeking to monetize the entire world.
Not in Israel, though.  They don't need diversity.  They're not a melting pot of unclean "wretched refuse," pretty much just white trash filth that should go kill themselves... really.  Entertaining themselves with some Jerrry Springer, Maury Pauvich, Jon Stewart or some other Jew making fun of them first, perhaps.  They're just Euro/white trash that need to die while being used to diversify international investment portfolios, after all.
Or are they?  There's something that these Jewish bed wetters endlessly lecturing whites about racism fear, despite all their mockery... defamation and degradation of people of European descent.  So I suppose we will see if their view of "white trash" uprooted from their ancient ethnic identities and awash in the trashy entertainment produced by Jews can continue to be monetized and mongrelized.
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Vote up!
Jewish Immigration Activist Barabara Spectre's Work In Action
Jewish Immigration Activist And Former STASI Informant Anetta Kahane Working To Destroy Europeans
Jewish Former Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev Talks About How To Destroy Whites
Jewish Former STASI Informant Anetta Kahane To Manage Facebook Censorship Looking For Critical Messages About Third World Immigration/Invasion
World Jewish Congress and Official German Jewry Welcome Nonwhite Invasion http://newobserveronline.com/world-jewish-congress-and-official-german-j...

Tyson Fury Threatened With Ban for Comments

Monday, May 16, 2016

Facebook stuff, 5/16. Convincing more people... can't believe they didn't see the influence of Jews. But there again, in the past I didn't see it either. Little wonder that Jews are feverish about not being identified on anything but their own terms through orgs like the ADL or just the endless defamation of an individual (yet tribal) Jew, etc. Go try it. Say: "Jew" in a critical way and study their behavior.

I wonder if American Judeo-Christian Zionists and the freedumb fry eaters can be convinced by Jews to kill all German nationalists again.

Probably. Assassinate them without trial when they resist diversification?

If they're not too busy with policing their transgender bathrooms and gender fluid kids that have zero ethnic identity other than kosher/Hollywood degeneracy. Gay Tribe. Transgender. Whatever. Everything but their actual identity. Gay pride, yes. White pride, no.

The degeneracy that is pushed by "Hollywood" just happens by happenstance to culturally/psychologically castrate white "Nazi"/"racist" men.


Must be a Cohencidence!

Anything less would be an "antisemitic conspiracy theory".... lol.

Dealing with the recurring reality of ethnic ecology and tribalism is always a conspiracy theory and form of craaazy that only a Jewish psychologist can diagnose according to some people.

wink emoticon

It's all a bit humorous, if tragic.

Fly White Transgender Uberman, fly... to defeat the whites... "Nazi"/racism intolerance!

Not even Anne Coulter can say the word Jew in a critical way. But better to have an open dialogue now, instead of what comes later... seems to me. I guess they're too scared of all their old lies unwinding to even begin to allow the "goyim" to say Jew in a negative way. But it's already happening. Political correctness, structured with themselves in mind above all these other minority groups. .. is breaking.

Ramble 5/16

Judeo-Christians will probably go feverish in the future as pagans/"Nazis" of European descent continue to arise to resist this. 

Which is interesting, given that they should be just as anxious to save and protect white people as any other group, including the Jewish "Nazi" cartoons that they're going to think they see in Europe again. 

They should be advocating for Afrikaners to be taken in as refugees, just like Syrians.  But they're usually not.  Why?  What's actually going on in whatever is left of majority white, European American churches?   

Apparently Judeo-Christianity entails ethnic suicide and replacement for all European and European derived nations according to people like John Piper.  (Bring in Chinese to settle huge communities right next to the Amish and use the federal government to promote integration, I guess.  Amish natural right to exist and live in the land of their forefathers?  Sorry.  It's probably downright scriptural to diversify all nations.... but mainly just European derived ethnic groups!  Aka, racists.) 

The same pastors simultaneously support or are silent about utterly ridiculous wars like the Iraq war and WWII being waged in the name of "national" security, waged by whatever is left of majority white nations.  So they're not exactly pacifists.  Are they merely witless whites that mistake self-righteous geno/suicide and self-hatred for martyrdom?  Regardless, I intend to resist these pied Piper nutters even if it means aligning with a white leader with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old boy like Trump.  It may be that seemingly "sophisticated"(or merely effeminate?) white theologians and many others resting on "white privilege" in First World countries built up by their European ancestors need to go back to being a boy and then become man enough to try to protect their own kin again.  They seem to be pretending that self-righteous suicide is the definition of being a Christian man.  But joining the US military or becoming a policeman is fine with them, no doubt.  Their reaction to European pagans or a non-Christian libertine like Trump will continue to betray their supposed "principles" though.  Because when it comes to ethnic identities within their own group, they actually tend to fight for the highest, fairest and most heavenly moral standards that aren't applied to others.

So Obama claims to be a Christian while working to fundamentally transform their nation/kin into a gender fluid and ethnically fluid mess, yet their pulpits tend to be silent about politics.  Maybe they haven't quite given up on gender yet but they gave up on their nation.  Now pastors that haven't commented on politics or world affairs (Probably hiding in heaven...) begin to take an interest in Donald J. Trump​.  But both the non-Christian libertine Trump (representing resistance to the destruction of European ethnic groups worldwide) and the equally "Christian" Obama (representing the fundamental transformation/diversification of Europeans worldwide) have claimed to be Christians, so why the sudden interest in politics from 501c/IRS certified kosher pastors?   Other than the Christian Zionists that support nationalism, I thought their heads were in the heavens!   

Jeb Bush Confronts Black Lives Matter

Friday, May 13, 2016

Minorities, minorities... sure.

Guffaw... you really have been simmering in too much certified kosher freedumb of speech, huh?  Not that I blame you, I suppose.  We've got the European American freedumb fry eaters about to try to invade bathrooms to protect a Transgender Tribe from "gas chambers" at this point.   Meanwhile, Swedes (more witless whites) are apparently trying to ethnically cleanse themselves (mainly their kids, though) out of existence over there.

First anti-Euro Jewish influence came for the Germans.  Etc.  But given the endless psychological warfare consciously or subconsciously broadcast by "Hollywood" from the homeland of Team Diversity Superman: Next Episode White Transgender....  (Superman vs. Nazi Uberman: Episode of the Lost Penis) it's a worldwide influence of loathing, fear and hatred.  Still worse in Germany, I suppose. 
What is your major malfunction with failing to understand that all white/Euro "majorities" no longer exist in many regions subject to Jewish influence, due to their endless pursuit of their own cartoon "Nazi"/"racist" enemy... aka YOU?

Ah.  Perhaps you think that enough Jews are going to consciously and subconsciously turn on a dime after hundreds of years of this and say:  "Ok, now we can stop hating our cartoon Nazis, the filthy white Euro trash.  They're a minority now.  Look at how poor they're getting, how they're killing themselves.  How they're displaced by diversity.  Our diverse investment portfolio has been achieved now, so we can admit that they're a minority and all these other ethnic groups need to be diversified with...  white people.  So now this region of the country needs diversity... too many Africans here!"  Hah.  No, way.
When men of European descent are a minority in a "tolerance rainbow nation" influenced by Jews based on "Communism"/equality/envy, then your fate will be like that of the Afrikaners.

And why did you do this?  Swedes could be an example, as indigenous Swedes lived in their homeland for thousands of years as white people.  Why are they doing that? WHY have Europeans done this? 
The reaction to the Jewish Left in Britain projecting its own evil onto Hitler through its various shabbos goyim or dumb cultural minions (about as dumb as the freedumb fry eaters in America) was "epic"?  It's a false comparison.  They're much worse than most German nationalists were.  I hadn't noticed "Zionists"/criminals being in the middle of a World War incited against them by banksters/"capitalist" allied with "Communists" like the Germans were. 

Wait, are Zionists signing off on some sort of a Transfer Agreement with the Palestinians?  Are they finding billionaires to buy the land?  (Where's Mr. Jewish Tolerance Rainbow, Soros?)  Or perhaps selling an F35, given to them by Team Puppet America: Starring Transgender Superman.  (He's on his last legs... and his penis is missing!  One can only wonder what a Jewish psychologist like Freud and all the Jewish Weiners that fancy themselves like Gaylord Fockers would say.)   

No.  They're not selling F35s to pay Palestinians for the land.  Instead, they set up the lawn chairs to watch perceived tribal enemies be genocided.  "The Palestinians Must Perish!"  Because their neurotic and cartoonish/Jewish hatred for those that they view as always trying to "exterminate" them (That's all goyim.. you goys too!) is seemingly endless.  

At least the Germans actually had reason to believe that an influential and powerful (not to mention tribal) ethnic group was trying to exterminate them, given that's exactly what many Jews of the day said once they figured out that German wasn't going to be incorporated in their international "financial system."

  "Judea Declares War on Germany," "Germany Must Perish!" etc.etc.

In contrast, what can Palestinian "goyim" really do against a Talmudic, Jewish State with wealthy tribal/ethnic sympathizers spread all over the world at this point?  Do Palestinians have tribal loyalists, billionaires and "Lord Levy" or "Lord Rothschild" or a lord this and that? 

It's almost like many powerful Jews would rather kill their enemies (or perceived enemies) than make peace.

Minorities from majorities, as minorities led by Jews form majorities...  Guffaw.  LOL.

Who will protect the majority of the world from a tribal minority seeking to achieve worldwide supremacy in order to keep their minority tribe of supremacists safe?  Shalom... equally for all?

 No, it's only for them.           

Milo Yiannopoulos CRUSHES A Feminist

The Trumpinator

Does Free Speech allow you to offend a religion?


Zerohedge 5/31...

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Their absolutely bed wetting and neurotic/phobic/nativist/racist fear of Trump/"Hitler" is ethnically based.  So any number of these ethnic chameleons are aligned against Trump (or painting menstrual blood pictures of the filthy goyim/"Nazi"/"racist" that they consciously or subconsciously fear and loath.), despite his love for Jews and desire to advance Jewish interests (aka his family and associates in Tel Aviv).

And of course Jon Stewart would vote for a cartoon African (aren't all "goyim" cartoons?), as if that would be best for phobic Jews.  The thing about the fear and loathing motivating Jews (Right and Left) is that it's irrational.  That nativism/phobias/xenophobia/intolerance they're always talking about?  (Their crazy need to stop the bathroom "Nazis" to protect the Transgender Tribe minority that they created in their own Victim image? Or their equally crazy idea of preemptively bombing dumbocrazy into other countries to protect themselves from WMDs, as their right wing recommends? Irrational.) 

Understand the phobias motivating these bed wetters consciously or subconsciously/culturally/instinctually or you will not understand what passes for "the news" in the West. 

They're just projecting their hatred onto the "goyim," as if everyone is like them.  And Jon is just another bed wetter.  "I'd vote for Mr. T before Trump.  Ha. ha...."  (Cue the nervous laugh track of these actors/hypocrites.)  But he's serious.  They fear indepenent men of European descent that much, even if their interests are totally in alignment and there's zero chance that Trump will make them into the soap and lampshades of their paranoid/phobic/nativist/tribal imaginations, "again." 

"Never again!"      

Three black girls steal a car, run from cops, then drown Now? Cops fault

Ramble 5/3

/I could claim too some... neurotic reactions to some of the words of the presumptive potential Leader of the military alliance called NATO./

Why?  You don't have "national" security.  Whatever your ethnic identity as a European, you're expected to diversify yourselves out of existence into a more easily managed and monetized herd.  This should be your highest goal, right? 
You're concerned that Team White American freedumb fry eaters are going to retreat as the Empire of Entertainment built on their ethnic spine declines? 

Just be happy that the Jews haven't instructed their ridiculous goyim golem (a melting pot of white trash/wretched refuse, from their perspective.) to start assassinating "Europeans" without trial while checking your underpants for WMDs.  After diversity is acheived there, why not?  After all, anyone that happens to wander accross Europe is now a "European."   And European Americans along with more and more diversity are already assassinating other ethnic groups without trial in order to push the hopium and change.  Migrations, assassinations, anti-nationalism/"racism" marketed in the name of "national security" right in your own homelands for everyone of European descent etc.. look out the window,  this is reality. 
In contrast Trump as Hitler/racist/etc. is a Jewish TV show or a menstrual blood painting of a Jewess portraying the "filthy goy" (unclean, like menstrual blood) in order to try to diversify other "wretched refuse"/Syrians out of existence in the interests of the Tribe.  Is this an American dream?  Or a different dream... perhaps it's a nightmare for many.  Is Lady Liberty the "light unto the goyim"?  Or transgender?  Look closer.   
But Trump/Hitler is real scary!  Boo!  Lol...  watch out!  He's probably going to try to make his grandchildren into lampshades!

Observe reality, not endless Jewish TV shows/movies/stories/"the media"/"Harvard professor says..."/"American culture..."/etc.   If you're of European descent, then you have no "national security" anyway.  Because you might be a Jewish cartoon "Nazi"/"racist"... and therefore need to be diversified out of existence in your own country, no matter if you're indigenous Europeans or not.  Even before "Nazi" cartooons all the envy/equality/"Communism"/etc. of the world was being incited against you by the usual suspects.  Communism failed but similar trends toward equality/envy are now combined with endless incitement from "Hollywood"/"the media"/neurotic Jews that believe their own tribal lies. 

They are driven by irrational hatred and fear and will not let their lies about the "goyim" be corrected.  So they will even undermine their own ethnic interests too. For instance, they invite Muslim ethnic groups in to diversify hated Europeans/"Nazis"/"medeival antisemites"/etc. and consciously or subconsciously expect to be able to go to their own ethnic state if their little experiment with the "goyim" goes wrong.   But what supports their ethnic state now? 

Standing back and looking at what would be good for Jews objectively (minus the anti-Euro phobias), this was all stupid.  But unfortunately for everyone the vast majority of Jews are motivated by irrational fears and hatred of white people/Europeans/"Nazis" just like Jews throughout history have always generally feared and hated the "goyim." Apparently it's tough being the member of a socially/rabbinically constructed criminal cult seeking supremacy over all tribes/nations.  Apparently most believe their own stories that are rather mysteriously all similar (Jews migrate from wherever they just got kicked out of due to their behavior, run into a conflict of national interests with their next host population...  and it's all very mysterious "conspiracy theories" from there!), all the way back to Purim.  To this day, they celebrate preemptively genociding (killing tribally) perceived enemies down to the last woman and child based on their own neurotic culture and "conspiracy theories."  As resistance arises then they apparently wonder:   "Me, ma moo?   Why Persians/Iranian don't like us?  We just twiddling our thumbs."  

Meanwhile, witless whites/Europeans wander around wondering why it seems like their own governments/media/"Hollywood" hates their guts.  Stewart is just another anti-white ethnic chameleon that played it all up on his show, with white cartoons vs. black cartoons that were never allowed outside the lines.  Because he has a different ethnic identity and got shouted down by other bed wetters when he so much as joked:  "Should we really be killing Palestinians again?"   If white Americans had the same mentality, then they'd probably send the freedumb fry eaters into Detriot to build bridges and win hearts and minds.  Or Trump would be sending settlers to the Mexico border and building a wall on their side instead of just saying: "We need to have a border.  You either have a country or you don't.  Well, Israel has a wall... or somethin'... so why can't we dumb goyim have one?"  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The usual. Debating someone and they have no answers if they're not allowed to shift the existence of forests into individual trees. As if forests don't even exist... yet then they admit that they do exist. But then, poof... there they go again, as observations can be atomized at will.

All Jews are getting their ethnic identity from a criminal cult of tribal supremacy. ALL.  So a thousand page comment about the history of this and that tribal civilization aside... it's all Jews, socially constructing themselves based on Judaism.  Or refusing to give up a tribal identity rooted in the criminal teachings of some old crazy guys with beards.

If there's one Jewish individual not involved in criminality?  Who? 

Like the Thuggees, their ethnic identity is criminal.  That's why people keep trying to identify them and kick them out.  They could have identified the criminality within their own group and tried to kick it out.  Yet they usually don't get far.  Too much pride. 

When there's a widespread "transjew" movement that matches this transgender stuff that the Tribe has pushed on Europeans/"whites" in order to make them safe beta males as opposed to their hyper masculine "Nazi" cartoons... then let me know.

I'd like to see the day.

But I think you'll find that there are zero transJews.  They'll be anything.  An exceptionally American Jew.   A Jew for Peace.  A Jew for a Piece.  Jew this, Jew that.  Transgender Gay Jew, like the tribal minority groups created in their own Victim image... even! 

But they refuse to transcend their Jewish/criminal  identity.

Whatever happened to the Thuggees, anyway?  Was it all of them?  Who were they? 

Comment on Monica Lewinsky and all the old Clinton crap.... ugh.

It matters when a Jewess subverts an American president.  That was back in the day.  Drudge, a gay Jew, got a media outlet out of it.  Now he's all in for Trump! 

The Jewish Right aside... perhaps there's a dynamic that the Jewish Left missed while pushing for gay/transgenderism/safe beta males to avoid "Nazism" arising among the "goyim" again.  Perhaps beta males usually begin to want a Leader to rectify everything that they've left unsaid.  All their failures, their effete hipsterism, their attempt to hide behind men from other ethnic groups, their failure to fight to protect their kin for themselves and on and on begin to seek a "correction" as naturally as water runs down hill.  It can be dammed.  But you're merely cursing nature until what you've damned gives way. 

Perhaps Jews should be thankful that Trump is really quite kosher (perspectives vary) and loves Jews like his own family, even if he is an independent White "might be a Nazi!!!!" man. 

But instead, most basically think he's a Hitler that needs to be blackmailed like the Clintons or beta black maled emotionally... or transgendered and so forth.  I think that's why their spiritual/cultural minions like Glenn Beck have gone crazy.  Trump is Hitler, the Great Devil that cultural minions of Jews have been told of since birth. 

Yet, it turns out that their Great Satan loves Jews and likes to monetize the world in general too, so long as the art of the deal looks good and his tower is bigger than your tower.. etc.

 It's all getting very confusing from the perspective of people that cannot notice that Monica Lewinsky is a Jewess, I'd imagine.  Cannot. Because if they notice, then they might be another Hitler!  Boo!!!  It's Hitler, again!!! 

Uh huh... all a bunch of talk. But I do like Trump, sort of like having our own gangster for once. Provided we don't talk about Jews too much. Hell, even if we do it doesn't matter.

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somebody needs to start asking about all the CGI holdings in haiti -- purchased, conveniently enough, in the aftermath of the 2007 earthquake.
that's right, hillary...janus once met a bookkeeper from haiti...poor english, but sharp mind.  he told janus lots and lots of stuff.  he told me about mines, resorts, plantations...he also told me the name(s) of your holding corps...he told me about the slave wages, the brutality -- told me everything.
wanna play chicken with janus, hillary?
game on, bitch.
Tue, 05/10/2016 - 19:49 | 7540532 new JLee2027
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Go for it.  Dropping info to Alex Jones or Bill Still comes to mind. And of course, the FBI.
Tue, 05/10/2016 - 21:00 | 7540732 new janus
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i'm going to start leaking hints over the coming months viz. hillary.  if this cunt stays in the race, i'm going to flay her.
btw, hillary, janus is a friend of a friend of don tyson.  remember that name, you white trash slut?  you will.  remember ADFA?  remember mena?  remember webb hubble?  remember those two dead boys on train tracks?  remember your egytian coroner?
janus does,
Tue, 05/10/2016 - 21:34 | 7540851 new janus
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i'm gonna melt her ugly face off...do it, i will.
the wicked witch is dead! i didn't mean to do it,
Tue, 05/10/2016 - 21:33 | 7540848 new Mr.BlingBling
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Watch your back Janus. Those people don't fuck around and since you're using a computer you're not anonymous. Stay safe.
Tue, 05/10/2016 - 21:37 | 7540861 new janus
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believe it or not, but i'm operating in a place she cannot touch.
i know she's a gangster...i also know she doesn't have the support of her own dons.
bitch is toast.
Tue, 05/10/2016 - 23:14 | 7541188 new neidermeyer
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I can hook you up with Trumps people. Just don't get V. Fostered or R. Browned on me....

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ramble 5/10... Black Pigeon.

/More like they fought the war FOR the Jews./

And our ethnic groups will be convinced to fight another civil war if they listen to idiots like this Black Pigeon guy.

I was trying to be nice at first, like: "Well, he makes some good points and maybe he doesn't know or somethin'." 

But fuck.  This type of abject failure to identify and subject Jews to criticism (as tribal Jewish operators) is exactly why the so-called "Greatest Generation" did what they did.  And everyone else has been trying to defeat "another Hitler," often based on yet more Jewish atrocity propaganda and lies ever since.  So I wouldn't strut around too much or say: "The Greatest Generation wasn't that great but we've been anti-war and stuff."  Bullshit.  The Left can't even name the Jews that have advocated for all these post WWII/"another Hitler" wars.  The American Left blamed the Iraq war on oil.  (???)  

Meanwhile, European tribalism/"racism"/"Nazism" is being annihilated culturally based on endless Jewish academic activism (Jared Diamond, etc.), movies, plays, TV shows (Gay Nation, that's kosher nationalism.) and so on.

So let's begin here.  Black Pigeon is the problem.

Not European women.  Not entire generations.  Not lizard people.  Hell, it's not even really the Jews in a way.  What do you really expect from a socially constructed group that gets their tribal identity from a criminal cult of supremacy?  They've generally always been this way, we're just seeing secular variants of the same old thing now.  That's why they usually get kicked out by the "goyim."  Because diverse groups of people realize: "Say, it seems like this other group is trying to achieve supremacy over us based on tribal criminality or somethin'.  Who are these people, anyway?"  Again and again...

It's not the Jewish (or kosher lizard people, guffaw!) as a group.  It's this individual guy that fails to tell the truth, right here!

Let's start here, instead of whole generations of elderly white women... no doubt.  "Say, this Black Pigeon fellow convinced me...  I blame grandma now!"  LOL.   

No.  I blame you and other "politically incorrect" cowards like you.  

Rant against collectivism racism and leftist racism

Ramble 5/10

Just take it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Tribalism and the existence of family/kin/ethnic groups.... what you call """"collectivism,"""" is too basic. You say "It was the government, blah, blah..". Yes, the government of France that was built up (or at least usually not burned down.) by THE FRENCH as a people/kin group/nation. Governments are usually just expressions of different ethnic groups or ethnic colonizers. A tribe of African pygmies comes up with a different government than Eskimos, etc.

Look at how Germany will change now that the Jews have finally been successful in their genocidal wars against Germans. Perhaps "the government" there will be Muslim or some weird multicultural gibberish, so that Muslim ethnic groups will be to blame (collectively) for whatever they do.

Collectivism/tribalism is real. Just admit it. Ironically libertarian "goyim" are following some ideology heavily influenced by Jews like Ayn Rand. They totally atomize and monetize the "goy" while others collectivize them based on some false ideology, whether American exceptionalism or communism. With libertarians/anarchists, it just so happens that radical individualism is pushed to the point that the cultures/communities/nations/tribes of the "goyim" are pushed to implosion. So the idea of a White Uberman for a Jewess is some witless white wonder "going Galt." Or the idea of some Jewish boys imagining a White Team Cuck Superman defeating their "Nazi" cartoon superman is American exceptionalism hovering over a melting pot of wretched refuse/multiculturalism. Jewish plays, comic books, poems and on and on never deal with the fact that their implicitly white Superman (But, an alien!) from the heartland (That Jews hate, unless they want a Superman for war.) has an ethnic identity and roots in the real world that are not "diversity." Not globalism. Not exceptional justice for all. (Perhaps the next episode for that Goy Golem: Beta Male Transgendered: Can't Defeat Another Hitler... because he is, after all, still too much of a white/racist man just like Jewish "Nazi" cartoons.)

You were great up to a point, Dawson. Not sure why Native Americans were running around over here playing with spears and such if they were as intelligent as you are. Although your ethnic identity and sense of tribalism (collectivism!!!!) probably helped you see what is going on with the freedumb fry eaters and hopium smokers in America.

I'm still listening but I think you're probably wrong on your failure to admit to "ethnic ecology," tribalism and race. Just because some white goy gets angry and begins shouting about Jews doesn't mean that he's wrong. It's the Jews. Collectively. (Heck, they want endless reparations from GERMANS... so apparently they don't have much trouble with "collectivism.")

Why Did God Lie To Glenn Beck?

Obama Promises to Enrich Suburbs

Trans, trans, trans...

Looks like Jews ("a Harvard professor"/"Hollywood"/etc.) are beginning to discard the Team America Uberman/Superman cartoon that they used to defeat their "Nazi" Uberman cartoon.  If Superman refuses to become gender fluid in the next episode... then he will probably be portrayed as a "Nazi" that must be tortured to death like Muslims, most likely.  Indiana Jones will probably have to have his last crusade against "Nazis" before his cultural puppet masters ("movie producers"/"media moguls" etc.) make him become transgender. 

After all, all the older cartoons are still white men (Superman: A White Alien from the Heartland... etc.) and therefore may be like a White Nazi cartoon: Episode Six Million Shrunken Heads.     

It will be interesting to see how kosher pastors react to these inevitable and repetitive cultural trends caused by Jews.  They get kicked out of every country because they're a supremacist cult and enemies of all men.  Then everyone is surprised by it.  The Germans were probably surprised that they eventually tried to do the same thing that the Russians did.    It's all very mysterious, I suppose.  Team America now: "We're turning gender fluid?  Why?!"  Etc. 

It's probably because you just let a foreign ethnic group castrate you culturally because they view women as safe and minority coalitions as more easily monetized and controlled than ethnically homogeneous groups.  But ultimately, white women will go into the progressively fluid melting pot of this culture too.  Every tribal identity is allowed including a Gay Tribe, created in the image of the supposedly victimized minority group that creates all these other groups in their own image.  But kosher "feminists" will not be able to be who they actually are anymore than the freedumb fry eaters sent out to defeat another Hitler/Putin/Assad/Saddam/etc., men and women of Europe.  

Who they really are is a member of "all NATIONS" before God, not people that worship Jews (converts to Judaism) while pretending to be a gay tribe based on Will and Grace.

Tribal Jews, including those claiming to be secular now, still view themselves as a revolutionary "light unto the goyim/nations."  But there was one Light.  And as much as converts to Judaism idolize themselves in a tribal way for supposedly being a part of the tribes used to point to Him, they're not Him.  They're not God.  Although many rabbinic factions have said that they, the Jewish people (Whoever that is.) are God.  That's what God is to them, their own egregore/group mind.

Converts to Judaism/Egoism/Satanism not only have nothing to do with the actual Light unto the nations/"goyim," they actively take part in the traditions of men that mock and celebrate killing Him to this day.  Secular variants like the "Harvard professors"/"the media"/etc. are now subverting the very natural language within which He illustrates who He is, Father and Son.  As kosher pastors twiddle their thumbs.  The point of the rabbi Paul's verses about how all nations dissolve in the Light is not that we are beyond all national/sexual/biological categories here and now.  But if one begins with denying and lying about the existence of race/nations, then of course younger generations are going to ask why other biological realities cannot be progressively denied as well.  They have eyes in the heads.  They can see.  So they will ask.  At least, until they come up against the fact that the biological technology already in use to construct their genders are INFINITELY more sophisticated than this childish stuff they're doing to try to achieve transfiguration/transracial/transgender.  (Something to consider if anyone is actually listening to these Jews and thinking about trying to grasp transfiguration.  There's not going back because you don't have the technology to do what you're trying to do.  Same thing with transhumanism.  Trans, trans, trans... with technology... but they can't even screw in a light bulb.)       


my_nym's picture
You should convert to Judaism and become a Jewish psychologist. 

The only problem being that the Tribe woudl fuck over your half-witted mind and then kick you out of the ethnic state that they're building for themsevles. 

You are an absolute disgrace to the White tribes of the North.  So go marry an Aborigine woman and tell yourself that you've defeated "white supremacy" and assorted kosher cartoons, like a good little white boy.  Good grief. 

I would suspect trolling.  But I've been talking to a lot of dumb whites/Swedes/etc. lately.  Near as I can tell, you honestly believe in the shit that Jews (Freud, psychoanalysis, all to culturally castrate "Nazis"/"racism"/witless whites etc.) taught you. 
/(Or, if this isn't possible, to highlight only those women of color who "Europeanise" their appearances through weaves, skin creams & hair colorings)../

Michael Jackson, Lil' Kim and so on all did that to themselves because the White tribes of the North are idolized by others.  Imagine if you were an Aborigine.  Would you want to be transracial?
Again, I would half suspect some Jew pretending to be a witless Northern European in order to incite racial consciousness and renewal among their current host nations.  Otherwise, collapse/Muslim/diversity/immivasion/"migrants"/etc...  but having talked to very real witless White wonders and any number of Team Captain Diversity Superman (implicitly white, another kosher cartoon!) lately... you are usually all too real. 

With respect to the Jewish psychoanalysis crap...  here's an easy way to be sure that you don't become obsessed with the "white supremacy" of your implicilty white penis.  Cut it off.

The Jews call that transgender... sort of like a total circumcision... and then you could join their kosher Transgender Tribe of minority/minion victims, created in their own image. 

I'll grant them this.  If I was living in Africa and viewed the majority/natives/nativists/"racist" through Jewish/minority eyes then I would probably tell them to be beta males too.  Transgender, etc.  There is some safety in it.  But they're missing something. 

Poor, poor Jews.. it's not going to work.  (I'm replying to them directly, not a witless white goyim golem like you.  Because you are like their cultural minion.  Or a troll.)

Jacksonville Dog Rescue Turns into Black Assault == Puts White Mother a...

Friday, May 06, 2016

You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXV (Mr.Trump's Triumph)

Black Pigeon... I can never tell if these kosher media outlets are idiots or shills. It doesn't really matter.

This guy is just blaming women and our own elderly for Jewish influence. The reason that Asians are resistant is because Hollywood/Jews don't view them as a "Nazi"/cartoon threat like they do all Europeans.

He says blame women. Now he says to blame our own elderly. This and that, as if Boomers didn't work two jobs. As if the Jews didn't run rampant with their insane cultural influence after inciting WWI and WWII. (And financing more!)

Sure, blame the old white guy. It's the fault of some baby boomer, boomed out of a different war incited by Jews. Please.

Who are these banksters influencing the world to this day? Who is "the media" that they own and work with in a seemingly tribal way? Why is it that Israel and Asian countries are what they are and only Germany is what it is?

This guy is victim blaming, guys. Great for some kosher info. But as he's informed of who is responsible for these trends let the permanent electronic record show that he continued to blame our own kin, our women and our elderly while never even MENTIONING the Tribe of banksters/"globalists"/Hollywood/Zionists/etc. that basically caused these trends.

How much would have been saved if the Iraq war wasn't incited and the cartoon Uberman/Superman of the West sent out for dumbocrazy again?  The list of questions could go on and on.

But he blames the old of our own ethnic groups. Or perhaps, women of our own ethnic groups. This proves that he can identify and analyze entire groups of people, so "politically incorrect."

But then he apparently doesn't even MENTION Jews... once!  Let alone blame them like he does whole generations and genders.

Lol. Please!

Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON: 20-35's a MINORITY by 2020

Ramble 5/6

  I suppose that they're race fluid just like they're gender fluid.   Note that this will happen in America too, as an impossible Imperial American dream has been shifted to having implicitly White World Police America sift through every single ethnic group in the world based on a fair/white minded view of individual "content of character." 

Anything less would be the very tribalism/"racism" that witless whites worldwide have been convinced to engage in an endless war against. 

Imperial Cosmopolitan: Tolerance Rainbow Police Inc.

Be nice.  Or they'll assassinate you without trial and overthrow your whole government, starve millions.. etc.  Nice!  (Character assassination and atrocity propaganda included, of course...  )  

What remains of the Empire Inc. built up on the ethnic spines of White ethnic groups in the "melting pot" is already coming to an end.  It has already happened.  And it's unlikely that anyone will be able to "Make America Great Again"  as American presidents rather suspiciously begin to act or look like African presidents.  (Except that they have drones and nukes!)

 Observe the drones over Detroit and the Boko Harem Somalians of Minneapolis making threats against the Mall of America as BLM riots and the usual happens among African gangs, day after day.  Soon to be met with more diversity if Muslim gangs form and align with "Hispanic" gangs that don't seem very Spanish.  Too bad we can't resurrect the Italian mafia to deal with all this, a middle ground between the North and the South.  Because the white tribes of the North (the Norman/Norse/Nordic/Norwegian/etc.) certainly aren't going to deal with tribalism! 

For they are the fairest/whitest minded of them all.  So how can they sully themselves as individuals by dealing with what is best for their group/kin/race?  Better to die in order to prove their fetid pride in self-righteous martyrdom.  Pretexts vary, from the Swedish atheist to an evangelical "Judeo-Christian"...  who are these people?  It's all Christianity, supposedly a universal call to ethnocide? 

Then why don't Chinese or African Christians (the usual ethnic subgroups apply) generally behave the same way as (more universally gender fluid) Swedish Christians?  At least it's all a bit humorous.  Except when American cities degenerate into gang violence while witless white wonders debate taking in refugees from Muslim gang violence (incited by the Tolerance Empire of American War Inc. to boot)..., etc.  The question arises, the thinking of the Imperial Cosmopolitans is to take in the oppressed minority refugees (Thus destroying/diversifying their nation as their country is destroyed.)...  TO WHAT nation or civilization?  Take them all into a different country generally invented and built up by WHO or what type of people? (Was it built up out of the ashes of WWII by the diverse Muslim ethnic groups on welfare there?  Or was it built by the German nation/men and women that go to work everyday, like the clockwork they build based on GERMAN engineering?) 

This whole concept of defeating all awareness of white nations/"racism" is humorous, if tragic.  

Target and Transgender Bathrooms

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Ramble to the Golden One, a European nationalist. We'l have to see if he starts identifying and talkiing about Jews later.

You will need to deal with Jewish tribalism one way or another, even if you want to avoid the "Nazis"/cartoons that they created to represent an expression of European tribalism. Then there's European Americans in the US, that view themselves as a white Team Superman comic book character created by Jewish boys to defeat the "Nazi" cartoon Uberman. It's not that they don't have an identity. It's that their implicitly White Team Captain America identity revolves around being cucks for foreign groups/"minorities" that are already majorities worldwide.

Hollywood and endless Jewish cultivation of European derived cultures matters because the Nordic/Norsemen/Norman cartoons of the White tribes of the North are being turned toward the interests of Jews to this day. Iraq war, latest iteration. And the little white/norman/Northman boys follow their culture... at least until "Superman" cuts his dick off and becomes a transgender in the next episode of Jewish cartoons. Or perhaps marries Thor, in a safe beta male wedding in order to avoid being a "Nazi" cartoon. Shalom, Superman.

Hitler aside, you will not be able to make a video like this for your people without saying Jew. Because it's them. It's Jews. It's Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden. It's Israel Zhangwill with his old "melting pot" play for European Americans. It's some Jewish kids with their "Uberman" cartoons, an identity defined based on rejecting European tribalism. It's Emma Lazarus with her "wretched refuse" poem about the "filthy goyim" giving up their ancient tribal roots and monuments to become a cosmopolitan consumer while she maintains an ancient expression of tribalism for her own group.

That's their so-called Zionism for a tribal group whose ethnic identity is rooted in international criminality and supremacy relative to the "goyim"/nations/tribes. Illuminati = "light unto the goyim" for any silly conspiracy theorists... etc. You have to say Jew or you have next to nothing worthwhile to say. WWI? WWII? Jews were just sitting around twiddling their thumbs until our German kin went mad and accused Jews of their usual crimes for no reason at all? I blame lizard people. And the Illuminati. It's probably illuminated lizard people or a mysterious pathological farce in Europeans themselves, actually. Or is it?

Or maybe... it's just, Jews! Lol.

Ryan Dawson on the History and Politics of the Global Drug Trade

Another dead white dude == Four more black people holding the gun in No...

300: Making America Great Again

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ramble 5/3

The rest of this is TLDR but I feel like rambling today.

Most people of European descent worldwide cannot face the fact that their endless entertainment and cartoons (Comic Book Movie: Episode Another Sequel) are not real... at all. So they seem to want to play the part of a Team Diversity Superman in the movies, a cartoon created by Jewish boys to defeat cartoon "Nazi Ubermen" in reality.   
More sophisticated European Americans like their melting pot play, a metaphor created by a Jewish boy that actually didn't want his own tribe to melt into a multicultural morass. In fact, the person that wrote the play was a "Zionist," a perverse form of nationalism.  
Modern European Americans also like the dream of "wretched refuse" washing up, devoid of their roots in the Old Colossus and their old civilizations. Yet, a poem written by a cosmopolitan who in the city? Written by a Jewess that supported Jewish nationalism/tribalism because she did not dream of her own people having no ethnic identity but dreams, plays, poems and entertainment. 
(We "goyim" ultimately can't have the so-called illuminati "light unto the tribes/goyim" being equally diverse with filth and refuse that they shine on, can we?)

And so the show goes on... the diverse ethnic groups known as "white people" clearly love an anti-White Empire of Entertainment built by Zionists more than their own children, kin and national roots in reality. They prefer cartoons. Apparently they will continue to be displaced and diversified out of existence just like the witless Swedes, all the while being told to go to kosher wars for the sake of "national" security. (What nation? Nigerian immigrants, perhaps. Or the Somalians that made threats against the Mall of America? Or perhaps the Chinese anchor babies... until they have the first Chinese president.  Progress.  It will be the current year then, after America.)

The show must go on... Team American Uberman: Episode Good Goy Puppets Defeating Another Hitler... I wouldn't strut around too much thinking that we are any different than our addled white kin like the Swedes taking a less bellicose path to the same end. (Their kosher goal is to be a "humanitarian superpower" for diversity.) We're doing the same anti-White things, subject to the same Jewish/cultural influence of people like Barbara Spectre. In fact, she's a Jewess that lived in America before heading to Sweden to be a "light unto the goyim."

It's will all be about "national" security whenever the Jews want another war to defeat "another Hitler"/Putin/Saddam/Assad/etc. But better hire a Clock Boy for more diversity while arresting little White boys for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun until it's time for the next Team Diversity Police war, because all White "Nazi"/"racist" boys are the ethnic/cultural/tribal target that need to be diversified, neutered and ultimately transgendered.

Still waiting on a Transgendered Superman. At least the upside down triangle symbol is already on his/her chest. Seems intolerant that an implicitly White Superman from the heartland and Team Captain Diversity have lasted this long, really. But I guess it's hard to explain to white goys why old used up cartoons need to be fashioned for new uses, based on perceived threats to the Tribe in the current year.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Three minutes in, the shrunken heads... and no one was able to question these Jewish stories?

Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West

Diversity is death.  Look around at the "gender fluid" children of Nice White People...   observe them, wherever they've gone based on white flight.  The vast chasm between kosher entertainment in America and biological reality seems to be lost on Nice Whites...  maybe this transgender stuff will wake more of them up.  Then they may work backward to the transracial stuff pushed on them and only them.  But probably not until they're out of freedumb fries to eat. 

Multicultural Police State.... great job, freedumb fry eaters. Mission Accomplished.

Do Gays and Transgenders Need to Divorce?