Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Therapizin', now that is fun!

Once upon a time there was a psychologist who was no Soul Doctor nor metaphysician as most typically are not.

So they do the Rorschach test to try to get a read on you. He lifts a card and says, "What does this look like to you."

You say, "It looks like a retard."

He lifts another card and says, "What is your interpretation of this one?"

"It looks like a retard."

He glances at the card and says, "It does?"

"Oh, did you mean to try to get a read on the card or to get a read on you?"

Then he starts crying....

You reply, "Come sit, how does that make you feel?"

(Actually, this lil' dance can be far more interesting. Yet, you can still give their inner child the spanking they need. The Phd, that seems to make them think that they actually know something. So then pride can go before a lil' tumble, for they do not understand the signs they try to read. Actually, most are quite blind.)

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