Wednesday, October 13, 2004

John Edwards and another lil' fellow too...

These guys are like matching political patterns to Kerry and Edwards. I should note that they say their blog isn't the place for philosophy, religion and politics and is only a fansite for people to come worship them personally and to see how good they are personally?

Yet, they sure did, have been and apparently keep on also discussing a lot of philosophy, religion and politics! Over and over again they have discussed these things. Disagreement...turns it into a fansite again, I suppose. Yes, I write a lot, a lot. Very much so and will probably write a book sometime, it will be easy. What I am most curious about in that situation is exactly what church each one of those who commented goes to.

At any rate...

Kerry and Jason first...

Like Kerry Jason's politics were or are, "But...but....but..." What is the difference between that and a typical nuance, eh? Well, for effeminates they are ALL nuance and so all prancing around all the time, see. Prancing, prancing and dancing so much so that a lot of lies, just happen. The lies that just happen to suit their vanity too, what a happenstance. If you never ask, "Is it true?" and have a whole pattern of life of asking instead, "How does it make me feeel." Naturally, you go with the flow with what feels good.

It has to do with the way meaning is put together in words and how the naturally occuring world or happenstance tends to put together things. You see, even gospel writers use the word but. Yes there is nothing wrong with it. For not all butts are bare! Nor are they all shifty and an attempt at the removal of the meaning of words. For something like: "But if...." "But then..." is a nuance. That is often just a refining of thought which is quite good, good.

BUT this contradiction of thought: "But there is...." "But there is...." that IS an existential chant of contradiction to kill the Word and let happenstance then rule by natural occurence. It is a closing down of mental thought into raw physicality. This pattern is quite purposeful, yet cloaked in mere "happenstance." It is a denial and an ancient rebellion. Happenstance has more questions than answers...and is so tolerant and nice? The nicety of it all! Yes, it is all so nice it could just kill you.

Another example of trying to leave something to happenstance:

"I'm pro-choice."

Eh, what is it that you choose to support?

"I choose choice!"

So how do you choose choice, what are you choosing?

"Hey, I just chooose choice. Whatever happens just happens, it's all up to someone else. It's not my responsiblity....and that's what I support!"

And so on. All these happenstances of the world...they seem to keep on doing the same things! Hehe. So the effeminate, he keeps "lack of choosing" the same things by some happenstance and then saying, "The world did it. I didn't choose or mean anything so do not hold me responsible! Actually, I didn't mean it. I mean this...or that instead. Let's just let meaning emerge from things....scientific like! The world makes science...." Etc. Problem, that is the inverse of science. These are such men of knowledge! At any rate....

Jason and John Kerry, they sound the same.

Collin and John Edwards, they sound the same too.

It's like he's the vice president wannabe! Well, I have not kept up with their blog at all now. I did scan through looking for something and well, the peculiarity of what sticks in the mind as far as the printed word.... Anyhow, this goes along with the rest of his pattern that is the same, same, same. Perhaps by happenstance, he places a woman before his mentally retarded lack of judgment. This looks a lil' like this: "I know a woman who had an abortion. And well, she's sorry about it." What do Collin's feelings about her feelings or another happenstance have to do with his mentally retarded politics? Nothing. Ian's pattern is interesting because it matches. But nevermind....for he's just such a nice guy, see!

On to John Edwards,

He sues the pro-lifer par excellence, the doctors who deliver babies. Maybe it is a happenstance that he sues them, specifically. His claim in the courtroom looks a lil' like this: "Since my son died..." (...all the effeminates in the jury coo! For they will give him more money now.)

"...I can channel the babies who have died in their mother's womb at the hands of these doctors. So let me tell you my feeelings." Funny, he seems not to feel the pain of little babies currently having their little arms and legs clipped off and this sort of thing. He can only feel so much pain, I guess. Poor guy! He's just all sorry about this sort of thing. For you know just keeps on happening.

I wonder, what do his feelings have to do with anything? Maybe, all these pseudo-men are just a bunch of narcissists abusing the feminine and children to hide their own mentally retarded Selves behind, as such usually do?

Now what is John Edwards latest claim. Well, elect him and then everyone who is paralyzed will walk again! Amazing....I guess he knows the doctors and the science of things and so he knows what it going on with it. Maybe the same doctors he sued before keep in touch and tell him the science of things.

Or even better, maybe he is now channeling all the dead paralyzed people and Christopher Reeves just sent him a lil' feeling of, "Hi there John. If you are elected then the paralyzed will walk. " That's probably it. Yep, all these guys have their feelings about things. That is certain! Do you wonder what true knowledge on all these things is? Ah, well do not worry about that lil' thing called truth too much....for their own feelings define what is true for them and for you too. Don't worry, for they looove their neigbors as their Selves and they loooove their Selves very much. So everyone can feel all happy by happenstance, just as they do!

Hehe...well, it is possible to go even deeper, deeper into just how loving all these Christian guys are! The Christianity of them, it is amazing.

Why did the Man say, "You must be born again." Are you getting it now, tykes? Has the water broken in a lil' baptism and does the lil' baby cry when he is born and sees the light? Now some of these little babies...they just stay crybabies and instead try to crawl right back in the feminine womb! Jason, Collin, Ian, John Kerry, John know, all the pseudo-men par excellence. In philosophy, Plato says come on out of that lil' cave and see the light. The Man, He does not disagree with knowledge which He made to be sought and found. Oh, He must be proud then? For pseudo-men, for the effeminates...that is a pride problem!

It is, so very amusing. I do feeel pity. Yes, I do. For Collin, an intellectual stuck in with that sucks some tittles! You see, it's not like mental retardation is all an individual's fault. More of it is your fault, herd!

Charismatics seem to say the finite, that's all there is. All you can feeeel is "very real," like the humus. You can't know much about either humus nor humans that way. No, you become pig ignorant that way...and apparently call the mound of humus you just buried yourself with, humility! When actually, it is as excrement. Your humility of the humus is not true. Oink, oink! If it keeps oinking like a pig....

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mynym said...

Spiritual monists....

For materialist monists...for the dead in the head are, well, dead in the head. Have you seen the way they write? Oh, their symbols and signs, they are just so complex! They are great designers.

Yes, they begin with simplicity that any baby can still know and then build something good, good! No, of course the scientists do not. All they do is flood the place with a bunch of broken up jots and tittles that they've dissected. They obscure origins, quite on purpose and then they all chant something about how this obstinate esoteric obscurity is science, science! That is how retards try to make something true or somethin', chanting.

Well, you cannot out-passive these who are so veeeery passive, well nigh to plain old dead. They want to merge with Nature and that's what they do. So instead, let the dead in the head bury the dead in the head with all their own excrement.

Sure, all you men of understanding can cast your pearls before these swine that just sit there, veeery still. They do just sit there, after all! There is little danger that they will trample upon the pearls. Then, other people can happen by the pigpen and pick the pearls up. We can all trade pearls, see.

Or, if the swines that whine do try to trample the pearls, cut off their heads with the sword of Truth. Every once in a while they get a bit frisky on you, see. Then off with their heads and light a nice bonfire of the vanities with the flame of righteousness to roast a tasty meal! Sometimes to have a meal, you have to make a meal.

Oh yes, the swines that just sit there will have a problem with such activity. Activity! Activity, yes...the unsafety of it! See how they sit oh so still? This is safety. All else is of the unsafety! So they all sit down in the mud all together, see. It is best not to sit down with them though. You will find that you cannot sit as still as they sit. You will become as dead in the head as they are. For these sitters, they sit still! They sit veeery still, nigh unto death. So instead, startle the Herd! Then,
perhaps they all run off a cliff together.

For they are very communal swines, that is certain!

Once upon a time there was a Man. Now, one day this Man came across a group of lunatics on a hill. Actually, they were demoniacs, as lunatice often are. It has to do with the malevolent minds all getting in there, see. But anyway this guy was a smart One so he sees a problem. So he takes something right on out of their little minds and puts it in some pigs. Now, insane pigs instead! So the herd all runs off a cliff....but the group of lunatics wanted their herds. They thought, "Sure, I might be sane now. But I needed that herd! It's just not right, making my herd run off the cliff. Now my herd is dead, dead!" So they turned.

But the Man, he had walked away....