Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Bible

I've read a lot of books and written quite a bit. I have some peculiarity about the written word, symbols, signs. Perhaps I always did.

At any rate, anyone should see that the Bible is not a normal book by the irreducible complexity of it. In fact, my mind needs a lil' break and so I read something about space-time instead. Or, I go to sleep. Yes, I'm not kidding. I have considered this Book and either all these old goat herders have the same psychological complex so their pattern of thought naturally matches or it is another Intelligence making it all match and using it for a moral to the story at the same time too.

A group of human writers wouldn't be able to choose, keep track of and pattern match so many things with each other that also fit with knowledge millenia later, besides fitting history too, plus all the mixing of symbols and Moses, be sure to define good and evil correctly while you are at it, plus having the Law be good and beneficial, etc.

Well, there is no conspiracy I can come up with that can accomplish it all, see. You could say it was aliens on a moutaintop. Then what...Moses is not exactly disagreeing.

The writers would all have to have the same type of naturally occuring insanity. But that's silly too. Or perhaps Moses secretly stole all Egyptian knowledge of the same sort that helped build the pyramids and as a meek writer he was just really, reeeally smart too as they typically are. After all, Moses wrote a lot of it. Then other writers just pattern matched and made up stories about miracles. Well, putting aside the issue of miralces there is just no way humans could do all the other things...or would. Not even in just writing it and making it all up. They wouldn't all agree the way they did, just as writers to make it up. They would schism as normal religions do. All that is there is just not in human nature. So then, you go back and well the Intelligence who must cause them to write in the same patterns could do other miracles. None seem to be a breaking of His own laws anyway. He does not just come down in a little space ship and say, "I'm here to save. Now, all aboard!" He comes into the creation instead and so often seems to say in a parable, "Here is the way it is all designed to work. You plant seeds. Then, they grow. It's really quite simple."

Then, there is this little issue of personal things. But see, I don't say to believe based on knowledge that only I know. Are you supposed to?

I still have to think about things but in contrast, it seems easy to judge the more simple cults. I look to the simple things about them first. Islamists, what a happenstance that they get to have a harem or some virgins. Mormons, what a happenstance that they get to marry more than one young girl. Charismatics, "It's all about me having a girlfriend. So idolize the feminine as I do, feeelings first!" Or David Koresh...."In my cult, the young ladies are supposed to have sex with me." Hey, I think I would make that up too! I could not have guessed that's the way men would naturally just make something up to suit themselves.

What human intelligence is necessary for that type of cult? Ha. Let alone an alien type of intelligence...maybe I could use enough intelligence to glom it onto Christianity enough to just pretend it is true. Actually, it would probably be easy because a lot of people are mental retards these days and so they'd believe that their own natural feelings define the truth of things.


Anonymous said...

Are there any books that you would reccomend on this topic, specifically what you wrote in the 3rd paragraph? I have read books that included this type of material in a chapter or two, but nothing quite so extensive as what you seem to know about it.

Anonymous said...

The Bible? ...hehe


Anonymous said...

Well, thanks, B! Gee..

Sometimes we need another person's words to help us understand something. This is why people write books about the Bible. :o)

mynym said...

If you want to learn how to recognize Intelligence and types of intelligent design than read any book by William Dembski.

I owe a lot of my type of thinking to him. I have applied some basic things he says and refined them being as I am a writer, etc. If you want to know the basic things then read him. He does not talk much about writing as I do but instead general signs.

Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science & Theology by William A. Dembski

There are others too. They're generally linked up on Amazon. That's the type of book. I do not know that anyone has applied some of the basic things of recognizing the work of an Intelligence not unlike our own but still far above our own to the Bible. For me, it is a way of thinking.

Anonymous said...