Sunday, October 24, 2004

I was curious about the pentagram... I did a little reading this evening. I am still thinking about some things and tracing things along, I suppose. Sometimes I wonder if I am being led along. It is odd. Yet it is not as odd as some other things having to do with secrets. Anyhow, as far as symbols go I guess I have begun using some ancient symbols unawares. Danger?! Ah, well....I still see no reason not to keep thinking.

At any rate, about some ancient symbols, the pentagram vs. Solomon's Seal:
"‘Sisinnos Bisisinnos, tread down the abominable one that she should not have strength any more. The Seal of Solomon has annihilated thee. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael fetter thee.’ The last word, Alimerbimach, appears to be a vox magica, which however I have not met anywhere else and which I cannot explain."
(Three Elusive Amulets
A. A. Barb
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld
Institutes, Vol. 27. (1964), pp. 1-22)

"The whole is surrounded by the Uroboros, the serpent devouring its own tail, just as we find it on innumerable ‘Gnostic’ engraved gems." (Ib.)

"....Psalm 90 is quoted in the inscription (verse i 3 on the Byzantine wall painting and less literally on the amulet, verse i if. on the bracelets), here as there we have the astonishing combination of familiar representations from the gospels (Annunciation, Nativity, Baptism, Crucifixion, Resurrection on the bracelets) with figures like the Egyptian solar Chnoubis-serpent, so frequent on ‘Gnostic’ intaglios, the ‘Seal of Solomon’ and King Solomon himself on horse back, treading down and transfixing with his lance the female evil demon."(Ib.)

First, I do not think symbols have any power as an inscription or pattern in matter. Instead, they are communication and yes, in some sense knowledge is power. Yet not in some magical way that is in matter and amulets with inscriptions in gold, etc.

Solomon and Wisdom calling out her name in the square and an association with the defeat of the malevolent feminine, this makes sense to me. It seems to me to have to do with the pattern of the whore of Babylon who babels on and on...vs. Wisdom. There is nothing especially sinister about the Left and so on. The reason the symbolism of going to the Left at the end is there is probably because this is the last age. That's all. I.e. you go on past the Lord and the One who sits at the right, past Wisdom who sits at the left....on to some beings who are going on a little trip with you. There is a story of Ehud and it is very specific about his left handedness. His use of the sword and so on. For he had a lil' message for somone ruled by their feeeelings and he was a tricky one with the sword of Truth!

The involvement of Egyptian serpent symbols and the like make sense to me as far as what might be being communicated. It seems to me that there was more going on there than a simple tale. It is not so simple. Forms of Egyptian bondage and the like are with us to this day. All the layers of symbols and signs dealing with some big things do not seem to begin with such speed again until the One. It seems, as far I think along that some gardeners are actually secondary symbols to be written upon and the like. I could be wrong.

Yet Pharoah, sometimes he hardens his own heart. Then sometimes something is written on it or it is hardened for him. It depends...some symbols yes, others no. It would take some thinking to try to see meaning here. It seems that after all the symbols and whatever they mean the ancient angel of Death is forced to kill his own slaves. Not only that but the first born is killed. All of this is probably too much to try to understand and yet there is no prohibition against thinking about it. Nor, saying "Perhaps...." it is interesting to think about.

As far as that story perhaps being about relationships among Beings rather than gardeners....aren't we the center of everything?! We seem to like to believe so.

On a similar note here, when I lay down some universal patterns about things it is not necessarily all about anyone specifically unless I say, "Look at this person." So dear reader, do not take things personally because: "I fit that so he must be talking about me personally!" There are universal things that apply to every gardener when it comes to souls....and besides, what you think is secret is not necessarily some big secret.

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