Sunday, October 10, 2004

A story of Ape-man, my favorite hero.

Hmmm, blogs seem not so bad, might be a good way to consolidate and then save everything in one big text file.

A parable, of those who do not take the Man at His Word.

Once upon a time there were two geeks, a guy and a girl.

Now, one geek finally screwed up his courage and said to the other, "Baby, I want to beam down to your planet and shoot you with my phaser!"She replied, "Oh, you watch Star Trek too, let's go watch it togther!"
(Now, if I knew more about Star Trek I could go on. Unfortunately, I do not. Fill me in here...)

They fell in love as men and women sometimes do. So they decided to say the big, "I do!" They would say it, then do it. Their vows, they were important. Fiction or fiction? No, this is one of those fictions that is meant to become a fact.

But this man believed himself to be more of an ape than a man. He was all about just the facts, instead. So his big hero in history and his creator, was Ape-man. He was a geek, see. The communalizing scientific community gathers up the relics ofApe-man and even makes some iconography in their chapel too, the Smithsonian.

Now as the Man said the meek will inherit the earth. And so this budding Romantic was a well to do geek. The meek inhighschool, they do inherit the earth later. So you'd best be nice to the meek because they'll be your employer someday!

Alright then, back to the story....he was a rich geek, as is typical and his comic book hero was ultimately Ape-man. Now, he did screw up his courage again and said the big "I do!" But in the back of his head he was thinking, "My hero Ape-man does not say, 'I do.' No, he does not talk so much at all."

One day, the geek saw a prettier woman than his own wife. She was pretty, facial symetry and so on. Yet she was shallow, all facial symetry but not much behind it. So she knew he was rich and thoughtshe'd make use of her beauty. So she did. The geek's words were vastly weakened by his hero, Ape-man, words emptied of true content, without meaning. Also he was thinking, "What would Ape-man do?" So he didn't stand a chance. He was not a man ofunderstanding, just random facts. He was not a man of integrity. All he turned out to be was a rich man, so he easily denied his own vows and was faithless. He was not a man of faith, either.

As it usually does this faithlessness turnedout to ruin his good life. You can't have true love and Life, without faith. His family was torn asunder by his sin. Yet, he did not turn back and realize the realityof the existence of good and evil. Instead, this sad lonely rich man spent his time writing textbooks, trying to get young men to follow his path and believe in his old comic book hero, Ape-man.

Ape-man, he never seems to arriveto save the day!

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