Saturday, October 16, 2004

A little cycling, recycling...with some refining and defining.

I had some time. I have some time, this time. It is all just in time for the present is a Present.

Let there be light!

All who have eyes, let them see. The eye is the window to the I. For you can see through and you can see right on through. That I is vain while that one is fearful. Is there a difference?

These are the I of the eye. Some codes are more cryptic and yet most can be read. Then there are mannerisms, the tell tale signs that tell their tales. They are such tattle tails, the tales.

Some books seem to have only a few pages to read before the signs are a jumble. Why is what should be written becoming the unwritten? How does that make you feeeel? There are none so blind as these lil' eyes.

For people do not have eyes that happen to see, they have eyes designed to see signs of designs. They are designed, for signs.

But the young men who are vain are blinded by vanity, vain imaginations, images, pictures, yet no true sight. So they are alway seeking and never finding.

In their vanity they do not see. Their I is all in their imagination. Well, I do not disagree that their mind is all in their imagination! Hehe... and so a vast design...of many signs...

One retinal nerve cell in one hundredth of a second would need the mechanical processing power to solve 500 simultaneous non-linear differential equations 100 times. For the eye is designed with the designed structure of light in mind, the design and the sign fit.

One photon can BOOM, set it off! There is more to seeing than meets the eye. The symbols and codes, information patterns written in the mere inanimate go through the eye, trail off through the brain, into fields of space-time, matter and energy. Some fields, are they ripe for the harvest?

There , the mind is what sees the fields. It sees the point. It sees something to be the case. Can you see the point? Why can some just not understand? Vanity, all is vanity... Those who have become vain, vain, vain in their imaginations can have no imagination. Are they not insane to be so vain as to lose their imagination? They cannot see they are narcissists, closed off from the world of sight! There are none so blind as these.

How can you see the images if you do not understand? How can you understand if you do not know what to stand on, what is under sight? Those who have the insight, let them speak.

The sage of any age knows,
"His existence is identical with his essence and his true reality, and his essence is his existence." Maimonides, Jewish sage

"SO AHAM ASMI. This is the great ineffable name of God, 'I am that I AM,' That Supreme Being which indwells in Asu is the I AM." Madhvacharya (c. 1238–1317) Hindu sage

"There is a being, God, whose essence is His very act of existing." Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Catholic sage

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mynym said...

A parable of Cain and Abel, for Cain was blind to the Light.

Once upon a time there was a man named Cain. He tilled the soil. He was a vegetarian. He thought to himself, "See how pure I am!"

He looked at his brother one day and saw that he killed animals. He thought to himself, "His hands are bloody!" But look, look at mine, I see they are clean. He began to think, "Why does he kill the animals. It's just not nice."

Then one day he began to feel, "It's just not nice! But I, well, I am nice....just look at me." Then he began to see his brother a little differently. He began not to have the eyes that saw his brother as a human, instead he saw him as some sort of animal. Then, he thought, "Why...he is just a vermin! For I am nice. I am the nice one here. Why doesn't the One like me instead! See how they both victimize me!" So he took a rock and crept up behind his brother.

Yet, later...Cain's vain imaginations left him and as
he looked at his hands, there was blood on his hands.

For there are none so blind as those who will not see. Know that in the end, the sons of Cain will be forced to see. So who will stand with the sons of Cain?