Thursday, October 21, 2004

If Adam had Wisdom...

A parable....if you have one about Eve then best have one about Adam.

So Adam comes to Eve and asks, "Hey good lookin', what do you have cookin'?" She replies, "This fruit. It's a new recipe a nice serpent gave me!"

Adam looks at Eve with the eyes that see and thinks, "She is very beautiful, this Eve of the evening." Then he looks at the fruit and thinks, "That looks like the forbidden fruit. And what tooty fruity fruit that is!"

So he turns away from Eve to think. For it was hard for him to think, looking at he turns and then he remembers. There were some instructions on this, along with the rest. Then he thinks, "Well, I am not much one for following instructions. That's probably because this is the first set of instructions. Well, I my as well follow the instructions just this once, just to see what it is like! Besides, it seems to me that the Maker knows the way things are made."

So he says, "Let's go find this serpent you're talking about. For he sounds like an interesting lil' fellow."

Eve replies, "The fruit isn't done yet, so let's go. He is such a nice serpent, you will see. For he is a very beautiful creature. Also he seems wise too. So he is beautiful and wise much like me, as you will see."

So they go to find the serpent and come to him next to a tree. Adam says, "You serpents seem to be all crafty and wise now. So tell me, just what is the knowledge of good and evil in the fruit?"

The serpent says, "It is good."

Adam replies, "I have the knowledge of what is good already. For look at Eve here....obviously, I know what the good is like. So what is this knowledge of evil?"

The serpent replies, "Well, the knowledge of good and evil is good because it is good to know all. You know, like God does. It is the knowledge of good.....and evil."

Adam replies, " what is a knowledge of evil? I do have the knowledge of evil because the Maker already told me about it. So I know about it, see. Good is good and evil is evil, it seems to me that I can see what He said."

The serpent replies, "No, I do not see. Trust me, to have your eyes opened you have to actually experience the knowledge by eating! Just try seeing things from my side so as to see all sides, see?"

Adam says, "So if you do not see my point about seeing what He said then you are the one blind to something, right? Why should I follow the blind to supposedly have my eyes opened? For that seems like the blind leading the blind to be blind from their own blind side!"

"I, uh, eh....what? You can't see what is said. But I can see just fine! For looook, looook at this good fruit of mine! It is here and you can touch it and taste it."

Adam replies, "I can see. Of course I can see it. I can also see what He said. So is it your fruit or the Maker's fruit? I thought you told Eve we would have His knowledge? To eat of it would be a knowledge of evil that He already told me about. Why shouldn't I trust His Word?"

"The Word??? How did you learn that? No! He just told you about it to hide something.

He is judging me! You do not want to know me and accept me inside? Can't you see from my side? Maybe you should walk a mile in my lil' serpent shoes before you sit in judgment! Besides, that hurts my feeelingsss too! Why....the inhospitality of it! You must experience me by what it is to be me! It's not easy...being me."

Adam says, "I thought you said we would be as gods and not as a blind mental retard as you are?"

Then, he grabbed the serpent and they had a huge fight for the serpent was big and more like an alien Reptilian being than a "serpent." So they flailed about. Adam was very strong but this was his first fight. Yet this is what he was truly designed for, to fight and take dominion. The Word of the Maker was with him stronger and stronger, holding him together and regenerating him.

Eve said, "Grab its throat!" For she had changed her mind along with Adam about how nice the serpent was. Now she too had the Sense that it was some odd type of mental retard.

In the end, he just strangled the beautiful creature to death. So death came to be in the world.....and it was very good. So Eve did not cry about it. Instead Eve looked at the dead creature that seemed to decay into the humus very fast and said, "Adam, you're my hero!"

An exhilarated Adam replied, "Thanks honey! I am glad you are safe. That was the best thing I've ever done here! Hey, maybe there are more serpents around to take dominion over? We had both best watch them carefully now just like that Tree. There is something in this Garden that is supposed to be fought against and subdued here just as the Maker instructed us. Let's be sure to always follow His Word and this gardening stuff is going to be fun, very fun. Maybe we are supposed to force Evil to become something good!"

Then the Maker manifested as a being of Light as He sometimes did and said, "Hmmm. This story of redemption is beginning well. Good little gardeners, now here is my next Message to you. For my Message is as my Representative, as you have come to witness to Eve. Now Eve, here is a new recipe just for you. It's roast Reptilian. You will both find it far more tasty than fruit!"

(It didn't happen that way and perhaps was never intended to. After all, as a writer you know that the more redemption in your story, the better! The moral of the story in any case is that Sin is your opportunity to fight and write your little part of a story about Good and Evil. This is your opportunity. You only have so many opportunities to call upon and stand at the side of Grace as He smashes through Evil and twists the twisted right on back to Good. As a youth, you might have more opportunities to fight Sin than when you get old. Each temptation is your opportunity to turn Evil Grace. In this life you only have one youth, one life, one old age and one death. So choose wisely....)

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