Friday, October 15, 2004

The Irony of it all.

I can be a nice guy and emotionally feel that we should all be sensitive to each other's feelings. How does that make you feel? I'll be sensitive to your feelings and try to have feelings about your feelings... and you can feel my feelings too and then we'll all be touchy-feely together. All we nice guys.

Girls don't seem to like merely nice guys? Ah well, we nice boys must be nice anyway. It is nice to be nice, after all. And pay no mind to the birds of prey circling and fighting in the background, we nice guys will be nice...even as we start to sweat as we do so. What are they fighting for? What are we fighting for? These are the questions without answers for we nice guys. After all, answers might be a mighty bit tricky for we nice guys. But what is this in the answers of all we nice guys, a creeping insensitive sarcasm?! Are we not merely nice? This insensitive sarcasm, with its skepticism that brings up the niggling matter of the truth? Are not all feelings true in themselves? It seems that even we nice guys want to attempt to wield the sword of judgment.

But fortunately we nice guys keep our swords a might bit dull and rusty. Our iron does not sharpen iron. This is the only way we nice boys can be safe and don't cut ourselves or anyone else, after all. It is nice to be always sensitive... always nice. Perhaps we can make it our highest ideal, we nice little lambs. "...if the lambs say among themselves: 'these birds of prey are evil; whoever is least like a bird of prey, but rather its opposite, a lamb--would he not be good?' there is no reason to find fault with this institution of an ideal, except perhaps that the birds of prey might view it a little ironically and say: 'WE don't dislike them at all, these good little lambs; we even love them; nothing is more tasty than a tender lamb.'" We nice guys will pay no mind to the birds of prey, the practice of iron sharpening iron might be a mighty bit tricky for we nice boys. And even if a bit of irony creeps in inspite of ourselves, fortunately we keep our iron dull and rusted so that our swords can't cut very deep.

We nice boys of the faith.


This parable was like a little prophecy at the time. I say it a couple months before he repeats it and says, "I would like to be in an army where all swords are dull." I will show you how it is done a little. It has to do with some mighty tricky shifts! So I shall fathom some mysteries for you fitting this patten into Good and Evil. Into Good and Evil is an inversion of Neitzsche who wanted to go beyond good and evil.

Perhaps it will all be a lil' embarassing! Yet, it was and is not my fault that some bare butts are so bare. For as far as I know they are still bare. I'd rather not check to see them! So instead of wading through text that seems to be as excrement, I find some parables with google instead....shew. That is good. You see, I do not like to look at the excrement that comes from the bare butts of all the nice guys. For I would rather read the Book.

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