Friday, October 29, 2004

Something else to wonder about....

....since the night is mighty fine. In fact, the nicety of it all might just make you want to do the hoedown.

Now that would be mighty nice! Yet probably a lil' tricky too...

62. The Sound of Music
"The vibration of something physical like the vocal cords produces sound. It is propagated by the displacement of particles like air molecules and picked up by complex anatomical structures called ears. But how can a mere wave of mechanical energy become a package of meaning (language) or a thing of beauty (music)? How can a vibration in the air, a fluctua tion of pressure serve as the foundation for a haunting melody that opens windows into another world? If the goal is the creation of sound then a most improbable collection of energies, particles and organs has been assembled to attain it. Which leads us to ask: is our medium of com munication itself a communication? Is the packaging of intelligence itself intelligently packaged?"
(The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Scienceto the Mind of God
by Roy Abraham Varghese :413)

I am packing some intelligence this mighty fine night. Sometimes to have some intelligence you have to pack some.

Well, I wonder how much time I have. Sometimes, to have time you have to make time.

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