Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Left and the Right....

There was this body. As bodies normally do this body had a left and right hand with a mind in the middle. Things seemed to be in harmony and the body got along a-okay.

Then one day, the left hand started patting the body on the back. Its feeling was, "For the nicety of it!" The mind thought, "Well, okay...a pat on the back is not so bad sometimes. It is nice." Yet the left hand just kept giving the body a pat on the back. It did this for a time and did not get much done.

Then, it started giving the body a pat on the butt. The hand's feeling was, "For the even better nicety of it all!" Yet at this point the mind thought, "Enough is enough! This hand hasn't been getting anything done lately. Now this patting of the butt too...this has just got to stop!" So the mind thought to the right hand, "Grab the left hand...." so the right hand did.

The right hand felt, " I get to grab with a vise like grip!"

The left hand felt, "This makes me sad, not glad! It is just not nice."

The right hand felt, "This makes me glad, not sad! For this left hand has been annoying me, not to mention the butt and the embarrassment of that."

Yet the mind thought, "My right help the left hand trace some patterns and do what it is supposed to do." The right hand felt, "How about I just squeeze really hard just this once. Or how about cut it off and throw it away!"

The mind replied, "No, now do as I you must."

So the right hand traced some patterns with the left hand, it was the image of a sheep. For the left hand felt a lil' sheepish. The right hand felt, "Better now?" The left hand felt back, "Yeah...thanks for not squeezing me."

So that's how the right hand gave the left hand, a hand.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the left hand learned his lesson and lived happily ever after helping the right hand!

mynym said...

They came together and clapped their hands.

Anonymous said...

The hands themselves have hands? How odd.

mynym said...

The hands came together and clapped themselves. They gave each other a spankin'. But they liked it.