Monday, October 25, 2004

The Moon...

Sun-day is meant to be all sunny and gardeners tend to dislike Moon-day. Especially if it rains. Yet look at the pattern of things, evening and darkness is not so terrible. It is not so fearsome and horrid. For the pattern of Eve is of the evening! So little boys, put aside all your crude jokes, course jesting, the disdain, the fear, the sense of something "inferior" to you and take another look at the moon....pleasant evenings, whispered words.

For it is the moon that washes the waters around the Garden. These are the tides to tidy everything up! They recycle things. These tidy tides keep things clean, clean. The moon moves the waters around and all is soothed and smoothed, for one side would burn and the other side freeze otherwise. Little do you know that the moon also keeps the whole place on its axis, just so. So there is nothing too much and nothing found wanting. And without the moon you wouldn't be here to see the sun! Then eclipses to see, they seem to be designed just for gardeners to see and to fathom some mysteries. For no other planet seems to have the same set of mathematical schematics like the Garden.
The Moon and the Sun, as it happens, are two of the roundest measured bodies in the Solar System. Neither is precisely a geometric sphere, of course, but the Sun comes closer than just about any natural object known to science.

(The Privileged Planet: How Our Place
in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery
by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards :9)

The Sun is some four hundred times farther than the Moon, but it is also four hundred times larger. As a result, both bodies appear the same in our sky.

The Moon is just large enough to block the bright photosphere but not so large that it obscures the colorful chromosphere.

Just so, to show all the colors of the rainbow...and more:
...perfect solar eclipses are optimal for measuring a range of important phenomena, such as the solar flash spectrum, prominences, starlight deflection, and Earth's rotation. But even more than this, perfect solar eclipses provide great opportunities for discoveries about the Sun. Finally, besides inspiring awe and allowing us to discover the nature of the Sun's atmosphere.....perfect solar eclipses became the occasion for discovering the correlation between habitability and measurability itself, hardly an insignificant point.

So....hardly an insignificant sign and symbol, let that be a sign to you.

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