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Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Crowder)

Former Transgender Exposes Trans Movement! Walt Heyer | Louder With Crowder

Ramble on the blame the Muslims first and forever crowd...

course Muslim "goyim" do all that.  That's part of the reason that Talmudic Jews are usually fine with using them like "goy"/cattle and patsies.

Even the stuff that Muslims can't actually do, like scheduling drills on 911 and the usual markers for covert operations... they would if they could.  But the Jewish owned media in America would actually investigate that.  Indeed, they blared from the hills that Iranians did the Malaysian jetliner based on the flimsiest of evidence.  But when Jews do something, they have a NIST simulation of an investigation... deny gravity, claim that a miraculous event took place and call it a day. 

The fact that Jewish nationalists did 911 because it was "good for Israel" in their fight against Muslim nutters and were arrested dancing in the streets celebrating (with passports to leave the country, etc.... later to be sent back to Israel by Chertoff and other "politicians"/"consultants" covered for by "the media", i.e. a bunch of tribal Jews.) is a topic that it would take thousands of pages to explain.  More than 28 pages.

Muslim goyim:  "Me not know that Jews want to use goy golem...  me just Muslim criminal.  Masons!"

 White goys:  "Me just want excuse to have borders in me country...  say, why do we need Muslim diversity?  Me thought we went to war on Muslims... I mean war on terror against this!  So why is diversity here now?"

I guess someone like you (blind to Jews) could look at it all this way, a lot of Muslims really do want to kill you and make you a dhimmi.  So you can go on and focus on Muslim ethnic groups to the exclusion of all other factions.

There again, Talmudic Jews have already monetized the nations/"goyim" with national debt/money and in many respects fulfilled their God damned prophecies of supremacy over the "goyim."   Even the most dimwitted will probably wonder why experts in "national" security like Chertoff (Mr. Underwear Bomber, goyim!) simultaneously support diversity/immigration/migration and condemn so-called "Islamophobia" as if it's the new "antisemitism."  I.e. the "kuffar" or the "goyim" are resistant to Muslim and Jewish ethnic activists.

It's almost as if Islamic and Talmudic supremacy (poor minority victims?) aren't really that different.  The fact that these groups of Muslim and Jewish supremacists hate each other is meaningless, unless you're going to start thinking like a Jew like Joshua Goldberg and false flag or incite them against each other.  But the "dumb goyim" usually don't think that way.  That's what the Tribe banks on.  

Tired of youtube censorship on political content?

Ramble 4/29

TLDR: Ultimately, you support bringing in more refugees (immigration, migration, whoever/etc.) prone to forming ethnic gangs but want to make the bathrooms nicer for transgenders?

It is a silly issue, given what the Empire of Entertainment Inc. is doing now to protect all this freedumb in the bathroom.

Our countries priorities are screwed up. Indeed. Good Anglo instincts there. English? But that's a half-truth. Our country is just dirt, our nation is our kin/families/tribes. My children and extended family are my first priority, not every minority (Including those imagined based on feelings.) under the sun. (In India, the majority defecate in the streets.. so apparently this transgender bathroom stuff that politicians, CEOs, lawyers and bankers like to focus on is a non-issue there.) The truth is that a Swedish or French man that thinks he's a woman in the terminal stage of Western civilization is Swedish or French first, not transgendered. Something that they tend to figure out as more and more neighborhoods and then entire countries become Muslim/African/Arabic/diversity.

People of Swedish descent juxtaposing the results of African mob/gang violence (Happens every day in Africa and among African Americans...) with the push for transgender identities by the whitest of white people (just like in Sweden) is even more silly than our argument about the Transgender Predator Threat vs. Bathroom Bullies (A delicate balance in our imaginations... to be sure.)

Big picture, the fact that we are even talking about imaginary bathroom bullies victimizing a Transgender Tribe (What's next, gas chambers? Call Jack Markell!!!) has to do with tendencies among different ethnic groups that actually are rather significant.

For instance, the results of Swedes (Seemingly often as concerned with bathroom minorities as Markell but based on entirely different ethnic tendencies, etc.) basically trying to ethnically cleanse themselves with refugees again. (And then who will protect the Syrian refugees, I mean the transgendered from the Muslim bullies!?) is no joke. Apparently many have no IKEA what they're doing to their own civilization and kin. Or the mess that they're leaving their children/nation, as well as other European subgroups.

This seems to be an aspect of Swedish behavior before beginning the violent/"bullying" process of becoming more like Muslim ethnic groups:
"...extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered..." (Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme | Public Discourse)

It's not Native Americans or Chinese pushing this. I would just laugh. In fact, I do.

But it tends to matter when the same white people of the North want to bring in 50 Shades of Muslim refugees from the South later.

Because that's real. That's not some largely imaginary bathroom issue that white men and women can trigger their psychological dynamics with in a civilized world of rainbow entertainment, that tends to create ethnic gangs and mafias in the neighborhood that my family/kin/nation lives in. Real bullies and real violence in the bathrooms... as well as the streets.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Comment on some pathetic old German guy indoctrinated with Allied/Communist propaganda...

He was defending his country. Look what happened to it later. Google: Hellstorm. Look at what Jewish Communists did wherever their influence spread. Does this subject of "Allied" propaganda think that his kinsmen made Jews into soap and lampshades too? Is there NOTHING that gullible Alex Jonestown viewers will not believe, other than that their "Nazi" cartoons are the epitome of evil? There's a "slight" problem with feeling (due to conditioning) that expressions of European/White nationalism/tribalism are the epitome of absolute evil/"Nazism" like Jewish Marxists argue.

You're White and people of European descent. Dumbasses.

First they came for the Germans. (Look at immigration patterns now... yet they're defenseless. Because all White nationalism or European tribalism is "racism"/"neo-Nazism"... as the Jews say. Of course, they're still nationalists for themselves. But Jones will not touch that, let alone deal with why Jewish supremacists created Communism to dominate the "goyim".) Truly pathetic to see and old German man trotted out by Judaizers to continue all the defamation and lies.

There is no "Goyim Anti-Defamation League" to go to for those that challenge Jewish lies about other ethnic groups, Jewish terrorism, Jewish tribalism, Jewish mafias, etc.

Don't even bother trying to argue that they're not Jews, they're just individual criminals. Your stupid cartoon "Nazis" were individual German nationalists/tribalists caught in economic crises and revolutions incited by Jewish criminals, yet you pretend that they were all criminals while excusing movements arising from Jewish tribalism like Communism and so-called "Zionism"/Jewish nationalism.

There's something on the edge of many so-called "millenials" that's getting interesting. Perhaps rebellion against subversion? If so, there seem to be more than a few "anti-semites."

Primary results and news about Clinton and her e-mails

Diversity ramble.... the usual.

Jewish hypocrisy is the same as White/European hypocrisy, as they preach dumbocrazy and diversity but then they don't live with it. Observe White flight, etc. But in addition to the usual hypocritical behavior and denials of healthy tribalism/"racism" that can be observed among Europeans/"white people"... many tribal Jews hate Europeans/"Nazis." Perhaps a tribal hatred that is understandable, given that Europeans have allowed neurotic and phobic Jewish bed wetters to think that White people tried to turn Jews into six million pieces of soap and kosher lampshades for no reason. Talk about a "Light unto the Goyim"! Not sure that's what the original tribalists that invented that had in mind. Not to mention Indiana Jones and the tale of the lost shrunken heads used to decorate the lampshades too.

What do you think all those tribal mythologies do to Jews? You think that they're all thinking, "Europe and Europeans are all great... shew! We love us some Europeans now. Let's support them because Muslims are dangerous!!! Saaaay... it's the Muslims look at us like lampshades, isn't it!"

Is tribalism, culture and ethnic ecology really so hard to understand?

Blah, blah... Hitler. I just saw a "Nazi" cartoon. That's history! Hitler tried to help Jewish nationalists build their own homeland. Stop watching Team America Uberman cartoons created by Jews with their own tribal interests in mind consciously or subconsciously and focus. There is tribalism here, the same sort of subconscious impulse that causes White flight among dumb Whites/Europeans that pretend that they know a tribal threat when they see one.

What are the results of the creation of a separate nation/tribe within the nation repeatedly created by Judaism? Are we surprised by the poor, poor (poor?) Victim Minority that preached international diversity to the "dumb goyim"/Europeans while building a tribal state for themselves needing to leave again? Curious how they create Team Uberman cartoons for the White Goys sent out to defeat their equally cartoonish "Nazis"/Germans... but what do they create for themselves? An ethnically and tribally defined state for their own family/nation/tribe. "Intolerance! Phobias! Hate! Me, ma moo... mooo!!! More Superman and rainbow cartoons needed!" Ah. But not for your own kids/tribe. For them, you are trying to build an ethnic state based on tribalism/nationalism.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rise of the Sleeping White Giant European Nationalism

Why I'm a White Nationalist (14 Reasons)

Ramble 4/26

Less kosher:

There's a reason that specific people push this and "gay marriage" throughout the culture all the way down to the bathrooms and TV shows. (On our children... not a good idea, as far as I'm concerned.)

It's not just some great mystery why this is occurring after people watch too many TV shows produced by a tribal minority group that fancies themselves as being like a Transgender Tribe of victims. It's all about using their influence (TV, Music, politics, etc.) to protect themselves from being discriminated against as a minority group,, even if they have to turn whole civilizations into a "gender fluid" chaotic mess.

Judeo-Christians will never stand up to this. They're already failing. Millenials are even worse. Because they agree with the Jewish premise of, "First they came for the Transgenders in the bathroom. Then everyone went mad with racism and nationalism! Hitler!!! The Devil!"

Their devil is Hitler/nationalism/"racism" as they've been instructed by Jews and not the actual Devil/"synagogue of Satan" and Judaism/Satanism like Jesus instructed them. The WWII generation that was convinced to torture and kill "Nazis" while allied with Communists/Jews created a baby boom that produced millenials that now want this transgender bathroom gibberish and a kosher candidate/Sanders to save them from what is continuing to unfold.

The Alt Right... still kosher!

Yeah. Sure are a lot of Jews trying to invent a Transgender Tribe similar to their own Victim Minority Tribe... huh? Why does RamZ bother with being so kosher as the ethnic ecology shifts?

What is his "Alt Right" view of 911, again? Note that the Tribe is generally beginning to allow the Saudis to be pushed forward in front of their own Jewish nationalists now. These guys go around and around. All one can say is that they're slightly better than Alex Jonestown and the lizard people.

"Well, it's not lizard people aliens." "It's elites!"   "Sure, there are a lot of Jews but it's the goyim crime families that they're friends with. It's not really just a bunch of Jews or anything!   Heck, it could be Eskimo crime families... but not lizards! Lizard Eskimos... that would be a dumb conspiracy theory! Haha."

"We're the alternative right, the alternative to all that crazy stuff... because we say Jew sometimes. And look, I made the SPLC lists... so that has to count for soemthing!" Etc.

Lol. Where are you at on 911, RamZ?

Curt Schilling and The Deep State

Globalist CEOs Oppose Trump and Sanders

Link to Hellstorm away from YouTube censorship

Friday, April 08, 2016

New Germany: Pool manager gets swarmed by Muslim migrants at a pool

It's worse than this. Just a small window into what most Judeo-Christians are actively doing or passively enabling based on their anti-nationalist/anti-white crusade against "all nations."  One of the sickest examples of attempts at self-righteous suicide being John Piper.  Whatever his other merits he's fundamentally a sick and unnatural man that apparently mistakes being unnatural and illogical for acting more supernatural.

Apparently these Anglo WWII era pastors wonder why more and more people of European descent are looking for strong pagan/"Hitler!" leaders like Donald J. Trump​.  It will only get worse among younger generations that will be alienated from anti-white churches.  Chinese church, fine.  African American church, fine.  Arab Christians, fine.  European American church?  Racist.

As these trends continue European Americans will turn to nature based paganism in order to avoid the Jewish led subversion of Logic and natural revelation occurring around them now.  They've resisted the Jewish push for gay marriage and the invention of transgendered tribes some.  But that's about it.  Other than that old men like Piper that supported the Iraq war based on lies about "national" security and humanitarianism/"loooove" are telling people of European descent that it's good and godly to get their families/kin groups dispossessed and abused now.  They're Judeo-Christians that just finished supporting destroying Arab countries and terrorizing Arab nations in the name of the national security of European and European derived countries.  I haven't heard these guys put two words together about the international bankers that caused WWII while seeking to annihilate all resistance among the nations based on nationalism/"racism".  But when there's a war that justifies more debt/money being created out of nothing to finance it, then there they are supporting another war again.  When there's a political candidate speaking out against their wars and destruction of nations with migration, then there they all are.  They didn't comment on politics before.  "Me, ma moo?  Me not talk politics.  Oh, now me talk."  Etc.  Oh well, at least the chubby chaplain John Hagee is worse than Piper the seemingly suicidal parson, given that Piper doesn't add support for Jewish nationalism to top off his anti-nationalism for Europeans...  and given that Piper is supposedly "ours."  Although I'm not sure why I should identify with Piper anymore than I would identify with a Chinese or African pastor, given that Piper treats identifying with his own kin group as almost inherently evil.  Hitler seems to be the devil to these WWII parsons, not the actual Devil.  Leaving them as good/God if they defeat their actual devil, regardless of defining real Evil logically.  So defeating German nationalism/the German people is apparently one of their greatest national idols.  It should come as no surprise that this Anglo Saxon idol turns out to be suicidal and hungry for more human sacrifice if you're of German descent.  Pied Piper?      

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

African mafias? Revision...

+Deo Mahno you missed his point about African tribalism where the majority seem to rally as a group around their criminals along with their innocent, equally. Or their leaders suggest yet more gang/mob violence if one of their tribe isn't killed by their own criminal gangs. I am not against tribalism and love for kin/family and therefore race/extended family groups and nations like the "African American community."

But it can all easily take a shift toward gangs at the street level and organized crime FAMILIES/tribes or mafias similar to those based on being Italian or Jewish (or other ethnic groups) at a higher level. And you have to understand that it IS based on ethnic groups and communities, which means ALL of the group. Therefore if you want to have a communal identity or tribe, then ALL do begin to share that identity. After all, this is why witless White Americans pretend not to have a community or ethnic identity as a group with Irish/German/Anglo/Slav/etc. subgroups... if they did, then they would ALL be responsible when some stupid White guy does something dumb.  (Given identities in America, White guy is sufficient... given that's the negative identity assigned to "white people" by Jews.. as well as a positive identity based on the "melting pot."  Just because it MAY have been a good model for Europeans doesn't mean that the entire world can be melted together.  "Good model" = Italian mafia, terrorism and rampant criminality based on being  ITALIAN.  But on the other hand, pizza is good.  "Nation of immigrants."  Lol.)

You want groups, then you don't want a group. We all want a group, then we don't.  You want an identity and community to be a part of, then you don't want it. Perhaps Whites are onto something with having a group implicitly but not lobbying for themselves explicitly like Africans/Hispanics/Arabs/Jews/diversity/everyone else in the world?

But given the fact that they're being diversified out of existence worldwide... maybe they're not. Maybe avoiding tribalism/"racism" at all costs is ultimately quite stupid and the height of implicitly White morality vanity.  So fair.  So just.  So fair.  So... dispossessed and dead.

In any case, instances like this show that Asians and other ethnic groups may be less likely to put up with African crap than witless Whites that don't even realize they exist as a group. The silver lining of being able to say: "Well, me just individual... being the most fair/white minded of them all! Me, White!" (etc.etc.) obviously doesn't count for much, given current trends all people of European descent and their diverse ethnic subgroups are targeted for "diversity"/genocide by their own governments. One thing about the total witlessness of most White people, as a group... though.. apparently they're basically never going to form ethnic mafias or street gangs. Instead, they'll keep moving to try to live among their kin. And perhaps gradually die out and be diversified, in the unlikely event that the overall plan for them goes according to plan.

African mafias? missed his point about African tribalism, where they rally as a group around their criminals along with the innocent. I am not against tribalism and love for kin/family and therefore race/extended family groups and nations. But it can easily take a shift toward gangs at the street level and organized crime FAMILIES/tribes or mafias similar to those based on being Italian or Jewish (or other ethnic groups) at a higher level.

Apparently Africans generally never get to that higher level of organization because they're too busy with rallying around their criminals/gangs at a street level. As European powers retreat from Africa, Chinese are already moving in. And where are the African mafias? Nowhere. Worldwide, they usually just have street gangs.

I'm giving you the outline because here's what is coming, the White tribes of the North/Nordic/Norse/Northmen are currently in the process of awakening. The sleeping ice giants. Metaphors vary. Maybe they'll begin to align with Asian or perhaps like Trump, Jewish crime families. Because it's becoming apparent that "something" must be done about African "lives matter" running wild in the streets. "We won't have a country." "Either we have a country or we don't." "What will Europe be? What are they doing?" Etc.

It may be that Trump is just a preview of resistance and alignments as more and more ethnic groups begin to wonder: "What the hell are these Africans and Muslims from tribes of the South doing, anyway?" It's probably inescapable. Cameras are everywhere. So everyone can see it, unlike the organized crime families of other ethnic groups from the North that are better at organizing a crime. One would think that Africans would be more careful if they've really been so scarred by slavery after fellow tribesmen sold them for rum or a shiny object.  They've probably been watching too many Jewish movies where they get to kill all the White people and so forth. 

It would be best if they studied history.

Molyneux, still fairly kosher... Stone, less kosher.... so apparently things are getting better and better in the alt media. Ry Dawson is probably the best of them all. Smart Native American, there.

Gentiles Will be the Slaves of Jews

Kirk James Beattie on Washington being run by children

Monday, April 04, 2016

Old White Dude Attacked by black people on bus. No big deal.

Donald Trump Talks Terrorism & the Second Amendment

Donald Trump - The American Gladiator **Graphic Content**

They all decided to self-defense the shit out of that place. Good thing a Jew like Joshua Goldberg wasn't there to get it all started!

Bringing the Hammer Down on the Holocaust

Meh... whatever. Ramble: 4/4

Just curious. Do Jewish supremacists (That unlike Ramz... are actually socially constructed supremacists.) ever distance themselves from their settlers burning babies, etc.? Or do they support them financially?

 I suppose "some" do distance themselves. "And some, I suppose... are good people." --Trump. The usual song and dance about the supposedly mysterious existence of ethnic groups and "individual" subgroups down to the last tree in the forest.  "What's a forest, me not know group of trees!  Only see, individual tree... no species."  Etc.

But anyway, what is Ramz actually doing? He's distancing himself from "mean" people that use mean words that may hurt some feely feels? Perhaps wait until your own tribalists are celebrating burning toddlers to death like crazy Jewish tribalists do, then step in and say: "You know what? I'm a moderate and stuff. Or somethin'. After all, I'm against celebrating burning kids to death." Not to use Jewish craziness as a standard for our people. But so far, he's just upset about mean words/hurt feels and triggers. Generally, none of the "Nazis" have actually done anything of any significance but raised consciousness about the role of Jewish supremacy in WWII and the post WWII world... then rallied strong to Trump... a total Judaizer.

As a new awareness of a body politic forms, it's always going to have a Right and Left. Ramz can stake out territory on the Left... so long as a new awareness of a biologically European/"white" body politic continues to be "socially constructed." 

Interesting... I've been thinking about the Amish model. We could probably just pretend to be Amish if necessary, thus establishing our natural right to continue to exist. It's just that no one is feeling the pressure yet. Everything is there as far as the Empire of Rainbow Dreams and its diversity policies for whites, though. Law/culture/etc. are trending anti-White/anti-rural/suburban/"racists/Nazis", for an obvious reason that rhymes with you but isn't actually you. Jew!

+Molfish Globalization and Neo-liberalism is REAL. That means that White Nationalism is NOT an option. Taking back your country is NOT an option. Succession and dividing the country up is NOT an option. Here are your options: move to a state or community that is already 90%+ white, form a white community, form a local private European heritage club, or form a white political interest group. There are alot of states that are still over 90% white in the USA. A private European heritage club allows you to LEGALLY discriminate for membership. White communities can be formed but currently do not have the legal right to discriminate. There are ways around this. Orania in South Africa is in an isolated area and requires language and ethnic affiliation. The Amish model in the USA allows the Amish to get around government integration policy. Native Americans have the legal right to discriminate. A political organization by whites can seek to acquire the right to discriminate (as Native Americans) with some autonomy from the fed (but cannot succeed) that allows them to determine who can be citizens and residents of their communities and the legal right to control migration into their communities. Finally, YOU IDIOTS are just running your faggotty ass mouths because 2 years ago Craig Cobb tried to start a white community but NONE of you IMBECILES showed up!

More people would show up given another "bankster"/Jewish produced "economic"/banking failure.   It's the "economy," as they say.  It's already failing more and more.

But so long as another 2008 or war isn't instigated by financial terrorists, so what?  European Americans have one way or another ensured that they get to keep their guns. 

If nothing else, they'll bitterly cling.  Oh, yeah.  Actually, why not happily cling and enjoy life?

The White tribes of the North will adapt and migrate as necessary, as we always have.  Those "white people" that don't want to come along in order to avoid a "racism" or those that want more entertainment and a bonfire of their glaringly white/fair moral vanity based on displays about how African/Cecil the lion lives matter (But only if they're killed by a White hunter, not if they kill each other.  Etc.)...  will die.

They're already dead in the head already.  After all, that's why they're killing themselves.  "Liberals."  Still implicitly White.   "Conservatives."  Still, White! It's glaringly obvious to anyone that hasn't been successfully lobotomized (by you know who!) with respect to recognizing tribalism and patterns of human behavior/"conspiracy theories".

As far as I go, I've found my place with my kin.  And I am happy.  I've always been happy, even when I was trying to figure out what is wrong with the "American Dream" of a melting pot.   Now I will not accept the negative imagery that other ethnic groups (beginning with the first Minority above all the others.) continually project onto us through "the media" and "the movies."  

There are elements of truth in it.  You need stereotypes to have a show.  You need them for comedy.  You need them for the endless Jewish daily shows and more entertainment.

 Besides... Sarah Palin is, to some degree, like "white trash"...  and on and on. 

But for the most part, away from the lights of the show in the murderous Empire of Entertainment. the diverse ethnic groups that some call "white people" are not what they are portrayed to be by oligarchic ethnic enemies that wrap themselves in rainbows of fake diversity and fake tolerance.   

Snarky Stefan Molyneux gets Spanked

Friday, April 01, 2016

Worth repeating...

Comment to all these half-wits in the man-o-sphere trying to blame women of European descent for the current diversification/destruction of Europe and the decline of America.

Imagine a video: "Why Jews destroy the civilizations of the goyim/nations."

 If free White women subvert civilizations, then why aren't all Muslim civilizations usually the best in the world? If oppressing women is civilized, then why is a Talmudic/Jewish State what it is?

You're just blame shifting to keep things kosher (to get hits with pictures of European women, etc.) or you're ignorant. There's a foreign ethnic group hiding behind women of European descent, now being joined by all these others because Islamophobia is supposed to be the new antisemitism.

All of these trends are predicated on ALL white people of European descent playing the part of "Nazis"/racists, including our White warrior maidens/"feminists" that once fought for their people. White men aren't fighting for their own people either as they traipse off to every kosher war under the sun, without regard for their own nations right in their own country.

They're usually just as misguided and full of kosher freedumb fries as women of European descent. The women that a half-wit like you wants to blame, our own kin.

And who are you, again?

Black Panthers, Obama & White Civil Rights!

Multicultural Dumbocrazy ruled/influenced by you know who...