Thursday, November 19, 2015


The men of European descent in Sweden and Germany are in the process of being overwhelmed now. These missionaries will most likely go home. You will stop crying. You will not see what happens in Germany, just as you do not see what is currently happening in Sweden and England.

The parable of the Good Samaritan was told to a group of people that sat around debating whether or not keeping the sabbath holy meant leaving the "goy"/unclean to die on the side of the road.

Consider that the Artist might tell you a different story, in balance with who you are and perhaps some of the sins your own group of people is prone to. Would you ever sit around debating whether to leave someone to die on the side of the road in order to keep Sunday holy? Seems unlikely.

The Son is in perfect balance above both Right and Left hands, he is not one or the other.

FULL Speech HD: Donald Trump YUUUUGE Rally in Worcester, MA (11-18-15)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Truth About The Paris Terrorist Attack

11/18... 3, 4? Lol.

Consider that "terrorism" is just the pretext for awakening to their own ethnic identity as "the French people" of European descent, living in the land of their ancestors for hundreds of years. It's love for their nation, kin... and the country that they were living in until their leaders tried to "melt" and blend them out of existence as a people. All the melting away and integration expected of all people of European descent sounds a lot like Israel Zhangwill's melting pot, doesn't it?

Curious. I'm surprised that you guys are still pushing. But I don't think it's intellectual., like you've thought this through. Looks more like instinct, that's probably why you and Sarkozy and Zhangwill and Emma all align. Just a bunch of wretched refuse, blend it all together?

Watch out, the pot is boiling... and apparently you don't even know that it's "likely" to boil over on you. I can get all poetic too.

11/18 2...

"Emma Lazarus (July 22, 1849 – November 19, 1887) was an American poet born in New York City. ... She is an important forerunner of the Zionist movement."

It's you and Israel Zhangwill that begin with the melting pots, the poetry and the dreams and the TV shows by which you instruct us "wretched refuse" what our values supposedly are while building an ethnic state for yourselves.

Why? Who are you people creating all these poems and TV shows to inculcate other people with your own values that just so happen to suit you?

Life isn't one of your TV shows, poems or movies.

I'm not sure why we're Facebook friends so feel free to censor this in accordance with your customs and traditions. It's more of a warning to you personally to put down the comic books/movies/TV shows created by the tribe and begin reflecting on reality. European nationalism is already on the rise and you're still pushing your influence, apparently not realizing that your protestations of love are fake.


Watch out for the bulldozers if you ever decide to try to do anything about real racism and one of the primary reasons for the existence of Syrian refugees now:

Ultimately a woman of European descent getting run over by a bulldozer to try to save the brown people (the usual) was pretty useless. The IDF is still eating Rachel Corrie pancakes to celebrate her death and zero Palestinians were able to return to their homes. Russian men getting rid of ISIS? Results:

"Around 1 million Syrians have returned to their home cities..."

And more are planning to while Jewish journalists in America continue to argue for bombing their home and diversifying European nationalists with more refugees.

Nationalism is what people usually want because they are naturally nationalists, gravitating to the blood and soil where their ancestors lived and died for their country or built up a culture and cities.

Comment on Ezra Klein... and the way that Jewish ethnic activists distort "American" foreign policy.

Ezra Klein is a Zionist. Keep in mind that's the lens of this media. The model of using snipers to shoot peaceful demonstrators in order to blame the "dictator" for shooting his own people was used in Venezuela by American empire builders and the Ukraine in order to establish a Jewish proxy government there. It's a pretty standard covert operation carried out by "special forces."

Where were the shots fired from? Why would Assad trigger a rebellion against himself? Now that has all been incited, who benefits?

"Obama, horrified by Assad's atrocities..."

wink emoticon

The magical "chemical weapons" that are supposedly worse than dying by traditional means came out of Turkey and were used by the rebels in order to try to trigger a "redline" intervention. How stupid do Jews like Ezra Klein think we are?

And on and on. What is the point of this? Because it's not a "war on terror." It's a war of terror, generally waged by oligarchic Judaizers while Zionists like Ezra Klein frame everything in their own nationalist interests. They want all Arab nationalism and nations that aren't aligned with their interests destroyed, "terrorism" or not. Assad, Saddam, Ghadaffi. Yet, the Saudis are safe from any "Arab spring"... and this mess that is based on Arab "goyim" being incited against each other while empire builders circle around in the background.

People have to stop falling for this stuff. The same model could be used to break apart America if there was enough ethnic conflict and abject incompetence in law enforcement here. Snipe protesters, blame your ethnic enemies, begin the mess with one faction/gang vs. another as Russian/Chinese empire builders circle in the background... one more reason to have a an ethnically homogeneous culture. (Imagine the Russians arming black lives matter and foreign operatives running around inciting people or the Chinese arming Westboro Baptist... don't do this stuff or turn a blind eye to it or lie about it, as Ezra "the Zionist" Klein does in this video.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help #SyrianRefugees Go Home

#RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help #SyrianRefugees Go Home

Comment 2, 11/17

Where are all their articles about that? "We should... this and that."

We? He has a totally separate perspective based on Jewish nationalism and what is good for the Jews first, before Syrians or Europeans and Americans.

His agenda is the subversion of nationalism/"Nazism" in Europe and getting rid of Syrian nationalists. So he recommends that Europeans take in more refugees, destabilizing resistance to the very Jewish supremacy that causes Europeans to bomb Syrians. Something that these Jews (and you, to the extent that you agree with them.) have no business whatsoever doing, supporting, or turning a blind eye to.

But then he comes full circle and argues that European countries or European derived countries should accept more refugees, following up his tribal activism by invoking the Holocaust without looking at the way that his tribe incited wars in the past.

/During World War II, the U.S. turned away Jews due to security concerns. We sent shiploads back to the camps../

This is false. Many were turned away due to the influence of Jewish nationalists, given that they had signed off on a Transfer Agreement with the National Socialists in order to create a Jewish State. It wouldn't have done any good for Jews to do everything they did in WWI and WWII and then not have Jews herded along to the Jewish State.

If he's concerned about Syrians (Jews seem to have a funny way of showing concern for us "goyim," of any sort.) then he should sell everything he has and go help them. If the Jewish State is based on helping refugees, then they should accept every Syrian refugee and give them a vote.

Paris - Imagine a World without old Hippies

Comment 11/17

The Jews and you also want European nationalism diversified out of existence. Over and over again, we've gone through how you will not admit that we exist as an indigenous ethnic group with a natural right to keep on existing. Instead you start "dreaming"... and play pretend that Jewish lies were the "American dream" of our ancestors instead of what they actually did, creating and securing a European derived country for themselves and posterity. Not African pygmies. Not Chinese. Not Arabs. Not Eskimos. Themselves and posterity... probably because they were men and not witless cucks.

Anyway, you'll find that while Jewish nationalists generally support bombing Syrian nationalists and "rebels" in Syria, many will simultaneously support flooding Europe and America or any European derived countries with Syrian refugees in order to destabilize them. Or they will keep silent and refuse to identify other members of their tribe trying to diversify Europeans out of existence.

That's because most of them view both European nationalists/"Nazis" and Syrian nationalists as their enemy, as you seem to as well.

As long as you and the Jews that you serve are not challenged on this, we will not be able to have a country for ourselves and posterity. Allowing Jews to challenge our natural right to exist as people of European descent in the countries of our forefathers while sending our people off to wars for Jews was a mistake on your part.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jews trying to censor this.

With Open Gates The forced collective suicide of European nations Extended Cinematic 1080p from Wigitgetit on Vimeo.

Jews, Jews, Jewy... ;-)

"Judaism in its own Words – Who is Human? Who is Not?
"The best of the gentiles: kill him; the best of snakes: smash its skull; the best of ... have seen in the Halakha that even babies of gentiles who do not violate the ..."

If you're in the way of Jews, then they may kill you in accordance with their customs and traditions. I am not yet in the way of the Jews like the Palestinians are. But they would already call me an "antisemitic"/"Nazi" for criticizing them. Therefore many of them will want to kill me and my children. Even if I was the best gentile, "the best of snakes." Or as the representative of Israelis put it, "They're raising snakes." This is all a direct projection of who they actually are, as Jews. As Jesus said, they are a brood of vipers. Therefore their own consciences condemn and reflect on them.

Do you discount what Jesus said about Jews?

The Jews aside, if you love people then you want what is best for them. And multiculturalism combined with the blending of all races/nations/"goyim" into one world government is not what is best for them.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

:-| :-/ :-\ :-| I've watched the first ten minutes. It's hilarious. :-) There does seem to be a lot that has been "occulted" by people in secret societies, including Newton that finished his career policing the monetary system and executing someone. But I doubt that the reason that the pyramids he studied encrypt the size of the earth/moon system and the speed of light is because the earth is flat. :-| :-/ :-\ :-)

Did 6 Million Die On A Flat Earth?

Amazon comment...

Check out his other review of some book critical of tribal Holocaust mythologies, there's your answer. The truth has never mattered to people that are like intellectual "gang"/tribe members. His main concern here as an ethnic activist for his tribe (However he cloaks it.) is that European Americans and Europeans in general are not allowed any tribalism, at all, regardless of truth. Therefore, you can't protect your own kith and kin no matter what is actually happening around you. On the other hand, these same Jews will argue that everyone else in the world can have an ethnic identity, thus they'll help create the NAACP or allow La Raza and everything else. (Chinese and Arab lobbies aren't promoted as much.) All of this Jewish activism for what is perceived to be in Jewish interests (preventing European Nazism/racism) comes down on law enforcement because they're expected to deny the truth that they're observing day after day. (The never ending failure of multiculturalism and diversity pushed on European "goy" by Jewish supremacist "gang"/tribe members.)

His other review, "holocaust" denial. Why? The truth doesn't matter there either, no matter how many blood libels (soap and lampshades) and how much defamation these people engage in while inciting more African hate crimes against European Americans. Is it good for the Tribe is what matters. Check out their own ethnic state and suddenly everything changes. Why? Because their perception of what is good for the Tribe has changed there. Most of them, just observe the evidence and their behavior, as you become aware of the Jews again... don't think like we people of European descent do. So if the truth is not good for their gang/tribe, then so much the worse for the truth. But police can't just play pretend about suppressed truth, as you well know.

You can see the fear written all over his reviews if you know what to look for. He fears that the "alpha male"/fascist police may be "Nazis," the old slur of the Tribe when they defamed Germans and incited a "Germany Must Perish" war against all Germans that continues to this day. Tribal fear... it's not about the truth for them.

On a side note, these policemen are not "racists"/"Nazis" or some other insult invented by Jews. They're usually good guys of European descent. So now we're beginning to get your back, despite all these tribal/"gang related" Jewish "intellectuals" with zero concern for the truth that lecture us "dumb white goyim" about how our decentralized media and books haven't been approved as kosher... by them!

Back of the Book, they will eventually be successful in their openly stated goal of monetizing the entire world. But why not make it take longer? Lol. At this point in history the pagans are less likely to be Jews or Judaizers seeking global supremacy than anyone else, apparently. The whole global domination/Jewish supremacy thing isn't even debateable, it's right there and easily observable.

First they came for the Germans.

Why can't genocidal Jews just leave Germans alone at this point?

It's not like they have rabbis/teachers teaching them that they're a master race, destined to rule over and monetize the entire world/goyim.

" It was the indispensable condition under which this Germanic essence, the Germanic soul, and the Germanic national community could flourish, but which now, relative to the prevailing reality and conditions of our modern times, can only be manifested “underground”. And that is WHY the war against National Socialism is STILL being waged with such fury, even now. It is NOT their goal to destroy a “political ideology”, but rather, to destroy the German people (physically, mentally and spiritually)."

I would like to know, if some Germans want to go farm and be self-sufficient for the sake of their kin/children... then what is that to these Jews?



Kosher Judaizers having "troubles"....

Pasting a comment from Breitbart:
Look up Lehi, aka the Stern Gang, and Irgun, and the fates of men
like Lord Moyne, and Folke Bernadotte, and what the quid pro uo was for
Nahum Sokolow and Chaim Weizmann to get Arthur Balfour to issue his
Declaration to Lord Rothschild (hint: it was the blood of hundreds of
thousands of formerly isolationist Americans whom Wilson, just like FDR,
got elected on the purpose of keeping out of the war), and how
armistice talks were cut off after both sides were drained dry after the
Somme and Verdun.
Historical ignorance is unacceptable on these
issues. Historical ignorance to the level of "God created Israel," with
the billions we send ever year, AIPAC and PNAC wars on their behalf,
theft of nuclear secrets, spies like Jonathan Pollard and Stephen Rosen,
the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, Ariel Sharon and Netanyahu's
derision for our sovereignty, world-leading UN violations, the blowback
we suffer from our support for them, loss of trillions paid in interest
to the Fed for their made up fiat currency to fund the wars, and the
resulting mass of migrants to Europe to destroy our mother lands, goes
far beyond ignorance and is edging toward a level of unwitting
gullibility that approaches de facto treason to America's real
It puzzles me why the Left can see through these
people's plans so easily in foreign policy, but is so clueless to how
the same people are manipulating them at home through the 1965
Immigration Act (Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits) perversion of young
minds through "critical theory" in academia, and degeneracy in
entertainment and media, while at the exact same time, conservatives can
see the hand at work in these areas, with the constant LGBTQ, pro-Third
World immigration and race-mixing propaganda, but conversely be so
completely blind to the same exact people, the same exact former
Trotskyite neocons manipulating them into foreign wars despite these
same neocons being rather suspiciously pro-gay and pro-ethnic
displacement of America's founding stock through invasion of the brown
people they invited in.
On the other hand, there's the argument
ISRAEL, OUR GREATEST ALLY!" So there are some good points there, too.
Screw George Washington's advice to avoid foreign entanglements, screw
John Quincy Adams's warning against going abroad in search of monsters
to destroy, pay no mind to the complete and utter lack of reciprocity
we've received for the billions we send their way (they don't even fight
"our" wars for us against Muslims, when we didn't even have a conflict
with Muslims before they showed up to control D.C., same as with
Germany...twice...their enemies become our enemies...), let's endlessly
spend more money on a bloated, overextended, exhausted military, sending
it on one misadventure after another, and keep shipping billions to
Israel, because saying it's a democracy is more comforting than pointing
out that it is not at ALL a democracy, and saying that it's our
greatest ally with absolutely no evidence is comforting, despite
Netanyahu colluding with Wolfowitz and other dual-citizen (and single
loyalty...not to us) warmongers to lie to us about WMD and discredit
"Republicans," rather than AIPAC, JINSA, and PNAC.
There is nothing conservative about this abhorrent relationship, and all of you
are humiliations to your nation for your betrayal of its Founding
Fathers and founding principles based on the "feel good emotionalism" of
statements like "I Stand with Israel!," without the slightest sense or
analysis, destroying our nation with the exact same imbecility abroad
that the Left does at home, the same exact (lack of) thought process.
Wars used to be a Democrat thing, opposed by "Mr. Republican" Robert
Taft, coming from Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, and Johnson. No more. It
is somehow now conservative to pretend we can solve our problems by
throwing more money at that money pit in the Levant, and Goldman Sachs
at home.
I'll await the inevitable "HURR DURR YOU SUPPORT
TERRORISTS LIKE HAMAS, THEN!", as if we need to be supporting either
side, neither of which is in our interest. This relationship, and that
with the very House of Saud which is funding Wahhabist madras in Europe
and elsewhere, has been corrosive to America in ways which we still
can't even comprehend.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Freedumb of speech in dumbocracies...

The obvious solution is for several states to unite and then secede from the United States.

Not sure if this will post here or not.  I don't really care. 

Here you go:  European nationalism will arise due to what the Jews have done to Europeans based on their deep and abiding hatred for Europeans/"Nazis"/whites/racists. 

Then we can use that as a model in America, where the Jews/Hollywood/"the media"/"the federal government" are trying to diversify European Americans out of existence while electing a new people through the ethnic replacement of white Americans that disagree with them.  They're fighting the same thing, even if they don't know it yet.  Jews.  Not all of the Jews, just the people that are actually doing this stuff.

This is all already happening now.

Alex Jones taken to the woodshed... Jonestown, blast from the past.

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations - Ext...

Friday, November 06, 2015

White to Jewish and back to white again, all in the same interview... impressive.

"Stand with Israel"... and gay rainbows, comment on the Left hand path to Zion.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone, every race, every person could stop being a crazed fanatic obsessed with what they look like and just love everyone equally?

Pipe dream, I know.

Do you fall down on the side of the road, cast yourself on the ground and cry at every car crash in which a human being has died, as if they were your own family?

If not, then yes it's a pipe dream... and a pretty dumb one, at that.

 If you are a mother then it is your duty and natural to love your children and extended family, kith and kin. There's no need to fight real, true love while playing pretend that loving your own family more than others is like having a little "hate group" that needs to be monitored by some jew over at the SPLC.

The vast majority of the time the people spouting this fake rainbows and equality pipe dream wind up with some other(ized) group they want to put first before their own families. And that traces back to a jews/"minorities" first rainbow looove even as THEIR OWN FAMILIES are turned into a hated racial minority by jews. Go tell it to the jews. Tell them to love us, as a group. Once they've demonstrated that they "stand with" our ethnic group and serve us, then perhaps we can talk about rainbows and loving everyone equally.

Monday, November 02, 2015

We are the Alt Right (and we are not going away)

Da Joos...

As Solzhenitsyn himself put it: "After 1917 life and people [in Russia] changed greatly. But 
literature produced a very poor reflection of these changes. The truth was suppressed and lies 
encouraged. Thus we arrived in the 1990s knowing next to nothing about this country. This 
explains the great number of surprises." 

The German magazine Der Spiegel asked the great writer: 

Your recent two-volume work 200 Years Together was an attempt to overcome a taboo 
against discussing the common history of Russians and Jews. These two volumes have pro- 
voked mainly perplexity in the West. You say the Jews are the leading force of global cap- 
ital and they are among the foremost destroyers of the bourgeoisie. Are we to conclude 
from your rich array of sources that the Jews carry more responsibility than others for the 
failed Soviet experiment? 

Solzhenitsyn replied: 

I avoid exactly that which your question implies: I do not call for any sort of scorekeep- 
ing or comparisons between the moral responsibility of one people or another; moreover, 
I completely exclude the notion of responsibility of one nation toward another. All I am 
calling for is self-reflection. 

You can get the answer to your question from the book itself: Every people must answer 
morally for all of its past — including that past which is shameful. Answer by what means? 
By attempting to comprehend: How could such a thing have been allowed? Where in all 
this is did we go wrong? And could it happen again? 

It is in that spirit, specifically, that it would behoove the Jewish people to answer, both 
for the revolutionary cutthroats and the ranks willing to serve them. Not to answer before 
other peoples, but to oneself, to one's conscience, and before God. Just as we Russians 
must answer — for the pogroms, for those merciless arsonist peasants, for those crazed 
revolutionary soldiers, for those savage sailors.  Link

I'm not sure the usual shifts between fair/white minded and being tribal like Da Joos will work in the future.  Because their tribal behavior as a psychopathic group socially constructing itself to act like a bunch of "clansmen" psychopaths beyond the Right (easily identifiable, "Zionists") and the Left ("globalists") is currently ongoing.  Apparently the Kabbalah Klan of North America, itself based on the same cultural model, is actually more likely to recognize this behavior than most.   

Curious how Solzhenitsyn does not demand endless tribal reparations or the proverbial "pound of flesh" for the Holodomor and instead says, "I avoid exactly that... "  Of course.

Still, at some point someone from the White tribes of the North will have to mention that they don't owe the Jews anything. Indeed, the Jews owe them and the entire world! 

As much as someone like Solzhenitsyn may not like it, people like him may have to say to the Jews: "No, Jews.  You have to take accountability for your own astronomical debts to others."

Christian migrants of European descent is the most relevant these days, given the Jewish push for White genocide and diversification worldwide.

Facts: Jewish Contribution to the "Integration" of Europe