Thursday, October 28, 2004


I saw his latest video last night. It looked like the black shirts taking the capital. I know, you do not know the reference I am making there. On the one hand, the scholars who would know are all discussing history and the like among themselves. On the other hand, the MTVeee generation are like mental retards. This retardation, it is not necessarily their fault.

See if this reminds you of any pattern:
"Me ne frego (“I don’t give a damn”) was one of the youthful Black Shirts’ battle cries. Italo Balbo, the ras of Ferrara and one of the most glamorous squadristi leaders, said in early 1922 that the Socialist daily Avanti! rightly interpreted this slogan as an expression of “contempt for every norm of established government, irony and practical jokes in the face of all authority, the insolence of lawless musketeers.”

According to Balbo, the existing regime was 'our battle objective. We want to destroy it with all of its venerated institutions.'"
(The Goals of Itallian Fascism
Edward R. Tannenbaum
The American Historical Review, Vol.
74, No. 4. (Apr., 1969), pp. 1183-1204)

Vote or die! For it is an invasion of mental retards.

In the past, on the one hand you had the Italian black shirts and on the other the Nazi brown shirts. The difference between them was that the Nazis were more effeminate. Yet, both were evil.... and so they tend to make alliances. So, an effete and perverted Manson and a hyper-masculine Eminem come together to sing some songs and so on.

About the image of black shirts following their leader and taking the capital in the Eminem would think that Eminem would realize that giving money to poor women like his mother doesn't tend to do anything. Does he want her to be able to buy more pills? Is that it? Yet, in his video her pattern is among his blackshirts.

All these lil' fellas, these actors and the like getting all political. It is all rather humorous. Basically they say, "I grew up. So I know what somethin' feels like! Snivel...." Etc. Even the poorest Americans grow up in a nation that has the highest standard of living of all time. A comedian put it this way, "Americans don't have the whole fly about the mouth thing."

Yet the MTVeee generation seems to want more money, more things, more help....because they are narcissists.


Anonymous said...

I have not seen the video, but I do know about the black shirts--Italy and the Fascists, right? Well, in this video, do you mean they are shown as taking the Capitol as in Washington, DC or what? Just curious--I think "capital" is spelled capitol hence my confusion:-)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say something! Check your Wednesday post "Politics and..." 'cuz I posted 2 things there and wanted a reply!

And what is this about the News Journal? How many letters have you sent them? Aren't they supposed to publish a well-balanced bunch of viewpoints for Pete's sake? (Just who is Pete anyhow?) :-) What do you mean they wont' run your blog? I am a blog novece so not sure how that works. I should get a petition going or somethin'.

I don't "get" the moon parable too well. Sorry. I will reread it and try again.

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant to say blog novice--can't type either!

mynym said...

The blackshirts are shown as following the leader, as they typically do. For he wants to wear the uniform of the President. He wants to tell people the way things are. For he is the one who wants to be the Master of the Ceremony, the MC.

Yet, he can't go that far so the video ends with mere voting. The fascist MTVeee generation just wants to get out the vote is all. They are pro-vote. They are pro-choice. They support the human will, choice.

It is to be the triumph of the will for them. What are they choosing? Choice, that is all. Yet the human will always seems to be choosing the same sort of thing. Choosing hedonism, choosing dead babies, drugs, sex and good times rock and roll, stealing from everyone who is richer than you, disdaining or perverting the sacrifice of soldiers.

And so on.

That is because artistic narcissists are the exact opposite of soldiers. They do not know how to fight any type of war since they are mental retards. So instead, they'll write a lil' song about how no wars should be fought. Then, they start fighting for evil.

Pro-vote! Pro-choice! This is the choosing of choice of people who are too stupid to actually choose wisely. So vote or die....look out, here come all the mental retards of the MTVeee generation to make their "choice."

mynym said...

I don't care about the News Journal. Everyone should know by now what the Press feeeels about things. So you know the type of stories that you are reading there.

mynym said...

I emailed them three times.

You can, if you want. It's here: