Monday, December 27, 2010


An old satire I re-wrote some and just used in a comment at

Once upon a time two people were having a discussion and one made a judgment the other did not like.

So her friend said, “Who are you to judge?”

The first replied, “Who are you to judge that I am judging?”

“I….uh, what?”

“I figure that when I make a judgment I am probably the same type of person you are when you judge me for making judgments. If so, I suppose that is who I am to judge, just like you when you judge.”

“Huh? No, by asking who are you to judge I mean that you’re not supposed to judge because it is judgmental!”

“Who are you to judge what is judgmental?”

“You just need to stop that, right now!”

“Who are you to judge me?”

“I asked about you first, so you have to answer my question first.”

“It seems like just another questionable question. But who am I to judge? I am a sentient being, sentient beings think, which can become existential belief, which can become knowledge and then deeper knowledge when something is truly known. Knowledge is sound judgment and what people make further judgments based on. That is who I am to judge. I am not the omniscient “I AM that I AM.” of scriptures and I never claimed to be. I can still judge a few things here and there due to being conscious but who are you to judge?”

“Look, I never meant for you to actually answer that question.”

“I guess that question is just your passive agressive way of saying that you do not know the answer to something and do not want anyone else to know either. So you just drag everyone down to unthinking, unknowing moral degeneracy with questions which are questionable.”

“What?! Why, I… are judgmental!”

But her friend just laughed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Show and tell?

For people who used to read this blog I'm still around. I debated some liberals on homosexuality in the military here and have begun discussing the history of Islam here. (Although it looks like someone is going to take that on a tangent.)

My new puppy...