Sunday, October 24, 2004

Things that were put off.

"I will show you how it is done a little.
It has to do with some mighty tricky shifts!"

Alright...I said I would, so I will. This might not make much sense to quite a few readers. So you can skip this message if you like. Also, it is all old things and I have not kept up with the source material. Yet I do know where to go for excellent material for satire now! Maybe you should read anyway for there will be a parable at the end.

So there is the pattern of the "nice guy" who is against sharp swords and this sort of thing. I will explain some of it and then write one last parable on this.

First, everything having to do with mathematics will be shifted. That is the transcendent schematics of things, the Word and Code. It's just too sharp! Yet to remove it is like this, a photograph without the graph part. What do you get? A blurred image...blurred pattern, it is not sharp and clear. Is this nice safety or is it sinister? This is mighty tricky!

Wait....the mighty power of the MIGHTY is being shifted to "mighty"/tricky. What does this lil' sign say? It reads a little like, "I might not be able to think clearly but look....look at just how nice I am!" For I am all nice and folksy like! Yes, the graph part seems to be totally missing and the image blurrs a bit, right on into the waters. For getting a boat to float in waters is mighty tricky too.

Let's look a little closer. For those who "know not" can be most fascinating if something else is guiding things along. So in the pattern of a discussion events unfold, as they have a way of doing. One lil' Green fella hides behind his girlfriend's skirts, perhaps by happenstance. Or perhaps it is just that he's a mental retard who always runs right into the feminine as they tend to. For that is just like mommy Earth for Greens.

In either case, he is hiding behind the skirts, skirting the issue you might say. Leftists, they have a habit of this skirting of things.

So I decide to skirt the issue too! Left...then Right, who will be more tricky and mighty? For I can be tricky too.

So I just say I am sensitive to her. For after all, I am that I am. (This is my lil' identity, like a little tiny mirror!) So in fact, I sense her quite fine. For I sense her feelings and I respect her. She does seem to be a beautiful pattern, after all. So this is all fine as wine! I do wonder if her lil' fella has any sense at all though. It seems he is such a mental retard and so, lacking sense. For Greens, they are like that. Why would she want a pseudo-man like that? Yet I do not mention it and for this discussion it is then as fine as wine, right?

Now here is where you see that the nice guy is not just a child who needs to grow up some more. Instead, he actually takes a swing with the sword of Truth! For that's what his sarcasm is. Yet, his swing with Truth is way, way off. Exactly what does he take a swing at? What he says is something like, "Thanks for being sensitive to far inferior beings...."

The cloud of witnesses gasp! For what did the nice lil' fella just cut at? He said that one pattern is inferior. It is like this. He takes on the feminine...gets all smothered and resents it. He took it on! All else is mighty's all so unavoidable. Also, who can blame him if he is caught up with an effete mentally retarded older brother....who is caught up in whatever retarded church this is.....which is perhaps caught up in whatever retarded pattern of history it exists in.

Pity the whole herd of them!

Yet it is a curious thing. Fascinating not worry about love, for I love the fascination of it too!

It will be said by the Herd that the insanity of the removal of meaning from words does not matter. By that, this blurring of identities would not matter. Nothing really matters for all nice guys' real identity is as a nice folksy lil' fellas, all is harmless! Yet, a man will live with his wife for thousands of days or more. It takes once for evil to manifest in striking out at a "far inferior" type of being or pattern. Or, in those thousands of days there are literally hundreds of snide remarks and so on. This cannot be too pleasant for daughters of Eve. You see, Niceville is not so nice!

Then a lil' fella communicates, "Stick it to the man." and perhaps that is a big happenstance too? Ah, stop there! Let's just say that the sinister pattern gets pretty insane in the membrane.

So a parable, it's about an ancient sinister thing. It's this old black widow, a secret malevolent feminine! You did not know that the feminine so many men idolize could be evil too? But this is a most fascinating pattern!

Do not worry about the evil of things so much for you've always been allowed to have the knowledge of good and evil, by the Word.

So once upon a time there was this cult. It was a nice cult in which everyone was just really, really nice. They all said to each other that they were nice so how could it be otherwise? They were Christians and had some ancient symbols in their church. They had forgotten the meaning of everything. Instead, they went with their own feeeelings about things. All feelings, all the time....for the nicety of it all! There was a symbol on the floor. They did not know this but it was the star of David. This is the star of a big Cosmic story. Yet, they did not know much of anything about ancient things. It has to do with being mental retards.

So one of them says, "This symbol of our faith does not look nice with all these sharp points! For, the intolerance of it all!"

Then they ran around for a bit in a lil' fright at the realization of the point. For, it was just not nice! So what they did was take a point off. Then, they drew a nice circle around it. For, the nicety of the circle! This would soften things and make this symbol better.

It was changed to the symbol of a pentagram. For it was close enough to Truth to get a good feeeling and yet it had no sharp points! For don't you see how good, so very good, the occult is? For that is the way to avoid the "sick attitude" towards women!

You can't see that?!

(Anyhow, I am tidying up on committments a wonder of the world and the story of Colombine will be next. Maybe I need to watch what I commit to a lil' better. That one is a bit hard! Yes, it just hurts my lil' feelings to not be able to break my word! have to actually repent if I do break it and not just shift meaning around to suit myself. Ironically, it is so much better for you to just have symbols mean what they mean all tracing back to the Truth, the Word. Otherwise, you go insane! That does not mean it manifests out all the way in works, either. Faith/meaning/thinking is first in the order of things and works/doing/writing is just its symbol. Therefore, what is most important may never manifest out at all. That doesn't mean it is not just as utterly evil. You must have the knowledge of both Good and Evil by the grace of the Word/Good. )


Anonymous said...

Star of David has 6 points. . . Pentagram has 5. How does adding a circle remove a point? What was your point again?

mynym said...

"Star of David has 6 points. . . Pentagram has 5. How does adding a circle remove a point? What was your point again?"

One was removed and a circle is added for the smoothing. Wisdom, is changed to Wicca....and then everything is charming. It is like the "Charmed Ones" on the WB. For, the nicety of it all!

As to points, I have many points. That is how I win the game, you see. It is best to know the Maker of points. Do you have a point?

Anonymous said...

Completely impossible to transform the Star of David into a 5 pointed symbol without completely reforming it. . . you try to take away the point, but then what to do with the lines that formed that point? OK, take them away, but what of the lines to which those lines joined? Oh darn, it seems this parable is falling apart, no amount of smoothing out can fix it.

mynym said...

"Completely impossible to transform the Star of David into a 5 pointed symbol without completely reforming it."

If you mean deforming it.