Saturday, October 30, 2004

Running the Race....

Don't worry....I'm running just a lil' slower now, so some geezers can catch up!

So there was a race track, once up on some time.

The owner of this race track also created it. He had some other race tracks too. He had some friends. They were all going to run a race on his race track.

So they got in shape, a new formation. They did this by some strange mind powers of reforming themselves. This re-forming of theirselves was all very strange, spooky! So once they were all reformed and in shape he informed them about his race. He told them how to run it and so on.

Some of the runners of the race did not want to reform themselves to a new form to run. So these fat ones couldn't run very far. Nope. So they actually just ran for a bit and then weezed on back to the starting line. For it was all the same to them. What was the use of it. After all, the starting line was the finish line too! So they sat down there....and had another twinkie.

They resented the guys who kept on running because they thought it made them look bad. But really, their own excess adipose tissue made them look bad.

Again, there were others who did not want to re-form too. This was for another reason. These were the wimpy guys. They thought, "How can I, a wimpy guy, run fast?" They could run a lil' better than the fat guys but they just jogged in circles. This way they could all have a lil' talky talk as they jogged! For the nicety of that. So they chatted about things and how nice the weather was. For the looove of it all!

They too resented the guys who kept running. But really, their own jogging made them look bad. They figured that they would just jog back to the starting line, since it was the finish line. They agreed with the fat guys about things. It looked predestined that all would be there, after all. So that was their destiny. That was easy.

The other guys did not worry so much about destiny and ran the race layed out for them by the race track owner. They did not sit down and talk about destiny that much. They were more about how to run. They did shout a bit to each other about some things and their destiny was one of those things too.

Among these guys some ran the race better than others did. The odd thing was that no one actually made it to the finish line and they were spread all around the track when the track owner said the race was over. There were actually wimpy guys and some pretty fat guys who were still trying to run too. Now the race was over, though and they thought, "Oh, no! I have not got as far as the other guys ahead of me. This is bad."

All those who had just sat down and were close to the starting line thought, "Yes! So I did make the right decision."

The odd thing was that the race track owner went around and picked up those who had tried to run and gave them a ride around the track in his go-cart. There were many different types of guys. Some had actually run pretty far, yet as he went around the track he picked up the last runners first. The breeze cooled them off and it was a nice ride too. He kept driving.

So finally they came back to the beginning of the track and he said to those celebrating at the finish line, "I have another track farther inside. Go in that door over there. There is another sort of track owner too. Later now..." So all those guys went further inside.

Then the owner drove his go-cart with all the guys who had tried to run his race track....outside. It was a bright day outside and he owned a lot of things outside that he wanted to show them.

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