Friday, October 29, 2004

All the mustard seeds....

The mustard seed is of the mustard family (Cruciferae...because of the shape of the leaves or something.)

The lil' seeds need some water to grow. So they are watered like a baptism. Some lil' mustard seeds look up, "Why are you watering me?" Then, they cry like lil' crybabies. But all is well. For they cry because they are babies. Yet, some lil' seeds actually laugh in the baptism of rain falling down on them. Then they're held up, "Look at me! Yes, I am a cute one."

While some are placid, sedate....they sleep right on through the waters.


So water, take a look at it. Then, maybe take a lil' drink of it too. Ah, it is good. Yet, just what are these waters?

Well, I will bore you. But here are a few things about this as regards to the humus part of humans and the way they need water. Also, its purification. For there are reasons that guys who look to the skies for extraterrestrial life turn their eyes back to this little tiny, tiny, Garden and say, "Wait just a minute...." So I say, what about extracosmosials?

"All the various physical properties of water which endow it with such a remarkable biological fitness would of course be of no utility if its chemical properties were not similarly fit. Water could have no biological role if it was not a good solvent. The capacity to dissolve a great number of different chemical substances is presumably a criterion that must be satisfied by any fluid if it is to function as a matrix for any kind of chemical “life” remotely similar to our own.

It turns out that, as a solvent, water is indeed ideally fit, so much so that water approaches far nearer than any other liquid to the alcahest, the universal mythical solvent of the alchemists. This is a property of critical importance to water’s biological role. Felix Franks recently commented on the solvent action of water:

'Other remarkable properties include the almost universal solvent action of liquid water, making its rigorous purification extremely difficult. Nearly all known chemicals dissolve in water to a slight, but detectable extent.'

Water’s power as a universal solvent is also geologically significant, as the distribution of vital minerals through the hydrosphere would be far less equitable if its solvation powers were less marked.

The solvation power of water and the distribution of diverse chemical species in large amounts throughout the hydrosphere is illustrated by the vast amount of dissolved materials carried to the sea by all the rivers of the earth in one year. This quantity has been estimated to be some 5 billion tons. Henderson lists thirty-three different elements which can be found in the sea, and probably many more are present in trace amounts. To illustrate the utility of its solvation power in biological systems, he cites over fifty different compounds which are found dissolved in human urine. Today one could cite many hundreds."
(Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology
Reveal Purpose in the Universe
Michael J. Denton (The Free Press: 1998) :31)

So now you know that the next time you pee you can get all philosophical about it. Yet despite pretentions....we are still as humus.

There is a little point about this. You know the mommy earth Leftist guys? Well, they are automatically disdaining the feminine. For all their sniveling about things they are quite full of disdain.

It is assumed that the feminine is more as the humus because of the emotional and so on. She is more the sensuous that is sensed. Then, gardeners assume that being the humus is less than they are. It is just matter and so it does not matter so much.

Do you know what assumption is wrong? The answer calls for Wisdom....yet those who lack judgment have none. That's sad. But it is not worth crying water out the eyes about. Those who have understanding, let them speak.

Anyhow, as to the solvation power of water or the salvational power of water, some want no part of it. For to be born again your identity would have to die, dissolve. So all those who worship their own identity in the mirror of narcissus as they do will want no part of it.

They do not seem to realize that they are degenerating, dissolving anyway. There is nothing so great about them, as them. They are a myst in the wind, soon to be blown away.

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