Friday, October 29, 2004

A parable of genesis, a beginning...

Once upon a time, after a long time, a tiny little planet was to be made into a Garden. So it was made into one by a Maker. There was a little place on the Garden that was made into another garden. The finishing touch were some very interesting little creatures who were to be the gardeners. They were very tiny. They were even part humus, part of the garden. Yet they were also the Maker's lil' gardeners. So they were part maker. They were called humans, part humus and part man. This was a long and complicated story. It wasn't even always about them. Yet these tiny little creatures do have a special place.

Part of the special story was about two trees in the garden within the Garden. This is where the gardeners began, one tree there contained regeneration and the other contained degeneration. There had been some back and forth between these two patterns all through the Cosmos for some time. Yet now everything seemed to come down to some little tiny, tiny mustard seeds like trees and gardeners. The gardeners, they were special in a way. They would have a special place in this story that is not about them...yet is about them.

So the Maker left instructions not to eat of the tree of degeneration. Yet the gardener who was better at gardening was decieved right on through gardening itself. While the gardener who was better at knowing the instructions of the Maker rebelled against the instructions. So they both helped each other along right into degeneration. What is odd about it is that they fell and failed at the things they were good at.

But the story of eating the fruit....

It was like this. They ate it and it was better than heroin. It was a sort of violent pleasure that was almost pain. They lost their Selves in something. It was a strange merging of being that was more powerful than anything they knew. They forgot about gardening. They forgot about each other and what once was. Their eyes sort of glazed over. Yet something started dissipating and so they ate more, more. Yet, it still was dissipating. They clutched after it. They wanted it, somehow! Yet it slithered on out of them. The fruit tasted more like normal fruit, then less than it. Then it was as dirt to them. They began to sweat and shake.

So they came to their own senses. They looked at each other and saw that nothing was as it once was. They did not know each other as they once did. It seemed like something had been taken, stolen away from them. They tried to hug each other yet only cried. They actually became ashamed of each other instead. It seemed like something was degenerating them.

The Maker manifested His being as close to humus as He would get and looked for them. He felt sorry for them, His lil' gardeners. They had not listened to His instruction. But the Maker's solution to degeneration would be more generating of generations. He was creative, the Creator. That's just the way He was. He would let the Degenerate destroy and instead of destroying the Degenerate he would make more. Then, He would have the Degenerate begin to destroy himself and all who would follow him.

So He told His lil' gardeners some new instructions. They were about generating some new generations and regeneration.

So then, all the lil' gardeners who followed the Maker had some fun. Yet those who wanted to go with the Degenerate went along with him. For the solution to dying was Death and One gardener who was the second man who was more than human, dying into Death. For the first human was now more and more human, all too human....growing closer and closer to just humus. While the minds of humans were being lost into something too.

So they would need someone else sent to them.

( I wrote this twice. Blog problem....yeah, that can be a problem. I should be doing political stuff. Later.)


theshane said...

Hi, my old friend. How's life treating you?

mynym said...

I am still fine as wine.

How about you?