Friday, October 30, 2015

Real free speech and artistic expression...

Ha, ha... "free speech" and more freedumbs in America....

 Today, I am calling attention to the fact that 3 Sussex GOP members have decided to sue Frank — a blogger — for defamation.

Sounds like they're one step from forming an "Anti-Defamation League."    It's all very "Orwellian."  ;-) 
 Just go here to see the letter.  But also see the rest of his post — they’ve contacted his employer, they’ve called the police on him and pretty much tried to harrass him out of his own viewpoint on his party’s and his party’s members’ actions.

 This is nothing compared to what a real Tribe does.  This fake political party stuff is for the birds.  Or the goyim.. pretty much the same thing anyway.

Of course, I'm against it.  No surprise that Don Ayotte is apparently for it.
 This is completely despicable — rather than engage in more free speech, the parties suing — Vincent Calabro, Lacey Lafferty and Don Ayotte — are trying to bully Frank Knotts into shutting up and falling in line.
 Terrible.  ;-)
 From where I sit, this one action is more than enough reason for all three of these people to never be trusted with either public office or party leadership.
 Yet he probably wants to vote for Bernie Sanders and other Jews, as if they haven't openly established a multi million dollar Anti-Defamation League to police speech in America.
 I’m calling your attention to this because we should all see how folks on the right wing fringe operate — you will not criticize us or we will bully you.
 Sussex GOP Doesn't Support Freedumb of Speech and Discourse

I'm against the kosher freedumb fry eaters. 

But GOOD GRIEF... these "lib"(tardarian) numb nuts want to "call attention" to the formation of a very small and irrelevant sort of "Anti-Defamation League" while playing pretend that the elimination of free speech is supposedly confined to "right wing" politics? 

Shrug.   It's been my experience that "liberals" are actually the first to censor.

On a side note, either we happy few here on the internet keep free speech safe from the Tribe ("hate speech," defamation, incitement, etc.) or they're going to shut it down. 

These other guys on all sides probably don't even care because it's just politics for them.

Diversity and Dumbocrazy

First They Jailed The Bankers, Now Every Icelander To Get Paid Back In Bank Sale

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Iceland has no synagogue, no rabbis, no Jewish community center or organized structure. In fact, Judaism is not even one of Iceland’s state-recognized religions.
Still, Iceland has about 100 Jews who call this North Atlantic island home.
Read more:
Well, that was a surprise.


Probably about time to send Team Captain Freedumb to invade and bring Iceland a more diverse democracy...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What is a #Cuckservative?

Honestly, the goyim are so far gone at this point that it probably doesn't even matter if there's a half-truther movement like Jonestown. All we few that get beyond Jonestown can do now is observe them, another aspect of the "mass media" supported by the gay Jew, Matt Drudge. How did he get his start, again?

Comment 10/28

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They want to get rid of Assad because that is in Israeli interests.

Hezbollah defeated IDF 

Assad, Hezbollah

That's the main reason that they're willing to have Syria imploded, pipeline or not.  According to your kosher analysis, they're going to do what... build a pipeline with ISIS?  Wrap your mind around this, Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) was not about the oil.  That's why the US hasn't been getting the oil. 
The Left is full of kosher, flabby frauds like Michael Moore rolling around saying "No blood for oil."  The Right is full of people like Ari "Jewish supremacist" Fleischer trotting out to the podium to talk about OIL. 
How many times do you guys have to see this all play out before you learn to say the word "Zionist," then Jew?

Comment on "mysterious" reports of organ trafficking in Jew run Ukraine now...

Criminal Zionists/Jews have always found ways to work with criminal "Nazis"/tribes of other groups... but I think you'll fine that when it comes to keeping slaughters kosher among different mafias, few do what the "Kosher Nostra" mafias do. Judaic culture/tribes/gangs will keep recreating themselves based on the teachings of the rabbis about the goyim/cattle so long as you cannot say the word Jew.
Their culture forms a criminal gang/tribe that works with other gangs/mafias among the goyim until they decide to kill them too. That's why the "Nazis" of the Ukraine are dumb criminals, not nationalists. Thousands of years of history, the warnings of Jesus, Martin Luther, Shakespeare, Ezra Pound and too many intelligent "antisemitic" men to count.

And still, the goyim have not learned?

What did you think was going to happen? This is just another "Operation Bid Rig" like Tribe did in America to the dumb goyim. Google it. Keep in mind that sayanim tend to keep Google and Wiki kosher.

All this information about the Tribe (an international Mafia above all mafias...) is leaving an electronic footprint despite their best efforts these days. So if you're going to bother to write an article about this type of criminality by proxy/goyim golems then mention "Zionists" or "Jews" so that other lowly gentiles can find it.  ;-)

The silver shilled libertards... still at it. I wonder if they think that their own families/tribes are "collectivists." Or perhaps they want to sell silver to African pygmies?

My comment to these 99.9% implicitly white/rugged individualists (euphemisms for ethno/racial groups tend to vary):
Silver shilled goyim, still trying to buy silver slippers to travel the yellow brick road of Oz. There's only one thing that the Jews fear and it's not the silver bullet that supposedly kills a mythological vampire under your bed. It's the "collectivism" that you condemn. Beginning with the basics, do you consider caring about your own tribal family/kith and kin as the "collectivism" that you want to be rid of? "There's no place like home." True, you made need silver... but what's this kosher bullshit about "collectivism" that you're pushing? You SHOULD be looking out for your family, tribe and extended family/tribe communities as ethnic groups.

More racism...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

McCuck... but I still like him.

:-| This is all Obama's fault. ;-)

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These hospitals are obviously desired targets!
Tue, 10/27/2015 - 07:54 | 6715872 VinceFostersGhost
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Fool me once....shame on you.

Fool me twice.....
Tue, 10/27/2015 - 07:58 | 6715887 Occident Mortal
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The AC-130 made FIVE PASSES firing for an hour.

Obviously an accident.
Tue, 10/27/2015 - 08:12 | 6715926 conscious being
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Like the USS LIBERTY was an accident.
Hey, speaking of amphetamines, here's a Saudi prince, caught with a load of it on his private plane, destined to get a buzz into the head-choppers on the front line.
Tue, 10/27/2015 - 08:35 | 6716011 greenskeeper carl
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Do the Saudis think they are exceptional or something? Murican is the only exceptional nation, therefore we are allowed to bomb hospitals because America. And the rest of the world will just have to learn to love us anyway. But the Saudis have no right to commit this atrocity. They aren't exceptional...
Tue, 10/27/2015 - 08:39 | 6716020 Latina Lover
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Sounds like the CIA does not control the "Doctors without Borders" NGO.  This is what you call a hostile takeover bid, USSA style.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Our race is our nation?

Polls show that whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control by a significant margin (57 percent to 40 percent). Yet whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long.  (Mainstream, Jew's media...)
The inevitability of communist victory. I wouldn't start celebrating until you've actually won, jew boy. Trends can reverse themselves quickly and without the protective hand of White traitors the "minority" is nothing.
Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws.
The constantly tightening time table of White Genocide. From 2050, to 2043, to "soon." Our enemies will not be satisfied until every last White is in the grave, where they'll continue to curse us. We owe these criminals no loyalty.
The U.S.S.A. is dead. Our race is our nation. Link

Real Political Incorrectness... I am not a universalist, like him. Kith and kin first. To believe or state otherwise is a lie, like believing that you would stop at every car crash to fall down on the ground and water the soil with your tears as if they were your own family. They are your extended family. But it's not the same. Universalism is a lie.

This guy is light years ahead of other European Americans, from the witless cucks of the Right to the degenerate hopium smokers of the Left. Another veteran. "Another Hitler," naming the Jew.

The Primacy of Jewish Genes

Bored, just gisting the inane and witless whites over at Delaware Liberal when a "truther" comes along...

Someone alludes to obvious racial realities, given that genetics construct people that then construct "cultures" with remarkably limited variability.  This is the great bugaboo.  It is the keystone and foundation to it all, Republican or Democrat.  The "racism"....

Steve Newton says:  [Libertardarian]
Anonymous, the claim that “we should help people here first” is exactly like the claim made that “we should protect the unborn.”
It’s rhetoric, not support for different policies, as your last comment makes abundantly clear.
Anti-abortion rights protesters generally do not support funding to support child care or child health initiatives, or expanded SNAP for kids, just as anti-foreign aide/anti-refugee advocates won’t support putting up the money necessary to intervene in Wilmington when push comes to shove.  [He's either citing his imagination or making "implicit" claims.  These witless white cucks haven't seen push coming to shove yet.]
They just want to score points with false dichotomies rather than discuss policy.
That’s why it’s ["]trolling.["]

Here's a policy to discuss, accept all Afrikaner refugees into the North East of America.   None of these other ethnic groups, just them and perhaps some Russians... and see what happens. 

Perhaps more farms and something similar to Amish country would rather mysteriously begin to emerge in the countryside.

 "Discuss policy." You cannot do that because you're forbidden from talking about the truth while the same people that forbid ethnic awareness among European Americans (and Europeans in general) build up an ethnic state for themselves based on race.  Not to mention, "your" foreign policy:

Policy.  Reality.  

More Afrikaner refugees, zero Somalians. 

And a little while later, you'd have a country (and countryside) that numerous groups of people would like to migrate to or be "refugees" in.  

As opposed to this:

Back to the witless cucks:

I suspect we could help the refugees and help ["]“our own”["] at the same time. We just haven’t had the will.

I'll double or triple quote it.  What are these witless wonders trying to leave implicit?  African Americans were "our own" but they're going to be blended out of existence and displaced as a group based on your witless cowardice and Judaic "equality" political correctness.  If you actually wanted to help then you would build an ethnic state for them.  You don't have a problem using the federal government to build an ethnic state for a different group, so that's no excuse.   Don't bring that equality and diversity for all crap up when you're continually turning a blind eye to a form of racial supremacy and using the federal government ("policy") to build up a state based on race for a different group.

These liberals/libertarians are usually like the Jewish Left:  "Well, I once mumbled a few words about it."  No, if you're so anxious to avoid implicitly helping "our own" kith and kin with our own government in order to avoid an appearance of the racism while you're simultaneously merely mumbling:  "Well, you know... I disagree with a Zionism because it's a racism too... uh, or somethin'.  Sip, sip.. me Starbucks." then you're just like the Jewish Left.


These witless white cucks may boycott and go out protesting in the streets over IMAGINARY nooses and an IMAGINARY racism of their own kith and kin while sipping on their Starbucks.

One has to laugh at their little discussions about the racism and the near total establishment of Judaic/feminist "political correctness" in America now.

Policy or reality at the individual level...  they would boycott Starbucks and that would be all over their little blog so that they could lead the way to defeat the racism in reality.  Not in their imagination, like the IMAGINARY nooses at the UofD...  reality!  Lol. 

Oh well.  It would seem that white people are an inferior race in many respects, in reality.  We are actually diverse, so we're not all equal and interchangeable.  But in the V is for Victim politics of Judaic political correctness in the Empire of Entertainment that they've built for themselves in America, wouldn't that mean that any inferiority or disability among whites is actually superior?!  :-)

We just haven’t had the will.


And you wouldn't want the will to try to look out for your nation and minority groups within your nation first and foremost if you saw it.  In order to help poor African Americans you would have to have a strong nation of your own capable of creating wealth.  But you have lost the will to create and maintain a nation like that, for the usual reason.  So don't expect African Americans to be helped any time soon.  In fact, they may be the first neighborhoods to be targeted with Hispanics or Syrian immigrants.  

pandora says:
October 23, 2015 at 8:33 am
I’m no longer feeling childish. [Does that even matter, when someone "thinks" like a child based on feelings alone?]  Steve’s correct, Anonymous. [Translation, Libertarded reinforcements arrived, feeling better now...] You don’t want to help the refugees or the city of Wilmington. [Virtue signalling...] Truth is, you know very little about either situation. What these two things have in common, for you, is that they both represent the “other”.  [And there it is, getting the feels.] You never offer solutions.
 It's very important for white women to have someone to otherize.  That's why Jewish V is for Victim politics is so successful among them as an ethnic group.  It's the Normans, the wives of the North men that want to bring in every bedraggled refugee in out of the snow just in time for Winter.  Kith and kin.  Cozy.

Problem.  This all leads somewhere, it's like opening Pandora's box.  If the whole North man civilization begins to be overwhelmed (bring out the libertardians to complain of the police state, etc.) then the patient North man will have to lead his wife.  Because you can't necessarily bring in every single person in the world that's the other while simultaneously providing White privileges to your own kith and kin.

Guess what the North men will begin to do when stirred to wrath by witless white wonder women like you, "Pandora"?  It's already begun with this Trump stuff.  Still a reality show but there's something implicit that's becoming more and more explicit.  You can try to blame Trump for acting as a lightning pole for it based on his theatrical productions.  But it's actually you in reality, as a witless White woman trying to otherize everyone in the world based on your pathological need for empathy and more gay feels.  After the Jews that are using you, you are the primary source of all this.  You're giving birth to it, as your pandora's box of diversity continues to open. 

So don't hate your own creation.  

Stuff White people do...

....invent rocketry and airplanes, then try to play pretend that NASA should be enriched with more diversity.  :-\

Stuff White people do....

Discover DNA, then get harassed and defamed by their own racial group for telling the truth about aspects of their discovery.  :-\

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can an Empire of Entertainment hit a decadent phase or will that be a reality show too? Seriously...

Random comment from me to some social justice diversity warriors on some of this stuff:

You guys are just digging yourselves deeper now by pointing out that the "alien" fantasy world of Star Wars has White Stroomer Troopers, "Sand People"/Arabs, Jar Jar Binks/Naboo/Nubians/Africans and so on all being Jedi mind tricked and integrated in diversity by the international Jews/Jedis. Personally, I'd like to play the part of Confucius, I mean Yoda, as a little wise man from the East. May the Farce be with you... at least, until more of the White Storm Troopers stop enforcing and creating your Empire of Entertainment.

Boycott Star Wars VII - Is Trump A Sith Lord?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gah... Swede! Lol.

File: 36678349.png (21 KB, 800x500)
21 KB
Someone who's relatively new on this board, I'd really like to ask an honest and not exaggarated opinion on the current situation.

Is it really so bad in Sweden? I have to admit that as a someone living in central Stockholm, my life isn't much affected by immigration.

Are Swedes really unsatisfied? Will there be some drastic changes that will actually have an effect on everyone? (Economical ones for example.)

What's the whole Europe's future like? I personally think that every country is going to have a solid muslim population of 20-25% and people will just learn to live with each others and that's it. Honestly I can't see what else would/could happen.
>>54139105 (OP)
Proxy, blind or just retarded? Can you not see where this is headed?
>>54139105 (OP)
Outside of Kungsholmen, Bromma and Södermalm it's going downhill and fast. Luckily for me I live in one of these three, but I feel nothing but pity for the majority who has to suffer from the incompetence of our political class.
File: 1444909389441.webm (51 KB, 640x360)
51 KB
>>54139105 (OP)
>What's the whole Europe's future like? I personally think that every country is going to have a solid muslim population of 20-25% and people will just learn to live with each others and that's it. Honestly I can't see what else would/could happen.
Maximum overbait.
>>54139105 (OP)

>The entire population demographic will change, but magically everything else will stay the same.

I'm sorry to say that the Marxists won.

The entire population demographic will change, but magically everything else will stay the same.

I could repeat that over and over.

Witless whites now... but we still get a free unicorn, right? 


Yikes... "antisemitism." But, is it true?

Same old, same old...

new Give up. Realit...
Give up. Reality is not scientific nor even mathematical.'s picture
The TBTF banks in complete collusion with the FED are using ZIRP money, money that the TBTF banks never intend to pay back, because they cannot pay it back even at zero interest, because much of it is being scattered around Wall Street in bonuses... They're using this stolen ZIRP money to prop up the highly leveraged stock and bond markets with HFT.  And this massive financial fraud is what is sapping the vitality out of the world economy, everyone and everything in it, like a rapacious, swirling black hole.   There should be no confusion about the long known "moral risk" of such a scheme.
To make this groteque idiocy seem something like more normal, the government is leaning toward legalizing dope, while our own government has become and endorsed the major suppliers of illicit and pharmaceutical narcotics worldwide.

These hope and change doper-progressives need to be exposed for what they are doing.
Moral risk, my ass.  These political people are giving Caligula run for his money.

In a word: Hopium.


It's very easy to come in as a "communist" or socialist and begin promoting equality/envy. This, while your own ethnic group is the most oligarchic in the world primarily based on usury and not based on building towns or creating wealth and small businesses like Europeans and Americans of European descent usually do.

The global federal reserve system of usury that European Americans have been incorporated in by "folks" like Bernie Sanders isn't capitalism, it's banksterism practiced by people that believe in rabbinic teachings of racial supremacy. So every time Bernie as a supposed socialist spends money lent at interest into existence by a group of private bankers (out of nothing) that tends to creates more of the "wealth disparity" among the goy that his own ethnic group is primarily responsible for in the first place.

In order to totally turn the tables on Judaic money changers as Jesus did, you'd have to get into what money is and so forth. And I think you'll fine that Sanders doesn't want to follow through on that. For all his talk about the "inequality" created primarily by his own ethnic group note:

International Jew's News Incoming? Michael Brown? Trayvon? Wait a second... the Jews do this kind of stuff all the time while simultaneously creating a culture of critique for Europeans that are not as prone to pathological tribalism as the Jews are. They'll go through the entire history of Europe and European Americans with a fine tooth come. But this is the year, here and now... where Jews are doing this and more. What year is it?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here's why the new all-female Ghostbusters movie will bomb

McCuck still worried about a racism... but so what, people are so far gone at this point that he's light years ahead of the mainstream media.

Freedumb of speech in Jewish culture...

Oh, now I get it. Censorship facilitates sales. 

 There always has to be some reason.  All this amounts to is that there aren't enough oligarchic Muslims in America to censor Mr. Moseley, Mr. Anderson and others when they criticize Muslims as a group.   Once there are enough Muslim lobbies and enough Muslims around to drive down (non-existent) sales then these guys will self-censor and censor again, giving up our customs and traditions of free speech based on whatever might hurt the feelings of Muslims as a group.

I don't believe in any of the "hate speech," even for our own group.  Not even with these self-hating white people inciting hate crimes against our group based on imaginary nooses now.  I'm not going to go in there and try to censor them or kick them off of any forums under my control and influence. 

But as Jewish influence spreads, note what happens to OUR customs and traditions like free speech.  They disappear pretty fast, wherever Jews go.  And again, the only reason that "Islamophobia" or talking about Muslims/Arabs as a group is allowed is due to the fact that Jews say it is kosher.  Are the ethnic identities of the people at Delaware Politics really so weak that they need Jewish approval for their speech?  

CW invariably uses direct quotes from prominent Jews in his posts. None of you ever- ever- bother to attempt to contradict or confront the actual quote.

Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews ... - JTA

Yosef, Netanyahu

Yosef, Rabin

Yosef, Ehud Barak

 I could go on and on, citing the next racial supremacist rabbi and proving that Jewish nationalists are not "distancing" themselves from them.

But when a European argues:   "We want to exist separately, with liberty for ourselves and posterity.  We hate slavery for other groups too."

Then that's White supremacy according to the Jews and it's not only the graves of the Confederates that will be dug up as Jewish influence grows.  It will be Jefferson's too.  Meanwhile, the Jews ARE observably "supremacists" and they still dream of slavery and monetizing the goyim just like their ancestors did.

None of you ever- ever- bother to attempt to contradict or confront....

They probably know it's useless to deny observable facts.  Their lies, defamation and incitement to hate crimes (Another Hitler, racist, antisemitic and so on are incitements to hate crimes in the Jewish/Judaized culture of America.) don't even really matter because they're marginal figures.

And frankly, I could do something to them before they could do anything to me.  Just ridiculous, that they would go crazy over trying to build a well armed ethnic state full of guns for people like Ovadia Yosef, George Soros, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Bernanke, Wolf Blitzer, etc.etc.  Meanwhile, if they're European Americans then they're being disarmed and monetized by the same people in preparation for Ovadia Yosef's dream to come true.  Not explicitly articulated like Yosef did... but...  "Tradition!"     

You simply parrot the “anti-Semite” accusation. This is analogous to claiming that the posting of Hillary Clinton quotes on this blog in an attempt to demonstrate her bias, criminal behavior or incompetence as being “misogyny.” 

She's not at the top of the V is for Victim inverted pyramid scheme, so let her make an "antisemitic" comment about Jewish misogyny and see what happens to her V is for Victim vagina monologue.

More freedumb of speech for the White woman...

Moseley, the witless English cuck:

Members of a group do not all agree with each other.

Oh, so I guess he shouldn't be trying to build an ethnic state for Jews as a group then.

So even if it were true that some Jew said something, so what?

Well, to begin with... that's who you are trying to build an ethnic state for.  In order to protect them if the goyim reject slavery and their dream of being parasites, yet again.  Who needs slavery or dreams of slavery?    Parasites.

It does no good to deny this truth due to its ugliness.  It's Yosef that explicitly articulated their motivations and their culture in general, as a group.

Their interests and their culture do not align with our own, as a group.  As a group, we are much more likely to try to abolish slavery than to sit around dreaming about being parasites like they do.  They haven't overcome their culture.  They're celebrating it. They're building an ethnic state for it.  They're making us more like them, than we are making them more like us.  Because, as is their usual manner, they have conglomerated on the nerve centers of their host nation (banking, politics, PR, Hollywood, publishing).  And that naturally, through no fault of the small minority of Jews that try not to hate the goyim or dream of keeping them as slaves (including sex slaves), shapes so-called "mainstream" culture in America in their interests as a group.  

I can quote you Jews who say the exact opposite.
So where does that leave you?

It leaves us with however the majority of their ethnic group are actually behaving or covering for other members of their group, as a group.  The same exact standards apply to Muslims and other ethnic groups, you can cite this one over here that's great... but then there's this huge crowd over here.  So what do you do when it comes to immigration policies?  Do you want that huge crowd in your implicitly European American neighborhood, complaining of "Islamophobia/antisemitism" while teaching your children Islamism/Talmudism?  Clock boy?

Where does this idea that there are some good individuals in every ethnic group of the entire world leave you?  It leaves you with Globalism Inc.  

Only if you believe that all members of a group think exactly the same way, agree with one another, act in concern on a uniform consensus plan, and all have exactly the same goals. Otherwise, who cares what one person says?

Say "Muslim" to this cuckservative and then:  "Blah, blah... me think ethnic groups exist again.  Me imagine that they exist with WMDs in their underpants.  Why you no imagine that they exist?"

You care only because you imagine that everyone in a group is identical.

Wrong.  I observe the behavior of groups of people and develop a view of the world based on facts, logic and evidence.

You imagine whatever you want to, first one thing (Jews don't exist as a group.) and then another (But Muslims do!  And to top it all off, Jews exist as a group whenever anything positive can be said about them or whenever you want to argue that we should build an ethnic state for them while they seek to diversify us out of existence as a group.)

Yes, I do, ad nauseum. I repeatedly point out how the statements are false.

I think this crazy dude might actually be imagining that he's doing that.  It gets a little weird sometimes.  Lol.

 You, Rick, in particular repeatedly claim that nobody challenges the accuracy and that’s just not true.


Lol.  He's challenging the accuracy, in his imagination.  He doesn't need external, observable facts.

What is the Logos, again?

What matters is that all of these ideas are objectively FALSE, not that they are anti-Semitic. 
What can one really do with this?  Even with the freedom (actual freedom of speech) on the internet... this guy just imagines stuff so that he can imagine that his subjective beliefs are objective, observable truth.  Shrug.
 If an argument were unflattering to Jews but true, that would be different. But making arguments that are just inaccurate is the problem. 
There is no kosher argument or observation allowed by guys like this that are unflattering to Jews as a group.
I can write about Muslims as a group all day long.  I can write about Team Implicitly White Captain America as a group all day long.  I could give an analysis of Chinese culture and its impact on national security interests when dealing with "the Chinese" all day long.  But when it comes to freedom of speech about Jews, there isn't any.  That's all it amounts to.  They'll fine whatever pretext for censorship right at this point:  "Jews."

By trying to divert attention from the old balding White guys who are elected Democrat public officials,

Is that even actually true or has the coalition of minorities grown large enough that Democrats can run a Chinese immigrant for president and call it diversity?

For this guy, it doesn't seem to matter what is actually true.  He just imagines it.  But I would look at the evidence, does it really all add up anymore?  Jim Webb seems to be like a holdout or something, as pretty soon the Democrats will amount to a worldwide coalition of hostile ethnic groups all targeting European Americans.  Perhaps a collection of misfits and "the poor" can be led toward a revolution a Jewish Bolshevik like Bernie Sanders.

That's never happened before.

If all the gentile (often Catholic) old half-dead White dudes elected to office as Democrats were thrown out of office and replaced by Michelle Bachmans and Joe Millers… 
Long term, that would be a stop gap.   Because the Jews have already betrayed and subverted their host nation, as they have historically.  Except for this time they did it to the minds of Europeans, many of which want to diversify their own group out of existence or integrate with or pretend to be some other ethnic group.  Rachel Dolezal was raised by fundamentalist creationists like you, not by 
Democrats... as far as I know.

But yes, Democrats are leading the charge and they have been the political party where the Jewish Left resides.  
Eric Cantor, kicked out.  Why?  Ironically, as Germany continues to fail... what is happening due to the existence of ethnic groups may become more and more explicit.
 … would any of these things be happening that you are concerned about. No, not a chance.
So get Democrats out of office, and we will all be happy.

I'm actually fine with that for now, provided we get the Republicans out of office too. Perhaps Sanders can destroy the Democratic party and Trump can take on the Republican party? 

Regardless.... you cucks with your wars for a foreign group and simultaneous calls for diversity are "equally" dangerous to my nation, kith and kin.

And I'm rather interested in so-called "national security." 

The Bush and Clinton crime families caught in the web, AGAIN.... imagine if Trump's enemies had stuff like this on him. He'd be gone already. Yet, the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate that goes all the way back to Mena/CIA drug running (the usual, "national security" clearance) still have their candidates running.

The disclosure is certain to lead for calls for Sir John Chilcot to reopen his inquiry into the Iraq War if, as is believed, he has not seen the Powell memo.
A second explosive memo from the same cache also reveals how Bush used ‘spies’ in the Labour Party to help him to manipulate British public opinion in favor of the war.
The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U.S. courts have forced her to reveal.
Former UK Conservative shadow home secretary David Davis said: ‘The memos prove in explicit terms what many of us have believed all along: Tony Blair effectively agreed to act as a frontman for American foreign policy in advance of any decision by the House of Commons or the British Cabinet.
 Daily Mail 

".... are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton...."

The gist of the Clinton/Bush crime families:  Bush, Clinton, Mena, CIA

Monica Lewinsky/Zionist and the Jewish mafia is still generally above these lackeys.  And that goes way back to poppy/hopium Bush and an old assassination... RIP, JFK.

A humorous aspect of it, watch the Jewish/corporate media in America carefully.  What are they asking the Donald?  Why are they asking him about the JFK assassination, implicitly asking if he's an "antisemitic conspiracy theorist"?

Why are Bush's Jewish handlers calling the Don a truther now?  

Perhaps it's looking like their crime families are not going to be elected.

Who knows what Sanders is screwing up on the Clinton crime family side, although he is a member of the Tribe coming at the goyim from the Left.

Monday, October 19, 2015

A noble Jew...



I guess you missed it. Many people are beginning to suggest that Americans have an ethnic identity.

It's probably the "majority" that anti-whites like you and the Huffpost are always talking about.

Muslim kid brings a clock to school and Islamaphobics go ape-shit.
"It's probably the "majority" that anti-whites like you"

Wait, "whites" now means "fools"?

In any case, White means the group of people that invented almost all of the technology used to create the First World that people like clock boy want to come to in order to pretend that they invented something too.
I suppose the irony of inventing Islamophobia to align with homophobia is lost on some muddle headed white women at this point.

Regardless, this is quite a coalition of rainbow minorities you have going now. Who is the supposed majority that you an
d the Huffington Post are targeting for displacement by "inventors" like clock boy, again?

Curious thing about that, if he can't actually invent much but some White Boy Scout can invent a nuclear reactor in his garage then there may be "problems" for you in the future once more Boy Scouts figure out why they've been targeted as an ethnic group by you people.  ;-)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Golly gee... thanks you old dumb cucks! ;-)

The keystone, the lynchpin and the foundation of it all... racism/antisemitism over at Delaware Politics.

Sorry Rick, but Mr. Watts was warned several times about using racial or anti-Semitic comments and was told he was put on a short leash. I conferred with my staff writer and others before taking this much needed action. It is final. His comments could bring legal action to our site and cannot be tolerated. Don Ayotte, Managing Editor.

All these old and increasingly irrelevant dudes and cucks that are allowing the ethnic replacement and diversification of their own children had to do is get Mr. Anderson himself to ask me to leave.

Because he has more sense than they do. They're just the degenerates that put younger generations in this mess in the first place with their cultural cowardice (zero ethnic identity here) but freedumb fry eating "courage" all around the world (defeating another Hitler and the racism/antisemitism everywhere, all around the rest of the world.)

Actually, they didn't get Mr. Anderson himself.  ;-)  Lol.

On a side note, these guys keep on playing dumb about the way Jews/antisemitism/racism goes directly to gays/transgenders and more "progress" against the ethnic target (White, Christian, male)  of the hate groups that the Jewish Left is using as proxies to maintain power for their own ethnic group.  Cuckservatives like Delaware Politics seem to want to argue:  "Well, if we just give up our customs and traditions of free speech for the antisemitism and white racism then we will be kosher."

No, you will not be.  First the Jewish Left came for the Germans (A continuing process that you can observe right now.) and now they're already coming to diversify you and your children out of existence as an ethnic group.

Duh!   Lol...  whatever.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Politicians merely spend other people’s money, presumably until there’s nothing left to spend.

They're borrowing money into existence out of nothing from bankers, creating a supposed investment opportunity for people that already have money. 

I forget all the rube Goldberg machines but they're not merely "spending other people's money."  They're inflating it.  Deflating it.  Changing its price/interest rate.  They're calling up their friend Jack Lew and asking what he can do for the Ukraine.  Bernanke sent millions to foreign banks of the Tribe.  They're creating a quadrillion dollar derivatives market in which a fraction of a HFT milisecond or a .0000001% change in rates results in a billion petrodollars.  Etc.

Maybe it's not the rich vs. the poor like Bernie Sanders and other members of the Tribe on the Left make it.  Perhaps the main point for some is to keep it from turning into Jew vs. Gentile again.  Lloyd Blankfein supporting gay minority marriage and all the rest of it is in their interests.  Who is the first Minority of them all?

Historian Jew dude: "I thought we instructed them never again, over and over again?"

Movie Jew dude:   "I'm making another move like the Wolf of Wallstreet telling them they did it.  Then, another Nazi Holocaust movie..."

Old "economist" Jew dude: "It must be the economic cycle or somethin'. So let's bailout Jewish bankers, just to be sure there isn't a crisis for us."

Old psychiatric Jew dude: "It must be because the goyim randomly go craaaazy. So let's try to psychoanalyze them like they're neurotic, like me!"

Media, publishing and PR Jew dude: "Here, let me help try to tell the goyim about your complex economic and psychological theories. More complexity and complexes, it's all very complicated.  Sort of like money!"

Zionist Jew dude: "We need to fight for our own state, this way we can all Jew each other over... and sterilize these Ethiopian Jews and stuff. This way, never again!"

Political Jew dude: "Don't worry, I'm buying these goyim golem politicians... they'll help protect us from all criticism, so that we can Jew each other in our own state. And stuff. Or somethin'."

Conspiracy theory Jew dude: "It's the illuminati and the lizard people hiding in the middle of a flat earth. How do they get in the middle of the flat earth? With the space ships that Hitler gave them, of course!"

Geopolitical Jew dude, very moderate and serious: "This all goes back to colonialism and British imperialism. That's all it is, these Europeans messing up the MidEast... I says. We weren't even banking on them back then. Now attack Syria, it's in our... i I mean your interests or somethin'."

Monday, October 12, 2015

Small comment on anti-white, degenerate politicians...

With respect to the Biden stuff, it would probably be best if he decided that he's a Black woman stuck in the wrong body. 

Then he could be the first BLT president and appoint Caitlyn Jenner as a czar.  It would be, "historic." 

(Biden: We need 'constant, unrelenting stream' of immigrants ...)
Jun 10, 2014 - In a speech Tuesday, Biden explained how growth in immigration can boost ["]the economy["]...

10/12 meh... anti-white progressives are the worst, worse than implicitly white "conservatives"....

More from Jason: 
We have to start treating the American South, with their open carry and voter suppression like a pariah nation, similar to South Africa in the 1980’s and 1990’s. If they want “open carry” and voter suppression, fine. They just don’t get that stuff and also get to be treated like ["]grownups.["]   [Lol.] 
As these progressives sip in their Starbucks (Zionist CEO contributing to "apartheid" and a racism, by the way)...  here is some news from the "rainbow nation" created by people like Jason"33":

(South Africa - Genocide Watch)
(Afrikaner Genocide In South Africa - YouTube)
Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.

None of this much matters to the opinion makers of what used to be the West. For them, the true hallmark of leftist totalitarianism isn’t brutality—it’s kitsch, and we’ll see plenty of that. Mandela will be on every magazine cover, the Internet will be drowning in sentimental schmaltz, and Facebook will be littered with sanctimonious status updates.
Afrikaners as a people have been destroyed.   The names of Afrikaner heroes have been torn from towns, streets, and public squares, and replaced with those of “anti-apartheid” leaders. The collective white defense forces known as “commandos” have been outlawed, meaning that those unable to afford private security companies are left vulnerable to black violence.

Since Mandela refused any consideration of a Boer homeland, numbers alone ensure that Afrikaners are politically disenfranchised. More than 750,000 whites have left the country, but Boer farmers are trapped. Their wealth—their farmland—is illiquid. If they did try to leave, confiscatory taxation would leave them all but penniless. Mandela’s magnanimity consisted in keeping whites around to pay taxes to keep his one-party ANC dictatorship going, but denying them meaningful representation.

It will only get worse.
(Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper
 by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 5, 2013)
Fortunately people like Jason are leaving an electronic footprint for our people, as we continue to become conscious of who they are. 

They're the type of people that will incite Blacks against us based on imaginary nooses (imaginary ethnic tribalism/"racism") at the UofD while sipping on Starbucks (funding real, brutal ethnic nationalism) and so forth.

Witless.  And they're basically mentally ill... yet they don't kill themselves.  Well, they do kill themselves at a pretty high rate.  Maybe they know how screwed up they are subconsciously?  But apparently this witless cuck named Jason hasn't killed himself yet.  "Tea baggers.... ha, ha.. we're so funny, so gay and cynical and stuff... sip, sip."

The Left seems to be useless, so we'll have to focus on the Right first.

Note, you can be gay or you can argue that you're an "I want to eat poop person, minority.  Poop people civil rights!   For, civilization!" in the usual rainbow coalition or whatever. 

What's the one thing that these people don't want a group of people that they hate (heartland in America, farmers in South Africa) and want to disarm and possibly kill ("Line Republicans up and shoot them." --Delaware Dem) to do?  

If there's this one thing that these degenerates hate and do everything in their (Not inconsequential, even if they are cowards by nature.) power to suppress and diversify out of existence...  why is that?    What if you did the opposite of what they want, Mr. Moseley?    ;-)

In your case, I would make an exceptional exception because I don't really want you on our tribe/team.  You'd join up and start talking about how we're all another Hitler and then I'd have to be like: "Sorry, guys..."  

 So if you feel up to it, can you defend the CEO of Starbucks?

You better save him from Putin...  another Hitler!

Curious all that's going on in the world and Delaware Liberal is:
(Monday Open Thread [10.12.2015])
(John Kasich Shows How They Think They’ll Get Away With Cutting Social Security)  [And then what will Somalian immigrants or millions of other foreigners invited into an implicitly White welfare state do?  Oy vey!]

And Delaware Politics is:
(Open Thread 10/9/2015)  [But you're only supposed to talk about who you want for Lt. Governor.]

Sorry, you can delete this too. 

It's just kind of mind blowing what is actually happening in the real world while local bloggers are like:  "Delawhere?  Wut?  What tax rates should we have?  What if there are cuts in social security!"   


Fall in Line


More irony, those white progressive cucks that loved to talk about "Tea Baggers" are complaining about sneering now? 

The interesting thing about white progressives is that although they have a high rate of suicide, they're often too cowardly to kill themselves to save the planet from white people.  So they usually put posterity and our kith and kin in a bad spot instead. 

Example, surrounding them with Somali immigrants that will be a permanent generational problem or globally, celebrating and creating a "rainbow nation" of genocide South Africa.  Or they support the ethnic displacement, if not the ethnic cleansing of Germans currently underway now.  

And now these gay "tea bagger" factions (They should know!) are complaining about sneering?

We have not yet begun to find candidates to sneer at your fake "war heroes" and traitorous old white men that think it's a good idea to surround posterity with diverse ethnic hate groups.  Hate groups that are already targeting our kith and kin with an anti-White hate culture and hate crimes that are never counted as "hate crimes" against white people by your so-called "national" and "mainstream media" in America.

(John McCain snipes at Marco Rubio on immigration: The ...)
(John McCain Has a Few Things to Say About Donald Trump ...)

Worth a mention, Trump may shift away from representing the interests of white people as a group eventually too.  They usually go to DC and rather mysteriously become global empire builders talking about "national" security.  

But the whole point of forcing these guys to begin to represent white people explicitly is to bring pressure against them while we continue to begin to get this anti-White/Jewish "mainstream" culture in America "sorted" out.  

It's a process that's already begun.

Meanwhile... Democrats are a coalition of minorities:
Telling Republican the TRUTH About Planned Parenthood
This is AMAZING. The ending is the best part.
    Share if you agree with Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez* and give his page a LIKE! Video by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!
What's the ending?   They're openly saying that it's a minority/majority coalition that will not "go back" to the 1950s.  But they'll go back to the stone age with Muslims for the sake of so-called diversity.  They'll "go back" to Mexican machismo culture for the sake of enrichment.  They'll "turn back the clock" with Clock Boy.  But they will not "go back" to any time or place where white people were a majority in their own countries.  That is all this amounts to.  

This cultural attack created by those that cannot be named which is then picked up on by "minorities" of ill will applies to Europe as well.  It applies everywhere.

The fact that it's a global anti-white ideology and culture is something that "prepper" nutjobs (As the most extreme example of so-called "white flight"...  no one else does that!  Although I guess Northern Asians are coming to America to ) may want to consider once they get to their bunkers in the hillside or whatever.  There will still be proxy groups of minorities incited and led by those that cannot be identified as a group coming there to diversify you out of existence or "equalize" you with some Chinese midgets.  (Whatever minority proxy group is handy...  hopefully it's not Muslims.  Because, after all.. they're all the "terrorists" until it's time to enrich European communities with more diversity and equality.) 

Ethnic Bolsheviks will come preaching equality and diversity wherever you go, especially if you wind up building a nice little town there.  (In the name of liberty and apple pies as your European tribes expand and build cities that other people dream of moving to again.  The usual.) 

White people:  "This is all about liberty.  Now give me the apple pie, or death!  It's a matter of abstract principle and whiteness... I mean fairness... that's not implicit whiteness!"

*What a little pipsqueak:
His supporters have given him the nickname El Gallito – the little fighting rooster – in reference to his fiery oratory and political prowess.[9]  --Wikipedia
  This little cuck likes to pretend that he's a big cock?  Cock-a-doodle... cuck!  ;-)  All these surface issues of gun control, Planned Parenthood or some dumb gay stuff that takes the gay wedding cake (or the import/export bank???) are generally fake. 

Other than the "KKK" proxy Kardashian family of Kabbalah, all that is the real circus.  They say that Trump is a circus.  But he's the only one that came full circle to focus on a fundamental, primal issue that a group of foreigners is using against all Americans.  (Global diversity and international equality/communism nurtured and cultivated by a different group is mainly used against the original groups that built this country, African and European Americans.)   

What people are beginning to think, regardless of Trump trying to harness and use it to become president:  "It seems like we don't need people wandering around in burkas enriching us with diversity here.  Why do we need that?  Syrian refugees?  Why are we bombing their country in the first place?

 We can have more burkas here but we can't turn back the clock... to the oppressive 1950s of our ancestors?  Huh?  The progressives say this is all because of the year it is.  It's now this year, which isn't that year when white people were a majority.  That's their explanation for more enrichment?  Wait a second... somethin' seem wrong here but me not know because of the racism.  So maybe this Black guy named Carson knows.  Wait, now he's being blamed for victimizing the victims in Oregon and Muslims too ????  Me racist, he racist?  Me thought the whole reason to hide behind him was to avoid a racism!  


Because you're all getting Jewed over, Mr. Carson... and any strong Black leaders will too.  So if you're white, it's probably about time that you stopped trying to hide behind African American men now. 

I mean the real men.. not this fake half white/Kenyan that the mentally ill Left wanted to try to have lead them from their gay behinds.  Good grief...  how bad do Jews have to make the culture and financial system of the Wiemar/American Republic?  As this continues to unfold, as it will... it's almost like watching a child that actually wants to be disciplined by an "authoritarian personality type" even if the supposed "Nazi"/fascist/white authority actually didn't want to discipline them in the first place. 

Anyway, with respect to the Black vs. White game incited by folks like Soros... groups of people can have their own interests and communities that come into alignment while maintaining their distinct and actually diverse ethnic heritages.  It's best to keep ethnic groups and diversity to a minimum in a country as well, given that it's natural for people to form ethnic mafias or "inner city gangs" that form at the drop of the hat among  some groups.

  Even Northern Europeans, as people that are kind of low on the "racial"/tribal spectrum will "go tribal" when push comes to shove against their own kith and kin. 

Indeed, they already are.