Monday, October 11, 2004

The Race....don't worry, it's not too racy.

As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another because the remnants of the Word and Conscience are all in the souls and minds, all about us.

A parable, of the race...

Once upon a time, the one who fired the gun to a race that was run was an evil one. He wanted to be the one but was not the One.

So in fact, to start the race he tried to fire a gun into his own head but was prevented because his family loved him and wanted to save him from committing suicide. Even as his brother sought to save him from doing this again and again eventually he would say to his brother, "Do as I have done and try to commit suicide too. For you see, our father tries to save me and isn't that nice and loooving? I have found a way to get my father's love without doing what he says, see! I have made him tolerant. All you have to do is make your Self a Victim like me! Now, do as I do, you will see.." Yet, his brother did not listen and was obedient to his father.

As to the little beings on this race track, there are some men and boys driving each other on. They carry each other when necessary. Listen, sometimes they say to each other, "Are you so weak?! Get up, run from the evil one who started this race! We have not the strength to carry all. Now get up you little weakling and come along, stop being such a crybaby! For you are no baby anymore. There are enough women and children already." So the boys become men, their muscles get stronger, eventually they can also carry the babies, women and children as other men do.

Yet there are those effeminates, weak little men who sit on the sidelines. They see things from the side and then the other side. They call out this, "Give I have. Do not try....look, we can just sit on the side of the track with the one who started this race. Others will speak, others will do, others will we can just sit and do whatever we feel like doing." These effeminates, they are very passive! Have you ever tried to stir these puny minds that are eaten away, all to hell? Haha!

Ah, one thing, they do not realize that just by sitting on the sidelines or sitting anywhere they are sitting down with the one who started the race. He made a big mistake and is not exactly what he once was, not at all. Now, he does not have the love of the father. He isg oing even more insane and will shoot others in the head before he tries to shoot himself in the head again. Those on the sideline, they do not see that they sit with him.

So make, make, work so that it is down with the deformation and on with the reformation...those who will not listen? Eh, just post a sign next to them and use them as an example of what not to do. So men and boys, run the race layed out for you. Yes, you do have to actually run it. Look at the men who have gone before you. See how some have picked up the little boys and carried them on their backs as they show the way?

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