Friday, October 29, 2004

Two men, praying....

So two men were praying. One opened his eyes and noticed that the other just sat there staring though.

So he said, "Why don't you kneel down as I do, bow your head and close your eyes. This form will help you concentrate. You know, some forms will help you be able to pray."

The other replied, "Oh, I am kneeling down and closing my eyes. It's all in my mind. For the spirituality of me!"

So the first said, "Yeah, well in my mind I'm kicking your butt right now. Then, I'm twirling you above my head and throwing you in the air like a child. Isn't that mighty fine?"

To which the other said, "What?! Well in my mind I'm crying because that hurts me."

"Well, in my mind I'm calling you a crybaby now." the first man replied.

So the other said, "Oh...alright, sheesh...I wasn't really being spiritual anyway. Look, there's a fly on the wall over there that I was staring at. It looks interesting."

The first said, "Yeah, it sort of does. I wonder how it works."

So they both pondered the fly together and thought about how the Maker made it.

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