Thursday, February 16, 2017

Facebook on a purge again, I'm Setting up a New ANC site

Ha. Ha... as far as the freedumb fry eating and hopium smoking masses go, that about sums it up.

Still, we're only talking 3.7mil out of 116mil households for O'Reilly, that's only 3.2% viewership for the top spot, 2.2% for Maddow, 1.4% for Cooper, lol. TV media is dead. None of them are crushing it. They are all living on crumbs.

That's why they fear alt-right online troll armies and meme wars so much. The attentions span of the average person is now 8 seconds. Less than that of a goldfish. Whoever can influence someone in that time wins.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's basically da Joos again. What else is new...

There is no question that the Executive office has full legal and constitutional authority to ban immigration from any country it deems fit. There are countless precedents by previous administrations even after the (((1965 Immigration Act))) (like Obama’s ban on Cubans). That didn’t stop the 9th Circuit illegitimate court in San Francisco from ruling to lock the ban, formulating an absurd legal precedent that asserts that all 7 billion people in the world are not just entitled to come to the United States regardless of national interest, but are even fully entitled to the protections of our Constitution. Using this logic, the raid on Osama Bin Laden was illegal because he wasn’t given a chance to surrender or read his Miranda Rights.

This legal ruling, especially the original cuck Robart one that the 9th Circuit reaffirmed, is without a shadow of a doubt the product of institutional corruption by so-called judges that reveals the sheer extent of decay in our judicial branch. While the American people support Trump’s policy, and expressed this will at the ballot box last November, Jews and other financial elite have used their money and clout to undermine our democracy and put our citizens in danger.

They want to racially replace whites and abuse H1-B visas for profit, and if America becomes a Mexico or India style violent, dysfunctional brown feudal state in the process, so be it.
Conservatives constantly talk about the 21st century tech industry as “liberal” – acting as if it is some amorphous, faceless blob of “social justice.” But the unpopular politics of the largely software-focused (compared to the largely white Gentile propelled golden age of computer innovation between 1985-2000) Silicon Shtetl is new, a product of the great influx of Jews and to a lesser extent Indians who make money off endeavors like stealing your private information and re-selling it, collecting your money while taking a steep cut, and other parasitical “middle man” operations looking to cut corners instead of contribute. There’s a reason why the Occident has always spit upon the merchant class.

Now this coalition of Jews and plutocrats is flexing its muscle after its puppet candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated.

Daily Stormer

We have to keep on trolling so that the white working class and the unions realize what these people are doing.  We still have plenty of time to unite white people.  And the anti-white coalition of the Democratic party and (((Hollywood))) do our work for us anyway, day after day....  destroying the Democratic party.  We still have demographic space to move in, with their help day after day. 

They don't have space to move in, within white tribalism.  But they're already at peak hysteria and peak tribalism.  Including African prison riots in Delaware now and incitement to violence from (((Hollywood)))/Sarah Silverman and the rest...    


Monday, February 13, 2017

Swedish Ministers Challenge Trump!

Economic unions vs. national or Constitutional unions?

Be a better video if he mentioned that the Jews caused the great depression and wouldn't let up on the "goyim"/unclean nations until the "Nazis" issued their own currency based on the labor of their nation/race, etc. Then the Jews incited WWII on the rubble of WWI and got their Zionist state out of it, etc.

And by "the Jews" I don't mean the Jewish peasants caught up in the whirlwind sown by their oligarchic elites.  (Supposedly their sacred six million number that died in a Holocaust/sacrifice that justifies the creation of a racial/ethnic state, etc.)  I mean "the Jews" that actually did it all, including agitating for a boycott "Judea Declares War on Germany" and then supporting WWII from all their prominent positions of influence, wealth and power in order to keep their wealth and power once Germans resisted them.  (Largely out of desperation...)

Because if one nation issues their own currency debt and interest free based on nationalism, then all the "goyim"/nations may get the same idea.  (The ironic thing about America and European Americans is that they have the Constitution sitting right there in front of them. Simple minded Saxons like Ezra Pound said, I guess... now their elites are giving everything up.  Their heritage.  Their country.  Their ethnic identity.  All of it.  Everything has essentially been sold to the Jews that maintain their own identity while turning America into soup, a "melting pot" as the Jews put it.)

Globalist Jews diversified and integrated all the nations/races (They have a fetish for that, from their elites on down.) in purely economic unions of "diversity" to the point that no Western nation/ethnic group can take control of their own money now.   Supposedly.  That was the conscious or subconscious goal of the anti-nationalist/"anti-Nazi" Tribe.    But I think they may be wrong, no matter how many shabbos goyim/freemasons they have and so forth.  It's right there in their own tribal mythology, as the Golem turns on its creator.   It's a method of using proxies that usually goes wrong.  After all, one of their economic unions managed by Masons incorporated in "globalism" went wrong in 1776.  And their typical method of governing by proxy (Donors, as Trump puts it.) has gone wrong many other times throughout history (Andrew Jackson, etc... and possibly Trump now if they keep messing with him enough).

So it's probably in the process of going wrong again now. Their candidate lost recently and they didn't get the expansion of the international economic unions (Full of diversity/an inability to unite against them.) and the forms of ethnic/racial/national integration that Jews have a fetish for creating.

We're ALL Debt SLAVES - Here's Why

HALAL Canada: Diversity and the End of Free Speech

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Trump Supporter SPEAKS TRUTH On Shia Labeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" L...

Dear White People - A Response

Why bother? Just a habit of processing my thoughts with text, I guess...

"....53% of WW voted for the guy who said “bad hombres”." 

Apparently their future and continued existence as an ethnic group is more important than the anti-white/feminist/LGBT/abortion suicide cult that you people have been cultivating for European Americans.  It may even get worse for you people in the future as the white women that you intended to colonize and integrate with other ethnic groups get married and have children.  Natal = National. 

Your degeneracy sounds better to white women as a play or a romance.  Back in reality, your lust for integration with 50 shades of Muslim patriarchy to replace the white men/"patriarchy" that you just tried to transgender/neuter doesn't actually work.

But since these are psychological and biological dynamics, you people don't care if the work of our ancestors begins to burn in the background... including European democracy.   So go walk around with a vagina on your head and pretend that you don't want to be grabbed and colonized by a strong white man instead of being colonized by 50 shades of Other groups.  It's a hysterical sight. 

Apparently you're going for 100% support by white men for the other political party.  Great job.  

Is it OK to punch a Nazi?

Pretty much....

Comment, doesn't even matter...

"(((Blumenthal))) told Cooper in an interview that after Gorsuch confessed he found the tweets troubling, (((Blumenthal))) urged him to voice his concerns publicly."

I'll bet he did.

But like the rest of their hysteria, it generally doesn't matter.

Every time Trump criticizes Muslims or judges/"brothers and sisters in robes" pushing for Islamic colonization based on an anti-white culture.... Trump's poll numbers will go up. Well, not the poll numbers according to "the media"/friends of people like Blumenthal that have their own ethnic state. (With huge "intolerant" walls, etc...)

But his actual support in the country, as well as his support of the people in uniforms despite all the recent (((calls))) for a coup and so forth. That's why he won the election, despite all their lies. And despite Glenn Beck too...

We're being diversified, colonized and replaced while "conservative" media outlets like the Blaze twiddle their thumbs or worse, are incited by people like Blumenthal to fight against the resistance.

Sanctuary Cities: Democrat Machine for Population Replacement?

Memes... memes...


There will be blood. After all, there already is.’s true that white people (including liberal white people) don’t like living among blacks. White people across the political spectrum also don’t like sending their kids to school with blacks. There’s a myriad of reasons for this (like the racist notion of not wanting to be murdered and raped), but they’re irrelevant.
If these black snowflakes are so intimidated by lil’ Ralphie’s white gaze, wouldn’t separation into different homelands allow them to sleep at night? Wouldn’t it end all racism for good? Dear Black People, let’s work together to emancipate you from our racism!
The IntellNigentsia says no. The Jewish bully pulpit is not for Louis Farrakhan or Marcus Garvey, or any other black striving for liberation through racial separation – it is for psychologically demented mulattoes who hate and want to physically harm white people as a class, while also demanding the government legislate to box us in with them. Their real intent is to force you to play racial/political Twister with them to test the limits of your patience, and every one of their grievances is purposely ridiculous so that the average dumb black is in a permanent state of incitement no matter what whitey does to better their conditions.
These college campus useless naggers won’t personally fight you, but that doesn’t apply to the violent ghetto blacks they call on to pogrom white students Temple University style. This is precisely the goal of films and now TV shows like “Dear White People.”

Daily Stormer

I half expect a (((NYT))) headline of:  "Judea Declares War on Trump's Family" next.... 

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Hysteria, from top to bottom. This is good.

While this is happening, Bannon has been cementing his power. When Jews first learned of Bannon, they saw a slovenly football-watching, beer-guzzling American – the type they’re used to watching from the outside in. But looks can be deceiving, and it appears that Bannon is a brilliant and well-intended mind on increasingly good terms with Trump, ready to shake Washington to its core and lock them out.

While for-Goyim press has decided to keep producing kindergarten level agitprop about how Bannon is a “racist know-nothing” and Trump won’t release his tax returns, among themselves they are painting a portrait of a prudent yet willful pair of men capable of going hand-to-hand with their agents on the inside.

Daily Stormer

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Great comment...

How interesting that it should happen to be (((Simon Wiesenthal))) who fabricated the admitted hoax about "5,000,000" "Holocausted" non-Jews. Even mainstream sources recognize that Simon Wiesenthal was a "liar and a fraud", who lied about nearly everything in his life. He had numerous contradictory versions of his wartime exploits, which are so far fetched that they are virtually a benchmark test of gullibility.

However, as Andrew observes, if the Jews are willing to lie about millions of fictitious dead because the lie benefited the Jews, then the Jews are willing to lie about millions of fictitious dead because the lie benefited the Jews.

And significantly, the Jews collectively, almost to a man, connived with the proven liar Wiesenthal and promoted his lie(s), because they knew their tribe would benefit from the deception. The Jews who admitted that the "Holocaust" is a hoax, such as Roger Dommergue and Gerard Menuhin, can just about be counted on the fingers of one hand. (David Cole can't really be included now, since he claims limited gassings did occur.)

Gives you some idea why they all wind up lying about 911 and the JFK assassination, basically wherever there's a so-called "conspiracy theory" that just won't seem to die.  It's usually because it's them.  Like a political party that's based on tribalism, they don't have to organize and meet.  And just like Hillary Clinton got in trouble for trying to point to a "vast right wing conspiracy" instead of just describing tribalism in some other way, "conspiracy theorists" have to be careful of asserting that there are some "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."  Because Jews can honestly laugh at that, just like Republicans could honestly laugh at Clinton.

Because there are no meetings of the Tribe just like there are no meetings of a political party/tribe, except when there are.  And when there are, they're often sitting right there in front of you or it's public.  So you don't need to engage in "conspiracy theorizing" of any sort, no matter how reasonable it may be to infer that they're having private meetings too. 

Ramble 2/1

You may still have a small window of opportunity due to Trumpism and Jewish media outlet like Breitbart and the rest of what is considered to be the alternative media with Jewish editors, Jewish producers, Jewish reporters like Drudge Report that did the Lewinsky/"another Esther" to stop "another possible Haman"/Clinton, etc.

Most white people don't understand what the vast majority of Jews (and therefore media outlets like the NYT) tried to do to them, based on your view of them as "Nazis" and future domestic terrorists. People like you that have absorbed a Jewish view of whites/"Nazis" by osmosis have already tried to push transgenderism on my son. You already tried to give white boys a "community" as LGBT while dissolving their real community as people of European descent. You already celebrated Clock Boy when he brought a hoax bomb to school while suspending a little "future terrorist Nazi" white boy for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun.

And on and on it goes in your culture. You already viewed our sons as future domestic terrorists long before we began to fight back against you people. We didn't even know why we were being attacked as "Nazis"/"racists" all the time, when our grandparents killed the Nazis. But now we know. Many white people still don't realize what has been done yet. But what you people have already done and are currently trying to do based on your xenophobic perceptions of my son/all little white boys as "possible Nazis" is not to be taken lightly.

I don't know why I bother with Jewish owned media like the NYT, thoroughly Judaized from the top down and mediated through an internal ethnic lens. We're creating our own media outlets now, etc. You're still back on Breitbart/Trumpism. Lol.

Those minor Jewish and Zionist/Bannon corrections to junk media outlets like this... and everyone gets hysterical?