Thursday, October 28, 2004

A parable about a sage...

Once upon a time there was a lil' fella who lived in a village. He was an orphan. One day a sage of the age walked through the village, said a few words and started walking up a mountain. The village people did not listen and just kept doing what they were doing. But the boy followed the sage and began walking up the mountain with him. The sage said a few more words...and the boy listened. In fact, he kept on listening for some time. So he stayed with the hermit at his hermitage for a while.

Then one day he left the sage and went back to the village people. He sat down on a boulder next to the village well. He said some things about truth and the like to the village people. For the village people were sacrificing their children and this sort of thing since they were lazy and did not want to care for their offspring. They also ate the seeds that they could have planted. For they wanted to do what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it. So that was the life of the village people.

He said some things about truth and justice to them. They got upset about it. They said, "You have a holier than thou attitude!" Yet he was holier than them. For some people are holier than other people, who are more evil. When they got upset he just lifted his hand and let them talk to the hand.

He noticed that some had a teachable spirit though. Mostly, they were the children who survived among the village people. Yet, the children thought as children. So then he drew a little face on his hand and communicated to them through the lil' fella, Hermie the hermit. He was a nice lil' fella to teach those with a teachable spirit. For little children, he would make the hand talk.

Once the wicked and adulterous generation had passed away village life began to regenerate because of the seeds of ideas that were planted. For it is important to plant such seeds just as other seeds, you see.

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