Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ramble 5/31

I am writing an essay about the resurgence of gnosticism, which essentially denies material reality in favor of spirit and will, and its practical effects on public polity.

The only problem is that gnosticism is prevalent among the ruling class because there is an element of truth to it.  More than an element, really.  At a lower level, note the attitude of a supposedly "high" or "top secret"/gnostic operative like Karl Rove.  The attitude is something like:  "We're creating reality, leaving you to react to it."

If "the base" in politics begins to have the same attitude, then perhaps it's partly due to the fact that the ruling class has always had a gnostic attitude... from 33rd Liberty Street to the 33 Sectors of the U.N. symbol, to the 33 this and 33 that.  Even the trends upon which organizations like the KKK were built bear the stamp that's designed to look like random babble by a cabal.  K is the eleventh letter.  KKK = 33.

Some people fancy themselves as white magicians like Disney Inc. but to criticize gnosticism in a culture generally steeped in and incorporated in it?  I wouldn't blame the base or the basemen playing an all American sport like baseball for beginning to have the same gnostic mentality.  For good or evil, even supposedly rebellious Americans have generally always been ruled by gnostics or people that take an elite mentality of ruling everyone else based on perceptions.

And when you look at some elements of the base... don't they have a point?  It seems to me that the base is happier playing baseball on a field surveyed and encompassed by the compass and square.  I could be wrong, they may want to rule themselves.  Or at least think that's what they're doing.  So perhaps the best system for many would be one in which that they thought that they were somehow ruling themselves, even if they weren't really doing so in general.

Small ramble.  But I go back to declassified stuff like Operation Northwoods...  and you know, it may have been best for Cubans if Cuba had been turned into more of a McCuba with a Disney Inc. on it.  Just saying.  I'm still against that sort of thing because we, as "the base" that gnostics tend to build their "top secret" Empires Inc. might be the people on the planes that they're planning on crashing into buildings again.  Etc.  So I'm against Operation Northwoods type scenarios.  911 is different, given that Zionists did it to advance their own interests.  So America generally didn't even advance its Empire or have the opportunity to say, turn Cuba into a McCuba Inc. and so forth.  One would think that our super duper elite ruling class (I'm inventing reality now!) gnostic types would do something against Zionists, other than merely drag their feet on going to war with Syria/Iran recently.  Perhaps they're not as super "I'm inventing reality and a pretext for war now.  After we've invented reality, we'll leave you to report on it.  So go get embedded in the military complex." duper as they thought.                

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ramble 5/26

But that seems to have lasted about as long as some of them said it would.  I think part of it is that they didn't or couldn't deal with Judaism and the slave trade based on the international networks of slave and debt/money trade that have been typical to Jews.  So now Americans have come to the point of establishing a Jewish state with their wealth and military when they can't establish a Christian state according to the Constitution.  Of course, they can't really establish a Jewish state based on the principles of the Constitution either.  And that's probably one of the main reasons that no one in the JudeoChristian establishment is paying attention to the Constitution anymore.  Assassination without trial,  Purim.  Lend to the goyim at interest, get everyone IMF'd.  Bureaucracies and the FDA that are all about legalism and power and not really about helping anyone in reality, kosher. If America ever was a so-called "Christian nation" like Moseley says, it seems that it has now been Judaized.  What actually aligns with the Constitution and so-called "Christian nation" type beliefs at this point?  Preemptive wars or indefinite detention without trial, "political correctness" policed by Zionists through the ADL/DHS or centralizing control over guns?  Jewish values have been established, while Judaics that position themselves to the Left murmur about things but never do anything to radically expose and change the establishment of rabbinic teachings or their secular versions of exceptional tribalism.

For example, the controlled Left attacked W. for speaking at Bob Jones because they once forbid interracial marriage.  But they did not attack him for going to Israel or to synagogues where interracial marriage is preached against to this day.        
US presidential campaign: George W. Bush speaks at racist ...
Feb 8, 2000 - The appearance by George W. Bush last Wednesday at Bob Jones University, in Greenville, South Carolina, is an event which deserves more ...
Jonesing for votes -
Feb 3, 2000 - Self-proclaimed “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush spoke Wednesday morning at Bob Jones University, a Greenville, S.C., school ...
What Is Bob Jones University? | Democracy Now!
Mar 2, 2000 - Seizing on Texas Governor George W. Bush's controversial campaign stop at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, Democrats said this ...
Dear Jewish in Name Only,

While it is true that your parents have failed to give you a Jewish education, their negligence does not exonerate you from YOUR responsibility, nor does it permit you to walk away from your people. There is no justification for abandoning your faith, your people or your God. Understand that by opting for intermarriage you are bringing your family’s Jewish existence to a close after thousands of years.
    Nevertheless, I can comprehend your feelings of resentment at having been deprived of a Jewish education. Judaism has never been made meaningful to you….you have never been challenged by its majestic call. Therefore, it is understandable that you feel apathetic, if not hostile, to your faith. And so, under the circumstances it would not seem realistic to demand that you sacrifice the man you love for a religion which is unrelated to your life.  [Censored]

The fact that sites are constantly being censored may be indicative of the problem with allowing one group of people to act like racial or tribal supremacists while everyone else is supposed to celebrate multiculturalism and interracial marriage.  I don't have a problem with interracial marriage.  I have a problem with abject hypocrisy and "That's only for the goy." type manipulation or destabilization campaigns.  If people want to marry, fine.  I'm all for it, despite the fact that most people getting married are clueless and have no idea what they're getting into.  There doesn't need to be a marketing campaign for interracial marriage led by Jews while they're silent about its lack in their own tribe (Or worse, they condemn and police it... as in Israel.), either way. 

Ironically, another site that cites the same "sacrifice the man you love for a religion" article: 
Intermarriage has created a silent holocaust in this generation. Jewish re-identification and re-education will uncover the deepest treasures in one’s life. Intermarrying may have become fashionable, but it is still wrong and destructive. Judaism, its practices and faith have always been the source of our survival. Holocaust memories alone have not been enough to keep us together as a people. Jewish family life can be a source of pride, joy, and daily inspiration. Jewish education is the key to survival. Assimilation is an illusion to escape from who we are, but it only brings more problems. Survival depends on our efforts to accept and become who we really are. Interfaith marriages have one of the highest divorce rates. Genealogy and family history were always guarded in order to keep our people together.  Link
Pay attention, Zionists are often at the forefront of immigration and promoting interracial marriage for others, sometimes for the purpose of degrading and destabilizing the goyim so that tribal supremacists can rule in their ethnic networks.  Yet, what Jews perceive as weakness may ultimately be the strength of the "multicultural" goyim that they're often trying to act like tribal policemen over from both the Right (openly saying) and the Left (keeping silent and gate keeping information). 

Who made them the policemen of the "political correctness" that they and many members of their tribe don't even live by?   Police yourselves as a tribe full of racial supremacists first and then get back to us...   seriously.   

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ramble 5/23

Although from a higher geopolitical or psychopathic perspective, it does sometime seem like Putin is more intelligent than his "F the EU."/PNAC/empire building/"Zionist"/Khazar Klan opponents at this point.   (Notice how they're never caught saying: "F the interests of Israel.") 

If they do end up paying for part of it than they deserve to know that when they get their bill.

Another ramble... but seriously, they signed on to mortgages and put down payments down so that bankers could create money out of nothing to lend back to them at (LIBOR scandal) interest.  And before that, they most likely signed on to close to a hundred thousand petrodollars in student loan debt/money as some sort of an "investment" in... themselves?  Or their future career as a waiter or waitress, apparently.  If they had simply invested that money in the stock market and ridden this (last?) bubble up along with their oligarchy then they would have been better off than trying to work for a wage later.  Perhaps at some point serfs have to take responsibility for their stupidity and ignorance before we can even begin talking about what they're supposedly "paying" for or not paying for. 

I'm just saying, does it really matter if most don't even know where the "money" that they're all working and scrambling for in order to pay for everything comes from?  (Just put a monitoring system in their Iworld and monetize the amount they breath so that they can be even more deeply incorporated in the debt/money of central bankers already.  There could be a big derivatives market in hot air.)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ramble, processing some thoughts...

So if we read the whole thing...

That's a big if.

Basically, the thinking seems to be that the (real) Torah uses the term "slave" and that's supposed to conjure up imagery of slavery from a Spielberg movie.  Then we're all supposed to salivate like Pavlov's dogs with a sense of our own righteousness relative to ancient people and their prophets.  Meanwhile, drones are flying around in the background executing people without trial and that's all framed as protecting our Judaized tribal or "national interests." How advanced.  How high tech!  How progressive?  Apparently progressives are high on the hopium and change at this point. 

And their modern commandments seem to be:  "If people cross your interests or seem threatening then execute them without trial.  Women and children are collateral damage... except when you're assassinating sixteen year old Arab kids without trial on purpose, which is fine."

Apparently the Left is supposed to salivate like Pavlov's dogs because the Bible contains the word slavery even when the slavery being referred to doesn't actually apply to the racial white/black or "checkerboard" cultural conditioning* typical to the base of the Democratic party? 

Name Of Slave Ships And Their Owners:

The 'Abigail-Caracoa' - Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Crown
Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson

The'Nassau' - Moses Levy

The 'Four Sisters' - Moses Levy

The 'Anne' & The 'Eliza' - Justus Bosch and John Abrams

The 'Prudent Betty' - Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix

The 'Hester' - Mordecai and David Gomez

The 'Elizabeth' - Mordecai and David Gomez

The 'Antigua' - Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell

The 'Betsy' - Wm. De Woolf

The 'Polly' - James De Woolf

The 'White Horse' - Jan de Sweevts

The 'Expedition' - John and Jacob Roosevelt

The 'Charlotte' - Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks

The 'Franks' - Moses and Sam Levy

A video, "The Jewish Role in the Black Slave Trade," a speech by Prof. Tony Martin with an introduction by Hoffman, remains online at Google, as of this writing. Viewers who wish to see it before it, too is censored by Google, can access it here:  [censored]
  Censorship, as usual.  That will end well for those who try to practice it these days.*  Why even try to censor?  Curious how many dumb goy can be convinced to censor or self-censor so-called "hate speech" even as the First Amendment is used to justify pornography in the background.    

Anyway... everyone is going to have to debate information and the evidence of history honestly instead of relying on controlling information, especially in the future.     

*Side note, this video is the explanation for Donald "It's from my culture." Sterling's racism.  Not that he isn't still be responsible for himself as an individual.   It's just interesting that you can read the news one way from your compartmentalized place in the Right/Left or conservative/liberal paradigm.  Or you can read it with your eyes open. 

Friday, May 09, 2014

Obama on War

“Where we can make a difference using all the tools we’ve got in the toolkit, well, we should do so. And if there are occasions where targeted, clear actions can be taken that would make a difference, then we should take them. We don’t do them because somebody sitting in an office in Washington or New York thinks it would look strong. That’s not how we make foreign policy.”
Not exactly.   As apparently he lets PNAC factions and Victoria Nuland try to instigate another war and then reacts to it.  (Sort of like Rove's comment about how some factions are instigating history while others are merely documenting, observing and reacting to it.  The same pattern holds now, given that the same ruling class is still running America's criminal bureaucracy.  Criminal relative to the Constitution... that is dead and irrelevant at this point.)

In the case of Obama, apparently he reacts to whatever he reads in the Media Inc. about what his own government is doing... whenever he's not busy entertaining dumb goy on the late shows.  Ideally, we could have presidents that were more than entertainers.  But in fact, we haven't had one in a while... although some do try to cut their strings and act like a leader sometimes.

Alex Jones constructive criticism, Israel and 911 why avoid it

Ryan Dawson Slams Alex Jones and 9/11 Kook Movement

Very good. Much better than my rambles...

Thursday, May 08, 2014

"Hitler founded Israel" - 1933 The Transfer Agreement Part 1 Vostfr

Gender bending ramble...

Estrogen and gender bending.... it's pollution on the one hand but gradually turning into a big business in Tolerance "buy your cheap rainbows here" Inc. on the other.  E.g.  "Another obstacle is the price (US$ 1.00 per day), it is the most expensive estrogen therapy."  Etc.  Until there's not enough ponzi to paper a lack of judgment and a lack of awareness of basic aspects of physical reality over, then people tend to get rather intolerant.  My guess is that it'll be fine until the Iworld turns off, due to a lack of cheap credit in the fossil fueled Empire that's been built up around central banking.

In the meantime, the total estimated cost:  "Estimated Cost of all Surgeries.........$28,600 to $74,600
   These costs do not include the fees for a gender therapist, or the fees for an Endocrinologist, or Electrolysis, and the cost of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and any other miscellaneous expenses that may be accrued during your transition.
   If you spend top dollar for all the different surgeries, along with the miscellaneous expenses. If your transition last several years you could end up spending close to $100,000."  Yahoo

How much would it cost to change anyone's feelings and desires and love to align with an external form of truth in the least?  Supposedly that's impossible.  So we're left with the concept of trying to reconfigure basic physical and biological facts around feelings instead.  At the extreme end it costs $100,000... or at the less extreme versions of the "my feelings define reality" mentality, divorce lawyers aren't cheap either. 

It's likely that a fossil fueled and progressively wasteful form of civilization will head the way of the Dodo eventually, as usual.  It is now being pushed by occult forces all the way to the feminine side, with no "truth in love" balance or any concept of beings made in the image of the trinity balancing the feminine and the masculine in their minds to view external reality in general.  I feel like I should note that this is merely the setup for Age of Horus and Return of the King after the Two Towers collapse type stuff.  The occult is all a big fantasy and very entertaining, except when it isn't.  There is nothing new under the sun, except the Son.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Ramble 5/6 2

While I don’t believe in the capacity of humans to organize great conspiracies, I do believe in the power of people moving in the same direction spontaneously when they share common interests.

So people educated to think of themselves in tribal terms would be likely to conspire based on the original roots of the term conspiracy itself.  Naturally breathing together.  Or like the Mossad whistle blower said, never turning them in.  A 30% recruitment rate but a 100% failure to blow the whistle, as he eventually did. 

Not that it matters if 1% blow the whistle given other forms of tribal censorship that comes about naturally based on ownership and control over large corporations.  Not that trendy journalists will necessarily investigate anything anyway.  But even if they did finally investigate something instead of reading a "main stream" of information off their teleprompters, there is the fact that they are owned in the background.  For that matter, even if they aren't... there's always the self-censorship of a culture that's been shaped by Judaic factions.  E.g. Carl Cameron's report on the dancing Israelis being scrubbed at Fox News Inc., a network for patriotic goy that are even almost allowed to be nationalists or almost allowed to try to establish a state based on nationalism and religion like Judaics are already doing.  (With your financial support... even if you are "bankrupt" and probably in need of being IMF'd like a Third World nation now according to Greenspan/Bernanke and now, Yellen.  Goyim?)         

As one of the dancing Israelis of 911 put it:  "Give us twenty years and we'll control your media."  Etc.  Here is the FBI report due to a FOIA request... don't expect to see it reported on in the corporate media generally owned by the 70% of tribe members that couldn't be recruited directly by the Mossad but that never seem to blow the whistle on them.         

On a side note, it's interesting how often the tribal nature of Judaism and its exceptionally secular versions play a role in an idiotic "mainstream" story but isn't really emphasized and drawn out, given that trendy reporters in the Media Inc. are generally so degraded that they can't really follow through and investigate.  They have to stop or self censor before they get to the whole truth or the big picture that a story resides in.  And besides that, there's only so much time to read their teleprompters.  For instance, the Don Sterling stuff recently:
DS: It's the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.

    V: So do you have to treat them like that too?

    DS: The white Jews, there's white Jews and black Jews, do you understand?

    V: And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?

    DS: A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent.

    V: And is that right?

    DS: It isn't a question—we don't evaluate what's right and wrong, we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.

    V: But shouldn't we take a stand for what's wrong? And be the change and the difference?

    DS: I don't want to change the culture, because I can't. It's too big and too [unknown].
    V: But you can change yourself.

    DS: I don't want to change. If my girl can't do what I want, I don't want the girl. I'll find a girl that will do what I want! Believe me. I thought you were that girl—because I tried to do what you want. But you're not that girl.

V: It's like saying, "Let's just persecute and kill all of the Jews."

DS: Oh, it's the same thing, right?

V: Isn't it wrong? Wasn't it wrong then? With the Holocaust? And you're Jewish, you understand discrimination.

DS: You're a mental case, you're really a mental case. The Holocaust, we're comparing with—

V: Racism! Discrimination.

DS: There's no racism here.  (Dead Spin)
After all, he's an owner of debt/money slaves and a special victim of history for thousands of years.  Therefore he cannot be a racist, given that he's never been shown how the tribe he identifies with (probably incorrectly) has practiced and monetized the tribalism and racism of goyim throughout history.

But back to Delaware...  what if all the foreign aide that is currently being sent to Israel was used to build or subsidize more sustainable forms of energy in Delaware?  Or strengthen the grid in case of a solar flare?  Or to build a natural gas infrastructure to allow peasants to take advantage of cheap natural gas?  Or to avoid being "bankrupt"?  Or perhaps to hire Booker T. Washington type teachers to go into Wilmington and build up some sort of a sustainable black civilization?  Despite all the Beyonces and Jay Zs of the world it could be done, given that Booker T. already did it.

There are many things that could be done instead of supporting a fairly racist, apartheid state or continuing in a petrodollar fueled partnership with the Saudis and then sending the money to the Israelis. 

Note that a Jewish state was (past tense) empowered by both JudeoChristians and Jewish culture in the European nations too, it's not just AIPAC.  The only way that it can empower itself now is by blowing stuff up again or causing or framing more "antisemitism" in order to herd more people that consider themselves Jewish (for whatever reason) along into it.  Risking World War.  All the usual stuff.  There's even the Sampson Option if they really go crazy about a decline in power and influence.  (What do I mean by decline, given how powerful they are as a faction?  I mean that we wouldn't even know about half the stuff I just mentioned if their power wasn't already on the decline.  Blame Obama for it, I guess.  As if he was the change he was looking for and the internet had nothing to do with it.) 

With respect to the Sampson Option and Lindsey Graham and the Israelis (and you) basically threatening us with nukes, I guess we'll see how it goes.  If you're really concerned about it, then support stopping all foreign aide to Israel and the Saudis.         

Ramble 5/6

Or, more radically, perhaps issue a form of currency debt and interest free instead of borrowing it into existence as a form of debt from international banking families and the nexus of "war on drugs"/"war on terror" that they control.  My suggestion would be to spend it into existence, out of nothing, on a natural gas infrastructure or infrastructure for electric cars or bikes.  Or perhaps  research into decentralizing the food supply and teaching peasants how to live sustainable lives for the sake of posterity, etc.   

But guess what, just like the Founders... you'd have to fight for that and probably wind up killing people.  And I'd rather take my son to the park than form a political party or eventually militias with a bunch of hot headed and clueless idiots. 

But at a minimum, it seems to me that the least that peasants and the debt/money slaves of the "national debt" being financed and traded as investment opportunities by central bankers (protected by international networks of Rothschild Zionist financiers like Soros, Islamic privateers like the Bin Ladens.. and JudeoChristian collaborators* in the security services like the Bush crime family) could do is QUESTION their Media Inc.  Or engage in some actual investigative journalism instead of following trends.  Etc.  *Judaic, Judeo "secret society goy" Christians, Muslim... everyone can be incorporated in it:
The collection of influential characters who now work, have worked, or have invested in the group would make the most convinced conspiracy theorists incredulous. They include among others, John Major, former British Prime Minister; Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, the present Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros, and even some bin Laden family members. You can add Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC, to this list. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Poehl, former Bundesbank president; the now-deceased Henri Martre, who was president of Aerospatiale; and Etienne Davignon, former president of the Belgian Generale Holding Company.
  Carlyle isn't only a collection of power people. It maintains holdings in close to 200 companies and, above all, provides returns on its investments that have exceeded 30 % for a decade.  Carlyle Empire, Google
Most clueless American serfs can count themselves lucky if their "investments" keep up with inflation in the real world or the scam of high frequency traders and banksters at this point.  (Not the sort of inflation talked about by "economists"/lackeys of the bankers, I mean the sort of inflation that can be observed in the real world.  Real.  There's that word again.) 

It's not due to their failure to create wealth in the real world that serfs can't keep up anymore.  It's due to the global empire based on petrodollars/narcodollars, hopium and change, ponzi and murder shifting around.  Note that Zionists and the crime families involved want war... now.  And they'd probably get it, if Bill Buckley of the Judaized National Review and Charles Krauthhammer "conservatives" had much to say about it.  If Romney Inc. had been elected then it's likely that they'd already have it.  And America would be one more step closer to being as exceptional as secular versions of the ideologies of the chosen tribe, as far as preemptively murdering and torturing or starving to death other people.

In some respects, the goy of the world have been tolerant of how America has given up its Constitutional values and essentially been Judaized.  But people with an exceptionally tribal mentality and those that they are teaching to have the same mentality are probably going to keep pushing until the rest of the world hates Delawarean peasants too.  You can only say that you knew not what was going on among the crime families of the oligarchy and their Zionist business partners for so long, given how readily available all information is becoming.  One thing I would support is shutting down War Inc.  Let them all use some other nation, which the rest of the world would then naturally begin to hate and so on. 

In other words, follow the Constitution... including the First Amendment that allows Americans to speak out against the ways that they're being Judaized and used to establish a Zionist state in ways that many Europeans can't.             

Monday, May 05, 2014

Ramble 5/5

Same as me... still rambling.

With all the talk about cataclysmic "climate change" one would think that the Democratic party would CHANGE or almost become eco terrorists... or at least form militias in order to save us all from their great calamity.  I'm actually all for alternatives to the petrodollar and the fossil fueled craziness that surrounds it.  Do people really need to be scared into it?  Because people generally don't take the more ridiculous claims about "climate change" seriously, not even Democrats.  Mainly because it can't be taken seriously (Apparently it's just enviro doom porn for the Left.. when they're not trying to suckle at the teat of Mother Nature. Etc.)  It's just entertainment for people that have brains that have apparently atrophied on one side of the Right/Left paradigm.  But in criticizing the Left I'm not favoring people that prefer the entertainment of the Right.  Afer all, in the crazy land of the Right "the environment" may get blown up more quickly by a growing national security state.  (On a side note, the symbolic Right is literally based on left brain imbalance, ironically.) 

Meanwhile, back in reality... there are real reasons that the Lowe's and Home Depots are going to continue to begin to look like senior conventions, given that your savings are currently in the process of being looted and hollowed out by a private banking cartel.  Although, at least JP Morgan has "trickled down" some buildings in Delaware and they have their food stamp business ready... that's probably stimulating.  And there's the student debt/money bubble, that actually is pretty stimulating for Newark.  The buildings will still be here, even if the debt/money shifts around or people finally lose their faith in the inflated price of college, even at a good engineering school where people aren't necessarily studying the twerking techniques of Miley Ray Cyrus.

 It seems that a debt/death or a boom/bust cycle is as it must be, given human nature and the apparent congenital inability of peasants to truly take control over the power of money/debt (in their interests) through a representative/Constitutional form of government.  

But if seniors aren't busy with driving their Medicaid scooters with Made in China flags on the back of them to Tea Party rallies to cut back on their own national debt/money and so on, then let me know.  Of course, I probably won't do much about it.  After all, I'd rather take my son to the park.  And look at peasants incorporated in creating money/debt out of nothing while creating their rulers in the process, we have someone that has openly been called a well groomed "pet" for a senator and he actually prematurely tried to justify and instigate a war with Syria/Iran for foreign interests.  Sheesh.  Dopey.  And probably too ignorant to know that he's corrupt.  He probably thinks that he has integrity or that he's fighting for the working class.   That's the Left, at this point.  So we're left with a supposed bearded Marxist... that's apparently too ignorant to recognize that Marx acted as a "hidden hand" type.  Duh.  

Something I've been thinking about is that the most likely scenario actually seems to be that no one will ever do anything significant about our ruling class.  (Ironically some of the locals are probably more Zionist/Sionist than most people that consider themselves Jewish are.  E.g... loocal blogger "facts are an antisemitic conspiracy theory" Hube.  Jon "Muslim Manchurian candidate." Moseley.  Fay "Don't call the ADL." Voshell.  David "Netanyahu is my hero." Anderson.  Don "I wish you weren't antisemitic." Ayotte  Etc.) 

Although PNAC neocons and their JudeoChristian supporters may essentially fall apart on their own if their war with Syria/Iran moving to PNAC's/Nuland's failed "F the EU." coup in the Ukraine is any measure.  It's as if people in the military finally began to wonder what their "strategic objectives" actually are.  There are number of small things that may be snowballing.  Was Chuck "I represent Americans first." Hagel confirmed or not?  The main thing is that Syria/Iran didn't ignite on schedule and that seems to show that things may actually be changing.  No thanks to Obama Inc... trying to lead from behind or provide the best type of entertainment as the process of America being ruled by foreign factions for foreign interests continues.  But he did always say something like, "You have to be the change that you've been waiting for.  Because I'm certainly not going to be able to change much."  Or something like that.

Anyway, it all has to do with why Home Depot and Lowes is going gray.  Because War Inc. may be slowing down some but Talmudic/Zionist bankstering practices haven't slowed much, along with anyone that wants to collaborate... and that has to do with the purchasing power of the "federal reserve notes" that the elderly need more of to avoid working at Lowes.  (Or to let someone younger take over those jobs.)  But so long as this process continues and peasants don't do anything significant about it (Perhaps partly for fear of being labeled antisemitic for pointing out what Greenspan/Bernanke and now Yellen have been doing.) the petrodollar business partnerships of a crime family like the Bushes with a Zionist like Soros are safe.  Etc.  Baby steps.  The first step toward solving a problem is identifying it and acknowledging that there is a problem.  Part of it is Zionism and the fact that people are still celebrating manipulating rulers into preemptive murder.  Zionism, you can say it.  The ADL is only powerful when they can get away with lying again.     

Meanwhile, if those closer to the top and farther away from the peasants working at Lowes supposedly represent "the base" of the Right and the Left then why are they all doing business* with each other up there where everything is "top secret"?  And they're probably going to be expected by trendy know nothings in the Media Inc. to vote for Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton at this point.  That's how pathetic things are getting.  I wonder if they'll ask Hillary what her favorite color is.  Or if she poops rainbows of tolerance now that she's in favor of SSM, when she's not hollowing out the wealth of everyone equally or firing up War Inc. again. 
The collection of influential characters who now work, have worked, or have invested in the [Carlyle Group] would make the most convinced conspiracy theorists incredulous. They include among others, John Major, former British Prime Minister; Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, the present Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros, and even some bin Laden family members. You can add Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC, to this list. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Poehl, former Bundesbank president; the now-deceased Henri Martre, who was president of Aerospatiale; and Etienne Davignon, former president of the Belgian Generale Holding Company.
    Carlyle isn't only a collection of power people. It maintains holdings in close to 200 companies and, above all, provides returns on its investments that have exceeded 30 % for a decade.  Link
  And that's the main point.  Do the progressively gray haired people working at Lowes enjoy a 30% return on their investments?  No, all they get is War Inc. "trickling down" some jobs on them through a corrupt senator supposedly representing their interests by incorporating them in killing some other peasants to safeguard the hopium trade.  (Overdoses incoming... or opiates for, I guess.)

Point being, they're getting trickled down on with their own wealth.  And that's if they're fortunate.         

Interesting perspective on the Syria/Iran war falling to go live...

Gilad Atzmon: The New Left Part 2 (Speech in Austin Texas) The Wandering...

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ramble 5/1 .... 2

The irony of Islamophobia is that it's apparently meant to mirror* claims of antisemitism which have far greater power over most goyim.  Are Jewish settlers and racial supremacists "Islamophobic"?  I doubt the corporate media would report things that way, if they bothered to mention the racism and tribalism of many Israelis at all.  Not that I blame Israelis, given that they're generally just people that have generally been terrorized into acting as they do by their own leaders and rabbis.  (Everyone is always out to get you because you're the chosen and never because your leading Zionists did anything, etc.  Time for a visit to the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz, etc.) 

*Another mirrored claim, the concept of dhimmi and the concept of goyim... neither of which has equal protection under the law.  But there's one huge difference between the Islamic concept of dhimmi and the Talmudic concept of the goyim, JudeoChristians are blind to the tribal nature of many Judaic factions and almost paranoid about Islamic sects.  

(What's the word that suggests that anyone that criticizes Christians is mentally ill or has a phobia or wet the bed too many times when they were little?  I can't think of one.  Perhaps that's for the best.  Better to allow criticism...   unlike Jews that claim that being against rabbis circumcising and sucking the blood out is, once again, "antisemitic."  Etc.   (Israel’s chief rabbinate says oral suction at circumcision is preferred, Haaretz)  (Second N.Y. Jewish infant contracts herpes from controversial circumcision rite)   Etc. That would probably be framed as a "blood libel" that only crazy people would talk about before the internet.  But it's real enough.)   

If you don't like criticism as a Jew, Muslim or JudeoChristian then clean up your communities or stop identifying yourself with them.  As with any group containing millions of people or identities incorporated in a culture, numerous caveats apply until you get down to the level of the individual. (And in the case of practicing circumcision in a "controversial" way... ask the individual why they would associate or identify with Chabad.)       

Ramble 5/1

But who am I to talk, given that I don't call my Congressional "pet" enough. One thing that AIPAC's failed lobbying effort to have the war with Syria/Iran go hot shows is that Congress is still full of careerists.  I.e. they care when a lot of people begin to get upset with the idea of going to war to search for WMDs in someone else's underpants again.  Before someone with a Talmudic mentality like Chertoff (Mr. Rapiscan Inc.) decides that its the underpants of Americans that need to be checked next.  They've all backed off quite a bit lately.  Seems like.  As perhaps even the dumbest goyim get frustrated with being herded around by Chertoff Inc. or directed to police the world based on a "war of terror" by Zionists.  

Hopefully it's not the calm before the storm of a huge false flag.... I'm a bit behind on keeping up with whatever "drills" are scheduled lately, actually.  I heard that someone was developing an app on the Android marketplace to keep track of and map anymore "drills" planned by in America.  Never did download it  Hoping for the best and all that.        

Conservatives are hollering at the wrong people.

Usually.   But relatively powerless people have to get upset and vent about something.... given that they sense that there's nothing we can do about it. 

Progressives do the same thing.  Were they courageous enough to seek the truth on 911 or go around with "No more wars for Israel!" signs during the Iraq war?  No.   They hid it all in the petrodollar and oil stuff that flows around the issue of Zion.  But who actually has one of the most powerful lobbies in Congress and is infiltrating the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon and so forth?  Who is lawless and powerful enough that even Wikileaks is scared of them and self-censors? (I self censor too sometimes, a lot of goyim are pretty dumb and it's just not worth it.)   According to progressives it's all the international oil companies and "corporations"?  Right. 

I'm all for taking responsibility up and down the line.  But it's the Zionist lobbies right out in the open and their involvement in false flagging everyone with "Death to Israel.  Death to America." type anthrax attacks for the corporate media to report on and so on.  It's even degenerated into "Jews are being forced to register in the Ukraine!" type slop and lies that get corrected too quickly for people to take advantage of it.

Zionists are still trying to fire up War Inc. or stage an "F the EU coup."  I should note that it's not going very well at this point.  (The internet or the goyim getting a hold of information itself is probably antisemitic, no doubt.  RIP Aaron Swartz... I wonder if he considered himself a member of the tribe?)  But they'll probably blame Obama Inc. for the fact that things aren't going well.  He didn't run the guns through Benghazi to Syrian "rebels" fast enough, no doubt.  He didn't react to their attempts to destabilize Ukraine and align it with the West fast enough.  That's what Krauthammer will probably say...  or has probably already said.  I'm really down on my intake of the corporate media these days so I don't really know what they're saying.  In many ways, given that it's usually just a marketing campaign for the conglomeration of interests financing it the Media Inc. is irrelevant...  including Fox News.*  (I.e. if you want to know the truth about what's going on in the world, it's not to be found there.)

It's been years since I've read the News Journal too.  Maybe they've changed.  Probably not.            

*I wonder if they cut back on their marketing of the Keystone XL?  But again, I don't know.  I checked a little on the internet. Looks like they're probably still being dumb.